Armored Warfare || The Future of AW is unclear…

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Source: Kage

This was my opinion on subject, and yes it was becoming a little emotional by end…


  1. Not surprised , this game had next to NO advertising. like fucking NONE. only once did i ever see this game being advertised, it was a banner on a page , this game should have been put on steam to tap into the huge market there , especially considering WOT is not even on Steam! wasted opportunity. probably cos thought their launcher was the best.. see what has happened.

  2. Greetings from cold Russia! We too have some concerns about (owner of taking over all the development. But there are 2 things we must remember:
    1) In Russia tank games (WoT of course, along with WT and AW) are VERY popular. Like VERY-VERY. There are huge player base, huge online compare to Europe and US and more ways to polish the game acourding to player’s needs becouse of massive feedback. And talking of player’a needs, russian players have greater skill in tank games and they can tell what to change in the game to make it well PVP balanced (sorry PVE players, but we all want good PVP, right?). And now there is no need to translate feedback to Obsidian, and this will speed up the process.
    2) Akhem… I’ve forgot what I was going to say second xD … I think I have said everything in the first paragraph.
    Anyway lets hope Balance 2.0 will be good, cuz I’m seek of WoT as many you and I want AW to be great game.

  3. Uninstalled the game the game this morning after reading the news. Back to WoT it is.

  4. Well guys, i think im one of the few people that think this is a good news.
    You keep thinking as players, that isnt totally wrong.
    But, if you are the… and need to develop a game, well you call OE to start, ok.
    At certain point if OE has problems, with workers (as happened months ago) and you WANT to keep AW living, well, as you have to leave OE and take a new pair of shoes.
    THe very good news is that didnt take a new shoes, but decided to do it by itself, with his own development division.
    This is great. If you want to keep an eye, direct eye on a game, you have to take this decision.
    And they did, hopefully.

    So, i dont really understand the hate vs russia.
    And also vs, they did the right thing.
    Maybe the wrong timing.

    Think about the news about the “future of AW” appeared few days ago and deleted.
    In my humble opinion… someone pissed in the wrong place.
    Maybe the new PvE campain wasnt ready.
    Maybe the OE team asked for some new contract (it is tipical as per things approaching a new step).

    So, again, thumbs up and have a great AW !

  5. Devient, I share your concerns and questions about the future of this game with the new developers. My longstanding thought for any game that goes through this kind of transition is just to be patient, I’ve seen it before and I’ll see it again. If the game isn’t going in the direction I like, I won’t leave just because of that, I’ll give it time to develop and get worked out with additional changes. I’d hope that you’d stick with it as well, you’ve been good with your commentary so far and it would be a shame to lose you. If you ever need an MBT to block damage for you, PM me and I’ll be there.

  6. Yeah, i have NO confidence in Mycom. they’re ONLY interested in milking the game for cash. they don’t give a damn about anything else. If balance 2.0 works, they’ll just spam premium vehicles and other shit at inflated prices for the next few years. if it doesn’t go well, they won’t fix it and will probably pull the plug on the servers inside 6 months.

  7. Personally It does not bode well for the future, AW had so much potential and it could have soared and been extremely popular. Now IDK if anything that was promised to us before will remain. Will we now have to pay for garage slots? Will we now have to have premium past tier 6? ect. I left WoT because during the CBT the game felt good and I had so much hope for it, then WGing ruined it with the poor balance updates and it the terrible vision system. Now it just feels like once again a publisher is rushing to ruin a game, it happens to so many promising games that it’s heart breaking. I will wait a little bit but I don’t have much confidence that has our best interests at heart to balance and create the game.

  8. i play AW because its not WOT. Period and i am pretty certain that is why most players who left WOT feels the same way.

  9. wait everyone is saying the russians are taking over
    but arent my com dutch or am i too stupid

  10. i will give it a chance, 3-4 updates, its reasonable

  11. you believe gatertribe?

