Armored Warfare || So how is the M60 2000?

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Source: Devient Kage

I really do like it but goddamn is it expensive…


  1. Mmmmm hull down tanks. Gotta love em

  2. Wait, what has this tank going for it against the Leopard 2 ? The Leopard 2
    hasn’t got any weakspots on the turret and upper hull, but the M60-2000 has
    ! I think it is worse than a lot of the Tier 7 MBTs, so it should get into
    Tier 6 instead because there’s no chally, T80 and Leopard 2 in Tier 6.
    There’re no overall well armored tanks in Tier 6, so it would be a good
    Tier for the tank !P.S.: Thank you for another opinion of this tank :-)

  3. Basically, the M60 2000 is a tank in which u hold a choke-point in which
    your team has failed to hold. It does not lead a charge, but rather a great
    defensive tank. Sounds good 🙂 ik fi was being too biased. 🙂 she just
    doesn’t like mbts in general

  4. did you made the video how to download test server?

  5. nice review! Thank you very much for your time 🙂

    Waiting for the falcon review!

  6. Great one Dev, a really honest opinion.

  7. and i am sitting and waiting for a magach and sabra upgrades to be ingame
    there are quite a few of them and they would make great mbt like along with
    the merkava

  8. Do you think they’ll actually drop the price?! I just don’t see
    doing that

  9. So, would you say that the divergence in opinion between you and Fi in
    regards to this vehicle mostly boils down to how you’re the real MBT fan
    and she is not?

  10. you’re completely accurate on this one Devient 🙂 I got Challenger1 Falcon,
    and about that matter you’re not. Cuz everybody can penetrate your huge
    driver coupola with no problem. Only you can use your armor beastly in hull
    down. Turret is actually unmanned so every shell that penetrates will do
    half damage. But in tier8, Challenger1 chassis is pretty weak. Also not
    need to sayin that tank is pretty slow and hard to maneuver. But still fun
    tank to play I think.

  11. That is an funny litle tank in the right hands you can do prettey well with
    him ;)

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