Armored Warfare || The State of the Game

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Happy and I can’t wait for next year!

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  1. The thing is that I do not like especially with the ai in PVE is that destroyed modules do not effect the ai vehicles performance you destroy the gun barrel the vehicle doesn’t loose the ability to fire, when a players cannon barrel is hit and destroyed the gun cannot be fired until the module is fixed and then suffers a accuracy debuff but the ai does not loose the ability to fire nor does it receive a debuff to accuracy, destroying the engine does stop the ai vehicle but after it is fixed it does not receive a speed and acceleration debuff that a player would get with a damaged engine. Also when the breach of a cannon is broke with a player the it reduces the reload of the vehicle if its a autoloader and it reduces the rate of fire for vehicles with a cannon breach if the vehicle has a manual loaded gun but none of this applies to the ai. The thing I am trying to state is that if the developers want the experience of PVE to be close to a PVP experience without it being actual players that the ai should abide by the same rules as the player. No gimmicks to them like swing fires being able to hit a target even at point blank face to face distance because the rocket can do a sharp drop when a player with the same vehicle cannot do such feats that is probably the worst vehicle for gimmicks that the ai can and will spawn with allot. Another is the terminators I have found allot of the time they will fire nothing but rockets and it isn’t always the tandem heat warhead rockets but most fire the Thermobaric ones the ones that act under the same parameters as a HE shell in which it can do damage without penetration but with allot of hits they will do 500 dmg with a non penetrating hit on very thick MBT armor and even sometimes set the vehicle on fire hit the ammo and can cause the target to explode from a ammo hit also I have found that allot of hits that normally would result in a failure to fuse a ricochet or a shatter will result in a pen with the ai firing at you them hitting your side when it is angled at a steep angle that would normally result in a shatter or ricochet and it goes through like the vehicle doesn’t even have armor. That gives me the idea that the ai doesn’t have the same penetration values or damage values on rounds that the players are using that doesn’t seem right at all. The thing that would improve the game the most is reduce the usage of atgms by the ai really a MBT shouldn’t be using atgms when it can fire the regular ap rounds if a T-90 appears more than likely it will fire rockets. Also the other thing that will improve the game is advertise advertise andvertise! It will let people know of the game and get more people playing it which will reduce wait times for matches both PVP and PVE.

  2. Queue times for PvE were around 7-10 minutes at EU when I used to play (8 months ago)
    PvP went around 20-30 minutes even. Absolutely unacceptable.

  3. PvE and excessive monitization killed this game. There was a lot of good, but the devs really slept on it because all of the happy PvE players made them complacent.

  4. Well PvP is dead. PvE is boring.

  5. How can you play shit of game like that? WoT,WT and other games with tanks are better…FUTURISTIC games aren’t that good…’s not real to go with tanks with smoke and fcking lasers…waiting in queue long…Dead Game

    • Its not futuristic, only the setting is near future. Apart from some of the tier 10s which are planned upgrades of existing vehicles like the M1 Abrams or existing prototypes like the Armatas almost every other vehicle is real.

      You do know that smoke dischargers and anti-missile APS systems are real?

  6. red enemy outline is annoying.

  7. I stopped playing when they ruined perfectly good menus. But also because they haven’t fixed issues since the closed beta. Along side the really long wait times

  8. Muhd Nasruddin Bin Muhd Zahidi

    If only they would allow us to change servers whilst keeping our accounts.

  9. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    I hate how 80% of the pop is on pve I want more players on pvp

  10. So, they are fixing bugs faster than in the past? How about not having a million bugs every patch in the first place? Bugs are inevitable in innovation, but so many ? No thanks! I have limited gaming time and won’t be spending it on this game until it releases stable content.

  11. what the fuck is a skirmish map?

  12. The game is a copy.Its very bad.WOT is more good.

  13. A shity game

  14. I love the game but I’m in the Philippines. hopefully they consider having an Asian server

  15. another tank drifting game alongside with warthunder

  16. The main problem with ATGMs is being two-shotted it any AFV. They should reduce damage to AFVs and other low hp vehicles

  17. The issue with this game isn’t that anything in general is really awful with the game, just WoT already has the genre of arcade tanks in the bag. The community of this game is EXTREMELY small, and you could spend up to 3 hours waiting to just get into a match. It is ridiculous, and that is what is wrong with this game-it is dead. What this game had to offer really wasn’t enough to convince people to switch over who have already spent hundreds if not thousands of hours and also money into World of Tanks.

  18. I d love to play but i used to grind every wipe. I dont want to grind again. just need some level 5/6 tanks to have fun.

