Armored Warfare – The Fantastic Miss Fox

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Judging by the amount of AW replay files suddenly appearing in my Inbox I’m guessing you’ve all worked out how to get your replays working since patch 0.14 came out! So to celebrate, here’s Fiaura The Tank Girl showing off in her FV721 Fox on the Coastal Threat PVP map.

So! How do you get your replays working and how should you send them in? To begin with, check out the replay guide here:…

If you want to send a replay file in, please make sure you send BOTH the replay and the .xml file that accompanies it. Post battle screenshots would be useful but aren’t essential, and try to remember to put “Armored Warfare” in the email title.

Your replays *should* be located in C:UsersYourNameSaved GamesArmoredWarfareUserRecordings

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  1. Yay!

  2. not first

  3. Smashed On Buxton Mate


  4. Wish this was on console

  5. thats not the new British ship…

  6. didn’t they said that the Merkava is added?

  7. When is the next Xcom vid coming?

  8. oh that idiot in chat… just wtf

  9. Has anyone been on warthunder. They have wooden warships

  10. I love how jingles keeps switching between he and her ;)

  11. Ach ten czat.. Polska taka piękna..

  12. fiaura has also more stuff then a cute voice
    she also has salt lots of it


  14. Marinus kleingeld

    I tought from the tittle jingles was revering to megan fox

  15. last th

  16. The FV721 looks like Armored Warfare’s “Luchs”. That means that you have to
    like it or unsubscribe.

  17. Jingles!!!!! Where’s our weekly xcom2???

  18. Hey Jingles I miss your War Stories. Are those coming back any time soon?

  19. “she” is one of the saltiest players I ever met. total ass.

    edit: in world of tanks, i should clarify.

  20. When is your next XCOM 2 video ?

  21. Can someone help me? I remember watching a video from Jingles where a KV-2
    was taken into a tier 10 match and did a shit load of dmg. I can’t seems to
    find it. Does anybody know it?

  22. Well to be honest, the Sheridan guy was right, because Fiarua is in fact a
    guy. Everyone who’s not blind or deaf can see/hear that.

  23. Come on jingles, get your shit together

  24. Bwahaha, that ending…

  25. forget this and go to WarThunder theres ships now

  26. Here is my stereotypical try for a top comment joke…

    The Stock Tiger 1

  27. So a unicum player seal clubbing at low tiers? how boring. “Edit” not only
    seal clubbing but harassing someone in a tier 3 that could easily of been
    playing for less than two hours.

  28. You should give us your feedback on the new tier 7 TD the M1134 Missile
    System in Armored Warfare.

  29. I watched this video and was thinking how the new physics in WoT would
    screw a light tank driver over many times.

  30. I played against Fiaura in a random battle once in wot and Fiaura was
    streaming at the time to. Fiaura also has a replay on PointyHairJedi’s
    channel. The comment section of that video is really ugly.

  31. Wow, I love myself your ship reviews!

  32. Fiaura the tank girl? Doesn’t sound like a woman to me. Literally went to
    “Her” channel to see what games “she” played. That is the manliest sounding
    woman I’ve ever heard.


  34. Fiaura for the win ?

  35. `she` looks like a southern version of amy from bigbang

  36. Fuck you and your tranny shit.

  37. I didn’t expect the first replay of AW you showed to be an episode of The
    Good, The Bad ansd The Ugly, but it was a lot of fun, still :P

  38. Jingles, i’m having a hard time seeing that as a girl….

  39. Somehow, I felt like I saw this once in my dream. Or was I dreaming? At
    somewhere around 6:50 or something.. I felt like I’ve seen this before. >-< My head is effed up. XD

  40. It’s a shame you aren’t playing war plunder, jingles

  41. I do not feckin well believe the end of that. I watch Fiaura her commentary
    is great. Definitely a completely different game on EU server and lots down
    to a lot of people not speaking the same language

  42. Jingles have anyone told you , you look like the polish defense minister?

  43. Clearly stupid players aren’t just limited to the NA server.

  44. “she”

  45. Jingles, old chap. I know Fiora having been in the same WOT community and
    HE does infact have XY chromasomes 😉 Just because people want to identify
    themselves as the wrong sex DNA dosen’t lie. So technically as a
    transgender they are an it if you don’t like to call them male.

  46. Good to see the head cut off the snake everyonce and awhile

  47. Manfried von Richthofen

    Ich werde den Himmel über Sie Mighty Jingles decken.

