Armored Warfare – The IDF Merkava IIB

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

A long awaited tank finally makes it into Armored Warfare, the Israeli Defence Force Merkava IIB. Is it any good? Oh boy… that’s a tough one…

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution.


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  11. lol so basically a Centurion, FV, with an Israeli military twist…..btw
    Jingles what’s your battles/win rate in your Centurion Mk7/1?

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  16. Jingles! What is your opinion on the Battlefield 1 trailer?

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  23. Let the antisemite comments fly! We all know they are coming.

    Personally don’t give a fuck what your religion is with the exception of
    Sunni Muslims for obvious reasons. I just resent that the U.S. Taxpayer
    probably paid for every part, weapon, and the associated R&D of this tank
    which is obviously not an American tank and currently pay for quite a lot
    of Israel’s “defense”.

  24. Here come the anti-Israel peasants.

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  33. The Mk 3&4 Merkava’s have the 120mm gun now

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  39. Mk. 4 is going to be a tier 10 tank i guess

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  43. Hey Jingles, You should do a voice pack / be a commander in AW!

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    merkava is beautiful tank.

  47. good morning jingles.

  48. So its like the Tiger in WoT, on paper it seems kind of weak(Except the
    really good RoF it gets with the top gun, of course), but in the right
    hands its quite powerful.

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    the turret looks like a spaceship, so its a good turret

  50. Nice video again, Jingles! Just a slight small not-worth-a-shot-gun-comment
    I would like to make: Maybe don´t start a “new tank” video with a gameplay
    by night? I was eager for seeing what it looks like.

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  55. Jingles, you know why it’s tier 7. Tier 7 premiums cost more.

  56. what a coincidence I just re downloaded armored warfare to try the new
    update and saw this in the tech tree for first time, guess I don’t have to
    wait to know if it’s worth it or not

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  58. Sagger, not Swagger

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    Good video jingles but I have to say good night or morning? Oh fuck it
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  60. I have been waiting for this tank just not buy with gold. Just need to earn
    more gold now.
    Thanks for the review. And i hope they see there mistake with this tank and
    lower it to 5 or 6 like where it should be.
    Have a day

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    Just a small suggestion, but perhaps putting a different clip to showcase
    the tank would have been wise.
    Not only is it during night, making it hard to see what’s going on, but
    we’ve also got some arse spamming the map throughout the entire game, which
    gets a tad bit irksome after the first minute or so.

    *Nevertheless, great commentary as always.*

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    You still pronounced it wrong…
    It’s Mer-(Phlem)-Kava

  64. beeping is kinda annoying |:

  65. Thanks for the video and thoughts on the tank.

  66. “Los Angeleez”?

  67. Enjoy the video, don’t mind the beeping it won’t get better if you alllet
    each other know..
    Great video Jingles :)

  68. Jingles, you on the fence. Hope to see a lot more replays of this MBT

  69. On my trip to Israel we saw dead t62s from the border

  70. Oh boy oh wow oh boy another Jingles video!

  71. fuck israel

  72. AT-3 Swagger? A much better name!

  73. I’ve never given much thought to Israeli armoured vehicles, but it’s no
    surprise that their tanks are good. The Israeli military is really quite
    terrifying in some respects, which given the geopolitical situation, they
    have to be. I once sparred with a Krav Maga fighter, and…yeah. I like to
    think I’m a decent karate practioner, but I had aches and bruises from that
    training session for weeks. She was a very nice girl, but dang, she fought

  74. On paper it is shit, in practice it is quite good, hmm…..

    Sounds a lot like his IS-6 review from long long ago, in a game far far

  75. Want go sleep, Jingles. Why you heff to punish me :)

  76. YES I love this tank so much

  77. stanleythedoggy

    I don’t know if you know this, but you happened to upload the video on the
    Israeli day of independence.
    I guess you might since it seems like a bit of a coincidence, but still.
    Also, the name is pronounced Mer(like “merde” in French, only without such
    a pronounced R)-kah-vah(Like ca va, also in French). Although you still
    pronounce it close enough.

  78. Jingles God bless you and bless Israel

  79. I’m sorry Jingles, but did you say the AT-3 “Swagger” at 7:16?

  80. Wait wat? Isn’t it a bit early to bathe in Jingle naratives? Jingle usually
    has his speeches to the salt miners and gulag political dissidents
    prisoners around 17:00(GMT). Did something happen to him.

