Armored Warfare || The NA Server is Dead!!!

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  1. the still needs to figure out the problems
    if it launchs on steam with problems
    other servers might start dying

  2. I would love to see AW coming to steam. I left War thunder for AW because
    there are 2 games aiming at WW2 tanks but not modern tanks and AW has
    fulfilled that role. I love Global ops but due to lacking of players
    recently making the game kinda boring without PVP. i want to change to EU
    server but i will lost all my tanks progression and going back to 0 so yeah
    i have to stick to NA server…Wish they keep the tank progression between
    servers in case one server is empty you can immediately change to different
    server with alot of player…. that would be great.

  3. The NA server is not dead, just anemic right now. With only one GLOPS map
    and a lot of bugs that haven’t been addressed, it’s frustrating to play
    right now.

  4. Well, to be fair, NA WOT server started to die as well. Somehow us
    Americans don’t like tanks anymore.


  5. iGhost Armored Warfare

    Targeted audience, ofc Steam is one of the best solutions.

  6. I haven’t thought of that, but now that you bring it up I concur.

  7. I just can’t get my friends to start another tank game that is still to
    similar to WoT. They would rather continue to play in a game that they have
    spent so much time and money in vs starting over with a product that has
    yet to distance itself from the competition.

  8. I am happy I move to EU more than half year ago….
    I think Dev / do a wrong call on bringing another mode that dividing
    even more the player base.

  9. 95% of my games come from Steam. When my friends are looking for new games
    we go to Steam most of the time.
    That being said, I was playing on NA 6 – 8 hours a day. When I went into
    PVP it was laggy and not well optimized, so started playing PVE almost all
    the time. Best part it was not laggy. When I was able to unlock all tier
    10s I switched to playing on the EU server and play about an hour a day.
    1) Optimize the game to play on lower end computers (People aren’t going to
    get a new one for your game)
    2) Global OPS only has one map which is not well optimized either.
    3) People don’t feel like playing if you are in the middle of rebalancing
    the game.
    4) Steam is an excellent idea.
    5) Why must you have an NA and EU server. We are international mercenaries.
    I don’t like having to grind both servers and buy things on both servers.
    Who do you think you are World of Tanks?

  10. Another side effect : If one your friends / steam group is playing a game
    on steam, you can see it.
    If on your friendlist you see 2-3 people playing AW, you could be
    interested in joining them -> snowball.

  11. well i am behind this idea

  12. AW is suffering like Infinity Ward does in COD, just behind the curve. Both
    games genres were on the decline when their versions were/are released. “A
    day late and a dollar short”.

  13. Personnaly, I don’t think AW is ready for a large release. The problem is
    the lack of content for now. They burned the game because people went
    throught the limited content way faster then they can release it.

    Same problem that SWTOR had. They had millions of players at launch and
    some of them reached top level very fast and got bored before any
    subsequent expansion.

    I really really love AW but I decided to take a one year break from it. I
    don’t want to burn the content and get bored by the game. I will let OE
    built a head start. I will come back when there is more tanks, more game
    modes, more maps.

    Maybe the game was released to quickly? I dunno. I’m no specialist. But it
    seams a commun problem with “themed park” games as opposed to “sandbox
    games” like SWG was and Robocraft.

    My 2 cents…

  14. for how long a lot of people talked about putting the game in Steam and
    nothing, BUT they have the audacity of advertising their other game the
    Pirates thing on AW streams and bragging that it is going on steam !!!
    i stopped playing and stopped watching AW streams after that point.

  15. I think those Tanks games need to rethink about US Tanks. in every game
    they are mostly average and not interesting (T29 exception) and all the
    Russion Tanks have better Armor and tougher Guns! even the Leopard is much
    better than the Abrahams in the game although the Americans choose it’s
    Prototypen over the Leopard! this could be a reason. and i may be wrong!

  16. totally agree

  17. great idea as always!

  18. I disagree that might be some of the problem. but it’s more like call of
    duty and battlefield 1 just came so of course people are going to play the
    new games even with a new game mode coming out in AW. give it time and
    people will come back it’s not dead.

  19. Yea i think bringing the game to a popular platform like Steam will help
    alot bringing new players… But maybe AW biggest issue is that many people
    say its a game they feel they allready tried! ( World of Tanks / WarThunder

  20. still needs asian server we love this shit who do you think is playing on
    the NA at night and why i can get a pve in a min o 2 at night

  21. Even PvE is getting thin on the na server now.

  22. Yes I’d love it on steam. I hate the launcher. But that wouldn’t get
    me playing it right now. I’m not into games that are in as much flux as AW
    is at the moment and I’m especially not in to giving them any money.

    One of their Devs Josuha I think his name was, said something to the effect
    of “Thank you for your money but the game’s in beta and that means lots of
    changes so forget about refunds on premium vehicles that we may or may not

    Why invest my time or money into a product (the game) or a tech line that
    takes a miserable turn in 2 major patches?

