Armored Warfare – Semi Auto Sniper

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Source: TheDevildogGamer

Want Cheap ?

Getting back into AW trying out the Panzer with Mr. Onnerby its defintely a unique vehicle but i still suck at this game 🙁

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  1. I love you

  2. ,shhh

  3. I heard this game is good, doesn’t look that realistic but I can see why
    people would want to play this. Really looks like world of tanks to be

  4. Hey devil keep up the good work

  5. Incandescent Centurion

    Under 301 club!

  6. I still suck at this game :(

  7. in armored warfare doesn’t the artillery have almost the same aim time as
    regular tanks? i feel like thats kinda stupid but it’s good they don’t copy
    out of wot everything UNLESS if armored warfare is a partner with wg idk

  8. We need absolute noise light discipline until 0530!

  9. Oh thank God, someone putting up PvP games. It seems like all I ever see of
    this game is PvE and it’s boring as fuck.

  10. Cosmos ServiceCompany

    Did you stopped playing ark

  11. Does anyone know when this will open to everyone by chance?

  12. i love armored warfare so much better then WOT or war thunder ground forces

  13. SQUAD and Tact BF Arma 3 are my favorite series on this channel, cheers

  14. Unless the game is M1 Tank Platoon or Steel Beasts, all other tank games
    are just meh. It would be great if esim would make Tanks to use in DCS or

  15. No comments to display? I smell Bullshit!

  16. This kinda reminds me of that battlefield 3 map.

  17. is this game made by the same people who made world of tanks

  18. I find it so funny how people continue to ask him if he is still playing a
    certain game when he just updated everybody in the last vid lolololol

  19. Wow…i didn’t knew DDG was a bit racist…what do you mean get mixed with
    Europeans? We got feeling too you know….

  20. This map kind of reminds me of a mix between Bandar desert/Operation
    Firestorm on Battlefield 3

  21. hey DDG could you play *insert totally unrelated game here*

  22. how you play ?
    this is beta or what ?

  23. Please help people, just moved out of my parents house into a rented room,
    the internet speed sucks, about 0.1MB/s download speed, I was at 1MB/s+ at
    my parents.

  24. This is literally a modern warfare version of World of Tanks.

  25. Awesome video

  26. Liam Mackay (TheRealGamer)

    how do i play this game? or is it only for youtubers?

  27. Thank you for your service

  28. Do more arma life or city life3

  29. When’s the next video devil

  30. it’s aluminium NOT aluminum

  31. *Rushes forward and gets kill* “This is how I should play this tank for now
    on”….5 Seconds Later….” I am just going to just shoot from a distance”

  32. South Carolina fishing and gaming

    Devil dog you need more subs dude you are amazing

  33. Does anyone have an article on this tank? i’d like to read about it

  34. Please do more heroes and generals

  35. I have been watching your channel since you start

  36. keep up the good game’s ✌

  37. Devil I should play like that the next game next game I’m just gonna sit at
    a distance

  38. is that f2p ?

  39. Just a tip, devil- after each shot wait for the aiming circle to tighten.
    That’s the problem with autoloaders as they usually rechamber a shell
    before the aiming process is completed.
    This will increase your accuracy completely

  40. Dude wait till the reticle close between shots overall at long range.
    Thanks! :3

  41. Hey devil I just won a key to this game any advice that includes everyone
    in comments

  42. Ever played Mechwarrior Online?

  43. Is this the Puma IFV?

  44. Hey Devil, what is the Panzer 57? It looks similar to a Leopard

  45. Why didnt you fire your ATGM’s Devil?

  46. This game looks awesome. Can’t wait for this to come out.

  47. Is this better than world of tanks?

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