Armored Warfare – T-90

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Source: TheDevildogGamer

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  1. Hey guess what!…. I still suck at this game LOL Frustrates the hell outta
    me but one day ill get good m8

  2. keep it up!

  3. Keep it up and thanks for the video

  4. love your vids man

  5. Damn ruskys at it again

  6. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    Is there an ETA for when the game is released?

  7. Оо , т-90-это круто)

  8. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    Gotta give it to the germans the Leopard 2 is the best looking tank there
    is but then again they always have done :P

  9. Is it free??

  10. wot lol

  11. I would like to say something about the T-90MS. It is an export tank and
    will never be accepted by the Russian Army. It also should not be at tier 9
    in AW. What has been accepted by the Russian Army, is the T-90B3. That
    should be the tier 9 tank from Russia.

  12. M1a1 rip

  13. When you try your best to be like World of Tanks, you look like this

  14. Is there tier 9 and 10 in this game? I’ve watched so many armoured warfare
    videos and I’ve never seen any.

  15. This game shits down realism’s throat by a longshot. Funny how Novalogic’s
    Armored Fist 3 is still better.

  16. In real life m1 will win it has depleted uranium armor and shells will blow
    t-90 to shit just saying

  17. Leopard 2 > all

  18. Stream or be exterminated capitalist pig

  19. Devil whats your favorite Tank?

  20. Challenger FTW!

  21. That alarm at 9:05 caused flashbacks of Dead Money.

  22. Im only happy is Devil is happy, which is sad

  23. As a former Abrams tanker, I will just say this. The M1A1 is 68 tonnes
    combat loaded and the T90 is 46. That’s a lot of extra armor. The one thing
    the T90 has going for it is size though. To be a tanker in Russia you
    really can’t be any taller than 5’7″ and our training is much better.

  24. Can’t wait to see these babies in action in Syria

  25. that was t-72 at 2:20

  26. I learned Russian!

  27. Challenger ftw!

  28. hey devildog can u do another civ 5 campaign. I really enjoyed your other
    one maybe u can do another ww2 one. BTW you are the first you tuber I sent
    a comment to, I hope it was good :).

  29. Devil play world or war ships

  30. awesome video bro, keep it up devildog :D

  31. this game looks to arcade-y

  32. Love how the russians still strap a log to the tank to help them get

  33. really t90 is a much more powerfull tank but yes your right who gets the
    1st shot

  34. “No Effect”

  35. lloks like a modern day wot

  36. rowdy “Thedomintionboys” jax

    Actually the t-90 is better in a lot way except the protection. It has
    better speed, range, and the same kind of shell.

  37. In reality DevilDog. The T-90M with the Break-3 modification with the 2A82
    cannon is better than the M1A2 SEP V2. No personal preference, it’s just

  38. imachineseuknow dont care

    You know I just had a awesome idea what if they had a capture software for
    pc Xbox and Playstation where you move the camera angle.

  39. T-90 best tank in the world, better than Abrams….

  40. if you wanna improve your game try not to get baited at side scrape shots,
    and try to side scrape yourself. they’re angling their tank to an extreme
    angle to maximize armor.

    not a critique, just an advice. take it as you want

  41. Hey, that music from the game or is it overlayed? Either way, anyone got
    the name?

  42. HEY DEVIL!!:D listen i know your not playing Dayz, but what about Arma 3
    Dayz Exile, just saw that on Frankies channel and i think youd like it

  43. I don’t usually like tank games, but this game is changing that for me,
    thanks Devil.

  44. Hey Devil, great video. In the first battle you were not penned by a
    Terminator, that was a Ranakan, teir 8 version of the Terminator. 🙂 Just

  45. Hey is this game playable yet?

  46. just a suggestion, but maybe put repair packs on your tanks.

  47. The red dots. On the front are IR strobes that confuse missiles

  48. challenger2 all the way

  49. The reason you can’t shoot through it in game is because the game is still
    being made.

  50. learn polish and fly a hurricane in war thunder it would be like the battle
    of britain and also one of my favourite scenes from the film the battle of

  51. all i want in this game is the Merkava.

