Armored Warfare || That’s a Spicy Meatball

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Oh mamma mia what a spicy meatball

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  1. Bora Miray Çelikbaş

    Good video 🙂

  2. Chally 1 at 3:40 WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE

  3. Oh man, I played AW back when Ariette was OP with it frontal armor, but then I had a huge break and only a month ago started to play AW again. And man C1 became total disappointment, no armor, barely any damadge and long reload. Sold it and would probably never buy it back untill some serious buff.

    • Why sell any vehicle? you get a boost in earnings in every match based on how many vehicles you have in your garage.

    • If you carefully analyse post match stats then Vehicle ownership ONLY boosts XP earnings NOT Credits.

    • Still worth keeping, its not as if it is hard to earn credits in game.

      You can get so many boosts, insignias, premium time, gold, credits, free xp – for logging in and for the daily challenges you can really boost your earnings more as well.

      Never felt inclined to sell a vehicle as it is not hard to earn the credits anyway (particularly if you play GLOP’s)

  4. That not a good time man

  5. Is ariete good guys? I just finished challnger.1 is it good guys?

  6. The chall 1 is the same but way worse. No armor. Slow af. 10 sec reload mediocre damage…

  7. Dragun 125 pls

  8. Need PvP gameplay m8

  9. The ariete now sadly is one of the worst MBTs right now, it’s just a worse 2A5 which in return is just a worse 2A4.

    Mobility is worse (less top speed and accelleration), armor is worse, it gets ammoracked from the front and also gets oneshotted (did that a few times in my TB Ramka-99). The gun is also kind of mediocre for a tier 8.

    As an italian I’ve done my research of the thing and despite it being fairly recent it would be a good idea to bump it down to tier 7 since it was litterally designed to beat T-72s and the like, nothing more really. It just needs toned down pen just to not become another “sabra issue”.

    Also, regarding the russian MBT reload times, yeah. It’s nonsensical and I hope the new overhauled crew systems buff tanks with human loaders. I am also really sad russian/chineese MBT turret traverse speeds got buffed to shit, basically eliminating one of their only two weaknesses.

  10. what do u think about the t90 having a fucking advanced autoloader???

  11. deviant there was no tier 6 back in the day it was chieftain at tier 5 and challenger at tier 7

  12. The Chians Tankseries from T5 too T10 are very interesting.

  13. Armored Warfare RePlays

    Thank you for the review Devient 🙂

  14. Console will revive this game,all free games this high quality are always populated,look at wot in console people are tired of playing broken game wot…and this game is much sexierp.

    Edit:I liked my own comment

    • maybe it’ll come to life on console. there’s nothing to revive there as it ain’t released yet. and why do you think ppl would be willing to convert from pc to console and also redo the grind? the games are two separate entities as SS has already stated. both games/system are totally separate from each other.

    • Derp T. Never said pc players will transfer to console all I said is armored warfare would thrive if released on console

    • i doubt it but we’ll see i guess.

  15. XM1A3 please

  16. To get the reload time of Manually loaded tanks (M60s, Abrams series, Chally series etc) you need Fyodor Sokolov’s Crew Stats skills (all of them) & then you will get below 8 Secs reload. At least for now their is no other commander that gives us a better reload time than sokolov.

    • My reload on the Ariete is 8.51 with Philip Holzklau (reload speed increased by 2.2%), Level one reload retrofit and Gunner with 2.5% rate of fire boost, I could drop it another half a second with the top retrofit

    • My Areite has 7.96 Sec reload with Fyodor + Mk2 Gun Breach + Gunner with 2.5% rate of fire boost. If you use Energy drink consumable reload time is 7.46 Secs. However, if i use Philip Holzklau then my reload time is 8.02 Secs.

    • More people will probably have Philip than Fyodor though as Fyodor is only available as part of a premium bundle iirc?

    • I dont think so, as my last major purchase was Shark Series tanks & Chally Falcon + M60-2000 and none of them had Fyodor sokolov. So, I doubt it.

    • He was a Closed Beta reward Commander but recently went on sale as part of a premium bundle

  17. Comparison between Type-99 A1 & A2. Cant decide to buy it. Both seemed alike.

  18. i served as a loader on the ariete years ago, in the 4th tank regiment. talking about the tank in game i was disapponted when i played it the first time.. its mediocre at best. btw its ariete, not ariet or arieti or something else lol

  19. damn ur delay is atrocious. then i checked ur ping. how can you even play this?

  20. ReisenUdongeinlnaba

    I must do say that the Ariete with Applique can do some pretty surprising things I’ve seen in the special operations vs ATGMs that I have trouble with in other tanks

  21. can u do a video on the m1 abrams please? for some reason the devs gave it steel armor instead of its historical composite armor ever since it was moved down to tier 6. the premium prototype of the m1, the xm1, is at the same tier but has composite armor instead of steel, and the mbt-70, also tier 6, has spaced steel armor. i find it really annoying getting penned by atgms and other shaped charge ammo because of the m1’s steel armor.

  22. I find it good once fully upgraded and with retrofits, especially good at blocking atgm’s.

  23. leopard 2A5

  24. hey dev, is there any chance u can talk to the devs regarding the ATGM issue? ive already tried contacting them but it seems like my concern is falling on deaf ears 🙁

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