ARMORED WARFARE | The Future of the Title – Official Live Stream Recap (11/03/2021)

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  1. -what future in aw?
    This game is grounded by devs n only propaganda left.
    All mechanics or physix are gone or not working anymore. No idea where they get their feedback for all those changes and the number of active players show that they have done nothing right.

    • No one except the devs know how many active players there are – most players are EU/RU time zones which skews the apparent player base for those in Asia and NA regions

      No idea what mechanics and physics you are talking about, maybe you could elaborate – as those have been significantly improved over the games life

    • @chaz8758Nobody talked about a exact number of players but when you see how long u have to wait for a game and the fact that they have to fill up all game modes with bots till tier 7 you gon’t need a calculatur.
      There was an artical about it.

      The mechanics I talked about are movement, spotting, damage.
      There’re mbts moving faster and circling better than lights, you get spotted without any direct line, aps is able to do things physically impossible and damage or bouncing, yeah what should I say it’s arkward.
      All these things are not new or else they worked fine until they started “thinking”.

    • @Tinky-Winky Well you are talking about PvP which has been struggling for nearly 5 years so not exactly anything new – It was down to 3v3 matches with long waits and dominated by platoons.

      NA and Asia regions will also have much longer wait times than those in the RU/EU regions unless they can play when those regions are up and awake

      I typically see NA players stating the game is dead when trying to get PvP matches at 2 in the morning UK which is after 3 in the morning for much of the EU and even later for much of RU

      PvE is very healthy, although Spec Ops due to needing players on the same mission and level as you can take longer to get a match.

      Combining the servers gave a respite – now PvP is mostly higher tier (hence the bots going from tier 1-3 where they have been for years to tier 7 now) – lack of new players coming into PvP is pretty obvious.

      MBT’s have not suddenly become more mobile or manoeuvrable than light vehicles, some have always been as nimble, many are not – the faster ones typically have less armour.

      Spotting with no line of sight only happens when within 50m (proximity spotting)

      Just because you can not see an enemy does not mean you can not be seen – there are a whole lot of factors that come into play

      No one has ever said this game is in any way based on real life – so claiming the APS is doing what it can not in real life is a bit off.

      You would not use MBT’s in real life like they are used in game, no ramming, long range fire from cover, artillery would be used (hmmm yes PvP players who make RL claims).

      I have been playing since Alpha, seen good and bad updates, some absolutely terrible ones (mainly under OE) – that have drastically changed the game play for the worse

      I see lots of people who complain because the game is not their vision, their favourite vehicles are not the god machines they think they should be.

      Some suffer dunning kruger style affliction, some just wont or cant adapt to new challenges, new vehicles, different vehicles and classes, updates to mechanics (they are waaay better mostly than they used to be with the recent rebalances)

      So many seem to think every MBT should play the same for instance – seen some who try to play every vehicle no matter the type the exact same way and blame the game, devs, others cheating., the vehicles – even that they are FtP players so the game deliberately puts them with bad teams so they can never win

  2. The XM1A3 IRL Is the M1A2 SEP V3 With Tusk II Armor and Trophy APS

  3. Your videos helped get me back into this game. This is the only tank game I play, because I enjoy the more casual experience of PvE. Although GHPC has my attention

  4. I tried the game a month ago after leaving the pay to win/play wot that the lower tiers were inferiorating and there is no point playing a game that there is so much to be annoyed about. I remembered seeing the armored warfare video by you and thought to give it a try. I started playing and I saw the chieftain so I decided I will play that then I realized later on that the armor is screwed up but I still have fun playing pvp that weekend and played a few games until the wait was too long and figured out I can play from around 7-10am which is inconvenient and I got to the tier 5 and learn I run out of cash really fast and the Mbts are felt the same due to the armor and I couldn’t play pvp so I quit two weeks later. And played no tank games and I still don’t which now I have lost the tank part of my life that I miss.

    • Holy crap that was long.

    • You were just explaining in detail is all. Your good man. And I get it completely.

    • Low tiers particularly the MBT can feel pretty weak as they lack spaced armour and ERA which starts really around tier 5 (some tier 4’s) while just about everything has HEAT or HESH specifically designed to deal with standard steel armour.

