Armored Warfare – T-64 Review

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Source: Stealth17 Gaming

After the already impressive T-62 you access to the T-64. Even in its semi-stock form this is a tank that can deliver massive blows on the battlefield!

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  1. You shot a lot of textures instead of tanks in that bridge replay, it wasnt
    matter of penetration but actually hitting them, be sure to get the glowing
    tank thingy when aiming otherwise you wont hit them. Btw will you stream
    some armored warfare someday?

  2. Stealth – first of all, thank you for an informative and impressive review
    of the T-64! I second what kondziro said – while on the bridge seeking
    shots at those OF-40s your gun was too low to shoot over the actual bridge
    side-rail, and you weren’t obtaining targeting information (via the glowing
    tank that kondziro was defining). WoT and WT have the same problems with
    LOS vs. LOF (line of fire) – and baits one into taking shots that will do
    nothing. I was sad to see your team not rush forward with you onto those
    OF-40’s and LAV, once their T-64 arrived I knew you all were in trouble.
    I’ll keep coming back for more of these, so I appreciate the hard work in
    putting them together!

  3. Stealth, couple of things. SC is shaped charge (ie HEAT and most ATGMs as
    far as I’ve seen). Also the armour values are just for the turret and the
    hull, there’s no angling. they’re just showing clearly which is which by
    traversing the hull at 45 degrees to the turret.

  4. Long time fan first time responder, something I’ve noticed about the 64 is
    that while the 62 is one of the best MBT’s in its tier, by tier four you’re
    starting to deal with a lot more countermeasures, a lot more ATGMs and
    you’re guaranteed to have arty, which means that while it’s better than the
    62 the field you’re dealing with is a lot less forgiving. And yeah the meta
    right now seems like even if you get an even spread of TD’s AFVs and MBTs
    they tend to separate out which means that you don’t get that advantage

  5. nice informative videos comparing the two, im definitley getting this
    beast! i also subscribed

  6. By the way mate what video card and processor you used?

  7. Nice vids! Will try to use your tips for the T64 on mine 🙂 Btw. what clan
    are you in? Couldn’t find anyting about [S17]. Greets from a fellow dutchie

  8. Hey mate. Passive kits are paid for “every battle” even if you don’y use
    them. In fact I lost a lot of money by just having them on board.

  9. Told you yesterday that I was at t54. As we speak I’m at t-64. So bad you
    are in the Europe server…

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