  23. NA has been dead for nearly a year

  24. Play nothing but NA server. Haven’t had a problem getting games, even at
    off peak times. Mostly PvE but a few GLOP.

    The Steam idea may help.

    GL to AW.

    Which 8 pm? Yours or US?

  25. I completely agree, and certainly hope they make that choice because I just
    cant wait 15 min for a match its ridiculous.

  26. This is not true, there is still quite a few people playing ops

  27. and even now at 11pm on a weekday i can still get games every 2-6 min at
    tier 9-7

  28. They could try and let players play on all servers like in WT. I mean, you
    say its dead but I’m still finding it way easier to find games there (in
    all tiers in both planes and tanks) than a full game in AW. I don’t think
    I’ve seen a 15 v 15 game there since the early access days. Steam is a good
    idea but I dont think its the miracle solution people think it is (see
    fractured space, heliborne, steel ocean, etc).

  29. Don´t know AW strategy, but it seems they want to balance tanks and solve
    bugs/problems before they full release (remember they say AW is still in
    beta). So hopefully 2.0 will be the start point of all the new changes,
    advertisement and release on gaming platforms.

  30. Around 4pm CST I can get into tier 8 and under in GLOPS

    Later around 5-8 I can get into a tier 10 game in GLOPS

    You didn’t wait the NA wait time. Our wait time is as long as 30 minutes,
    because our pop is based off of getting into the sweet spot. The spot where
    you don’t get que skipped.

  31. If you say it’s not dead at 4:35 then why does your title say it’s dead?

    • You don’t say it’s 1:40a.m and I’m still waiting I’ve been waiting for 6 hours the game is dead if that doesn’t show nothing will so yeah it’s definitely dead here.

  32. Cris Racing and Gaming

    Blitz is fun you can seal-club mobile users, that is so wrong xD

  33. Cris Racing and Gaming

    I agree, Steam must be added to AW!!!!!!

    • In desperate need of it no players means no matches which=A very dead game like my great great great great great great grandpa dead this is nonsense

  34. How long do we have to wait for some action to be taken though? I want to
    play some GloOps but you can never get a game… We need to rally and get
    Obsidian to copy our account across from NA to EU maybe?

  35. As much as I would love to see AW on steam they simply can’t yet, once we
    see how the game plays after balance 2.0 will we then know if it can go to
    steam. Just remember that players on steam will crucify the game if it
    remains as it is currently. TBH I greatly enjoy tank games, although it
    seems quite hard for most companies to get it right, WGing tried and
    failed, Gaijob tried and failed and now we have OE/ and they are
    certainly doing better with it but still need to have a firm baseline
    before they could ever hope to market on steam.

  36. Funny, the community has been crying out loud for releasing AW on Steam
    about a year ago.
    Not sure OE’s stance about this issue but looks like has somewhat
    different view or simply bit blinded to see the potential benefits of Steam
    platform (or other EDMs such as Origin, releasing on both Origin and Steam
    might be good I guess?).

  37. u folks make me laugh the server is fine give it a rest – “sigh”
    The Biggest problem is the absolute numbers of “Whiners” who spend their
    time bleating in Global Chat and selling it down – meh 11 people sigh I’ve
    yet to meet your problem @ any time

  38. My.Com launcher is terrible , no one who plays Armored warfare doesn’t care
    about anything else they advertise , i hate launching every single
    time i want to play it .

  39. This has been mentioned to them they would rather spend time on there new
    game advertising it on steam while this one dies.

  40. Those types of games are too hard for them :D

  41. I not happy at EU with 130ms to 200ms ping with considerable lag & big
    drops in Frame rate. Maybe when i upgrade my internet speeds & fix my other
    problems, ie. bufferbloat, these problems i have currently, will go away. I
    need a ultra fast, maybe a T1 connection, so you can get good response time
    (increased upload & download) game data speeds both ways to the EU servers.
    Need to replace my cable modem too. Expensive crap to upgrade & services

  42. Does anyone here play on EU server? I want to know if there are more
    players than on the NA server.

  43. This is what I have been trying to say for a while. Bring it to more
    markets and the will get more attention, at least early on after it was out
    of alpha and they never really focused too much on a player base. I have
    flirted with the idea of going to the EU server but don’t feel like
    starting all over again. I think this may be why there is still a small
    amount of people that will always be there because it does take time to get
    to tier 7 or 8 and up and they don’t want to give all that progress up. I
    sure the hell don’t want to start all over again. On a side note I think I
    am one of the FEW who actually like the new game mode. I think it was a
    really good idea, especially when trying to grind through a tank line you
    have the ability to squeeze a little more xp and credits out of your
    matches. And you get to re-spawn. Mainly for the re-spawns.

  44. what if they don’t? and don’t listen to you?

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