Armored Warfare – T-84 Oplot BM Review | A 31,000 Gold Tank?

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Source: Primer7G

My full review of the newly-introduced Ukrainian T-84 Oplot BM Premium MBT finally here!
The Oplot the first Ukrainian MBT in Armored Warfare and it will be available through a crate until the 8th of January 2019!

Special thanks to Spishak for the replay!


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  1. Nikola Milutinovic

    Will you consider doing a review of the Altay MBT?

    • Yes, which is why there is a teaser clip of it at the end of the video!
      I had a big game in it and I want to share it with the community alongside a full tank review!

    • Nikola Milutinovic

      @Primer7G Excellent, because I have little trouble trying to find its play style in PvP, would you focus a bit more on how to use it in PvP or if we encounter a head-on attack or 1v1’s as well?

    • +Nikola Milutinovic there will be an example of that in the replay that I will be showing, so no worries 🙂

  2. Hype it UP~!

  3. This loot crate shit needs to stop 🙁

  4. Diamoniak Maniaktoo & kangourou MTG

    loots boxes. again. is so stupid.. thez just want people to spend and spend and spend. like pretty much everythink you buy in this world. is overprice. why not put the tank directly into the shop so the players would have a 100% chance to get it rather then buying hourded of box for a insenelly low chance ? i mean this game is getting pay to win. but just why people accept the play a slot machine whit real money that is not event fair play ?

  5. What are the handle bars for? Hold on and foot ski in the snow?

  6. nice review mate, but lootcrates are a no go for me.

  7. You get a click on the like button even before I watch the video as I know it’s going to be good. Keep up the good work mate!

  8. Oplot good, Loot Crate bad

  9. does not deserve 200 euro that tank, only foolish people give so much money on a tank

  10. I do not play PVP as with only playing modes there, typically WOT

  11. Any frontal weakspots with HESH/PISH/PELE ammo other than the lower plate?

  12. Loot box implementation is just a frustrating and desperate moneygrab on part of its makers in general. This Oplot one managed to raise the bar a considerable bit higher.

  13. Thx for the tank review(s)! And as for your question in regards to loot crates – for all intents and purposes, everybody hates them, except And they keep introducing them for almost every new tank… They wouldn’t do that if people wouldn’t buy them.

  14. pvp globs mod no one can wonn money,stupid random mod with brainless russian players,ı get crazy by so match idiots

  15. Lootboxes = boycott. Regardless what the “offer” is i rather use the cash to light up a cigarette.

  16. This tank is not available to players located in the nederlands and BelgiumTHAT IS DISCRIMINATION

    • Well, that’s because it’s being sold in loot crates which will cause legal issues to mycom in these two countries.
      You could try to get around that by buying gold then using a VPN to buy the loot crates with gold…. Not that I’m saying you should do that, but it’s a solution if you really want to gamb…. I mean try your luck with the crates.

  17. Really wish they hadn’t’ve wrecked this game on console.

  18. BM Oplot and T84U Oplot are the DIFFERENT tanks! Don’t confuse them!

  19. >still playing this game in 2019

  20. Cool tank but im not going through the loot box garbage for it. Id buy it outright but not crates.

  21. is this steam AW?

  22. honestly, just hoping to get the Altay for only 3k gold. But, i’m really starting to doubt if it is even possible to get without putting additional cash into the game. Even if I don’t end up getting it, I still got 3 premium vehicles for only 3k gold. Ill take that.

    Is it possible to get the altay for free simply by completing the mission? Just working on the dire Wolf missions now

    • If you do most of the missions without skipping them and play 4-5 hours a day everyday then yes. Check out my Battle Path video which details the grind!
      I’m also making another video on the Battle Path which should be up very soon! 🙂

  23. Sad that world of tanks became the better company..

  24. T-84, T-84U Oplot and BM Oplot are 3 different tanks.

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