ARMORED WARFARE | Tank Review | T-72B3

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  1. First

  2. The B3 is also my favorite MBT at tier-8 and i prefer this tank more as the Burlak. The Burlak got a pretty nice gun with the two shot ready-rack system but the B3 got a much better armour protection. I hope the dev´s gonna rework the B3 to the B3M cause let´s be honest the extra protection is necessary specially when you play PVE against tier-9 and tier-10 vehicles.
    Also a little sidenote about the B3, the seperatist troops use the T-72B and captured T-64 tanks. I heard a while ago they storage them down in the coal mines cause the Dombass region is famous for coal. The Ukrainian is using mainly T-64 tanks wich they got in reserve from the cold war and also some T-80BV tanks. I won´t talk about politics/conflicts w but the Ukrainian conflict is a civil war between Ukraine and the eastern regions Luhanks and Donetzk. My country has nothing to do with the conflict as the most wester media is saying that. This conflict is similair with Yugoslavian conflict back in the 90s. ENOUGH POLITICS! yeah a little model overhaul to the B3M would be pretty cool since we get no new progression vehicles 😅

  3. I want to ask if you could do pve guide videos for a few classes? It would be helpful as it would give some people an idea as to how to play their class…love the videos!!!

  4. You are not a great HEAT enjoyer are you? Damage is damage you know x)

    What about an Armored Warfare Lore Recap (from the Carrabean Crisis to the Apocalypse campaign)? I don’y know if you are really into these missions thing but i quite like the story they are developping as well as rhe X4 xp lol?

    • When I use HEAT people say “APFSDS would be better!”, when I use APFSDS on a shot HEAT would work people never fail to bring it up 😂

    • @WillfulTangentI don’t know man, i am loading way more HEATs than APFSDSs, i use them on tricky or angled plates like Merkava lower-plates but it’s true that i tend to bounce more as a resul…
      Are you more into PVP or PVE?

    • @Chaosdraken both so I tend to carry a rough even split so I can bout him and out of both without reconfiguring ammo loads.

  5. The B3 good tank and maybe the best in town brawler tier for tier in game, frontal armor and rotation. The Burlak offers some decent competition with more mobility and firepower but the armor is notably weaker.

  6. i love B3 ! bought it in battle shop for coins… for me BEST TIER 8… and of course HEAT only! 😀

  7. Yes yes thx u

  8. I like T80U more due to it’s speed (i’m fast af boi) and gun is hit like a truck. But sad thing about T6-7 russian-soviet MBT is it’s have poor turret armor.

    T-72B3 is feel more like a challenger 1 can be a good thing.

  9. Spot on. I used to get so tired of hearing how weak the armor is on the whole 72 line. It was always from people that just don’t understand the weak points and how to hull down with it. Rule number one for an MBT, get up front. Rule number two, face the enemy. If you get those 2 right and you have good support to protect your flanks, enter beast mode.

    • i agree any m.b.t will exceed in any map if use wisely
      but as of now there are some people who drives an m.b.t but camp at the back of t.d’s

    • @Lawrence Jayme funniest part of bad players, they have it all mixed up. MBTs = camp the back. TDs = drive around scouting. AFVs = front line fighter. They don’t play LT’s, they don’t have a weakness to exploit the team with.

  10. I really do like the B3 but the lack of APS at tier 8 is a big knock against it, especially in PvE. There’s so much atgm spam of higher tier that once your kontakt-5 is gone the t-15s & Sphinx’s are going to murder you. As a PvP platform it’s better than great,one of the strongest there is. But the lack of APS can make for some frustrating game play at times.

    • I play currently through the T-90A.
      It feels like the (soft-kill) APS doesn’t actually do something when the supercharged ability is not active.

    • @Kuhluh Unfortunately a lot of the map design in PvE limits you to Extreme short range brawls, under 200 meters, a soft kill APS doesn’t do a whole lot. Past about 300 if affects missiles quite a bit. At under 200, & especially 100 meters a MBTs weak spots are sniped easily by a ATGM & a soft-kill won’t do much about it, but a soft-kill will induce signal noise to the point that longer range shots become very iffy with ATGMs, but you have to have distance on your side & that is limited in PvE.

    • @ovk8102 that explains it, thanks

  11. I have the Blue, Red, China, Custom and the ultra rare Green one

  12. Whoa! As always your standard a very nice and thoughtful tank review. From your review, I am getting the sense that this maybe an excellent brawler or a front line MBT. 😉 I personally do not have this tank, BUT I shall pick this up if I have the opportunity. 😁 It is now on my list. Hope things are well. Keep up the MOST EXCELLENT work! Godspeed! 😊

  13. If you get banned because some tool reports you for using an ammunition nature available to all B3 Users then AW is fucked for listening to that crap!

  14. Link Linqian Chen

    Whan is your next steam?

  15. 12:00 for what do they report you?

  16. This or Chal Falcon for PvP?

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