Armored Warfare: T-62 Veteran: Is it worth it? (Review of T-62 Included!)

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Source: Fiaura The Tank Girl

Armored WarfareæObsidian, let’s face it, this is a T-62 with a cool camo pattern and not in a dealer tree. But let’s see if the T-62 is it’s salt, shall we?

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  1. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    What is your experience with the T-62 and T-62 Vet?

  2. I’m sorry but I have to disagree with your gripe. There is absolutely no
    need for this vehicle to be a premium. Instead of doing a lure for limited
    donations with premium packages, they decided to just share this token
    (granted, it’s also a test of reception for their camo painting system).

    About not being in a tech tree… sure, it can be annoying. But it’s not
    meant to be a means to circumvent the progression tree, it’s a novelty
    piece that can give you a taste of MBTs if you have not chosen to start
    with those. Just like the Obj. 155 (which yes, it’s a premium, but that was
    a reward, not a gift, for helping with beta testing).

    Love the content, but I think this video should have it’s focus on the
    other way around. A T-62 review with a look at the Veteran included,
    reminding that you can until the 22nd get it for free and have a try at
    MBTs without commitment and see if you’d enjoy it (PvE is there to unlock
    modules pretty fast so it’s not really a “grind”).

  3. Brandon LotsofSyrup

    I agree with frealms. For a free tank I love it and I am glad they did
    this. If someone has a free account they got a free tank for Veteran’s day.
    If it was Christmas sure a prem would be nice but this is an awesome tank
    for Veteran’s day. This is just my opinion. T-62 is fully upgraded and Vet
    is half way. I also loved the T-62 best of all MBT T3

  4. i didnt really have a need for it, i sold it without playing it

  5. Credit sink, imo,I barely play it since I’ve fully unlocked the T – 62. On
    a side note, is it wrong I fell in love with the T – 64? Cant wait for the
    T- 72.

  6. Normally I am on side with things you say Fiaura but I think your missing
    the point with the addition of the this tank, I think its just a freebie to
    give us a sneak peek at what we can expect from camo when its added to the
    game sure its not a premium and sure its a pain having to upgrade its
    modules but its a tier3 its hardly the end of the world you can cap it out
    pretty easily and then have a pretty tier3 to play with.

  7. Thanks for the vid, great as usual. Also thanks to AW for the gift, always
    welcome……however why a Russian tank for Armistice week, after all
    they’d already packed it in by November ’18

  8. I like the T-62 Veteran, since all it is just a reskinned and renamed T-62.
    And it is free.I don’t care that it’s not premium, it is still fun to play.
    And I have good games in it quite easily. Not to mention it looks awesome.
    I had enough free reputation to avoid grinding to get all of its modules.

  9. I do like the 2nd T-62, but I agree it could have some links to the

  10. All it is just a t62 with a diff camo scheme. Sold it without playing. imo
    money sink and tbh it sucks ass. Re research upgrades lol? yeah no.

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