Armored Warfare – T-90 Russia’s Main Battle Tank

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Source: PhlyDaily

Armored Warfare Ó T-90 ’s Main Battle Tank

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Use steel giants to wipe the enemy from the face of the earth! Operate the most powerful tools of invented by mankind: heavily armed tanks and artillery.In Armored Warfare you will be able to drive and do battle in the mightiest armored vehicles from dozens of countries around the world. Read on below for more information about the vehicles you’ll be driving in Armored Warfare!


  1. Peter “Special K” Kamenkovich

    T-90 so stronk

  2. cheeki breeki stronk tonk

  3. phly…did u know…that one of the ATGMs from the T-90 has over 1000mm of
    pen….put is bounces off the side of a bradly

  4. Phly!!!!!! we here by demand more battlefront!!! that was my
    childhood!!!!!love all the work you do man! keep it upXD

  5. Under 301 club? Anyone?

  6. Under 301 HYYYYYYPE

  7. is armored warfare in open or closed beta?

  8. actually the Leopard 2A6 has a really graet armor in real life only the gun
    is weak compared to the russian counterpart

  9. +PhlyDaily Do you happen to know if Armored Warfare will be coming to Mac?

  10. Manco Capac (Smerdino)

    Is there only that top view? It’s a bit disorienting, something like WT
    would be nice.

  11. Uhh don’t the tanks seem a little too fast

  12. HERRO!

  13. Can you also play the T-90 MS?, of course only when its in game

  14. I wonder the if the t-14 armata is in the game?

  15. Can I request a weasel only squad gameplay, it looks really fun

  16. actualy the leo 2 is faster than the T-90

  17. yo phly can you use the challenger 2 in a vid plz

  18. Nice video Phly. I think that you should make a vlog about the
    streamer/youtuber house and show a bit of it (or all of it xD). Maybe a
    single video that can be used by all of you in each YT channel.

    I know this is personal, but has Laura moved with you?

    Keep up the good work!

  19. m1a1 or a2 abrams plez

  20. at 18:44 he was saying noooo pls dont kill me :D

  21. The m1a2 with its tusk kit is better

  22. Now play the Leo 2A5 stronk Canadian main battle tank! (Yes I know is
    German and yes I know many other countries use it.)

  23. What is APS and why u have 5000 of them and it reloads in 45 sec ?

  24. Hey Phly can you play a Challenger, or a Challenger 2 (if they have that im
    not sure)

  25. 14:45

  26. TiberiousThe Labrador

    hey can anyone tell me when i could get this game if i dont want to get a
    founders pack?

  27. I will always yell “BARON GUIDE MY SHELLS” in every war game I play

  28. 14:45 best laugh i heard so far

  29. dude the 2A5 is such a pretty motherfucker

  30. Do C1 Ariete

  31. Actually T90 isn´t that fast but it has a great to maneuverability bc it is
    light and to be fair to drive across the russian terrain abrams would be
    stuck in the mud

  32. 5:07 point blank headshot. So fukn nasty. Sht aint right!….poor kitty.

    I love this new format btw guys, makes sence. Reminds of my days in service
    wiz ze Bundeswehr, where it was 8 scrubs sharing a room and still having a
    laugh despite the “format”. Nuffin like comraderie to lift the spirits when
    things look bleake. Gurls just mess with the formula anygay, so who cares
    enyvey, amIraight?

  33. hopefully they’ll add the T14 Armata

  34. Lol at 18:47 he was saying no with the tanks turret

  35. The Russian tanks are fast because of good old soviet doctrine. Line up and
    charge! Good close as fast a possible and overwhelm with numbers and
    firepower, none of that fire and manoeuvre malarkey..