  81. can’t wait for all israeli tanks

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    WOW Jingles uploading before 5 A.M. central time in the U.S.? I’m genuinely

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    fighting this thing head to head in my M1 abrams has been a nightmare.

  84. Shut up and take my money!!
    But to be honest i had enough of Merkava 3/4 in the army to last a lifetime

  85. Take any and all numbers related to armor as meaningless. Weakspots are the
    only thing that matters, not overall thickness. The Merkava has pretty
    significant weakspots on the front, but this tank is *far* more well
    armored than tanks at tier 6, even if the numbers don’t show that.

  86. Jingles, what the freak? It’s 11 in the evening and you’re posting a video?

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    It looks like the FV215b

  90. I wonder how long it will take before politics enter into the tank choices
    with AW! WG already caved into China with its Faux Hellcat rip off, and the
    destroyers in WOW. Also Jingles why no mention of War Thunder’s new
    crossout mmo? or updates on fractured space, and Star Citizen?

  91. Hey jingles, can you do a video on the leopard 2? I find these types of
    videos very informative!

  92. It’s ironic that you uploaded this video exactly on the Israeli
    Independence day.

  93. i like mine, but i did think it should and maybe will be bumped down a tier
    or two.

  94. omg a video about Israel I tank with no anti Semitic comments!!!

  95. Fuck the Genocidal IDF

  96. A rather common fallacy in terms of balance in this video. A good tank can
    do badly in the wrong hands, but that doesn’t make it a bad tank. Likewise,
    a bad tank can do very well in the right hands, but that doesn’t make it

    Your gut was right Jingles, on paper this is a very poorly balanced tank.
    Obsidian have the same problem as WG do in terms of balance, where they
    seem to just assign random stats without comparing it as a whole to it’s
    counterparts. What role does this tank fill compared to it’s counterparts?
    It’s not a good brawler like the T-80, because the LFP is huge, and gets
    penned by HEAT shells. It’s not a sniper, as the camo doesn’t let it hide
    from enemies. It’s not a flanker, as the DPM and damage aren’t good enough
    to win 1v1s against most things.

    There seems to be no reason why this couldn’t have good DPM. That would
    make it a rather good flanking, supporting psuedo-heavy like the FCM 50t in
    WoT. It’s already mobile, with unreliable armor and low alpha damage.
    Giving it good (Probably not best in class, since the aiming time and gun
    handling are already quite good) DPM would give it it’s niche easily.

  97. I bought it. really like it so far. Great frontal armor and decent gun.

    Also Jingles PLEASE Push AW to make a tank commander of you! I MUST have
    you guiding my Challenger thru the battlefields!

  98. Seems like the armor shape is based off the Chieftan. Heavy sloped front
    and turret

  99. The tank is mostly for those who like to collect them,to have them all. It
    simply isn’t worth the purchase,not even after the mini buff it received.
    If you want some tier 7 premiums,buy the wolf editions or simply wait a few
    more patches till the tier 8 premium tanks will be introduced.

  100. does it run on shekels?

  101. Honestly, I think it is over-tiered because of that steel armor. Otherwise,
    though, I’ve been enjoying it, mainly because I play PvE a lot and the bots
    always, always, ALWAYS hit your weak spots, and except for the Challenger
    every other tier 7 MBT has weak spots the size of Lake Okeechobee and so
    I’ve learned in the T-80, M1, and Type 90 that your armor means nothing
    compared to the hyper-accurate bot aiming and fantastical RNG the little
    bastards get. So in that respect, I haven’t noticed the Merkava being any
    worse than any other tier 7 MBT. Well, except for the Challenger 1, but
    that’s because the Challenger 1 laughs at all shenanigans.

    So it’s not so bad. But definitely, should at least be a tier or two lower.

  102. The tank is absolute garbage. Still easy to pen, managed to hit shots at
    Merkava that complete bullshit. Gun is kinda ok.

  103. I dont usually comment on youtube videos but i feel i needed to here. This
    video is full of misconceptions about the Merkava, here are some examples.