  12. The change makes me apprehensive. Obsidian had superb communication skills and struck me as a much better outfit than Wargaming. I enjoyed the AW game play but it has stalled out. Wargaming had poor customer service, was rift with clan and battle drama, and the aimbots and hacks were rampant to a degree that made you wonder if anyone in Russia gave a hoot. The Russian bias in tank offerings and performance was obvious. If breaches the Wargaming wall and adopts the negative aspects of that other tank game, then time for me to take my American dollars and look elsewhere.

  13. Give Mechwarrior online a look. Its pretty fun. Same headaches from the devs you are used to but its still pretty fun.

  14. Looks like I picked a good time to download “Fractured Space!”

  15. Balance 2.0 is shit, if thats the future of the game then I’ve wasted time and money for no reason

  16. Dude?! What are these titles? Is the world going to end? Why so dramatic Bro?
    I think the game is heading in a good way, stop beeing so negative about it and just wait till the patch rolls out and have fun playing it mate 😉
    Cheers from Switzerland

  17. And this is why we can’t have nice things.

    If AW basically becomes WoT-Modern Warfare, then sadly I’m gone. I loved this game because it wasn’t WoT, and I’d rather play no tank game at all then go back to WoT.
    For now though, let’s just wait and see, it’s too early to abandon ship yet imo. Hopefully we will all be surprised how it turns out.

  18. It’s not so much the Russian devs that are concerning so much so that it’s now Mail.RU that’s making the game. I mean, if you thought Gaijin was bad, these guys are like 10x worse. Armored Warfare doesn’t really have the niche appeal War Thunder does and with Mail.RU at the helms, the future seems quite grim.

  19. The game is dead…I had very high hopes because I was so annoyed from the rigged-pay-to-win and Russian tanks RULE!!! in WoT that I really wanted for AW to be a success…but nope.

  20. I am staying and gone give them a chance to prove they can do a good work….since the is the only modern tank game !
    I think we will get some changes we dont like….but maybe the changes will bring more players to the game ….

  21. They fired the dev team that had been working on AW for 4 years. Those guys knew the game inside and out. Now they are gone. Well, I would love to see some WOWS vids to add to my other subs. Good luck with your channel.

  22. i played the T90A in the PTS i like it a lot but im afraid for this russian company… :/ :/

  23. I would play this game if it didn’t have a healthbar system, only modules, like warthunder.
    That and if the tanks were tailored to be realistic instead of trying to create gamebalance with horrid turret traverse time and cooldowns/times required to aim. Realistic has its own balance.

  24. Well that’s somewhat worrying! To be honest I was an avid player of WOT for a couple of years, but I got sick of the poisonous chat and general hateful attitude of players, and also sick of terrible RNG game after game, so I joined AW for something new. I genuinely like the game a lot and wouldn’t like to see it fail, or at least turn into a clone of WOT, as I said the reason I play this nearly all the time is because it is different. Maybe it will be time to go back and re-visit, but I’m not liking some of the changes I am seeing coming into that recently either!

  25. I understand the wanting to keep your hopes up but if our content guys for AW would speak up and have a set of balls about the new changes then we would maybe have half a hope of saving our game. The whole “lets see how it works out” is not a valid tactic when you can see the numbers and you can see that a large majority of the player base dislikes the changes and if they get pushed through because of this simple fact the game will be killed. AW will lose it’s long term and high end player who will then make a point of turning people away from the game and It’s better for all parties involved to make well aware of this fact and let them know that if they don’t want a failure with no money to show on their hands then they are going to need to start listening to us, the players.