  36. Challenger 2 is best tank in my opinion

  37. Try abrams plz

  38. You know what the t-90 lacks?
    A bucket

  39. phly how does this game compare to WoT and warthunder, especially grind

  40. 6:22 4,444 dmg ilumenaty comfirmed

  41. 11:52 did someone just draw a penis with smoke or something

  42. Leo has no armour? The Leo 2A5 is better in every way.

  43. Why are the T-90 and M1A1 the same tier? The equivalent of the T-90 would
    be the M1A2, the M1A1 is around 6 years old compared to the original model

  44. 9:19 If they got Top and Bot, Rush Mid

  45. 18:44

  46. You go phly

  47. Amoured Warfare : Project Armata!

  48. Please m1 Abrams

  49. This games sound affects make me cri evrytim.

  50. Can u do the challenger MK 1 next. Nice video to keep it up

  51. pls play the leo!

  52. Thank you for more armored warfare phly I love this game so much.

  53. Anyone knows when it gets public? Or new early access stuff?

  54. 1:20 In Russia you see sounds.. ;-;

  55. I never play this game yet but the sound asset is a bit let down for me.
    Tank’s sound in Battlefield is better i think. The gameplay is good from
    the look of it though.

  56. the end of that second round though… I laughed my ass off

  57. The largest difference with US and Russian fighting forces is our training
    and tactics.

  58. how do you download it im on website but dont know how to download it

  59. plz help me anybody or phly

  60. and does it cost money

  61. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    5:51 Is that Abshire??

  62. you cannot penatrate a clitoris…………………virgin

  63. So funny reading people compare and comment on vehicles with many
    parameters still classified. Stop embarassing yourselfes, plez.

  64. this is some nice world of tanks dlc

  65. do you think that they are going to be putting the game on xbox one

  66. T 90 should be able to fire Heavy MG to counter that fucking small machine!

  67. how long till closed beta?

  68. moar armored warfare

  69. Am I the only one who read that map tittle as Porn Storm?

  70. do some armor cars please

  71. Yo, its hot as ball sack

  72. Actually russia’s main battle tank right now is T-90M soon it’s gonna be
    the Armata T-14

  73. Yall suck at this game, lol

  74. You need to aim for their Hatches.

  75. People in comments stfu about ur bs abrams vs t90 comparisons. 

  76. the game needs better souds like wot

  77. 16:26 atmospheric depressing city to match the depressing music.

  78. Mathias stakkestad

    They use the t 90a not the t 90

  79. op russian tonks made of stalinum >: (

  80. Begleitpanzer 57 AFV. Do it. Don’t be a pussy, phly!


    Have a good one, brother! :)

  81. Ianislav Georgiev

    Net tovarish , the T-14 armata is the main battle tank 😀 hahaha , why u in
    mewika so silly , coz abrams still shit lol hahahahah get offended :D

  82. Hm lol that car tank is sp stpd if the tanks had machineguns i bet that car
    was fcked

  83. That laugh though

  84. Phly Abrams is king, use it!!

  85. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    That T-90 gun sounds like the inception horn.

  86. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    Close my door STFU noob. XD

  87. Is it mandatory that Baron has to at least once, *try* to do a Brtish
    accent in a video he’s in? lol Good video Phly, can’t wait to start playing
    this game :D

  88. NOPE @18:43 xD

  89. Russia’s new tier 5 in warthunder, they thought the KV 2 was being weakend
    by M60

  90. play the m1a1

  91. Captain Storm -Dj.S7orm-

    dose any one know around what date this game is coming out? or has it not
    been said. just wondering this game looks really nice.

  92. Looks like arcady crap

  93. why dose my internet suck dick only for this vid?

  94. @PhlyDaily Phly, I don’t really like to request games, but I’d love to see
    you, Baron, Slick and maybe Royal all play Payday 2. If you can’t, I
    completely understand.