    1: Merkava development started in 1971, not 1973.
    2: Israel never supplied Britain with their data for improving the
    Chieftain since the British had already canceled the project by the point
    they got the data.
    3: The merkava mk1 prototype wheighed 56 tons, not 65.
    4: The rear fighting compartment can take a few soliders, but theis means
    removing most of the main gun ammunition.
    5: The rear hatch was meant for resuplying ammunition to the tank, its use
    as a escape hatch was secondary.
    6: The t64 is a vastly better tank than the merkava, it has a better gun
    and much better armor
    7: The merkava armor is actually pretty bad and relies more on sloping and
    the use of the front engine compartment and spaced armor on the turret to
    absorb shots.

    source: Merkava Main Battle Bank by Sam Katz & Peter Sarson

    Also the tank is vastly overtiered in AW, it should most likely be a tier 4
    or 5. It is completely over armored as it is in game. Anyway its not like
    anybody is gonna see this, but i felt like i needed to say something.

  104. I am still waiting for the combat vehicle 90 in in any form

  105. Samuel “Ignatius” Chong

    I’m sure I’ve read that unlike what most think the Merkava can’t carry
    infantry when it was carrying ammunition (which was stored at the back).
    But it could if it needed to when it wasn’t carrying any ammo, since the
    rear hatch was also used to quickly resupply the vehicle.

  106. I just want to say: I’m sorry. I skipped yesterday video. First time from
    years. I know excuses are for pu**ies, so no excuses here. Please, give me
    additional time in the salt mineas, as i deserve it.

  107. jingles i am having a bitch of a time with the client it crashes 20
    seconds after launching so i am having to use vuse and download the torrent
    that the launcher used through vuse which isnt to bad but i hope it fucking
    works because i want to play i havent seen anyone else with my issue

  108. Israel stronk

  109. They really know how to build a good tank.

  110. i guess that the situation with this tank is similar to the IS-6 in WoT?
    terrible stats on paper, but it still manages to do good because of stats
    that aren’t visible.

  111. IDF? Inb4 stupid idiots on both side of Palestine debate

  112. Hey Jingles thanks from showing my replay 😀 personally i do like the
    Merkava but i agree it might just be over tiered but i still do enjoy
    playing it.

  113. Did jingles buy all of that gold or did he get it from the devs?? That
    must’ve cost a fortune.

  114. What the heck is that constant beeping throughout the first and last thirds
    of the video?

  115. thijs hagenbeek

    I dont know what judgement call to make.

    Allow me to do it for you.

    Its a beautiful tank. But if a Terminator or anny autoloading vehicle even
    remotely gets your side or rear you are dead, which is by the way 3/4th of
    the tank. Its a pretty model, no doubt about it.

    In all other cases id say a MBT70 will do a better job as a money grinder.

  116. For a Genocidal Maniacs they do get their weapons right ….

  117. meh…

  118. Florin Moldovan

    The Merkava did not have its armor buffed in the hotfix, it has the same
    armor as when it was made available, with half the lower front plate being
    a huge weak spot

  119. That map spam is borderline psychological torture.

  120. Nice attempt at pronouncing dear Jingles ! (though you are wrong… 🙂 )
    “Merkava” – like 75% of the words In Hebrew, is pronounced with the stress
    on the last syllable of the word.
    It should be pronounced “mer-ka-VA” and not “MER-kava” as you pronounce
    For reference – say “Merkava” like you would say “coup de grâce !” in
    Salute from Israel

  121. Dang, I love Israel so much.
    Really. A fantastic nation.
    Me love them long time.

  122. Well.. crap. So much for being thrifty and saving money… This tank
    captured my imagination dominating the the Micro-Machines battlefields of
    my youth. :p

  123. Anal Devastation

    How many children on average can you kill per game?

  124. IDF?
    Israeli Defense Force?
    Don’t you mean the PIGs
    Palestine Invasion Group?
    I wonder if those zionist terrorists name their helicopters after the
    natives they’ve genocided like the good old usa.

    Oh and the merkava is a piece of shit.

  125. I’ve seen players bounce from like a 45 to 70 degree angle on the turret,
    it is really well shaped.

  126. Its funny this video is uploaded just a day after the Israeli Independence

  127. One of my old teachers was a soldier in the IDF. He was the loader on one
    of the converted M60 models. The circumstances of his service meant that
    apart from returning for his Mother’s funeral, he left Israel and never
    came back.

