Armored Warfare || The Long Road Ahead…

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Source: Kage

First real bit of information that we have had and it quite nice to see…

Thread link: https://./en/forum/showthread.php?99895-Red-White-and-Blue-Special/page5

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  1. some news is better than no news

  2. By April…I will be even more dead…. I will be hibernate until then.
    and expect the old things come out to sell for money every now and then…. like now those red blue white/

  3. Can you say gullible, to believe anything that these guys say is folly. If this game survives it will be a miracle.

  4. Thx die sharing DK. Oh man, I hope patch .19 will deliver and revive my favorite game. C’mon guys at, make it a blast in the right direction…

  5. There are some videos of people playing in a closed beta build on PS4

  6. I have being taking a break from AW since December! So playing the waiting game is alot better instead off being fraustrated with all the BS thats is current now in AW!

    But i hope the new updates are not gonna make the game WOT 2.0 cuz to be honest… I Don,t like WOT and then my break will me permanent and there are many other titles i can have fun with! :p

  7. I am sorry but AW has back tracked on so many of its release dates at this point that patch 2.0 by April seems like a pipe dream. I would guess July or August if the game is even around by then.

  8. March seems too early for what we saw from the preview 2.0 test. low tiers seemed fine, but the other tiers seemed wonky. plus there r many mechanics that needed fixing, namely the spotting. plus, we only tested PvP… we did not test the new PvP map, the rebalanced pve, nor the new operations in pve, nor the new map for glops, or even the story mode. March is way too early in my opinion

  9. I don’t think I like the autoloader changes into some kind of autoloader with a clip just turns the armata into a MBT armed with a 125mm auto cannon which the only purpose of a autoloader is to replace the need for a person to do it that is all that a autoloader does there is no clip like you find on a Bradley or other AFVs and in the live server the autoloaders work just fine the way they are. I think some of the older tanks had a rack in the crew compartment that had a few rounds ready for use like the ready racks in 2.0 but new ones I don’t think do as that just makes another spot for ammo to detonate and kill the crew. The change to arty doesn’t seem ok with me taking it out of Ai’s hands is fine by me they could never get the ai to change targets so it just fires at one player all the time most of the time in a game its me for some reason I have had 3 fire at me at the same time. Making arty into a direct fire weapon doesn’t bode well as that is not the function of those vehicles and they are not design for a front line role they are design to stay outside of the conflict zone and fire into it by indirect fire having some kind of system available to players to fire direct would be fine sometimes you get ai spawns on you or comes for you and that could come in handy to kill them or smash them up a bit before they kill you, I think the whole changing that is because of people that don’t get the hint they should move when the arty incoming thing flashes are the ones that get pissed off the most kind of the same for AFV players that don’t learn to take on light armored opponents and MBTs when they are not facing you or you got the rear to fire at and are occupied by another teammate. New vehicles I am always welcome, the Merkava in the live server is way to armored when they are not known to be heavily armored especially the early variants as the mark 2 is in game right now the armata’s 152mm gun can bounce off its lower plate when firing up into it I heard they changed the armor thicknesses on the tank.

  10. I play every day PVE for a break. Lol. Still haven’t given up all hope yet.

  11. Waiting for the air quotes of “on the PS4 only”.

  12. I had been waiting for almost half an year now. I would like to play this game, but devs really had messed up with content patches, especially now hearing multiple progression lines, story campaign and other uneccessary stuff being done. Huge patches with long periods of nothingess is the reason of why game was in such a state. Now it is even worse with new developer, but I’m eager to see what they will do. Obsidian obviously a better developer, but they had to work for a very long time for them to be as such. They made a lot of stupid mistakes in the past which wasted a lot of time.

  13. I really dont know what is going to happen but their continued silence about there plans and how there going to try and populate the game in my opinion is not good, You would think that a game that is basically on life support as this one is they would be more than happy to share any news they have with the players just to try and keep them around
    I played some glops a week ago and doubt that i will play anything else until the update comes out or they open up and let us know whats going on basically i just feel it is a waste of time to put any more effort into s game that may not be around long term.

  14. Do you have a link to his post?

  15. I just nuked the game from my computer as my virus protection identified the launcher as a harbor of malware…I’m done I think.

  16. If it does pop up on Steam I MIGHT reconsider.

  17. Hey, just a small annoyance in watching your video at the begining. Your angling the hull of your T-14 towards a PL-01. ANGLING DOES NOT WORK IN THIS GAME BECAUSE OF SHELL NORMALIZATION AND HOW THIN THE SIDE ARMOR OF MODERN MBTs IS!!!!! All your doing is making your self easier to pen.

  18. Welp, they are still going through with Balance 2.0. Thank god that the Chinese version is not being developed by So at least there is some hope.

  19. You always know a Working Joe.

  20. Play more British Vehicles please.

  21. Someone talk to me please.

  22. Break time for me. I have been in AW since Founder’s Pack period. Just gonna wait and see what happens to the AW game. It either gives me an engaging reason to return or not.

  23. cool after a big change it would be put off some. I love the game and I’m playing as I can. I work alot but I do play every day. thanks much for everything you do!!

  24. a campaign? I’m intrigued

  25. Glad you’re still keeping up with the game.

  26. ??? in the video I see the T14 armata…. HEAT? I`m missing something?

  27. The only reason now they are speaking of Steam is due to player loss and most of those wont come back. Garbage Mods in the forums allowing their buddies to troll at will and Silent Stalker will ban players out side of his circle of friends if they dont agree with his views. Its just one big *%$^ mess in game , forums and changes.

  28. AW Info, gained by SilentStalker, was too little, to late. Players (mainly PVE cause PVP has been dead for a long time), are bailing here on the NA much faster than before (esp the good players). Hope not, but I believe that NA will close by end of summer. I loved this game a lot but i have never been happy with the quantity of the player base on the NA (esp. since the mass defection to the EU in Oct (maybe sooner) of 2015)

  29. The news is encouraging. Cause the NA pvp server is a ghost town. I logged on last night and is offering a light and a TD premium/gold tank. So they are trying to keep people interested.
    I will sub this channel for the updates.

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