Armored Warfare – Ten Times The Fun

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The first six 0 vehicles were released into the wild in patch 0.15. Today we’re taking a look at them all and finding out which are the most fun.

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. boom

  2. Oh i’m early. Hi Jingles!

  3. Spencer Fulweiler

    early squad

  4. Hello Jingles :3

  5. Quite early I am today!

  6. oh wow an AW video

  7. Eyy Jingles

  8. Early today lol,

    Loved the tiger fest vid

    Are you going to the War And Peace Show ?

  9. the new t10 tanks are way to overpriced and unballanced , they really need
    to take a second look at the economy of the game … after t7 , the grind
    is real , for someone who doesn’t play 8-10h a day , getting a t10 seems
    impossible , especially if you don’t have premium …. c’mon Obsedian …
    we like you , don’t be as greedy as WG …

  10. roemer schoenmakers

    O im early so WTF I LIKE PUPPYS
    and i dont care if im early

  11. “Today were taking a look at them all”
    Shouldn’t that be “we’re”?
    Jingles, stop pretending you’re young and hip by not spelling properly :D

  12. OMG i am early. BOOBS!

  13. Shit, wrong tank game!

  14. 10x the fun of Wot exactly?

  15. Last time I was this early, there were no AW T10 vehicles :D

  16. Wow 422 club

  17. The Polish PL-01 looks soo cool!

  18. “The twenty minutes this video is probably going to last”
    – Check video length: a few seconds shy of 30.

    Keep working on those Estimates Jingles! You’ll get one in the ballpark
    some day.

  19. Jingles are you going to be testing Elite : Dangerous Horizons Engineers
    Update? It adds some content to planets and other things, might be worth
    looking at. The beta is today i believe!

  20. 666 views…

  21. This past week the que has averaged around 30. Your waiting like 5mins on
    average just for a match ( NA) during peek times. How long is it gonna take
    to get one of these?


    Oh… it’s that bloody modern tank game again. Where’s the Japanese
    schoolgirls pretending to be battleships game? That’s what everyone is
    really here for!

    Okay, now that we got that out of the way… :p

  23. just got into armored warfare 3 days ago. loving it!!!

  24. Please be Chally 2…

  25. wanna hear a joke? WG’s matchmaker

  26. No AMX Leclerc in this game? Is it too advanced?

  27. Hey Jingles?!! Hope you got my email safe and well!

  28. that’s a light tank?
    oh man! the future is scary

  29. Kewl

  30. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  31. i still like world of tanks wayy more than Armoured Warfare

  32. Finally something good that is polish, im kidding im kidding. Second thing

  33. my dog don’t have T-14 armata :(

  34. Hanfgurkenhasser

    Stopped grinding the Leopard line – guess I need to start again. Thanks
    alot.. :P

  35. PoisoningShadow671


  36. Benjamin Albert

    The Leo 2A7 looks kinda like the Maus

  37. yes me and my friend are in a jingles video the xm1a3 one so happy

  38. Daniel Derpinson

    we need the merkava in this game…

  39. too much technology brah :)

  40. I dont even know why PL-01 is in this game. It is not even a prototype. And
    by the way it will propably not be manufactured.

  41. “Ten Times The Fun” … loosing credits on T10 battles is not fun. Just

  42. The Pilot Penguin

    last time i came this early

    was a long time ago because i’m a lazy bollox

  43. Annnnnndddd Germany….

  44. Jan-Willem Jansen

    In wot there are also fun tanks that are really really good… Did I just
    hear Stalin call to take my KV-2 out for another spin?

  45. ohoooh, a leo that is good? Awesome
    You called the SPHINX tier 6 btw…

  46. Who wants to see Jingles play TF2?

  47. The Challenger 2 is cuddle-ible too?

  48. Jingles what about the reload nerf and backlash from it?

  49. Tell me, is it worth giving AW another try? I looked forward to playing it
    when it wasnt released yet, but then when it wad I got extremely
    disappointed because it was too boring. Is it more fun now?

  50. 24:10 “That only leaves 1 tier 6 machine to look at, and that’s the tier 10

    For god’s sake Jingles, get it right xD

  51. banba mahiru/shinya yuri is the best genre

    war thunder plz

  52. How is the armor of those tanks over one meter of effective armor?

  53. you know what else has a 152mm gun? no ?

    KV-2!!!!!!!!!!!! t14 armarta totally useless kv-2 needed!

  54. Joe Ayres: Musician

    I don’t care how much armour the new Challenger has, how quickly does it
    get set on fire!

  55. Yoshiro Natsume

    Why is the Armored warfare file size so big? can’t they compress it a
    little bit? I mean its like 40gb if Im not mistaken

  56. jelena jankovic

    27:21 Only three minutes old?
    Oh Jingles…

  57. StigmADiabolicuM

    Giving kinda review of tanks in pve wont do justice thats something like
    arcade mode for this game

  58. Miodrag Mijatović

    The XM1A3 has riot shields as spaced armor in order to cause as much police
    brutality as possible :P

  59. jingles have you checked out the dawn of war 3 trailer for warhammer

  60. Double Double 4G

    So… does AW have it’s own Lowe or Tirpitz yet?

  61. Does the T14 still have the huge frontal weak spot?

  62. Yes yes, complain about not being able to hit anything one the move with a
    damaged gun… oh Jingles… there has to be one of those moments in
    everyone of your videos I guess. ;)

  63. The PL-01 gives me horrible Command and Conquer flashbacks…
    plays Nod S-Tank cloak sound

  64. the French where always good at running away but o god they are dam good at
    it and a hell of a machiene

  65. Is it mee or do the tanks start looking more and more like the tanks from
    command and conquer serries?

  66. LEX Maximaguy87

    So I take it the polish pl-01 futuristic look is designed for stealth?

  67. Seems like the leopard is the latest incarnation of the BLITZKRIEG!

  68. This game takes lil skill just point and click. you can sit in the open
    like its nothing.

  69. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Ten Times The Fun? More like ten times the grind! The credit costs for
    anything is so ridiculous at T10 :/

  70. the polish tank looks so ugly

  71. 1k damage…that’s the same damage a t-90ms do to me shooting with ap into
    my turret inc!y challenger 1

  72. HrothgarHeavenlight

    M1A3 looks like they used a cut by half barrels to armor side of turret and

  73. I play the Challenger Tier7 and I love it. It’s a beauty and I like it when
    the others hit my front amour, so cute. Nope I survive..

  74. So the Armata and the Challenger are “unremarkable” because they play like
    Main Battle Tanks but the Leopard is “exceptional” because it plays like a
    Light Tank? Isn’t a tank not playing like its class a bad thing, even if
    you’d rather play a different class?

  75. ErikandAlexander Harris

    It looks like a futuristic t49 XD

  76. So you can’t sidescape in MBTs, but you can do it in light tanks?

  77. Hey jingles, can u do a review on the m1a1 and m1a2

  78. Imagine the Leo2A7 with WoT physics =O Letting ya power slide like Leo
    drivers often like to do IRL >.>`…. Oh yeah babeh =O

  79. Athrael Emathors

    The Abrams looks like it has actual riot shields glued on to its side….
    time for proper police brutality!

  80. Top notch, Jingles!

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