  128. Hey Jingles this is gonna be entirely random but I’ve been celebrating
    recently cause in all the years I’ve been playing these games I’ve finally
    unlocked my first tier 10, the Gearing Class Destroyer, now the reason I am
    mentioning this is cause the Gearing not only is my first tier 10 but has
    some sentimental value since my Grandfather served aboard the Destroyer USS
    Shelton, a member of the Gearing class. He never talked about it but I was
    able to find articles about it on the internet and it’s very interesting,
    the Shelton missed ww2 but participated in the Korean war and twice came
    under fire from Communist batteries and even fought off a North Korean
    Landing attempt on a small Island. I guess what I’m trying to get to is,
    would the Shelton be a ship you’d ever be interested in talking about?

  129. Actually I think most people who wanted the Merkava in AW wanted the
    Merkava Mk4. So we(or at least myself) will just wait until AW added the
    standard Merkava line to the game(which won’t be premium).

  130. Merkava was OK even before the micropatch. Now it’s going to be completely
    fine in T7. The vid was good until Jingles started comparing the T-72A and
    the Merkava, having no clue what he’s talking about. The T-72A is a good
    machine in AW, but it has different strengths than the Merkava, and
    definitely doesn’t have better armor anywhere. Of course the Merkava is not
    as good as the Challenger 1, but the problem isn’t the Merkava here, it’s
    the ridiculously OP Challenger.

  131. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    the lower hull is devided: drivers site, weak as fuck, enginge side, dont
    even try with rockets.

  132. Well jingles, i’m happy to let you know that you pronounced most of those
    rather complex Hebrew words properly 🙂 interestingly, it seems armored
    warfare either didn’t input or didn’t calculate the side-skirts on this
    tank. the side-skirts on the sides are actually almost 30mm thick, they are
    extremely heavy and are meant to withstand up to 50 cal fire and to nullify
    explosions. the 50mm of armor is only the actual side armor.
    i did appreciate seeing those god awful baskets on the rear of the tank
    (just some personal trauma, don’t mind) that are meant to carry a stretcher
    in each basket along with some personal equipment. overall they did a
    fantastic job in the realism of the tank inside the game.

  133. Jingles, you’re late. I already bought the Merkava IIB….
    I like it. Most aspects of it is average, the gun is kind of crap but the
    handling is good (and even better because of crew skills and retrofits).

    I only play it in PvE though. Haven’t tried it in PvP. For PvP i prefer my
    BMP-2 :3

    Still, somebody should travel back in time and tell IDF tank designers to
    use composite armour instead of bloody steel -.-

  134. Beep boop, son.

    No more replays of this nature, please. No matter how good the gameplay is,
    the constant pinging noise interferes with your commentary and makes the
    video a pain to watch.

  135. In the Beka’a Valley, Merkava Mk II faced off with T72’s.No loss to
    Merkava, and at least 9 t72’s were destroyed.

  136. This tank is absolutely brilliant in real life crew protection brilliant
    gun handling ok not bad just ok this tank probably one of my top 5 tanks in
    my ranking

  137. Really Jingles? You look how to pronounce a Izraeli tank while all the time
    mispronouncing the Tiger tank.

  138. Ronald de Rooij

    It is almost a replay of Jingles review of the Chi Nu or Chi To (can’t
    remember) in WOT, long time ago….

  139. 21 butthurt anti Semitic assholes disliked the awesome video

  140. This tank on paper reminds me of the is6, looks terrible for tier 8, but
    not that bad.

  141. Mark Rogachevsky

    I can’t wait for the Israeli tech tree. As a guy from Israel who has been
    literally playing this game since the open beta was released,I’ve been
    anticipating the Israeli tech tree,and some people on the forums said it
    may be released somewhere in the summer.

  142. Hey Jingles, when you have 500k subs, plz do a super awesome mega special
    and give every commenter a type 59. If you don’t do it, my mom will rape

  143. Jingles! I just want to thank you for pronouncing the merkava correctly.
    Your one of a few who actually do research about these amazing machines.
    Thank you for making these videos I enjoy them quite throughly.

