ARMORED WARFARE | The K2’s Hype Train Was Legit

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Source: WillfulTangent

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  1. This tank is the example of power creep.
    It’s not overpowered but, too strong.. when compare to everything else’s.

  2. So glad they added a good, if not, a better progression mbt to unlock.

  3. Just as I told you no protection against any serious ATGM and you don’t have a standing chance face to face against any premium Tier X. Flank hit hard as it can and don’t trade! APFSDS protection is excellent but this is by no means a front-line warrior. As Type 10 was my first Tier X I felt myself home on this one and I loved the cannon with HEATFS. Have fun!

  4. Opinions are like butt holes, everyone’s got one.

  5. I’m still currently grinding on Type 16 and just can’t really wait to get to K2 mbt.

  6. Trương Thịnh

    In my K2 build, the magazine loader gun combines with 1 ammo rack upgrade and 1 gun breech upgrade give the highest dpm. Full clip reload for 4 rounds is just about 12s and 2.4s between shots is fast enough to unload without exposing for too long. Also, that ready rack gun gives worst dpm no matter what you do 😉

    • A bit safer loadout would be autoloader (not auto-reloader) with double CD inbetween shots – then you have 4s for 3 shots total and about 13s reload (less with some tank commanders)

      I still think the tank is really nice for any PvP and crap incase you go for PvE and need to tank for the team (double T-15 / Bradley rocket from front for 3/4 hp or ammorack)

      BTW: the best DPM is with no autoloader and double reload module

  7. the acceleration on this is CRAZY.

  8. Snupps Synth channel

    My second fav tank in game after the XM1A3.

  9. Very good tank.

  10. Man the tank seems very cool. It’s my second goal after the Abrams but the grind up at high tier is something. You plan to do a Tank Review of this in the future? Or you gonna wait to get all the upgrades first?

  11. haven’t play PvP at all on K2 tho, but my set up on PvE are
    gun upgrade: Magazine Loader, Ammo Rack Upgrade and Gun Breach Upgrade.
    retrofits: Improved Gun Breech v2, Reinforced Ammo Rack v2, Augmented Optics v2 and Improved Telescopic Lenses v2.
    magazine reload around 11 sec with 2.4 sec on each shoot for 4 round burst, this set up work better for me since a full clip can kill most of the AI that i am facing on PvE (except lieutenant tho).

    PS: hull on this tank are strong against any type of APDS but very weak against 1000++ pen ATGMs,
    tilting the front hull down make it harder to be penned by APDS but easier for ATGMs and on a bad day it will detonate the ammo rack.

    • Typical Speedwagon.Foundation

      Where is the ammorack located btw?

    • @Typical Speedwagon.Foundation similar to Leclerc and type 99A2 if i remember correctly.
      but unlike those 2 that have good upper plate to hide some part of ammo rack, K2 dont have that sadly.

  12. ➕👍good tank

  13. Link Linqian Chen

    comparison with Type 10?

  14. Rajorsi Roy Chowdhury

    Does the Softkill APS do anything on the Leclerc as I unlocked it in favour of the better APFSDS round, however it seems that all the AGTMs fired at me hits me.

    • Mindur Ownbusiness

      I think soft kill description is very poorly worded. From experience soft kill felt like it has a cooldown just like hardkill, i know this becuase i’ve defected t-15’s first atgm (visible see the atgm go to the sky) and then the other 3 hit me without any deflection, and if its says 300m, then any atgm fired from outside that range will not be effected.

    • Rajorsi Roy Chowdhury

      @Mindur Ownbusiness Thanks for sharing the information.

      Anyways, I replaced the softkill APS with the 2nd gen APFSDS round for my Leclerc.

  15. K2s a good MBT vs MBT machine, id say use the autoloader with both ammo rack upgrades for a 1.8second time between shells, with Kwon you can net 4800+ with target desg. It used to be a better vehicle when the weakspots and playstyle was wholly unique and could be tailored but nowadays, its a better Altay and a worse Type10. Still good games^^

  16. For PVE :
    – Clip cannon / +1 clip / ammo rack upgrade – Best DPM Setting

    For PVP
    – If you’re hit and run style using its mobility and gun depression : Ready Rack / 2x ammo rack upgrade – Fastest(~3.8sec) ±2100 damage setting.
    – or you’re prefer go frontline or be a lone wolf hunter : Ready Rack / +1 Clip / ammo rack upgrade – Best Burst fire damage and Fastest 5th fire setting (and its potential damage is ±3500)

    After upgrading Hybrid engine, K2 become well front-armored Light tank. and because that engine feature (full torque even from zero speed) it can climb the hill very smoothly. and can disturb enemy long range ATGM aiming with unpredictable movement. So it becomes better type tank with pick-a-boo style or hull down, or using ridge playing.
    And its frontal ammorack is on its left side from enemy sight. Though real tank has blow off panel, and even they modeled the blow off panel on its right upper hull – see carefully under of right frontal turret – , K2 can be ammoracked and insta-killed. so player should be careful about that. Maybe for balance.
    That was very fun tank in realistic battle because its agility. but have weakness on its side armor, no softkill APS(Yes. Though real vehicle has softkill APS and radar on both side frontal corner of turret and even that also modeled but) and borned 3300HP weakness makes its balance. I hope they launch realistic battle once again to ride K2 at the mode.

  17. if I did my math right:
    – no magazine + 2x loading mechanism (10% RoF) = best DPM
    – magazine + 2x ammo rack (burst rate) = nice DPM and 2s between 3 shots aka 4s for full magazine, 13-14s reload
    – ready rack + anyting = crap DPM – even with double RoF you get longer time between shots then with regular gun

    The combination with more ammo in magazine + burst rate is IMO inferior in DPM compared to reload/burst or double burst

  18. I like replays like this. It’s cool to see your thoughts process. I have a question about auto-reloaders or whatever they are called in AW. Since each shit has the same reload, what the best way too play them? I commonly find myself firing all my shots but idk if that is the best way to go

  19. Aside from getting repeatedly hung up on “flat” cars as you did in this game, at least on my system tires & treads in motion are all blurry & weird. This tank looks pretty good.. someday I will get there.

  20. @WillfulTangent – Finally, Got a chance to watch a full review. Although it had to take a trip to your neck of the woods (Sevierville, close enough 😀) to actually find time to properly watch it. I as others have mentioned enjoyed your progression of this tank. I am very excited to see where you go from here. From this review, this looks like a tank line that I will be working on. 😁 Hope you are doing well. Keep up the MOST EXCELLENT work! Godspeed! 😊

  21. I went to the gas station to get a k2…wasn’t as dissapointed as my folks.

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