ARMORED WARFARE | The Basics | Progression and Experience

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Source: WillfulTangent

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Username and Settings:
Armored Warfare [HD Client – High]: WillfulTangent
World Tanks [NA/EU HD Client – Ultra]: WillfulTangent
War Thunder [High Preset]: WillfulTangent
Xbox Live: WillfulTangent


  1. 👍 Question… Can I play my downloaded version on Steam? I’m guessing using Steam will be faster. I’d hate to have to download it again. I was thinking maybe Steam has a file checking/repair option or something. TiA 😃

  2. Good video

  3. When i start to play 3 months ago, i need really analize how setting my mousse for this game and waste a 4 ,5 days to take the satting correctly to me (my mousse have 8 buttons), this game its awesome.

  4. When you look at vehicle stats at bottom it lists matches etc. What does kill efficiency mean? Some of my vehicles have a fairly high number, but my T55 with 170 matches, 98% win rate and 78% hit rate has a kill eff of 1.

  5. This is really helpful for both parties; rookies and veterans. I can’t wait to get back and blow up more tanks!

  6. Good Vdo


    Hey, has the PVP queue improved? My problem with AW back then was I could not get into a PVP match because the MM took too long

    • still similar but after all 3 server merge (NA, EU and RU) now we can chose 2 “good time” for PvP,
      either go with the EU busy hour or with the RU busy hour for it.


      @PRD When are the busy hours of EU and RU, respectively? That kinda makes me think they never really solved the problem.

    • @LLORITO, OVID EXEQUIEL D. usually from afternoon to midnight on their timezone.
      yea, lack of promotion/ads make the population haven’t increase that much which ends with lack of player to fill the queue


      @PRD sounds like a self sustaining problem. No ads means no new players, no new players means the company will hesitate to put ads. So that means former NA server was too few in numbers to justify their existence, hence the server merge?

  8. good video. really should be required watching in the in-game launcher for at least new players. A lot of the points Willful touches on are things that really just wizzed past me at Mach speed when I started playing back in 2016.

  9. With Ophelia (the Royal flush of cheating in a hit point-based game) and other cheat codes (called premium commanders) on sale again I decided to leave this game and take it down from my channel as well. I leave behind my 12 tier X machines two of them never gonna be finished modification-wise. I just don’t give my name to this game anymore. Why I would tell anybody to come and play this game when somebody coming in front of them with Ophelia and he bought a cheat for 63 Euro/Dollars whatever… and the new player simply can’t kill him? You win a fair fight and the cheater doesn’t die and you can’t even scratch him for a limited time and after the period you have to kill him again. It was annoying enough without the recent buff. Cheaters who use it killed all of my game experience and ruined everything. All of my research vehicles are just obsolete in comparison to even vehicles anyways. There is a Tier XI behind the paywall. That’s a massive con as well. Being the most pay-to-win tank game on the market I regret and feel sorry because I inspired people to come and play it. Literally, I shame myself instead of the developers and the cheaters.

  10. Uhhh! New intro?

  11. Gave you an up vote to help get the word out. Good solid tips on all counts. Keep the 1 and 2 tanks too, at least one. When someone new joins you can help them grind to 3.

  12. Thanks man for putting these videos up. I started playing a couple days ago and I think its a ton of fun and your vids are quite helpful.

  13. nice video and good job sir keep it up

  14. Rajorsi Roy Chowdhury

    There is a bug in this game where when you exit the battle once you die and the battle is still going on, the loading bar stucks at 100% and it remains there until the battle gets over. And if you try to force close the game and then restart the game then you get again auto connected to the same battle if it’s isn’t over yet. This is quite frustrating as it waisted a lot of time. Hope AW fixed this bug as soon as possible.

  15. Samuel Scheudson

    Thanks for informations
    right now i am the arty guy…: “UNDERWAY!!!!

  16. Great video. Glad I subbed.

  17. Hey my man I have two questions. First I’d like to say thanks for basic videos. But how do we get more people to play this game? Ten minute wait times are common. Also, there is a major glitch tanks are getting stuck on oil wells and I got caught on a corner of a house, it took me 5 minutes to free myself. I can’t believe I did. Can you tell the developers about that?

  18. The M50 gets me wanting to play more, classic body upgunned. The tank is love.

  19. Thanks for this video, I really need this, good job!

  20. Been playing for awhile but it’s a big let down that the game hasent changed in a long time on ps4 still stuck on first season

  21. Hi there. If i want to have vehicle ownership multiplier higher , i need to have all vehicles at 100% ? Or i can have for example all tier 3 not upgraded to 100% .

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