  52. Like how the auto cannons can penetrate perfectly but yet MBT gun can’t.

  53. Devil, why no M1 Abrams, yet? I cry ;–;

  54. love it devildog

  55. Devil Ruby you play as an Abrams in this series?

  56. Man, the new logo looks SICK! great work brother. Good video also.

  57. Hey Devil, I have a question, do you think that Arma 3 is worth the buy?
    What do you think about the game?

  58. where’s days devildog people want to see that.

  59. I think the best tank is…. Who gives a fuck im 17 and my knowledge all
    comes from video games

  60. I saw this and thought “Modern World of Tanks”?

  61. I can’t be the only one who was cheering on that Challenger 1 despite being
    a DDG fan.

  62. Abrams is factually the best tank in the world some of the Abrams rounds
    could slice through it like butter if they are angled right

  63. M1, T-90… who cares? A-10 can kill both!

  64. Haha your fucken trash faggot

  65. What was the game you used to play where you had to command an army in
    capturing certain grids? I don’t remember what it’s called and I want to
    get it.

  66. wot for life this is crap

  67. round about 15:17-15:20 when you had the side shot you didn’t account for
    the angle both of the slope (added elevation) and of the angle to you on
    which he was sat, both of these factors increased the abilities of his
    armor (basically increased the thickness) but I think you already know this

  68. What was ur favourite gun in the military

  69. Just to make a comment on the opening conversation regarding which is
    better the T90 or M1. You guys basically got it right on. Both tanks have
    advantages over the other and potential weaknesses. In a head to head It
    basically comes down to the oldest maximums of warfare. whomever has the
    terrain and surprise on their side will win.

  70. Just to make a comment on the opening conversation regarding which is
    better the T90 or M1. You guys basically got it right on. Both tanks have
    advantages over the other and potential weaknesses. In a head to head It
    basically comes down to the oldest maximums of warfare. whomever has the
    terrain and surprise on their side will win.

  71. what do u personally prefer T90 or m1abrams

  72. hay devil what your opinion no a new mbt should be developed for the United
    states due to to it’s age ing and new technology including a new mbt the
    Russians developed what do you think about that?

  73. My yellow buggy will beat y’all any time of the day. Damn right.

  74. Why tanks look so short and flat in this game? Fun Fact: Any russian tank
    that has “T” in it’s name will probably look like space shuttle launch, if
    shot in turret..

  75. The thing between the M1 Abrams and T90 isn’t much, the T90 is using the
    same gun that was on the T80, T72, T67, and T64. Its a old ass gun, and i
    doubt even with HEAT ammo i could go throw the front armor of the Abrams
    maybe even the side. they’ve tried to destroy an Abrams with another one at
    point blank range with a shot to the side of the turret and it didn’t go
    throw the armor. now the m829a3 sabot round the M1 Abrams uses is proven to
    defeat reactive armor that the Russians deploy on there T90 model tanks.
    plus im sure they would be putting the M1A2 Abrams up against the latest
    model T90 series tank but im sure the Abrams would come on top just because
    of its shear armor advantage over the T90. there is something you cant
    argue with and it is facts. Now go ahead and try to pick apart my heavily
    supported opinion. And a side note Russian guns are known for having
    historically bad penetration values, plus the US has never made a tank to
    go head to head with other main battle tanks but it still ranks number 2 in
    the world just behind the Leopard 2a6.

  76. to bad the game looks like world of tanks, if war thunder was making it
    then it would be awesome


  78. Svetlana Baronova (kitten)

    тге г азье дьзу руйисс

  79. A10 will fuck then both up

  80. Sorry if i sound rude TheDevilDogGamer; But if your going to complain your
    running out of ammo, after putting multiple shots into a target your unable
    to pen, wouldn’t that tell you mentally not to fire at it and try attacking
    another tank?

  81. This just makes me want to play mechwarrior

  82. All about that Chinese t99

  83. Will I be able to run this on E5400 2.7ghz dual core, 4GB ram, HD7730 1GB?

  84. I don’t like this game because it is not realistic, but it has modern

  85. The American channel

    The 125mm gun from the T-90 can’t pen the Abrams, Why? T-72 has the same
    gun couldn’t do shit to the M1 abrams not even the M1a1/a2 so let’s say
    current day warfare T-90/T-14 with the..Same gun, M1a2 with the 120mm L/44,
    Abrams would win either way.

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