Armored Warfare || Testing the New Mortar System w/ H3dsh0t

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Source: Kage

Plz no more I don’t want this…

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  1. Slowly becoming WoT

  2. i dont want this in the game, wtf

    • Cris Racing and Gaming

      xD hopefully they will dump this idea, at least for pvp. Other game modes can be intoxicated with this, i don’t care :))

    • yes, but because i play only pve i hope this will never be introduced even there. its like having 4 tanks in the team, like normal arti

  3. Bert!

  4. Its is a crap concept arty is fine & yeah it is a cosplay model & data as they said. it is useless in an encounter or close self defence

    • According to SS on the forum

      In tomorrow’s test, the Nona-S Tier 8 SPG will be cosplayed by BMD-1. It has the following properties:

      four round clip (can fire all four shells almost instantly one after another)
      15 seconds clip reload time
      can fire directly

    • Great doesn’t change the fact that at the moment it cannot which was my point

    • Thats why its just a concept on the test server so people can go on the forum and report what is wrong, anything they would like etc. No good saying it here and not there.

    • Ahh but I have !

    • Which puts you about a thousand percent above most who do testing – they rarely give feedback and if they do it comes hidden amongst so much screaming foaming abuse – it is not worth reading never mind listening to.

  5. cuz not enough stupid module damage from ATGM

  6. Absolutely rediculous. Dump this idea immediately. What a waste of developer resources. Bring back arty illum and smk rounds in PVE arty.

    • Not really a waste of resources as Mortar models are already in game and have been for about 2 years, they scrapped them though.

      Also seenwas the FV432 with 81mm mortar and Stryker with 120mm Mortar as well as the Nona and another Russian one at least.

      More using resources they already have and were going to introduce.

    • If they are planning on even adding MLRS I’d say hell yes but I really want to just use them in the drive test map to use how those weapons work.

    • Cris Racing and Gaming

      lol…just add fckin orbital laser or nuke…why bother with mlrs…………..

    • MLRS systems are pointless in this game, they are area denial weapons, the rounds of the M270 are either unitary warheads with 300+kg of HE or submunition dispensers with 600+ sub munitions – standard 155mm rounds carry around 7kg of HE or 6 to 10 sub munitions.

    • I like the mortar idea!!

  7. Mortars… interesting. alot. but need to add more type of ammo. like smoke, illumination ammo and AP MAybe?

    • but should nurf the accuracy and penetration, and damage and everything, it should be detected by counter battary just you said

      if Just Pve? that might be enough. but pvp… thats to much.

    • That’s more or less what mortars do so I fully agree. They’re meant to be close range artillery support i.e on an assault call in mortars to smoke out their advance. The game wargame:airland battles demonstrates this well

  8. BMD: I Can Get It Up!

  9. Well you have at least about 3 sec to moooooove your fat tank ass out of the way

  10. Do a test game with moving the targeted tank away when atry sign is flashing up and see how big the damage is.

  11. Remember if it’s erect for more than four hours to get medical attention.

    As far as the SPM concept, looks fun for PvE or maybe larger map GLOPS. It probably needs a bunch of editing before that though but the general concept seems interesting.

    • Yeah, I can see those things being quite fun in PvE after some refining but I’m definitely not sure bringing indirect fire back to PvP is a great idea.

    • I don’t believe so, this bitching about arty in AW is moot since, before OE got kicked off the development stool they released evidence showing that the “arty problem” is made to appear much larger than it actually is, as in only 3% of the playerbase played constantly arty. This, along with the fact that arty was never that destructive, not even comparing to current uber-nerfed arty in WoT, serves to show it’s more of a non-issue than it appears to be.

  12. I like the idea of mortars

    **Cries in the corner**

  13. To be honest you did just sit there. If you would start moving just a little bit you would see completely different results.

  14. This is ridiculous… but I still have hope to get the M270/MLRS as T10 arty just for PvE and pls give us back the smoke and illumination rounds.