  95. It’s like WoT w Tier 11 tanks XD

  96. Have they implemented the Russian T-14 in the game?

  97. leo 2a5 next pls fly

  98. No repair kit,no first aid,no fire extinguisher-playing like a noob!

  99. hey abshire was in the 1st game

  100. Great video! What PC Specs do you have? The game runs so fast 🙂 I have i5
    2500k, 8gb RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6870 1gb and I play in standard way, but not

  101. someone plz edit sanic over the weasel and put the sanic music over it

  102. the weasel is like in wot medium tanks against turretless tank destroyers

  103. +PhlyDaily Hey Phly Great fan of your videos here but I have got to ask you
    this one question which you may or may not know the answer to but is
    Armored warfare going to be a Free to play game or will people have to buy
    the game when it comes out, If it is gonna be an F2P (free to play) is it
    gonna be my worst nightmare and be a Pay to Win game (I absolutely hate pay
    to win games)

  104. baron and phly live together? i knew it guys 😉 …always smelt that
    romantic tension between you

  105. what a clusterfuck that hud is.

  106. Is armored warfare free?

  107. Nvm it’s a closed beta

  108. In soviet Russia you don’t breath air air breath you

  109. any leopard 2 a6 gameplay ?

  110. in the Ukraine war they’re fighting with mostly T72,s and T62,s not T90

  111. “Abrams has no side armor”just like the Sherman….some things never change

  112. Fun fact, the Abrams is faster than the T-90. And is the only tank(Im aware
    of) that uses a Jet Turbine engine, which is controversial because of how
    hungry that engine is. But its performance is unmatched.

  113. Is Armored Warfare free-2-play?

  114. I don’t play this game, but does it have that WoT mechanic where you get
    more accurate by standing still for a moment? If so, why? That has no
    relation to reality.

  115. the t-90 flying tank…

  116. T-90’s in games are usually OP. It is only a slightly uparmoured T-72, you

  117. dat fps 8D~

  118. Challenger 2 is the best

  119. So this is basically World of Tanks, same mechanics too just with modern

  120. I am Russian!

  121. Bring back the Battleships

    which tank is best ? , t90 , abrams , leopard 2 a7

  122. 6:52 STFU Noob

  123. lol’d at 18:30 xD

  124. I’m gonna get one of the bundles to play this game. It looks soooo good.

  125. what the hell the alarm sound? like crap

  126. The t90 is bad compared to the Abrams, challenger, and leopard 2

  127. Russian tanks are just as fast as any other MBT lol. Nothing special. And
    the Abrams and the leopard both had turbine engines in them. The Abrams
    AGT-1500 has a power rating of 1500hp if the name doesn’t say it all. But
    by the way things went in desert storm I would think the Ruskies don’t put
    much in the way of protection.

  128. try any tank on Russian soil without that log, especially in early spring

  129. Zachary Michaelis

    too much similarity to WoT wich sucks due to #1 RP cannot be used ofr other
    tanks without gold thumb down< #2 hit points2 thumbs down, interface seems complete rip off from WoT, again thumbs down

  130. Are you guys masturbating at the beginning?

  131. 14:16, well, that was some bad aiming. 😐 **Facepalm**

  132. It is the m1a1 is superb to the russians

  133. Phly did you move from nc

  134. Could you yank off the Russians a little harder please?

  135. Wow, another tank multiplayer game with HP. Amazing.

  136. In reality, the Abrams is faster than the T-90

  137. The Otaku League Player

    Theyre like… on pot at the beginning ????

  138. There are no T-90s in Ukraine civila war. its mostly T64 BMs and T72 m2

  139. amazing tanks those are! damn wish i could get my hands on T-90s

  140. i wonder how realistic this game is regarding armor pieces and bullet

  141. A great day to ride a tank eh??

  142. These steel giants should be equipped with micro nuclear weapons!

  143. Russian supreme

  144. i would love to have a tank game with VR support, also a team to operate
    the tank like driver,loader, gunner etc.
    now THAT would be epic 🙂
    i have no idea how many tanks would face off though given the “team” setup
    in order to use the tanks, maybe 3vs3 or something in the start.

    one can dream right?

  145. Just t-90, not t-90a in AW. Disgusting

  146. Wish this was more authentic. We already got WoT. I want something closer
    to Steel Beasts that doesn’t cost like a million bucks. And is more
    accessible too, I guess.

  147. This game need T-14… OR too OP ?? :D

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