  144. The problem with the Merkava in the game was that it was too realistic and
    didn’t adhere to the myths spun around the tank, while the tier ranking
    seems to take the not quite deserved legendary reputation into account.

    In reality the Merkava just isn’t very well armored.

    When they designed the tank, they didn’t put the engine at the front
    because that was something incredibly clever to do and the Israeli
    engineers were the first and only ones being smart enough to do it.
    They did it because they didn’t have very good armor technology, didn’t
    have the know how or the manufacturing facilities to produce modern ceramic
    armor and didn’t have a significant steel industry of their own. They had
    to import steel plates and other components “off the shelf” on the open,
    international market.

    Putting the engine at the front was an act of desperation. They had to
    abuse the engine as auxiliary armor to make up for the fact that the actual
    armor wasn’t good.
    Having the engine at the front has many drawbacks though.

    It means you can’t make the frontal hull armor massive and heavy, because
    that would concentrate too much weight at the front, make the tank nose
    heavy and unbalanced and cause it to just drop into every hole and ditch
    you come by like an anchor and not get out again.

    The best way to explain other drawbacks of the frontal engine design is
    probably to first explain the advantages of the conventional rear engine
    Having the engine at the rear means you can make the frontal hull armor
    thicker and heavier.
    It also means you can bunch up and concentrate the side armor on your tank
    at the frontal 1/3 or 1/4 of the tank, which then means that thicker
    frontal side armor can protect the driver and an ammo rack you put there.
    Thus the rear of the tank needs less side armor because there isn’t much
    crucial stuff but the engine to hit back there. And from the front, the
    engine in the back is still protected by the thicker, more massive front

    So having the engine in the back means you can have better frontal hull
    armor, better side armor at the frontal hull (because you save weight at
    the rest of the sides, which need less protection), a better protected
    driver and ammo rack and the engine is better protected too.

    Also, having the engine at the back means you can make the frontal hull
    lower, more chisel shaped, have better sloping and you need to armor less
    surface area, which again means you can make the armor at the front
    stronger without making it heavier.

    More surface area to armor is also the major issue with the side armor on a
    tank with front mounted engine.
    When the engine is at the front, at the driver’s side, you have no space
    left at the front for the ammo rack.
    So unless you manage to store all the ammo in the turret, which the Merkava
    does not, you can’t hide the hull ammo rack behind thicker side armor at
    the front of the hull. So you need to protect more of the sides to protect
    the driver and the ammo rack that is positioned behind him, instead of to
    his side.
    That of course means you can’t concentrate and bunch up the side armor at
    the front of the tank, which again means it has to be thinner and lighter
    so you can spread it out over almost the whole side of the hull.

    The legend of the Merkava is all about its “crew survivability”, but that
    myth doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny.

    Yeah, at first glance it is good that you have that back door through which
    the crew can easier and safer exit the tank in case of a mobility kill.

    The problem with that is that the light weight frontal armor and the
    frontal engine make mobility kills waaaaay more likely than they are on
    MBTs with rear mounted engines.

    Now think about what is better for crew survivability:
    A: A tank that basically gets immobilized every time it gets hit, but gives
    the crew the ability to jump out of it a little better and then run off the
    battlefield on foot?
    B: Better armor and a way better chance that you can drive out of danger
    with your tank, even if it was hit?

    And then there is the question: What about the survival chances of the
    recovery crews who have to go and get all those immobilized Merkavas back?

    Israel most likely has the technology to produce state of the art armor
    now, even though they still don’t have much of a native steel industry, as
    far as I know, but they are stuck with the basic design of the Merkava and
    all its drawbacks now.

    Changing it now and going back to a rear mounted engine design that
    utilizes the advantages of good armor technology, would either mean the
    people who believed the “frontal engine better for crew” propaganda would
    accuse them of not caring about the tank crews anymore, or it would mean to
    admit that the Merkava never was as good as they had been telling their
    people and the world.

    The truth is that the Merkava isn’t really a MBT, it is a “Armored Fighting
    Vehicle on steroids”.
    Even the Merkava fanboys admit that it “isn’t supposed to fight other MBTs”
    and that its armor is specialized against HEAT (meaning light weight spaced
    armor that is mostly made up of empty volume) and not against KE sabot

    Long story short:
    The easy to penetrate first version of the Merkava in the game was
    realistic and true to how the tank is in reality.

