Armored Warfare – T-72 Ural Review

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Source: Stealth17 Gaming

The T-72, not a tank I do well in, but it has a lot of potential!

Ó Very alpha damage
– Pretty fast as far as MBTs go
– Heavily turret

– Turret and hull traverse aren’t that good
– Low visual range
– Long reload

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  1. Except the 0mm gun mantlet which you can pen with HE.

  2. do u think they will add another version of the t64? because that one is

  3. and u cant change the t72’s reload time because it uses an autoloader its
    an static reload time

  4. a couple weeks ago i had a t-72, few days pass and i end up selling it
    because the frontal armor was useless. waste of 1.9 mil, lol. i ended up
    buying a chieftan mk 5

  5. Armor in AW is so unreliable. At 15:20 you have your front angeled yet you
    still get penetrated in the front -_-

  6. Points out that firing apcr at lightly armored targets isn’t
    optimal…keeps firing apcr

  7. Turret armor: 305/145/55 only after upgrade turret 450/160/100

  8. Nice review thank you.If you took out enemy arty after you captured the
    last oil tank it will gives you a better chance to surrive,they spawn just
    at the west/northwest side of the map.Please make some world of warships
    reviews or guides,your opinions will be very helpful

  9. The turret is swiss cheese. Gunmantlet has no armor and the turretring
    takes easy damage. Another problem of the T-72 is that you get full damage
    when you get hit in the coupola.
    As it stands now the T-72 series is the worst armored MBT in the game for
    its tier. They said that they will fix the mantlet error next patch but
    turretring will remain a weakspot. Best way to see how bad the armor is is
    to get into PVE and sit in front of a autocannon enemy. You will take a lot
    of damage. Not even the Chieftain has so many weakspots.
    Next time you encounter a hull down T-72 just shoot the turretfront near
    the gun. You will have no problem penning it. Sadly your armor does not get
    better with the Tier 6 version at least against APDS. All in all my
    experience with the whole T-72 tanks in the game is very different from
    what you point it out to be. It’s definitly not good at going hull down for
    everyone who know the problems of its armor model. I can only agree with
    the very good gun of this tank.

  10. Now that you tested it… Chieftain or T-72? – I’m currently rolling in a
    BMD-2. So I’m not in a rush to go MBT

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