  26. Meh…. People came to AW because they were tired of the SHIT that was WOT, how everything “performed” & crap UI. (speeds of everything especially, RNG, Arty, etc.) AW fixed all that….. What they didn’t fix, is that tanks still had the HP and Power Spread values as WOT, so the “quick death” was still there. People HATE that, it’s the primary reason people leave, no matter the “symptoms” Arty, power spread, “op” tanks, etc. So, all AW had to fix was THAT, give MORE HP, make a 5% power spread limit.
    Instead, what they did was make everything PERFORM LIKE SHIT….. just like WOT, or maybe even WORSE!!!
    Instead of tweaking the things that were actually at problem, they think, just like Wargaming, that “NERFING” is how you create balance. What they and now AW don’t get, is that all nerfing does is create a more CRAP hated game, and it in fact causes you to die FASTER.
    It never worked for WOT…. they nerfed and nerfed and nerfed, simply creating a worse game. The “Physics” change last year was the last straw for me, I left WOT and Development of a Mod Pack [LAMP] after 25,000 games. I was dedicated… but it became clear Wargaming wasn’t dedicated to quality, and wouldn’t change a thing. AW in contrast had done MANY of the things I had been begging Wargaming to do….. but now they are being like Wargaming, and I’m going to be gone then. I had enough of playing crap with WOT…. not going to be a masochist anymore.

  27. im kind of worried

  28. OE should crowd fund their original vision for a tank game.

  29. AW is now TOTALLY DEAD. RIP balance 2.0 means nothing

  30. RNG in wot has made the game so bad so i dont play any more. if they make this game more of a RNG thing to i will stop play this to.

  31. Obsidian should working with other publisher

  32. basicly fired Obsidian due to gameplay disagrements

  33. Deviant Kage, Russian is not a race ( discriminatory would be the suitable word, but not racist, damn word is used so much in the west it’s starting to lose it’s meaning). Sry for the off topic. Keep up the good work and if shit goes south in AW, just change the game.

  34. I got forum banned because of linking the Reddit thread… You know what reason they give? Release of harmful information

    lol… I wonder how about the information of the information?

  35. It either goes good or it goes bad. I want to know Who the development team is, what games they have worked on etc.
    Also hoping for a New Developer QnA and or an AMA.

  36. A new post has been created containing some more evidence against and OE, Link: I have the video for it made however I have been told to just wait. so I will for a bit.

  37. Obviously it was about to happen. So few players. If those idiots were less dumb and just used STEAM instead of that bullshit People already hate origin, ubi, etc, ANOTHER crap running in their PC just makes some people just not install this.

  38. World of warships is a safe option I like that game the gameplay is fun to watch. You could always go back to world of tanks as well. It really doesn’t look good for AW sadly, in one month or two it could be rip. Your aw content was very good you did the game justice for sure if that makes sense. Thanks for the effort I fear the worst but hope for the best.

  39. I really hope it’s not a WoT clone

  40. i agree it feels more like WOT i tried this game and WOT and i personally like this more over WOT but with the balance 2.0 changes and obsidian leaving the developing to i think quite a few of the older players might be leaving

  41. The not so Mighty FL_3

    Well said Devient, I think you summed up pretty much how a lot of us feel. I have severe doubts given the track record of some of their games that MailRu can pull this off, but, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt until they literally put the game in its grave. Worried about the future of AW, but I’m guessing most of the players are.

  42. what thay do with aim? 0,11-0,12 sprad is too big, lol my E100 AIM BETHER THEN T90A, they destroy game with 2,0
    after 2 years i feall like idiot becaus its complet new game, and im not alone. AW=WOT
    Good by AW after 0,19 🙁

  43. Love the multiple Freudian slips: ‘Armored Warframe’ 🙂

    For all its many problems Warframe >> AW in its current incarnation even before they dumb the game down for B2.0

  44. I have over $100 dollars in AW, that I could have spent on WOT if I wanted to play WOT. I have had a WOT account since 2012, but have only played rarely and only made it to tier 6. I liked AW more from the beginning, believed in its style, visuals, and gameplay, and that is why I played it (and bought the collectors edition). This news is very disheartening, but I am still willing to give it a chance, even if a WOT clone is the last thing I wanted.

  45. As much as i like Russia and the gaming companies i do see the….issue…. seeing as i wouldnt consider the Russian Government….good….to say the very least.

  46. Wait… The new devs are Russian?
    Welp it was fun as it lasted cya in some other future tank game everyone hopefully that won’t be a total flop as well

    I’m not gonna play a game by Russian devs ever again.

  47. 380 ping OMG

  48. feel like noone is playing this game?

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