    I get that people were disappointed with it, but even if the Merkava would
    have superior crew survivability in reality, that still wouldn’t mean much
    inside the game.

    I also don’t quite get why Jingles says the sloping of the hull armor is
    particularly good on the Merkava. When you look at pictures of the real
    tank and compare it to others, you’ll see that the sloping is bad and the
    frontal hull is just “chubby”, even the upper glaciers. Maybe they look
    well sloped somehow because they are rounded, but if so, that is an optical
    Even the sloping on the frontal upper hull plate on the Merkava 4, which
    has the best sloping of any Merkava, is not good compared to other MBTs.
    (And if anyone wants to contest that, I proved it on the AW forums by
    overlaying side view schematics of the tanks.)

  145. Wonder why they did not go with the MK3/4 with the 120mm Gun and compensate
    amour? That would work out better at tear 7/8 as well. In real life this
    tank was designed for hull down operations.

  146. did they fix the zero rear turret armor, (see fiaura’s review of the

  147. StigmADiabolicuM

    Good player with some luck will make everything work, think OE played on
    their Jew gold card making ok t5 tank appearing on t7 for more gold value

  148. TommyThousandFaces

    From 8:21 the first gameplay ends and the annoying as fuck bleep with it.

  149. Am i the only one not liking this tank. I would sell a arm only to see the
    amx 56 and amx 30 in game ! Oh wait…. maybe because i’m french ! ^^

  150. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Jingles, artillery hitting you almost always do full or critical damage if
    they land on your right side or behind. In addition to this, it has the
    lowest DPM and Penetration of any Tier 7 main gun, including the stingray 2
    and centauro 120. And yes, even a great player can make a bad tank, decent.
    I also tested it versus HE rounds and found it was penetrated by HEI from
    the tier 2 LAV-150 and M41 bulldog on the side and rear for full damage,
    even other tier 7 MBTs don’t have that fault. Video is up to prove this.

  151. imm from israel and the way you say the name of the tank is just driving me

  152. Darren lee Moore

    Yay abit more Dribble with style from Jingles :)

  153. lol i like your vids buttttt you do realise most of what you said about the
    merkava is israeli propaganda right ??? all modern battle tanks get fucked
    by anti tank weaponry….. spend some time on shit like live leak etc and
    youll quickly count more then 5 burning merkavas in more then 5 different
    places….. and not just merkavas but everything from abrahams to russian
    t80s being turned into toasters…. if you blow up its tracks you have all
    the time in the world to get consecutive hits with anti tank weaponry which
    will most surely fuck it up…. and if your so lucky to have modern guided
    anti tank weapons(which almost all factions do these days) theres literally
    no tank in existence that can survive…

  154. From what you described it sounds to me like you should play it with a
    sniper mindset, use your accuracy and mobility to fire at weak spots and
    relocate/preform wide flanks and should you come under fire try to fall
    back while keeping your hull and turret facing the enemy.

    It also sounds like a tank that would benefit greatly from a reactive armor
    package given its tier

  155. in my opinion RPG and Anti tank guided missile are bad vs these powerfull
    tanks , so the best way to fight and destroy the Merkavas is the same way
    how Islamic state fight iraqi Abrams , just drive a truck charged with 10
    tons of hight exploves to the convoy and instantly tear them a new asshole
    haha the merkava is a live proof that the god was right when god stated
    about the jews : They will not fight you all except within fortified cities
    or from behind walls. Their violence among themselves is severe. You think
    they are together, but their hearts are diverse. That is because they are a
    people who do not reason.
    he also said : And you will surely find them the most greedy of people for

  156. LightFoot Freddy

    Hello jingles, Don’t you have to ad to the Merkava story that they don’t
    know for sure what kind of material the Israeli’s used ??

    Israel can not simply share his militairy secrets, that would put the
    Israeli men and women in grave danger, is it not??

  157. @Mighty Jingles, one thing, and this is for historical accuracy. The M68
    105mm rifled gun made in US IS NOT a license version of the British L7
    105mm rifled gun.

    The M68 uses a different breach assembly, and is a further development of
    T254E2 gun. The only design solution both M68 and L7 shares is the bore
    evacuator design. And of course both guns can fire the same types of

    I strongly recommend to purchase and read Richard P. Hunnicutt books about
    history of US AFV’s development, there is everything explained.