  48. I dont like she, but she was awesome. nice job ^^ !!!

  49. is that the transvestite guy?

  50. hey jingles. has anyone sent a world of tank blitz video?

  51. The thirst in this battle is high…
    And that one guy raging, but her at the end though XD.

  52. really? fox = fantastic? take it into pve, it is HORRIBLE…

  53. Is “toxic” a shadowrun reference by any chance? Dem toxic shamans, man.

  54. 11:15 That OF-40 nickname

  55. Jingles where is XCom?

  56. not that the sheidan had any chance once he missed…not really outplayed

  57. You talk alot about this OF-40 Jingles yet you forget to mention his
    gamertag is EroticDiahrea

  58. I am not sure she is a female no hate

  59. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Thank you Jingles, I love you for this :)

  60. The 152mm gun on the Sheridan isn’t a howitzer, Jingles.

  61. Neo Genesis Gaming

    Jingles! Not sure if you’re still playing Guild Wars 2 but they just
    brought Super Adventure Box back! You should do a video on it! :D

  62. Mikolaj Wojtowicz

    02:18 see the chat? o.O any Poles here? Your blood boiling too?^^

  63. Jingles, I promise you that I’ll watch your channel reach 10 million
    subscribers before I die!

    And that ladies and gentlemen is how you achieve immortality.

  64. She drives that Fox like The Stig :)

  65. looks like a fantastic game to play

  66. if i read it correctly, that sheridan dickhead’s name is chadmatoroid.
    you lot know what to do.

  67. I have the fox myself and seriusly: only pvp

  68. Oh my god… that team..

  69. I play APB Reloaded, It has prepared me for any level of toxicity in online
    games, its one of the worst for toxicity

  70. Wow that LAV though. Clearly did not care about winning or was completely
    oblivious to the match timer counting down.

  71. Chadimatoroid, what a whiny bellend. :D

  72. Fiaura did pretty good tho, most fox players just run into the enemy and

  73. jingles, can you take another look at the wz-1224?

  74. Also if only the Sheridan starting she kemp base, unfair plane!

  75. This might be the best movie reference till now by Jingles.

  76. Jingles, I think that he was calling her “He” because Fiura is Transgender.
    Some people have no limits to their ignorance. I used to watch Fiaura long
    before she had the following she has now. I have platooned with her several
    times, and she gave me pointers on how to play WOT’s. One time on her live
    stream I sent her a request to platoon, and right there on the stream she
    goes “Oh, I don’t like that guy” so I have not been back since. IDK what I
    ever did to her to bother her. But our differences aside, she def. does not
    deserve shit like this. I hope her the best, and I am glad that you put her
    video up on your show. Im sure the exposure will do wonders for her Twitch
    TV/YouTube channels. Peace!!!

  77. Jingles! Gajin has sailboats as for April-fools. Much wow!

  78. I’d like one of those raging morons to explain how you’re supposed to cheat
    in a game where pretty much everything runs through a central server.

  79. I didn’t know the Fox was also used by the Royal Navy as a submersible :P

  80. I love the Fox, I just can’t control it.

  81. Ramen-Powered Shit Factory

    Please do a video on the new Warthunder ships!

  82. Sorry but what is that ‘she’? What?

  83. Notsofamous one (TNSF1)

    i love the Sheridan in this best comedy act on Aw.

    (rip ronnie corbett)

  84. that gave me cancer

  85. Klaus Eisenhammer

    She played really well, but in the end she showed that woman just cant
    drive. :)

  86. Fiaura is probably the shittiest, most toxic youtuber. And btw, i’m not
    sure you could call it “girl”

  87. f “Tier Z” vD

    “EroticDiarrhea” lol

  88. There is nothing more satisfying in gaming than being called a hacker or
    cheater by someone or multiple other players when you outplayed all of

  89. what a heartbreaker – btw, been watching Fiaura’s vids and I like them!

  90. Too bad all those game physics allow for far too much “bounciness”. All the
    realistic looks wont cover up the fact that “half-crashing into some rocks”
    results in jumping over them … when it probably would have burst a tyre
    or have stopped the vehicle.

  91. well that got my blood boiling.

    thx jingles, i’m ready for another shift in the mines

  92. that aint no girl thats a gender bender!

  93. FOX = Female Operating eXtremely gg

  94. u seen tog boat for console?

  95. T-50-2 is back???!!!!

  96. T-50-2 is back???!!!!

  97. the Sheridan was actually right in calling Fiaura a he. she is actually a
    transgender woman. just read it on the about page on his/her yt page. didnt
    see that one coming…

  98. I expected more salt from the Sheridan player for a statement he made at
    the beginning I am disappointed, any way great game,the reactions on that
    smoke while passing the bridge were on point.