  15. The idea is good to a point, it’s new vehicles and ideas in the game. Tested it myself and the further away you fired the more inaccurate the shells are. I can see it preventing camping as much as it currently is in the game and that’s a plus for me. It does need serious balancing but as this a test bed it has promise. Mortars aren’t accurate weapons they are there for suppressive support and having the ability to “lob” shells is ideal for that. If it’s implemented into the game and balanced right(support shells I’m looking at you) I can see this being a handy vehicle class to have to stop games becoming camp fests ?. But it all depends on feedback from players and how they balance the vehicles out

  16. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO WAY!!! if this comes in the game it will be the end of AW. What are the thinking !! I mean there are other things to implement but not this. they got the arty out of the game for some mysterious reason and then follow it up with this!! ridiculous!!.

  17. now imagine lt. bot sitting in bush and spam you while you are tracked RIP

  18. this will be good for accurate short range support

  19. This is arty in another form I doubt that it will be received vary well if they do this then they need to bring back arty its the same thing.

  20. Cris Racing and Gaming

    Waste of dev time….improve tank balance and you get better player retention. Fix pen indicator which is really unreliable now with that stupid 60% pen chance on friggin green…make some advertising about 15v15 pvp not about stupid 5v5 skirmishes….etc.

  21. retarded dev….. it’s just an arty….. just give us back the illu and smoke round for the arty.


  23. But how is it for hitting moving targets?

  24. And instead of making CW, stupid russians waste resources on useless vehicle types, ranked battles and useless pve campaign… main reason why this game will never be alive is pve retards grinding everything in pve and not being able to use their brains properly. I dont care for any comments with retards defending pve, just to make you know.

  25. if you could lay smoke that fast that could help the Team advance. But this mortar in the current form seems like everything that People hate in arty. I also think there should be an indicator from which direction arty fire is hitting you. Modules being knocked out like that is rubbish. In PvE on the other Hand, this may be less of a liability to the Team than current arty is.

  26. i love the game very much but this is the stupidest shit i’ve ever seen

  27. meanwhile Arty will do half the damage………

  28. Why are you just sitting there? have him try to hit you while you are moving. It isn’t so easy. You get a warning you move. In 5v5 pvp it would be next to useless as any fast tank would be able to dodge and take it out pb if it didn’t stay up front with the rest. The fact you sat there letting it hit you and then said it was op without trying it in something approximating a real situation, makes your review of “op and needs to be reworked” worthless (IMO). Why didn’t you try to hunt him while he tries to kill you and see just how bad it is. Unlike arty there is no direct fire option and I doubt you could fire on the move effectively. Also, If you didn’t notice, when he fired you could see the shells streaking upwards like a roman candle. This will definitely give the position away to anyone who may see it. While this looks to be a nice addition to pve, I fail to see the use in a 5v5 pvp, the rounds I have played in that mode went way too fast. In Global Ops it may cause some headaches ;but still, you get a warning and the farther away you are the more time you have to get out, also the shells only come straight down when close, the ones you fired from a distance hit at about a 45 it looked like. so for shots at any long distance cover will work (if you can figure out which direction they are coming from quickly enough).

  29. We need 15vs15 game in PTS with 3 of these on both sides to see if it effects normal gameplay. If mbt push is halted for some reason they gonna get rekt. If they are moving all the time SPaM won’t be that big issue.

  30. the gun is on viagra.

  31. way too strong module dmg…. not good in pvp. perma-tracking…. all the stupid stuff

  32. I actually like the idea. Yes lower the damage output a bit, But other than that, I like the idea. You do get enough warning that you have incoming, that gives you enough time to move out of the way.
    If they’re going to add it to the game, bring it into PvE only for a start & see how it goes.
    I have no issue with this kind of weapon in the game, Just like arty, learn to play around it.


  33. this mortar crap is the most retarded idea ever. we get no clan content because there are not enough pvp players and now they introduce a mechanic that is hated by most players and once got removed because less than 5% of the playerbase ever touched it. no clue who in the dev/producer department comes up with shit ideas like this, because it is a total waste of ressources.

  34. I played this in Training ground on PTS and the thing is that if the enemy moves that’s it. Does a lot of splash damage and didn’t get many direct hits. Looks like an excited tank that’s for sure. Ha Ha Ha

  35. I guess the owners of Merkava gonna be happy as a motar is assemblied on the tank 😀

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