Armored Warfare – T-90MS and Leo2AV – MBT “tutorial” part 1

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Source: Darocfi

Some random about playing MBTs when not top . I’m pretty sure everything here is self evident obvious but maybe someone finds some amusement in me saying it. Sound levels are hopefully than in the one before.


  1. I really liked the “let him aim at the side, then turn your hull front” tip
    wasting his shot.

    Leopard 2AV is one of my favorite vehicle, being able to stand up to Tier8s
    and actually do something meaningful is probably one of the most rewarding
    experience at all. I like to play against higher tiers tiers because it
    forces me to think and learn much more even when I do not want to 😛 It
    also is helping much no to yolo most of the time since I can vaporise in a
    second and actually playing more carefully and strategic, looking for good
    opportunities. I hope you will keep posting much more videos of this type,
    also with commentary about positioning of the team during a match on
    various maps :)

  2. I would like to see C1 Ariete gameplay in future video.

  3. pertsa is bad – there i said it for you

  4. Nice video and good job in lower Tier MBT’s

  5. Poor Pertsa loosing to stingray head on with 2AV lol

  6. High tier light tank gameplay pl0x

  7. xlent video and explanations ty very much.

  8. Great video. I especially liked your explanation of collapsing the flank on
    Narrows – not focusing on damage only. As a suggestion, I wouldn’t mind
    seeing a video on scouting. It’s often not done well and some explanation
    of different scenarios would be useful.

    Also, you should post these videos on the reddit r/armoredwarfare sub.
    They’re a very useful l2p resource. Reddit seems more NA centric… so you
    could probably add like, 5 new viewers!

  9. well done, i really wish more people would watch and learn from quality
    content like this.

  10. Thank You!
    Waiting for Warrior and XM8

  11. This is actually a very useful guide in that you explain your ideas, plans,
    and actions – and also predict opponents’ rections. And as usual,
    absolutely stunning gameplay on your part. Thank you!

  12. LAV-600 by any chance??

  13. I think the first map was a very good example and showed that one tier
    lower can still have effect on the game if the enemy makes mistakes.
    But I think the second example on cold strike is misleading, as this is
    only possible on a broken map with MBTs that have great gun depression.

    Also I’d like to add that in my experience when you do good as -2 MBT it’s
    not caused by your own skill but more by the enemies incompetence.

    Poor Pertsa, how long will he have to hear about that Stingray? ;-)

  14. Great video 🙂 Maybe t14 armata?

  15. Simple and right to the point! Good tutorial man.

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