      Trying to rush up the tiers you will run out of cash fairly quick (as it is much easier to earn the XP required than the credits (it switches over around tier 7 then credits are sooooo easy to earn) – take a bit of time and play vehicles after fully upgrading (too many are in a desperate rush to reach top tiers) and try out all classes (there are some really good ones in other classes)

      You can boost credit earning a lot by running the free premium time you get along with boosts and insignias particularly during the frequent credit boost events and if you have any – a premium vehicle.

      Some of the MBTs are great at hull down (Chieftain – not so good on mobility but fantastic gun, AMX30B2 Brennus, Sho’t Kal for instance), its not all about blindly running forward and expecting armour to save you.

      Personally for PvE I equip all vehicles for max spotting and faster reload

      I have been playing so long now and have so many credits every vehicle has V2 versions of upgrades – while I was initially progressing though I would save up and buy at least the V1 versions as they help a lot and get to know each vehicle before moving on – even though it was fully upgraded.

  5. I abandoned the NA server (with around 11,000 missions and much boosting and insignia)) around a year before it was closed because matchmaking took forever. I was grinding a dozen tanks around tier 5/6 on EU server when the servers merged. I received a huge windfall of credits, gold and reputation. Grinding essentially ended for me and, with the elimination of those progression concerns, the game took on a rather different feel. I immediately obtained every progression vehicle I wanted and settled into high tier MBTs as my comfortable niche. If more progression vehicles drop, I have a few billion credits and around 150,000,000 rep to deal with them, I have 260 vehicles including around 100 premiums but I only play a few MBTs from tiers 7 to 10. PvP has never been satisfying in this game because of the landslide effect and I haven’t played it for years. In PvE, with the right vehicle, I can have significant effectiveness in most missions, notwithstanding a weak team. In some missions, the weaker the team, the happier I am. All things considered, I am as happy with the current game as I have ever been. I only regret the lack of players.

    • What do you mean by landslide effect? Also, i made an EU account about 4 years back, never saw anything about a merger or free gold

    • @BattlingBiatch NA – EU and RU servers were all merged into one years ago – the server is in Amsterdam (the old EU one was kept).

      If you had accounts on both the one you played the most became your main account, everything from your other account was merged into it – some got huge amounts some got next to nothing – depends what you had on your second account

      If one account was on steam it could only merge with another on steam – like wise normal launcher accounts could only be merged with normal launcher accounts

      A landslide effect in AW style games is where the loss of one or two vehicles early on can lead to a rapid loss of another – then more and more quicker and quicker because one team is becoming more and more outnumbered and a very quick heavy loss for one team (sometimes 15-0 losses)

      Happens in GLOP’s at times with one team hardly losing any tickets while the other is rapidly defeated (usually the team not contesting any cap zone)

    • @chaz8758 Ah thanks for the info. Yeah aware of that effect, played WoT for 11 years, WT for a few, WoWs as well. But I personally still think its better than blasting through brainless Bots in pvp where quantity of enemies and rediculously quick aiming and snapshotting is key.

      So all the servers are 1 now? Theoretically that would give less waiting times right. Maybe a bit more lag or ping issues/ ghosting but I dont see the logic behind the retarded waiting times.

      I feel there is so much potential in the game but they need to advertise it more and give better instructions in-game on the modes, battle path etc. First time i got into AW all i could think of that it was a clone of WoT with less p2w and alot of community-inspired improvements. Shame what happened to it. (Talking about the stuff)

    • @BattlingBiatch I was referring to the unfortunate likelihood of one side completely swamping the other in a very short time, something much less common in World of Tanks. The “free gold” was returned to me when all of my NA server assets were liquidated in the merger as was rep and credits on the account and invested in the vehicles

    • @WillfulTangent I can’t really use it these days. I would be happy to turn some over to you if there were some means to arrange it. I was a founder with a big dose of starting assets on both servers. In the beginning of the game, players were “assisted” in their progression with unlimited boost/insignia stacking and 5x XP and credits events most weekends. They needed players to drive stuff so they could see and correct (many) bugs so progression was fast. We played with the devs a lot and they were awful players with no idea at all of tactics. The first 2 Christmas events each provided me with 10 or more full XP vehicles and mounds of credits. They were also prone to handing out low tier premiums like party favours in those days. Progress slowed abruptly with the adoption of stacking limits in year 3 and grinding became a grind.

