ARMORED WARFARE | The Basics | Battle Paths Explained (Northern Wind – 2021)

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  1. Strv 2000 omg!!!

  2. When you obtain a vehicle is it renowned like a premium or do do you have to play it until it is to get upgrades?

  3. Very helpful! Thank you so much for making this to clarify it alot.

    What do you think about buying the Ghost plans or premium vehicles in the battlepath shop?

    • That is the fastest way to get the Ghost but I never seem to focus on the shop. Not because it’s a bad idea or anything. I’ll be putting another video out in about a week talking about the shop when the BP has been running a little bit so there’s more video traffic for it. Gotta strategize with big topics.

    • I can say from my personal expirience from last battlepath, I was able to get kurganetz with only buying “legendary offers” for blueprints and conpleting every elite challenge, although with a little bit of rerolling. I was focusing exclusively on legendary offers since they cost the lowest per one blueprint.

  4. I feel conflicted about this new BP
    On 1 hand i wanted a more variety of vehicles like the previous BP
    On another hand, i kinda like how they stuck with one nation, Sweden, Viking theme

    Here how i mostly grind my Battlecoin, pop my premium time, pop the two hour battlecoin boost, bring my Terminator Reaper vehicle and just play Spec Ops , the premium time is there to get bonus credits while grinding and commander? Exp
    In Spec Ops, you spend more time in the game, more battlecoin, doesn’t have to waste time between PvE queue, PvP is just so fucking stupid when there are shitlord trying to get their mission done and do all sort of stupid shit, not fun

    The reason i choose the BMPT 2000 Reaper is because it is a no brainer tank, just keep that auto cannon singing and bring out the 4 shot ATGM when facing MBT

  5. I just spent 75K battle coins for obj. 640, because i wanted that tanks for so long, hopefully i can get to rank 50 still hah

    • Good luck with that (sicerely) but then, you already got a really good tank out fo this, so I think you cannot loose anymore 🙂

    • yo we’re in the same boat i want it too

      and ophelia, that stupid commander you must have in pvp

  6. Good video. On previous battlepaths I almost always just ground hard to advance, with this one I might be dipping into my credit card a little more just due to IRL things making my existence miserable.

  7. Sooo… I still have to buy into it with gold if I want to participate?

  8. I am not sure, where the $15 comes from, but you can get access for 7.5 EUR from the Store. It is probably cheaper than buying gold and then BP access in game. I personally do not buy gold for more than 2.5 EUR per 1000, as that is price you can get it at regularly, either from crates (1000 gold + smiley/I love AW anyone?) or in bulk when they sell 10k gold for 25 EUR with 50% discount every month, if you can get Scavanger Hunt in, you can get up to I think 180% bonus, if lucky, which migh also boost your $ to gold ratio.

    Also please do not underestimate the Shop, it is the easiest way to get the Elite vehicle (and I do not think you can get all 100 fragments just from elite missions), there are always new blueprint fragments and battlecoins for less battlecoins (so free BCs) deal every day. Check shop every day and have as many BC in reserve as you can for other rare vehicles ( I got Sergant York for something like 6k last year and it is really worth it, if you did not get even the Shilka last BP, keep an eye out for it). So if next rank in BP is something less usefull as a decal or portrait, keep saving up and keep BC at hand and check shop daily. For some people who are not interested in current BP vehicles, but would love some, that were in previous ones, this could be reason to participate.

    I agree that if you are consistent in PvP, that would be the faster way to grind it out, but I think for most people it would be more risky one too. Cos in PvE you rarely do very little damage or no kills, but in PvP you can get unlucky, do a mistake and be back to waiting in line with barely anything to show for it. I got a Blue star from about 33% of my matches, so that is my way to roll.

    I also generally throw some more money at the BP, cos it takes a lot of grinding to get them all and I am a carebear collector/whale.

    Good luck and happy grinding everyone!

  9. Curious why you didn’t mention the bundles available on My.Game? The bundles are cheaper than buying through in game gold coins.

  10. For those who struggle to get the blue star medal (aka top score board)

    Go play light tank that have very good view range or AFV that have ability to carry troops
    and pick sniper.

    Map knowledge are big part of this type of game.
    Always remember. Spotting = win game.

  11. So if you miss a vehicle in a battle path can you not get it again? Like I am really interested in getting the Type 74 if I can.

    • Yes, actually even in this battle path you can obtain it via battle coins in the shop… but you need to be lucky to roll that specific vehicle since the poll of vehicles is big, from tier 3 to 10

    • @Karlo Pilarić hang on, does it have the type 10???

      I really wanted that tank

    • @My Hentai Girl there is possibility to getting type 10 as an offer, tho really rare and also, you need to pile up 75k BCs to buying one

      oh and if they didn’t change the drops, rare commanders can show up, like Joshua Seegrove, Alexander Cortez and I think a few from past battlepaths… but for 99k BCs
      much expensive :/

    • @Karlo Pilarić yeah….that much BC


  12. How to get in in mobile phone armored Warfare there saying maintaining is the game longer to come back

  13. Another tip is for those who picked up battlepath already. Shop gets refreshed daily and there is one offer that is always the same but with different numbers.

    battlecoin offers cost 10% of what they give you, for example, 30BCs for 300BCs, you profit 270BCs entirely free
    10BCs for 100BCs, 50BCs for 500BCs and so on.
    If lucky, you can get the legendary offer 5000BCs for 50.000 BCs so check your shops regularly.

  14. Well done, sir. Another great and very useful video. I enjoy the very straight forward approach you take in tackling this new BP. I especially like that you pointed out several times in the video that you don’t have to shell out cash during this BP to obtain the items in it. Use the items in the BP line progression to “boost” you forward toward your goal. BRAVO! Looking forward to next video. Godspeed! o7

  15. If you finish the battle path, does the battle coin shop give you increased chance for better items?

    Asking ’cause I’m not very interested in the Swedish vehicles from this BP, but I’m very interested in some other premiums we could get in the shop. Thanks!

  16. besides the vehicles, the rewards are pure shit.
    its mostly stickers and boosters and while the boosters arent that bad psending 4500 to get a booster that’ll yield you about 2500 is complete bullshit.

    they could easily replace those stupid fucking stickers with these examples:
    30 day temporary tannks (including tier 10’s)
    Platinum loot crates (in stacks of 3 or 5)
    50k reputations

  17. You can play 3 tier just to get coin I walk away with 8 to 10. The 3 drawback your damage or exps don’t add to your challanges

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