Armored Warfare: Should You Buy the VFM Mark 5

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Here what I have to say about the VFM now that we are looking at it for the first time since Early Access 2, BEFORE IT WAS BUFFED 4 times!


  1. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    And that is my opinion on the VFM 5.

  2. Richard Wroblewski (Roboticwonderwaffle)

    *cough* i play world of tanks….. .14 accuacy is lazer

  3. God the VFM, Exp Tank and M8 are the real monsters of PVE when the AI sends
    them out. Ridiculous accuracy even while moving.


  4. those guys are bane of my autocannon-armed scouts…
    even bot in such vehicle can get bmd-2 or bmp-2 rekt, cause it is usually
    moving too fast to well aim a guided missile, and it is too well armored
    for autocannon to dela with reliably

  5. It is the one Premium tank I’d really like to have, but I think I’ll wait
    for the Merc edition to come back.

  6. can you do T-72A next because I want to know where it has armor

  7. gotta say its this tank in pve that normally causes issue. its proper

  8. fiaura another good video hugs and cheers

  9. oh and fi i prefer the level 3 breach block

  10. yaay mouse is back. We can actually see what the *fuck* you are pointing.

  11. good review but there’s a problem the normal vfm5 in the tech tree actually
    has 303mm penetration somehow with the new patch they accidentally buffed
    the merc version penetration up to 326mm so I’m not sure if they gonna buff
    it up to standard or nerf it

  12. isn’t the MBT 70’s accuracy better?

  13. The VKM was built as an export poor mans MBT for the less wealthy
    countries. It was never made to enter service with the British army because
    the Challenger 1 was already in service

  14. I do not have this tank yet. It is on my list of premium tanks I want. I
    have become a big fan of light tanks. I am right now working my way to the
    Thunderbolt being my first tier 9 tank.

  15. I only have 2 light tanks, “sad face” bc I still waiting until tier 10s
    arrive, so i can grind to the Polish tier 10. That’s still going to be
    Awhile though. 😛

    I would probably do better in AW if i used light tanks more & took a brake
    from the PzH 2000, & German MBTs, bc it took me 2 hours to get a “good”
    game last night. 😛

    …Jingles has to pay his car insurance, since he’s back from Poland now,

  16. Great to see the view rates have grown so much (and the speed they grow) ,
    well deserved.

  17. Fiaura did you know the vfm 5 is based on the xm8

  18. I’m surprised the PVE segment was at med mode.

  19. This thing reminds me of the Hellcat in WOT before they nerfed the hell out
    of it! I might actually buy this vehicle now. I loved the Hellcat back when
    I still played. Got one mark of excellence and came very close to getting a
    second before I quit playing the game.

  20. “We just comitted a war crime”

    Eh. We’re mercenaries, it’s not like we have R.O.E. :p

  21. TAIFUN aka TYPHOON,…. yer killin’ me, smalls

  22. What do you think of the Leo 2AV ICE?

  23. In Freja Hojbjerg commander why fire when ready skill instead of full auto

  24. Andrzej Makarczuk

    FWIK Intercom System doesn’t improve View Range. It improves crew stats
    (not perks), not Commander.

  25. Well, it is a premium, they make good money winning, decent enough most
    times for losing. It could be better

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