    Same story with the US M256 120mm smoothbore gun, it’s not license version
    of German Rh120 120mm smoothbore gun.

    From design point of view both guns are different, have different breach
    assembly, different recoil mechanism, different bore evacuators, thermal
    sleeves and MRS devices. What they share is that both are smoothbores, can
    fire the same types of ammunition, and are based on the same technology.

    However they are not interchangable, it’s immposible to fit Rh120 in to
    M1’s turret and M256 in to Leopard 2’s turret.

  158. Dominique Lopez (Alphajet76)

    So basically the IS-6 of Armored Warfare.

  159. where are chinese tanks from aw jingles i wanna see u drive the t4 and tier

  160. Jingles I’m sorry i can’t watch this, whoever spams minimap like that needs
    hit with a hammer

  161. So… it’s the Tiger of Armored Warfare in more ways than one (-_-;)

  162. Israeli tank? Plz no, add the Type 10 and K-2 Black Panther

  163. Jingles, please do a video on the Swingfire. I find it is the M3 Lee of
    Armoured Warfare, especially unsuited for the lower tiers and new players.

  164. Nikita Yeryomin

    Hey Jingles! You are absolutely right – I was playing this game just for
    But, you have still mispronounced the name. The emphasis is on the last ‘a’
    in the last syllable.

    Love your videos!

  165. Never say our diplomats don’t have a sense of humour.

  166. I swear. There is a special circle of hell reserved for minimap spammers.

  167. Harbinger Reaper

    If you could add any armoured vehicle to Armoured Warfare, what would you

    I personally wouldn’t mind seeing the Bionix (shameless SAF plug…)

    And the Bob Semple tank.

  168. My Tax Dollars already help Buy the things IRL, and iv no interest in
    buying one in AW

  169. Jarrad Roubicek

    Was rolling a king size blunt watching this :)

  170. Hey Jingles, a bit of criticism here, but can you maybe make the volume of
    the intro and the rest of your video close to eachother? I find that I have
    to turn down my volume at the beginning and then have to turn it back up to
    understand you.

  171. Great video again Jingles… but I must say almost fell asleep near the
    end. :-P

  172. Did you just call the Malyutka/AT-3 “Swagger”?

  173. There’s a special place in hell for map spammers.

  174. The mk3 and the mk4 better not be premiums! #NoMoney #StudentLife

  175. Bleep. bleep-bleep-bleep-bleep. Bleep-bleep. Bleep.

  176. With all do respect for your work, the feedback on the Merkava is
    completely wrong. It was posted on the forum by the mods that in fact no
    changes were made to the Merkava:

    “It would appear that the armor fix was not implemented. We’re looking into
    why this happened and will get it in ASAP.


    Also, when introduced the Merkava was not a bad tank. Just needs some time
    to get used to and play it’s strenghts. I managed to maintain a very decent
    3k avg. dmg on it. So, to end this, please be more careful next time before
    jumping to conclusions. People watch your videos and you’re painting the
    wrong picture.

    Best regards!

    PS. Playing PvE is not helping at all.

  177. I like that in order to drive (perform well in) an israeli tank, you have
    to be very good and intelligent. Makes it more immersive. Besides, I don’t
    want idiots spamming such a beautiful tank.

  178. Your pronunciation of the name is wrong

  179. Bring back Gnome vs Food

  180. Great Video Mr. Jingles! What do you think of the M1134?

  181. 0:57 It’s as if you’re reading my mind. Can’t wait for the mk3 and mk4 (and
    maybe a mk4 with all the rafael equipment, APAM and trophy system at tier
    10) <3

  182. I don`t play aw for the Merkava(I did not hear about this vehicle before
    even), I play aw definitly for the Leopard 2, 2A5, 2A6, 2AV…(because I am
    German) ! Who too ?

  183. So much like the Tiger in Wot, it’s at the wrong tier, yet AW have the
    balls to charge you for the privilage.

  184. Who the fuck keeps spamming the minimap?

  185. Sorry, couldn’t watch this, not worth the bleeping

  186. Toasty Roasty Man

    The Israel’s only need to curb stomp interned arabs armed with old rpg’s.
    For that the tank is perfect. It helps when your enemy isn’t allowed any
    tanks or aircraft or heavy artillery and is walled in to small areas that
    you continue to make smaller.