    GUYS to be honest i just LOVED this game … i have i3-4 Gen with 8 GB Ram & no External Graphics Card. I download this game for 5 to 6 times constantly after some time but everytime i download this game i was just shocked that any person who just see this size of thsi game will have some suspense that what He/She will get when this download will complete….BUT SADLY THEY WILL GET ANGRY …. WHY ???????
    ALL THOSE YEARS I DONT KNOWN THAT WHERE ARE THE DEVELOPERS OF THIS GAME….. in my system this game will crash everytime…


  7. Hmmmmm these are strange times…

  8. Although I do wish it was easier to get PvP matches when I want them, I really like the PvE content. After a few months I went back to WoT to play Frontline and after seeing how bad they F-ed that up too, I uninstalled it. So now I only watch Claus’ content just re-affirm that I made the right choice and leave pro AW coments trying to lure folks away, or at least to try. I take it that the loss of Obsidian really hurt this game?

    I welcome the rebalance of auto cannons.

    EDIT: I also like this ‘state of the game’ content. I haven’t been here long enough to get the store dynamics, but the stuff I have spent money on I felt alright about it.

    • There are plenty of rose tinted glasses about OE – but the truth is OE only took on AW (a game genre and style they had never done before) because they were going under, broke, brassic.

      They claimed they had lots of ideas for the game but were short (to the extent of never actually saying what those plans were) of exactly what those plans were.

      There were many many problems with AW and OE, faults appearing, hurried patch to fix, update and the same faults back, big balance problems, issues with the vehicles and coding, damage models – all forgotten about though (I could go on – some of those same issues are still in game now and appear after a patch so get fixed out just like under OE – of course the base code is all still OE work)

  9. I was playing the game before I found your channel but I liked your review videos even on some of the vehicles I had as your load out ideas gave me something to think about.

    I personally like PVE myself as, like you said, it’s just relaxing in a sense. I work and have a busy week typically so when I do get a chance to play I prefer the ability to just have a more casual experience.

    With that said I would be one of those people who like the idea of PVE focus as I don’t really see this game at this time competing for the fan base that enjoys War Thunder or WoT. So maybe the desire to niche out in another direction might be wise. Guess time will tell.

  10. i enjoy this game even if i play under 25fps mostly 15fps until i upgrade to a new pc the game just feels relaxing and that’s all i want and i love the pve part. If the game will be alive some years from now that’s all i want from it i just like it the way it is. First time i played it few years ago but only few matches and then i leaved the game but in last 2 months watching your videos i got the taste so ,,screw it have to play the game,, and i enjoy it.

  11. You just confirmed what I have suspected since they got rid of Obsidian. They have no clue on how to develop and properly grow this game and are more interested in grabbing a quick buck, going down the path of EA and shady mobile game developers. They could take a page from other developers who have taken feedback from their entire player base and made changes (ie: PGI) and also bring on talented players to help in development, instead of listening to a minority of select players who want to make the game into something it was never meant to be. A PvP game.

    • Too many rose tinted glasses about OE – they claimed to have great visions of the game but failed to ever say what they were.

      OE made some huge mess ups in the game, bad code (bugs hot fixed out to only appear again after an update), huge balance problems (you think some of the balance patches now have been bad)

      Simple fact is OE had never developed any game of this type before, not even helped out on one – they were a company that was bankrupt and going under after several failed games – Mail.Ru gave them a lifeline and paid them to develop a near WoT clone (which OE had no experience of).

      As for just money grabbing – hmmm]

      Free premium for just playing and completing the Contract Mission (Currently the TAM 2IP) – complete it more than once and get a free premium each time (I did the last one three times)

      Free crates containing all sorts up to 10 million in credits or small amounts of gold (biggest I got so far was 32 gold in one – all adds up)

      Free special events giving away anything from an insignia to a premium vehicle just for playing (recent ones the SU 152 and M60A3 SLEP).

      Free chests containing goodies in the “Chest Store” part of your account.

      Daily bonus just for logging in – everything from credits, premium time, crates to gold

      Cheap Battle Path (can be free if you save up all your free gold) where you can get four premium vehicles – just for playing after the entry.