  99. Does anyone know if there’s any plans to bring this to Xbox One, PS4, or

  100. Fiaura got killed by EroticDiarrhea… damn, that sounds wrong.

  101. Fiaura can be kind of a bitch at times though. I’ve played with and against
    her in random battles numerous times since the 3rd focus test, and she can
    get pretty hostile to both sides

  102. Hahahaha anyone else notice the enemy OF-40’s name is “Erotic Diahrrea?”

  103. Jingles do a video about Warthunder Royal Navy game mode ye land lover!

  104. that’s a girl??

  105. A fucking draw?! Yeah id be pissed as well lol.

    Looking forward to more AW PvP tho!!

  106. I just wanted to say thank you jingles i have watched you for two years now
    and really enjoy your content. keep up the good work and thank you for
    inspiring my own foray into youtube.

  107. MORE XCOM2!!!!!!

  108. Jingles, have you had a look at the Golden Hind on War Thunder and no I’m
    not taking the waste fluid. 12 clips go have a look at War Thunder in the
    events window

  109. Can’t even be Polish for a day without getting verbally mixed with mud in
    this game.

  110. See, now if that had been me, I’d have taken the time to push that
    sheridan’s buttons by saying something in polish lol. This is part of the
    reason why I don’t make videos.

  111. Netherfield Junction

    Yes Jingles I can confirm that the Sheridan driver, Chadimatoroid, is a
    complete arse in EVERY game he plays. I was looking to recruit him into our
    Battalion (TAWEU), but then he opened his mouth… I can also confirm that
    I was the poor sod on the Airfield PVE map the other day, who got a little
    bit riled up about the bot arty hitting me 18 times in one game, then
    realised you were on the team and then apoligised for making a complete
    idiot of myself. You then proceeded to agree with me stating you had been
    hit 11 times (I think you were driving an Ariete?)

  112. +TheMightyJingles I agree that Fiaura is a good player, but if you
    critizise the toxicity of the playerbase in general she might not be a good
    example to show. I tried watching her stream a couple of times and she
    raged just as hard as any chatrager I have seen, but with the difference
    that she does it on stream setting an example on how to act in game for the
    hundreds of people watching… So, before you comment on people being
    assholes in game, check how the persons you promote act on stream.

    jingles ill send you gameplay of it! however, its going to be a bit

  114. Not to be mean or dishonest but fiaura does look and sounds like a dude so
    I would dub her a dude myself; no offense…

  115. What happened to XCom 2, Jingles? I miss it so!

  116. I watched this match real time and damn was the ending annoying!

  117. Fox: the Luchs of Armored Warfare

  118. Biggles the Desert Hippo

    I love it when people display their ignorance like Mr. Sheridan too,

  119. That ending…….. literally just face palmed. That draw is the reason why
    I am happy they made it harder for it to happen in world of warships. Hated
    draws since everyone really lost.

  120. Since i only can watch in 360 quality because theres only wireless internet
    here in the mountains,so i cant read chat which make me miss lot of fun
    stuff. But at least Jingles talks a lot in the videos,otherwise it would be
    to boring to watch :)

  121. If this were world of tanks at any time in this video, the cliffs and jumps
    would’ve killed Fiaura way earlier lol

  122. I luv the Fox,’s such a muscular little vehicle.

  123. Jingles you old but funny Wait Wat

  124. Damn, she is just great!
    Wish I could play like that!

  125. 13:09 – OP SUBMARINE CAR

  126. I’ve been in 2 games with Tank Girl while playing random battles in WOT

  127. dam you jingles, had to check out this tank girl… can’t get enough of her
    accent? fuck.. it’s a dude pretending to be a girl.

  128. XXCaptain Unicorn

    fiaura the tank “girl’ ayy lmao

  129. jingles careful rita might get jealous ;)

  130. Is it really getting outplayed when your high caliber gun misses?

  131. Oi Jingles ROYAL NAVY TECH TREE in Warthunder. GET ON IT

  132. oldscout1986 union

    she might be a good player but she is not very nice we had to ask her not
    to do training with w-uni na1

  133. I just watched one of her videos… with all respects to her, she sounds
    like a fucking male… lmfao but skill is skill so I can’t criticize.

  134. Spot enemy MBT first, deal 1200dmg and pew pew pew pew/retreat for another
    punch. Most fun to play(hard to drive) op little bugger.

