Armored Warfare || The AFV Revolution!!

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Source: Kage

The amazing I really do like it a lotæ


  1. is this roughly the time your uploads r going to have to be now bc of
    school? I’m fine with it, just wondering

  2. The dev’s were asked yesterday, during the dev stream, why the things that
    look like smoke launchers don’t work, and they said that it is because they
    are actually the APS system. They also stated that they will be adding
    smoke to all vehicles at some point, as part of Balance 2.0.

  3. Since there’s only a driver, might it not be better to use the augmented
    optics technology retrofit rather than intercom?

    Base view range 440m
    Display Interface upgrade 40m
    Augmented Optics v3 30m
    Sabrina (or any view range commander) 40m

    Total 550m view range. Only CRAB & Sphinx are better, and then only when
    they are stopped.

  4. They’d better nerf the AFVs. As long as the AFVs are strong, TDs will be
    significantly useless in high tier games.

  5. Hey Deve, I have a WOWS replay for you in my Minekaze. I did 103.352k
    damage with 8 torpedo hits. It was my highest damage game and my
    highest tier is tier 6 with my Farragut. I sent it to you, so you stop
    sailing in straight lines ;-)

  6. I just can’t get the hang of the 30mm for the life of me. (stock gun AP
    ammo works well enough) I think the wiesel is a better better AFV than this
    one. I guess I need to try the missiles.

  7. StoneAgeHuman Official (Žaidimų Kanalas)

    hey, can you write your pc specs?

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