      When the game started it was only PvP (as an alpha tester thats all we had and a single map initially), PvE was shown off quite late in development as an additional mode – when the game went into closed Beta it was easy to get games in all modes on all servers.

      Going into Open Beta though it started losing PvP players as they had so much time, effort and money invested in WoT or WT accounts that PvP was just not different enough – enter GLOP’s as a PvP mode and for a while that help slow the exodus but NA was already facing long waits (part of why I made an NA account and played there late at night my time in UK).

      Some bad updates by OE coupled with lack of advertising once the game got released to the general public – led to a further exodus and lack of new players to keep PvP going (with a switch to 3v3 and 5v5 an attempt to keep some life before the inevitable server merge – which players had called for)

    • People tend to forget the player base wanted the merger to help with queue times. Now they complain it’s split and that launching another NA server would somehow magically fix it.

    • And before anyone says “put your money where your mouth is” I am more than willing to talk to the developers and share ideas on how to fix AW and will sign an NDA if necessary. I only draw the line if they want to turn this into a FIFA lootbox fiesta.

  12. Your state of the game video brought me back after 4 ish years away
    I always prefered the PvE content because I’ve just never been able to wrap my brain around spotting mechanics in these games, but playing realistic this weekend, I’d be all over that if it were a permanent game mode.
    Their lack of commitment to tech tree progression is concerning to hear about, but I guess we’ll see how it plays out this year.
    I do hope their commitment to PvE content does mean more PvE specific maps with more care put into the design of the missions because there are only so many times I can raid the same small island airfield or assault the same refinery facility for different contractors at different times of day with any real interest.

    • The lack of new tech tree vehicles has been a constant in game with players for over a year, it has been fairly obvious to all that premium vehicles were the way they were heading


    • @chaz8758 yeah looking at it it’s fairly clear there haven’t been progression vehichles for a minute, but I just started again in the last 2 months after leaving the game back when Carribean Crisis was introduced

  13. I feel like AW is stuck in a shrinking state, after the bosses fired Obsidian, and went “Moar Monies!” with the dream of dethroning WOT. Since then, blunder stumble, crazy prices, endless “special events”, no advertising I’ve seen, or push to get gaming influencers on board. Fluster cluck.

    I love just doing PVE missions. I’m not a click-monkey, so PvP and impossible missions do zilch for me.

    From time to time I will buy inexpensive items, vehicles, etc. from AW. However, the prices of most items are insane. One vehicle is $US137, OR $CAN 172. Really? Get your whales have their early access for 6 months, then drop the prices, sell more tanks, make more money.

    • Rose tinted specs where OE are concerned

      Same with the “More Money” quote

      Most new premium vehicles released this year have been free either through the Contract Missions (Two new vehicles plus if you complete them more than once you get more existing premiums – I got seven premiums from the last two – for nothing except playing the game). You also get rewards for each part of the contract mission you complete – just for playing.

      Special events (SU 152 and M60 SLEP for example) where you just play one match a day with spare days in case you miss one

      Battle Path – for 2999 gold each time (which I got for free from the game) I got eight new premiums

      Never mind all the free premium time, gold, XP, credits, crates, chests, camos etc etc they give away for just logging in and not even playing.

      But hey yep they are all about the money

      Yes they sell premium vehicles in the store (often ones you could have got in game for free or almost free) and at a hefty price point (because they throw all the kak people dont want in as a bundle) – but that is industry standard – just compare it to WoT (had one sold for 650 dollars) or WT or even other publishers like EA etc

      They charge what people are willing to pay

      Lack of advertising after going into open beta –

      My.Com advertised it well in 2014 and up to open Beta then stopped – seeming to rely on word of mouth and the momentum they had built up – but seemingly failed to understand you need to keep that advertising going –

      PvP only players started drifting away as it was not different enough from WoT or WT where they had invested lots of time, money and effort – NA suffered the most as this style of game was not as popular over their (WoT shut down one of their NA servers and admit its their smallest market)

      So the game carried on for a long while relying on PvE players (I prefer GLOP’s and PvE to normal PvP, pretty much only play PvE now though – its just more relaxing)

  14. Buying the Battle Path access I have always saved up the free gold I get in game – always had enough to pay the basic 3000 (or 2999 I believe) gold entry using the in game system.

