Armored Warfare || The Russian Beast

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Great game in a !!

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  1. I would be interested in reading those stats, if the resolution was actually high enough for that to be possible.

  2. Well, the armata is a weird tank in 0.19. It has a 125mm gun tht does more damage than a 130mm one, significanty more and the +35% damage isn’t really fair either. No reason for it to have higher bonus than a 140mm or 130mm. But you know, there is a reason why in russia the game is called project armata.

  3. youre completly right the econemy is totaly broken at high tier and they are going to incraese shell cost even more if that count for the logistical costs of pve is something i dont know

  4. My replay. The reward for 26k dmg is at best ridiculous,they need to fix it fast. I deliberately used dead AI as cover,exposing only my turret as it is hard to pen in,and if someone pen’s it it’s only minor dmg. It was a very good game.

  5. Leo2AX buff needed ;-;

  6. And he got 38k money at the end 😀 and you can earn above 40 k on tier 4 tank 😀 …

  7. I sexually identify as a t-14 armata and this was hot

  8. Im play medium and my IS-7 block almost 14k.

  9. Spotting mechanic is broken.. Economy is broken.. Graphics are worse..
    Still has potential but wow does it need work.

  10. I had a major issue… I did the reset on my account and lost everything… I had almost every tank in the game and was given only around 30K Exp and 8 mill credits… I sent in a ticket and their response was ” watch the update video”, any thoughts on this as to how to fix it / how I should move forward ? Thanks !

  11. Yep its dead .They said it was meant to be out on consloe

  12. Rajko Bezarevic

    PVE replay are you kidding me

  13. Hello everyone, ive been away from my computer for month for personal reasons and was just wondering if the player count increase after the patch. Im not talking 300 hundred players on server s just like 100 in the eu around 4 pm or smth?

  14. What the fuck did they do with the earnings….geesh didn’t play this in a while but you used to get way more( don’t know if i can post links) but this is from last year when i used to play.

  15. this looks so boring

  16. The beast has gone, my friend.
    No more 152mm gun.
    No more autoloader 125mm gun.
    Just a standard tank.
    Now, it undetperform Leo and XM1A3, that’s actually the MBT to go.
    We all are waiting for the 0.20 patch.
    Today I have resetted. Great.
    32M Rep and 567M credits.
    I’m not sure to buy again all those tanks, possibly focusing on few, waiting for new brenches.

  17. challi 2 atdu the best tir 10, mbt

  18. why doesn’t anyone play pvp in this game anymore?

  19. I hate snake bite 😛
    it sucks

  20. What a great teammate. Taking on the role of TD while in an MBT. This is typical game play now for this map to allow most of the team to get swarmed by the bots. Allowing for that high damage score because of an MBT player not sharing in aggro duties.

    This latest patch makes every player need to be more aware of what their role needs to be from the team makeup. The big hit is overall slower reload speeds. Time to kill is much longer if you try to play as individuals and not as a team.

    The rewards should be even lower for getting more than have the team killed off while you snipe away.

  21. Nice game. The other night a clan mate &I did pretty much the same thing, but tier 9’s, Me in my T90MS, I can’t remember what my clan mate was in. I sat at the back behind the cap & tried getting those coming down the hill behind, Didn’t help that I only had around 100 hp left, But we won.
    I’ve had a few games in a tier 10 with a standard account , won and actually showed me losing credits. Something has to be done about the rewards system. I’m not the only one when & say that it cost you 28k just to play the battle! Say it says you won 100k credits, you then have to take of 28k from that to start. Stupid if you ask me!
    Be damage mitigated? I mitigated 52k damage in my Challenger 1 in 1 PvE game some time ago.I was last man standing after only around 5 minutes in. I got a dead tank behind me, another to my left & a silo to my right, abit like a defensive garage. With nothing able to put my front and the rest of my tank protected, I just sat there taking it. I think I spotted around 36 & did 32k damage for a win.
    Pretty hard doing that these days.


  22. The game is good but there is no people on pvp sorry !!!

  23. В Европе только в PvE играют ? В чём интерес убивать БОТов ???

  24. this game lacks on advertising and they should release on steam and ps4..

  25. Dk, its ole Commodore Salty..aka ieatcrayons. i did my reset and just unlocked the t14 and im liking it very much. The only problems im having with Aw atm is the ungodly missle spam by the a.i…..the bots cap mass rushing caps…and the very VERY underwhelming rep rewards. other than that i have no probs with the new patch…but we will see.

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