ARMORED WARFARE | The Most Overpowered Premium in the Game

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Source: WillfulTangent

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  1. More armored warfare vids. You’re the only good AW creator.

  2. First! Happy xmas and marry new year d00d! 🙏👍Enjoy whatever little break you get x3

  3. I love this game 😊

  4. The Pindad is indeed a niusance especially at point blank range in the hands of a good player. Glad to see you back for more AW content. Looking forward for more in the future.

  5. Merry Christmas.

  6. obj 490 is prob the most op tbh

  7. Indeed reload is brutal😆what kind of super power the loader have to load 16x 122mm rocket in 7 sec

  8. Tbh as long as the target is stationary, the Pindad is op, but IRL was not a used the deal with armored vehicles

  9. The pindad, what the MT-LB S8 should have played like. Instead we have something borderline useless.

  10. Glad to see another AW video! God the good pinfather players are scary

  11. The best is when the ai are driving full speed unloading the full Salvo, and then hit with every rocket and delete a mbt like the xm1a3.

  12. Rajorsi Roy Chowdhury

    I am much more annoyed by the falcons and TTBs due to their rapid fire rate. The Obj 490 is quite toublesome too.

  13. I see it has very much elevation, can you play it like an arty from a top-down mode?

  14. Armored Warfare basically combined WarThunder and WoT Blitz cuz isn’t Armored Warfare technically a mobile game aswell? Only in China.

  15. Armored warfare right now is the best tanks online game. It has everything. Not only PvE if not PvP
    Meanwhile where is wot lingering behind losing players in the thousands with gambling broken lootboxes broken match making crew 2.0 ( cash cow) and NO PvE!!!

  16. I expected to see the shikla or xm247, both under tiered.

    btw, how’s that new GPU doing? I went ahead and got the RX 6700 XT and the frame drops I get on cryengine is terrible. I run mid 100’s and drop to 29 on some maps.

    • It’s doing great but I’m also having noticeable stutters and frame drops in Armored Warfare. War Thunder, all of Halo: Master Chief Collection and pretty much everything else I play runs buttery smooth. GHPC is odd at times and seems to perform well but occasionally it’s sluggish. Other than that I’m really loving it and all it’s features.

    • @WillfulTangent my only issues seem to be on CryEngine. Doing clean installs, since I upgraded my Mobo.

  17. Good video. I like playing this one of course you just have to time it right so you’re not left staring at an MBT with no rockets.

  18. I just got the Pindad in the Battle Path event Store. I love the little bugger

  19. Insanely Amazing dude…Absolute fun watching…I can imagine how good you would be feeling playing it…Just bought it on steam few days back and I had a blast playing it…Was thinking of seeing of good gameplay video of it in especially yours and here you are…
    Learned good couple of things 1. be much aggressive rather than too campy and 2. never shoot from sniper mode…I feel the trajectory of shells in arcade mode is much flatter
    Cheers & Thanks

    Merry Christmas to you and your family in advance 🙂

  20. I have just jumped from war thunder and I found this game on the Microsoft store for free and these videos are helping a lot with getting to know the game and it is fun, much less frustrating than war thunder

  21. I absolutely LOVE playing the Pindad. I feel like it is an “arty with personality”. 😁I also enjoy dual versatility in matches. I was in a PVE match where our Pindad basically spotted most if not all of the bots. @WillfulTangent , I hope you are doing well.Have a very Merry Christmas and as always safe travels, Godspeed! 😁😊 BTW: Watching for a Jolly fellow riding on a sleigh with a reindeer that has a red nose that maybe its anti-collision lights. 😁😉😀

  22. merry christmas W.T
    as always, great vid …..
    that Pindad looks like so much fun and so fustrating at the same time?

  23. If you want a way more brutal reload I just unlocked the mgm-166

  24. onthecircuit - NECR MAN 🅥

    I don’t care how OP the pindad is, the strv 2000 is definitly the most broken tank/premium in the game.

  25. I would really love to play this version of the game sadly I can’t afford a pc

  26. Wait did war thunder copy the concept of ammo stat card animations from this game???

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