Armored Warfare || The Derp Chariot (Live Commentary)

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Source: Kage

I liked this match… this match was fun 😀

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  1. Very good game devient! Would like to see some replays from the community!

  2. for news on warships on YouTube, check Notser. I know he did one on Guilo Cescarie (sp).

  3. How do you have so many tanks?

  4. Don’t feel bad real life takes priority mate.

  5. Armored Warfare RePlays

    Sheridan is really fun tank, especially with Viktor as commander and his skills to increase crew and module damage 😉 than you just put HE on that beast and let it sing 😀

  6. I still have this small-but-powerful light tank.

  7. OMG sheridan DERP TANKS. I love it!!@

  8. Its never been the same, when they took the sabot rounds away… (“those were the best days of my life”) And it looks like the addition of Steam hasn’t done much to bring more people to the game.

  9. Great job as always my friend ? thanks much!!

  10. New to channel I’ll be playing Armored Warfare on PlayStation, start of a new chapter am I right?

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