  187. scheisseaufpasswort

    it should be a tier 6 tank not tier 7. they shouldnt buff it just put it 6
    but nooo they want to get more money out of it so they sell it as t7.

  188. I keep wondering how people get a hold of those special tanks with the * in
    their name, or it has a special name. One I saw was a BWP-1M Puma, never
    seen one before on since.

  189. I’ll admit it. I bought it day one and at first I was disappointed. Then I
    started to learn the tank and now it’s my preferred MBT even over my
    Challenger Wolf.

  190. To me, the Merkava is… What did you call it? An overpriced,
    underperforming piece of… well, ,let’s say ‘superfluous’ tank. I like the
    design, but after taking one look at the stats, I have not spared it a
    second glance. I have the Premium Challenger, which, frankly, is better in
    pretty much every way. I’m not even exaggerating. I might just let it lie
    there, but I am slightly weary, as one might expect the other Merkava
    models to turn up in AW as well. If this is the linchpin, it seems they
    must all be adjusted accordingly; either be overtiered, or overperforming
    to make up the difference. They should just have made this a t6.

  191. pokemon dude 2014

    17:25 i’ve done double the damage in my Merk 2b playing it as i would play
    any MBT

  192. well at least its not glorified and overpowered….

  193. Boobs.

  194. Israeli tank??
    God damn it.

  195. It’s definitely over tiered for me.

  196. who else never heard of the Merkava?

  197. I think once the Hot fix patch that came out the Merk is at its best form.
    Granted I lover the thing regardless before said hotfix.

  198. Jingels, I have a intresting question that I belive all of your subcribers
    want to know,
    What experience do you have with masturbating?

  199. Already got it, regardless of the stats. It would be interesting to see in
    Armored Warfare some of the Ex-Yugoslav variations of the M84 (A, AB, ABK,
    AB1, A4 or D)(it was a Yugoslavian local-production variant of the Soviet
    T-72 with improvements).

  200. The Israelites turned up to a place that they claimed was their holy land
    and turned the people already living there into second class citizens and
    the west are on the side of Israel ?

  201. Kapitan Germany

    Can’t wait to see one in one of my Leopards. Round 2.

  202. Sounds like AW’s version of the IS-6

  203. As far as i understood the Merkava´s name, it roughly translates to “battle

  204. probably a good thing, the chieftains would have only broke down on them.

  205. 3.3 million for Los Angeles ? No one refers to just the downtown when
    talking city sizes. Metro LA is over 13 million. 3.3 mill is the size of
    metro San Diego, the 17th biggest US city …

  206. Aside from gun handling the tank has nothing going for it.

    They should buff the left part of the lower plate in line with the right
    side in terms of APDS protection and set the gun depression to -8.5
    degrees, impenetrable frontal ufp and lfp with the good gun handling would
    be an acceptable trade off for the lowest alpha at tier 7 and poor side

    Or simply tune the hp and drop it to tier 6.

    The way it is right now is just meh…

  207. Dear Jingles,
    what is the latest on your collaboration with NASA? any news, updates,
    announcements, developments?

  208. I’m not shelling out $22 for a paper tiger.

  209. Warframe LabRats

    i only play PvE so im in love with it

  210. beep beep beep lol

  211. _Ofenkartoffel_

    Will we get a non-premium version of the tank?

  212. Who the hell want to play AW because of that shitbox?! Who want to drive it

  213. The random beeping…the random beeping….AHHHHhhhh!!!

  214. Niko Pizza (deathcorelover)

    beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep !!!

  215. RAH that fucking map pinging while jingles was talking about the history of
    this thing was driving me fucking insane!!! there needs to be a limit on
    pings to 3 per minute not 3000

  216. _Ofenkartoffel_

    How good is it for PvE?

  217. i looked at the stats of this thing when it first came out and i was
    looking at it thinking this is a tier 6 over tiered to tier 7 like the
    kanonanjagdpanzer was a tier 7 td that was for some inexplicable reason
    placed at tier 8

  218. Ohhhhhhhhhh…such a beautiful tank.

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