Armored Warfare || The Object 640 Black Eagle Stats!!

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  1. On the steam population charts it says there are around 300 people playing only on steam but when I open the game there are still 40 in queue. Why?

    • because many players, especially from Germany plays only PvE or Global Ofenssive.

    • Well for one globs event going on (espisode 4)450 k damage this week and next week its 170 k exp pve medium or easy , also a bonus event globs t6 x20 (plays not wins) and 40 t2/3/4 pve medium or easy.
      This does explain less pvp , previous week was 30 pvp wins.
      But as Adrian says ppl generaly prefer globs or pve . Altho pvp is fun too but i personaly like globs more.(Just my opinion).

      Hope this helps explain current situation.

  2. I wish that Vickers 7/2 was available without that horrible paintwork. I’m actually British, and I still think it looks awful. I really wish they’d at least make unique paint for premium tanks that looked a bit more authentic. Or better still on premiums that are actually unique, not resprayed regular tanks, give you the unique paint as an OPTION you can use or replace with regular camo if you prefer.

    • Agreed, I personally do not like the new Camo’s for any of the new prems, what I wish they would do is that you unlock the camo and if you want to use it you can, but if not you can use your own.

  3. fun fact the BE is an autoloader

  4. Also Devient don’t forget the Object 640 Black Eagle is the lowest profile tank in the world; just two meters tall!
    It can basically go hulldown everywhere in the game :3

    Edit: I hope they’re gonna introduce a version of it with this camo net on. Damn sexy.

  5. I do believe that BE had “in real life” both Hard Kill and Soft kill APS – just like Armata. So if I had to guess it will have HK APS in-game

  6. +Deviant Kage what happened to the OBJ.640 coming after the t-80U?

  7. I can’t wait to play armored Warfare on the ps4 when it comes

  8. Cris Racing and Gaming

    And Sabra at tier 7 has 750 pen, mwhahah 😀

  9. 1050mm of Steal compsite armor on the turret
    rip object when HESH or HE is fired at it XD

  10. Is the NA server still dead?

  11. Question Just why is there no engine sound in the tank?

  12. Armored Warfare RePlays

    Thank you for video mate 🙂

  13. (SMH) Becoming more, and more like WOT every day. I thought shitgaming only did crap like this

  14. As a reward vehicle, I see no problem with it.

  15. It has “Drozd-2” APS.

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