Armored Warfare || The Brokenpanzer!

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Source: Kage

This thing crazy right now, defiantly recommend!

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  1. swear on me mum its balanced

  2. great work

  3. How the hell did you get in a pvp battle? Rip NA server….

  4. wonderfull vid

  5. Unfortunately this continues the trend of all non-MBT vehicles being overpowered and better able to influence the outcome of a battle than any MBT. Because it’s apparently not a problem to have high mobility and high firepower from a balancing perspective, but having good armor means everything else about the vehicle has to be nerfed to death, then they nerf your armor as well and make MBTs pointless.

  6. Yhea needs a nerf but they have to be careful so they dont nerf it too much

  7. Bagels panzer

  8. Compare the Weasel TOW and VBL TOW to this thing is a joke

  9. IS7 + Battering ram skill on driver = epic troll tank atm. It’s one of the heaviest MBTs, you have to reach tier 7 before they start getting heavier. It’s faster than most MBTs it’s tier apart from the Leopard. With battering ram adding another 20% to the already OP ram damage you can easily equal your AP shell damage against MAIN BATTLE TANKS. Against light stuff I’ve rammed things for over 800 damage.

  10. Half the player world thinks autocannons have been nerfed too much, others think tanks like this are too powerful. Poor AW, they can never please everyone. Why can’t people just accept the characteristics of each tank and deal with it!

  11. Defiantly or definitely?

  12. You know, I wanted to make a review for the .19 contest, but there’s simply nothing good about it.

  13. 15 vs 15. Will we ever see that again on NA server?

  14. It is definitely a capricious vehicle…. I confirm that. Not for inexperienced players like me.

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