    PvP has struggled for years, at one point before server merge it was even a struggle to get the 3v3 or 5v5 levels they dropped to. Completely dominated by platoons and an AFK or DC player has a major impact on the team.

    NA servers had even started to have waits on PvE (I used to play PvP (well attempt to) and PvE on NA servers despite being in the UK and also playing EU servers).

    Hopefully a new PvP map would also filter into PvE to help keep that side happy (although the recent addition of 5 new maps based on a GLOP’s map was great.

  15. I watched the live stream and asked a few questions one of them being if they planned to have more servers which he said they had no plans for it because it was expensive which I agree but still the ping some of us are having being in the US is bad. I was getting pings of anywhere from 200 to 9,300! I love this game and hope it continues. Being in a battalion that loves Heroics and doing the achievements we would like more content. Good video.

  16. I’m more than a little concerned over the apparent focus on battle paths and raids. If they are going to make those a steady focus for player retention, then they NEED to make them more accessible to the more casual players. Do a freebie battle path version consisting of lesser rewards, the way pretty much EVERY game that does a battle pass already does. Make the raid mission requirements more achievable as well. Some of them are, put bluntly, a total chore to do, no matter what your player skill level is. I get that they want it to be a grind, but the secondary qualifiers on those raid missions kill any interest in actively focusing on completing them, especially when you are already restricted by dealer, tier, and vehicle class.
    The same can be said of a bunch of the contract missions. Especially the weeklies. A few of those are total RNG if you don’t have a full 5-man platoon to cheat with. Also reconsider the requirements on those related to mechanized infantry damage. because 2k from mech infantry is a dice roll, not something a player can actively choose to achieve, even with the best positioning, all it takes is a single bot spotting them, and they are all dead before doing any further damage. Those also make the player play vehicle types they may not enjoy in the slightest.

  17. I hate lore in games could care less about the story & like you it’s just meh I just prefer to play the Tanks.
    I’d kill for a ping average of 100 even with loss of the NA server where my ping was 140ish
    Yay no more commanders – wish they’d redo the commander/crew progression model

  18. If they could somehow make it cross platform, it would help them consolidate servers and help revive NA hopefully.

  19. As in any business It is hard to overtake those that were in first. (Ask any cola maker how uphill the battle against Coke market share). WT has airplanes that could play with the armor in same battle so they did OK. AW can’t compete with WoT (which I no longer play, don’t play WT any more either because my eyes aren’t good enough to see the enemy) Pve is AW ticket to stay in business. Am NA player and ping not too bad. In fact I was playing on both NA and EU servers before merge and ping was about the same. Queue times not too bad either for pve. Funny the 2 times I tried to spend money that my bank would not allow it.

  20. Good vid bro, and all good points. I like Armored warfare as part of my weekend fun but really never my main game. Always play and share more games to avoid making it feel repetitive. I also do have hope for this game as I feel this is more friendlier than WT (progression wise) and WOT (Community wise). As long as we still have fun and they add more missions I am good. Perhaps they should add a new developer or maybe advertise this more… We will see… still hoping the PVP will become better.

  21. Just a question is ghpc like any good cause I’m down for anything with tanks in it tbh

  22. Rajorsi Roy Chowdhury

    I rarely play PvE matches, it’s like one PvE match per ten PvP matchs that I play. So, it’s quite sad to see AW is not focusing on PvP mode.
    Morever, I feel the Realistic Mode is the best game mode and it can draw more new players into this game who are looking for a WT like gameplay.

  23. Can’t really remember why i start playing this game , i do play Wot and War thunder at the same period , but now i only play Armored warfare , it’s much more enjoyable to play compare to other two . Because it actually fun to play this game . The only word i can describe playing those two games is “PAIN” .

  24. Interesting. I still play from time to time, AW is in my ‘rotation’ of 4-5 games that I keep installed on my PC. Sad that they are no longer making progression vehicles and trees. But I still have a ton to unlock.

  25. Not going to lie, the fact that PvE is going to be the focus of AWs’ development in the future has me actually very intrigued, I’m interested to see where this goes.

    On a separate note, did Gaijin ever do or say that they would do anything about the ultra low quality exploit? I love War Thunder, but I avoid Arcade like the plague and only rarely play RB when I have a game mode like simulator battles as an alternative, but if the ultra low quality exploit is still a thing and it will not be dealt with, that might damage my enthusiasm for the game, something that would be hardly unfortunate considering how much I approve of the most recent additions to the game.

