Armored Warfare – T92 Premium Gameplay

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Source: Slick Bee


  1. wtf is that thing and why the hell is it being added to war Thunder when
    they still haven’t fixed the match making yet. .

  2. wazzzapppppppppppppppppapapapaapappapapapapapapapaa haha didn’t expect that
    huh Slick :)

  3. we luv u slick!

  4. Dry lips equals partial dehydration. More water.

  5. t71 from wot

  6. Armored warfare will be in open Beta on Friday. Right now it is head start
    for Founder Pack supporters.

  7. More armoured warfare!!!!

  8. Wish armored warfare was on ps4 and i could use m&k with it or that wt came
    out a game like this

  9. Waiting until October 8 for the free beta

  10. Slick it will be open on october 8th

  11. stop being such a stud

  12. killstiler nub go lern 2 pley stud

  13. Thank you slick more Armored warfare

  14. Chapstick makes you need more chapstick. The body gets used to it.

  15. I got the game and love it so far.

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