  135. jingles cannot get enough of Fiaura’s accent (which I agree with :D)
    but me, selfish salt miner as I am, like my accent just a tad bit more 😛

    just had to do that :D

  136. sixstringsamurai007

    Fiaura The Tank Girl is good? Looks more like he was fighting a bunch of

  137. If you think about it the fox is a very fast, taller pz.2

  138. Heartbreak of an ending! Awesome play girl! Wish I was half as good ;)

  139. Thats not a fcking woman , thats a thing ffs ….

  140. I gotta, say, even with that name XD, the OF-40 player was pretty good. He
    seemed to have a pretty decent head on his shoulders, since he made the
    right plays.

  141. I am just imagining her playing this game with WoT 9.14 physics. It if a
    lot more entertaining. ;)

  142. Love your channel! Great job!

  143. I’m no animal expert but I think a female fox is called a Vixen

  144. Rolincito Azmitia

    Ye… I guess the “girl” adjective is subjective, because I think I can
    recognize one when I look at her, and that’s not one girl.

  145. Foxy lady… had to, sowwy.

  146. QF turret is pretty well armored, not easy to crack. Its tall tank, but
    with good gun depression. If you use it, enemy tanks like t-64 will have
    hard times against you.
    Not saying its unpenetrable(for same tier tanks), under gun its more
    likelly than above.

  147. yes she is a awesome good player and a very nice person. and a member of my
    small fun clan. and as the clanleader I’m proud of that :)

  148. Fiaura the girl…? If that’s a woman it’s the ugliest one I’ve seen
    lately, but looks more like a transsexual or transvestite.

  149. I checked the link… doesn’t look like a she. Am I missing something?

  150. should show us how to send videos

  151. this player looks like a guy…not sure if fiarua is a transgender of a
    fucking monster

  152. Yea…saw their review of the fox…cute intro aside, not impressed.

  153. I’m sure I’m not the first to say this. Jingles, the first instance of war
    thunder ships testing is live on the main server!

  154. i understood führer instead of fiora the whole time lol

  155. Is it just me or do the Maps on Armored Warfare seem more realistic than
    the ones on WoT’s.

  156. SailorNightwatcher1

    I dont normally write comments on videos, being a WoT Blitz player, but
    this one I think deserves one.

    I’ve noticed that the comments here have dissolved into an argument over
    Fiaura’s gender. What does it matter what gender they are? They are still
    people, and moreover Fiaura is an excellent gamer. Clearly she is an
    acquaintence of Jingles, you dont have to like her but keep your opinion to
    yourself if you dont have anything good to say about her or her
    performance. I’ve never seen such a huge mob of negative comments and
    insults about other players Jingles showcases, regardless of gender, and
    its disappointing to see from this community. Hide behind your online
    anonymity and insult all you want, I bet most of you arent any more
    handsome, pretty or hot. I know I certainly am not. Leave them be and focus
    on the gameplay.

  157. it’s a guy

  158. I can’t seem to get a pvp battle on the NA server at teir 4-5

  159. Jingles Fiaura is not a she it’s a he

  160. no offense to her, really… but her voice… (i respect anyone’s gender)

    i mean…. i hear a boy/or male or the guy with a stickythingy

    (s)he is technically a cheater in a way….

    someone can affirm it? 😉

    and i feel bad to point that out…….. really

  161. She? Don’t you mean tranny?

  162. Jingles have you heard of War thunders new warships event?
    Finally ships in war thunder!

  163. bangle panzer is best panzer

  164. Its funny cuz fiaura said grow some balls :D

  165. just to clear up the confusion about why people are referring to Fiaura the
    tank girl as a “he” it’s because she is a transgender. and a damn good
    player. I’ve been following her for quite awhile now

  166. Top 4ce (Heiko Brunken)

    Submarine Fox OP. Plz nerf….

  167. Fiaura the tank “IT”.

  168. 6:49

    If you know what i mean….


    im going to hell for that

  169. Liam the dark angel.

    FV? is the fox a British fighting vehicle?

  170. I went to Fiauras channel and uuh. I was a little, uhm surprised…

  171. Jingles!!! War Thunder got pirate ships for April Fools!!!

  172. I visited “her” channel and I thought “she” sounded like a guy?

  173. +The Mighty Jingles Are you planning on doing PvE replays as well?