    • I honestly don’t know if there is a way they can enforce players to run War Thunder at a specific resolution preset to combat it. Only thing they could possibly do (speculation) is limit the control you have at specific resolution presets of peripheral options like grass textures and such.

    • @WillfulTangent I would agree with limiting various controls, it’s just a question of whether Gaijin will do it or not considering their penchant for allowing the players more control than usual over how they play the game.

      I guess it’s just something we’ll have to get used to, at least I’ll sit happy in the knowledge that I’m still plenty competitive despite playing at the “disadvantage” of full graphical settings, foliage and all.

      There’s more to winning than just gaming the system and cheating out every advantage you can.

  26. The thing I find disgusting is how this game became from almost none pay to win to the worst pay to win. I recently returned because I love this game too much to forget. and with 12 Tier X machines, it’s not really an option anymore. Ofelia and Tier X premium MBT’s which ones are Tier XI on their own behind the paywall make me feel sick sometimes. I have Object 195 as my only tier X premium and that one is so much fun and so rewarding it made me feel I don’t want to play with a progression one anymore. Not to mention the premium cannon is the only one that can damage over 1000 Hp/shot reliability. It feels like pay top alpha damage esp[ecially after the nerf of progression tier X Abrams. And my other gripes are the CATTB. With its coming soon buff I am in a ready to uninstall mode again. I know from test battle on the dev server in its current state it’s garbage as long as firepower goes. If they buff the cannon to be more accurate or maybe with a better reload that’s fine and understandable. But If they buff the CATTB armor just the slightest… well… That’s a different story. I worry about this game because we are stuck. What we can do after the apocalypse with the story? What event or progression vehicles can be added? What gonna happen with balance? The economy of the company. Yeah, these are super hard questions to answer. But I love this game and as long as it runs I gonna be around it. Great video! Thank you for your time and effort!

  27. Good video – your channel keeps pulling me into the game. Started playing a few years ago because I was fed up with WoTs p2w gold shells and Heavy-tank focussed gameplay. F1 EBRs ruined it even more, and now the fun derp tanks are screwed with the HE nerfs.

    WT is even worse progression wise, forcing you to play entire lines of tech tree to unlock the next tier whilst i usually just grind for 1 or 2 specific favorites.

    Is kind of depressing seeing the letdown in PvP, advertisement and such. There is so much potential. Playing from Europe here, but the load times for both PvP and PvE suck a lot.

    Looking into GHPC because of you now. Its hard to find a decent tank game that doesnt swallow all of your money or time to get the vehicles you want.

  28. Honestly, they should spend some money on advertisement for this game. I live in EU and I have no problem with finding games on PVP gamemode and lastly, optimization has to be on the focus because this game with a beefy computer drops fps.

  29. Great informative video mate.
    Being here in Australia, We’re in the same boat when it comes to PvP, so PvE it is. When the game came out, I had accounts on both the NA server & EU server, and plenty of tier X tanks on both. so when they shut down the NA server, I got heaps of credits & Gold. No complaints there.
    I was hitting PvE hard, and was getting bored with the same maps over & over again, the AI got predictable, and it got harder to lose a game as to win a game.
    I was also heavily into Battle Pass, got the teir X tanks and stuff also.
    I used to play with a group of guys every night, and I think that kept me in the game longer than I think I would’ve, due to the banter & fun we had, but they started to get burnt out also.
    About this time last year I walk away from the game as I felt I was burnt out. I still have the game installed, and I update it from time to time & have a couple of games, but it’s lost its magic to me.
    One thing I think they should do, is make the maps random, in that you don’t know what map you’re going to get, just like World of Tanks. As it is, you know what map you’re getting, so you choose your tanks to suite, making a win so much easier.
    Great video mate. Looking forward to the next one.

  30. Another Excellent video @Willful Tangent. I thoroughly enjoyed all the topics you has mentioned or brought up with this “State of AW Going forward”. As others have already mentioned, I enjoy this game for just the pure fun of playing PVE. I have enough stress IRL. I just want to go out there and have BLAST taking out bots and chill. 😁 I believe for my current taste the PVE environment is a challenging enough with the introduction of improved the bots or as you one of your last AW video (Centauro 155) proved that in any game there may at least one folk that may NOT be working towards the same goals as the other team mates (i.e. Type 99A2) 😕. So PVE is an always changing dynamic as well.

