Armored Warfare // “The clicker, reformed”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

As it’s been a little while since the last AW video, I thought I’d take it out for a spin – and at the same time check out one of the more visible points of difference between it and the old familiar way of doing things in World of Tanks.


Armored Warfare a multiplayer tank game featuring Cold War era vehicles – you can find out more at:


  1. Owww, owww, owww, oww. This was so painful to watch. If you’ll forgive me

    1. On the second and third maps on the sides you started on there are a few
    locations you could have taken up residence in that are artillery safe from
    the enemy team while still giving you shots on their other tanks. use them
    as their key to having a vaguely decent game in arty in AW, (see point 3
    for more details).

    2. If your not able to stay arty safe, don;t fire till they do, and only
    fire when you’ve got a shot at them, if you see a ping and they dissappear
    before you get a shot off stay in overview overhead and wait for the next
    shot, if you can lead worth a damm and you get a sufficently good idea of
    where they are you WILL nail them next time. repeate till they’re dead.
    Don;t do this and as you discovered a good enemy arty driver will do the
    same to you. It isn;t very rewarding but this feeds back into point 3.

    3. Don’t play arty in PvP for credits. It average contribution to a PVP
    match is way below same tier non-arty, as a result you’ll find same tier
    tanks in easy PvE reguarly out earning you. At the end of the day much like
    WoT much of your reward is based on damage dealt, assitance provided, and
    kills secured, and arty even taing advantage of arty safe locations just
    dosen’t get as much of that as anyone else does on average.

  2. Hey Jedi, after your DiRT Rally review it made me purchase the game as
    well. Check out my latest upload for my own derping results.

  3. Massive face palm during that retro fit derp.

  4. lemmingtrains are the bread and butter of online games.

  5. Playing arty… Bye!

  6. with the crew skill stacking M109 is ridiculous right now. Got a few 4k+
    damage rounds in it because the reload allows you to permatrack some tonks

  7. Smoke rounds provide cover for your team. Illumination rounds or star
    shells can spot tanks

  8. pointy what for steam games you would recommend for someone how likes wot
    warthunder world of warships and armored warfare

  9. thank you for uploading pvp. pve might be okay to play, but it’s super
    boring to watch.

    edit: also, i don’t remember that shell travel time thing always being
    there in the reticle. maybe it was and i’m just that oblivious.

  10. he also missed the enemy arty, right next to his cursor behind the rock,
    last match in the video *facepalm*

  11. am I the only one who thinks the m109’s gun looks ridiculous?

  12. nice game

  13. When you mount a refit, you need to check the box for which version (Mk 1,
    Mk 2, or Mk 3) you want to mount. The higher the Mk, the higher the cost
    and the greater the benefit.

    In the case of this video, you need to click the Mk 1 checkbox to activate
    the Intercom.

  14. I can personally attest that playing SPG in PvE, especially the Hard
    difficulty, is suicide. I”ve been in more than one battle as the only SPG
    but going up against at least 3 AI SPGs with autoloaders. Since AI spawns
    are relatively random, you only learn when the AI SPG spawn when 2-3 SPGs
    all fire at me simultaneously and I explode from getting hit with 4-6 or
    more HE shells in a matter of seconds. No amount of acceleration can evade

  15. wanna facepalm right now jedi

  16. Honestly, whilst I hate to be a total downer, everything I’ve played of AW
    says to me that whilst artillery is better – and it is, undoubtedly – it’s
    still not as good as /no artillery/. When you’re up at tier 6 and higher
    especially, when the artillery has a clip and a short reload and is just
    constantly, unanswerably, hitting you every single time you stop camping,
    it’s just…. not fun? Whether it’s for 200 damage or for 1600 damage,
    randomly taking damage when the enemy doesn’t even need to actually hit you
    is a bad mechanic. I can’t get behind it. The support rounds I think are
    great ideas, the counter-battery minimap game I think is good, but every
    time I load into a map and see no artillery, I know it will be a more
    enjoyable game than any game with it.

  17. Did anyone else go: click the damn square! when he tried fitting the crew
    intercom system?

  18. Sneaky Clicking needed for Artillery in Armoured Warfare

  19. If you’d click the actual box, you could put the intercom system Jedi =p.
    You were furiously clicking below it.

  20. Nice timing. I just finished watching Jingle’s video of him playing arty.

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