  175. This is why I don’t play PvP. People afraid to scratch the paint on their
    virtual tanks.


  177. Lost much respect for her when she started slinging names at the LAV,
    granted, he was a moron, doesn’t mean she should have been impolite about

  178. That’s some mad driving! Wouldn’t want to be a passenger in that Fox.

  179. nice April fools video

  180. That’s why she is a great player. She knows the game. She even has the
    amount of time her crews can hold their breath down to a science.

  181. “girl” being in a player’s name isnt enough evidence to conclude that the
    player is female

  182. Jingles, with regards to that “bloody boat game”, I saw your elusive T3
    British DD Campbeltown lurking around on the Asian server about 10 hours
    ago. Just sayin’…

  183. You hate when people talk shit in chat on a game yet “she” does it and its
    ok. I am sorry but its not ok. it all boils down to someones opinion. Also
    I am sorry I go by science not personal opinion or the public opinion. That
    is not a female. That is a male. Normally men have a Y chromosome and
    female have X. now this is not always the case 1 in 20k men have no Y and
    instead XX. Same with women some have XY etc. So I go by genetic makeup.
    around 30 genes effect gender. I understand I am the oddity when it comes
    to public opinion. You can say I am insensitive. I probably am in many
    cases. I don’t understand how feeling the way a transgender person does
    allows them special rights. So if I feel like I was really born as a monkey
    everyone needs to accept that I am a monkey no matter the actual evidence.
    I have nothing against anyone who is part of the LGBT group.

  184. If only the kv-2 had a auto loader.

  185. looks like you finally got your wish Jingles. they made a TOG boat for

  186. Lol tranny

  187. LoL I know how it ended. I was watching the stream. Oh the rage was bigger
    then life. We love you anyway Fiaura.

  188. Too bad hardly anyone plays on the NA server 🙁 that makes me very sad.

  189. I took the name jingles on steam (NA) it’s not that bad!!

  190. Skill based matchmaker working as intended

  191. BMP2: No she is a good player and is probably humiliating you on youtube
    right now.
    Oh BMP, you don’t know how right you are

  192. Anyone notice the video description shows World of Tanks as the game?

  193. oi jingles you muppet you you have the game in the description as WOT not

  194. Jingle you have to watch the latest world of tanks console video you will
    love it

  195. Tate “Hyplexium” Jordan

    Her accent is because she is actually a tranny.

  196. Two things I noticed in this video. 1. Clearly the fox driver didnt cheat
    and is very skilled. 2. The sheridan driver, while he as acting like a
    douche canoe was in fact correct in his statement that she is in fact
    biologically a male. So yes he acted like a ass hat and yes he was correct
    stating she is indeed a he.

  197. I have pretty good luck with the fox in pve. I just am not very aggressive
    with it shoot and scoot tactics.

  198. Surprised you haven’t put out a WT ships video. Spoiler alert: They moved
    the cutoff date back to 1657

  199. So AW is a fucking racing game.

  200. That ending was painful..

  201. All I saw is a fan of Sebastien Loeb trying to play AW lol

  202. LOL take a look at the news to World of warship. A new flag “J” the Mighty
    Jingles Flag. Just an April foll but very funny. And a link to your Youtube
    channel…..Famous britisch …., but yes, i love you too. I enjoy your
    humor. Greetings from a kraut…(and yes, germans can laugh too

  203. Mighty Jingles Flag
    “Looks like an Aoba to me!” – The Mighty Jingles, being mistaken in his
    videos since 2011.
    10% chance of spotted enemy ships being misidentified. For example,
    cruiser Aoba can be seen looking like Myoko and vice versa. Adds +15%
    chance of enemy ships being set on fire, when hit in the rear of the

    well and WG did this XD

  204. I checked out “her” channel and that is not a girl Jingles…

  205. Kristian Greenwood (TheFlyingStar)

    “cheater down” What an idiot…

    Amazing play from the fox though. If it wasn’t for her team being so
    stupid, that guy would have properly got what he deserved. At least it’s
    satisfying to know he got utterly humiliated.

  206. Ya’ll nerds be arguing about shit that doesn’t matter instead of the actual

  207. I would be so fucking salty at those morons.

  208. Jingles. He’s not a girl if he has a penis, you know.

  209. this isnotmyname

    Wow. I think it would be ok to respect Fiora’s gender identity. She’s not
    shoving it down anyone’s throat, and from her videos she seems to be a very
    nice person who’s easy to get along with.

    Jingles, I’m sure, is being respectful of this because he’s a nice guy too.

  210. SIMM – torpedoing good players in AW for months. =)

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