    Just a food for thought, I was wondering if possible in your infinite bundles of time (tongue firmly in cheek 😉) you could put out a video on “How to make game (insert game name here) better.” You maybe under an NDA or are not at liberty to discuss specific future plans, but I was just thinking it would at the very least be a thought provoking process. Of course, this would be just your Most Humble Opinion or your .02 cents, but for someone who enjoys AW, I would like to know your thoughts on “how to make xxx game better.” Again, I maybe stirring the pot, but it is just a thought. 🙂

    I do really like the comment you mentioned about balancing issues with adding more premium vehicles. I can see how that can be a balancing issue if not nightmare. I would like for this game to succeed, but I am also realistic that no game last forever. I do hope the powers that be at AW, have a plan for longevity and not go to a paywall type system. I did like your comment on one of your videos where you mentioned this is a very close to a F2P game. I hope they have that in mind for any future expansions for the game. Folks should not give you grief over this game should be this way or that way. Every game should be different. As always, keep up the MOST EXCELLENT work! Congratulations on going over 3K subs. Good luck on the “business” model and Godspeed! O7 😊😁😀

  31. Fellow Tennessean here. I’m conflicted like you and many of the commenters here. I come back only during the battlepaths at this point, so I don’t get burnt out. Truth is, PVE has been the main focus for a long time now. They’ll keep the Russian play base happy with pvp updates, but PVE is where it’ll be at. My main concern is the lack of new progression vehicles and the creeping in of more seemingly OP premium vehicles as well. Now the battlepaths are still great value, this last one I got at least 7 new premium vehicles. However, I see how bad the implications of this can be in the future. The very least they can do is give us more Options in PVE. I would love challenge missions that have no time limit, and maybe just a platoon of 2-3 players. Where you have to work your way up a map to a final objective. I did enjoy the new maps they’ve released, but they need to do a lot more to keep things fresher. Overall I don’t think many of us will leave the game, they are indeed growing. Seeing a lot of new players around. They came a long way from the BS we went through 2015-2017, they just need to be really careful at providing us progression and not become a solely a micro-transaction cash cow.

  32. im a noob, but im really liking armoured warefare.i like tank games. world of tanks is no fun now. and armoured warfare is real nice. at my levell i think theres plenty of tanks for the game. always adding new tanks.–well your gonna run out evenrually. armoured warfare is not pay to win. world of tanks has totally went ‘pay to win’. but you have to pay for some things . there was a realistic ‘mode’ this weekend. very fun.

  33. pvp may be ok. as long as its balanced and they dont do what world of tanks does. ie/ overpowered wheeled vehicles, light tanks. that kill everything. and 1 guy having a higher tier tank, everyone else has lower tier and cant do a thing. i..just wanna drive tanks and shoot things. for me. armoured warfare. fits the bill. great graphics, just fun. love the variety of vehicles. and sorry,but i think pvp in world of tanks –sucks. as said-not- balanced. wheeled vehicles in that game -kill everything. world of tanks is not a model to follow. last i read people were leaving that game.

  34. oh..maybe lower retrofits cost. and grind time.

  35. crap like a wot backto 2010 game

  36. Quarterpoundering Ur mom

    I used to play aw on xbox but the queue times were so bad I quit

  37. I appreciate the honest update. This game has been in limbo for years now. I amnot much for PVE and I live in NA so I have to say good bye.

  38. As a spectator of mostly all of stream duration and i play mostly pvp for almost 5 years i think i may add some details that you can,t share with due to disclosure agreement and my personal thoughts about changes of game in recently times will responing to your vid. If you consider that this comment may have impact on your CC career i really dont mind if you delete, it will be not censor as is perform on official discord where any topics including pvp are banned or shadowbanned.
    8:40 – its been said that game mode are just in some kind of limbo, so no its not in develop. The problem of lower resolutions is kind of imaginey because its not affects as much on gameplay as it is done in WT where you can be killed by single shoot. Here you have HP so real problem is how to introduce light vehicles into a mode and rethink its role on battlefield.
    10:45 – pvp is dead… or thats he (silentstalker) wants you to believe. I mean its very ticky that quote “the ship is gone” but we still develop new maps for this mode. Overall yes, pvp is dead but not because this mode does not drag people in but you can imagine how many workforce and time they have to spend to create special operations or mission on pve. Thats why neither WOT or WT do not spend resources to implement pve – its too expencive compared to planned income. In conclusion pvp is underinvested – i can show you dozen of places where you can drown standing on grass !
    14:50 – yeah, thats why they sell battle – hardned status bundles for progression tanks in my. games shop. Are battle path and raid event didnt provide enough money ?
    17:18 – on chat reaction. I was waste my nearly 2 hours of my life, not to judge but simply read twitch comment section because i knew exactly what the meassage will be from stream. Really. You can enter english chat room on discord and say something about pvp. I personnaly get banned for 3 days because i asked why mimimal requierments, wich my old laptop fulfilled cant generate even those 30 fps, stable. In respond i heard “get a new one” so i asked why they cheat about this mimimal requierments and guess what? Banned. I was not offensive neither, and i can guarateere most of people primarly on start was not offensive either. But if you treat people like silentstalker who we know his mind about pvp since 2018 when on one stream calmly sugest that pvp players are some kind of mental, so how you can discuss with this kind of person ? If he create a wall between pvp comunity and devs wich happened? Reality where pvp was closed down earlier does not come true only because russian players, who btw even try to recover pvp but this “wall” on EU/NA side i mentioned create situation where they stand in this fight alone. And eventually even they leave project wich happend a couple months earlier, and now top teams goes to WOT.

    I will not buy next battle path, and will not buy further battle path-ish events. Game is lost for pvp but i stand until they closed pvp mode for good. Not for gameplay itself but people i there met.

    I wish you have fun of this game, for me its from one patch to another is less.

  39. I really think adding a single player mode would be good for the game, for these reasons:

    – It would allow more people to play the game, without relying on servers, so they wouldn’t have to “abandon” regions of the world.
    – Having only 1 server means many players around the world have terrible ping which reduces their gameplay experience. Ping/lag wouldn’t be an issue with single player.
    – Balance becomes less of an issue, since you’re not playing alongside other people.
    – A custom level editor would let you play the way you want to play – maybe even increasing the playerbase.
    – More single players = fewer people on servers = lower server costs.

  40. I kinda see the Apocalypse story as a “what-if” alternate universe. It doesn’t jive well with the old storyline, IMO.

  41. I never got into armored warfare, game play looks nice though. On the in game economy World of Tanks has gone the same way. It is just a cash cow for the owning company.

  42. I straight up do not see a reason why I should continue playing AW if PvP is shutdown. Glops is pretty much a circlejerk (imho) and PvE is far too easy with MBTs being basically immortal if you sit next to a rock and it only becomes difficult if you either play like a idiot or use the worst possible vehicles, Spec Ops achievements can be nice but with only (2) spec ops lines at best during a weekend, I dont want to wait a month.

    Its a unpopular opinion for myself but PvE is just too easy to really enjoy and I want actual difficulty, I dont want to go back to WoT or WT and so in the end, I dont know what I’ll do. I’ll probably get my degree in applied animal science and just spend my time wrestling crocodiles.

    Will also probably rant about how 3.0 butchered the game

    • Anyway good video and glad to have more content from ya^^

    • SS didn’t necessarily state it was being removed just not the area of focused development. I’m not sure if the tank genre of games in general has an outstanding future ahead so I’m nervous myself for the future of this channel.

    • @WillfulTangent I think its been basically greed at this point, incompetent developers or a lack of care. The tank game genre (casual market) is basically much saturated and it’ll take years for a real opening to come up imho

  43. I have over 170 tanks in AW, I strongly disagree on your p2w thoughts. Most of my premium tanks are far better than the standard. Does it matter, not at all, I only play pve. Sometimes I feel great shame driving a premium tank. XM247 and Shikla are 2 of the worse. They should scrape the host servers and go peer to peer server. It’s mostly co-op.

  44. I just got back into AW, and enjoy it more than WoT. My computer struggles to run it at times but honestly… AW is more fun than WoT has been for years.

    Also…. I’m more of a PvE person, as I play games to relax and just unwind.

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