  19. RPG tank game? same they do as Mechwarrior

  20. game was going good until they introduced more higher tiered vehicles without like zero weak points frontally(even side).
    example challenger,challenger2 has a little view port in front of it(which is very tough as well), that is the only penetrable spot in front of it. shoot anywhere else and u do zero damage
    you cant pen lower plate,cupolas etc so it was pixel spot hunting(wayyyyyy too small spots) and this bullshit is more absurd at tiers higher then challenger 2

  21. I’m a WoT player and i tried this game… I’m not a fanboy, if AW was better i would stop playing WoT, but… Like a friend well defined it : “AW, it’s a prettier WoT but with a less good taste”. AW is a good game, i really like PVE, for example, which doesn’t exist in WoT, but this game doesn’t differentiate enough. I think it’s the main problem of AW, it’s not enough original. In the coming months WoT is going to progress to a better graphic engine : all map will be reworked in HD (it’s already the case for tanks), and lot of SFX will be improve… AW will probably lost one of its best advantage against WoT (graphic quality)

    • Well it use be be quite different when Obsidian was making it but MyCashgrab only wanted a Wot carbon copy so they fired them and developed themselves into the dead boring lifeless game that it is

  22. give the players something worth wile to play and you will not have a population problem,,,,and i think aw has paid you for these not so bad of a game reviews..i love the comment “Happy and I can’t wait for the next year!: whats it been 3 yrs now and still no good end game content for pve or pvp ffs tell the truth about this game..


  23. Unless they release this on Steam or similar soon and get more people playing and invest in an advertising campaign it’s 10ft underground.

    I started playing this game when it first came out, PvP was great fun then it died, everyone plays PvE and now even that takes forever to get into a battle at times on EU.

    This game is dead.

    • It actually is on steam, has been for a couple months. Check the store, or better yet look at steamcharts and those whopping numbers haha. It’s on a steady decline despite the fact the holidays were just this past week.

    • Thanks for letting me know, this just confirms then that the game is dead, My.COM killed it when they fired Obsidian Entertainment.

      Not even wide availability has saved it.

  24. I would love to play this game however it forces you to pay to get to the higher tier and online pvp

  25. Im honestly not boyhered to buy a tank but i would generally like to advance further into that game before spending 20$ for a crapy random tank

  26. Looks like mix between of wot and wt to me….

  27. Sucks now compared to 0.18 and before. Now the entire balance for every vehicle is fucked. The game is slow and boring compared to before

  28. You heard of some crashes. Today game crash 4 times,mouse froze 2 times and game alt-tab for no reason. They nerf ATGM accuracy? Nope,they just increase RNG with ATGM because i had match where 4-5 AFV shots ATGM and didnt get damaged, and next match swingfire in full speed shot ATGM and destroy turret ring,gun breach and killed 1 of crew members. You just need to hope that bots will be stupid. Maybe mail.Ru should stop doing gameing buisness and do something else.

  29. I downloaded this game just after xmas, i literally spent upwards of 15mins multiple times at various timezones to try and get a game. There is not enough players.

  30. Left the game for about a year, you can shoot missles on the move now? I also have 4 premium tanks i never bought? Ok.

  31. only reason i was interested in the game , was because obsidian , they make amazing games and as soon as they fired them for “not doing WoT clone” i simply left , and wrote post on forum as protest and said “im never going back and im going to spread as much negative impact about how they laid off one of best developers i truely love” , not went back despite i played it daily for months

  32. In the first few months of Armoured Warfare I couldn’t stop playing this game I do love modern tanks. I played PVE but preferred PVP. More money more XP. Then Jingles went on and on about PVE and how hard PVP was. WOT introduced a patch a month later making engine noises better ect. I noticed PVP games getting harder to get into. Waiting time went from 5 minutes to 10 minutes then 20 minutes for a game to virtually imposible. I stopped playing and play WOT and Battlefield ect. I occasionally come back and play a few games. Its gotten better but needs a bigger player base so PVP can come back. The makers need to make the players want to play more PVP. Have a certain time of the day when just PVP is online only, its the only thing I can think of. The thing I do like is the wheeled vechiles and the arty. But with no PVP it just gets to boring after a while.

  33. Played one if the new spec ops missions in the C1 Ariete. There was just me and one othe guy left alive and I was in the cap zone with like 10 other tanks in front of me just spamming ATGMs, luckily 99% of them did no damage what so ever.

  34. ive stopped playing AW, from the NA server

  35. The graphics on this game are really kind of lacking behind world of tanks. Also the PVE honestly made this game fail. They should of just made it PvP but this game really doesnt even stand against WoT…..WoT is up here and AW is way down here.

  36. its like the ripoff of world of tank but in the modern ver

  37. Different types of tanks, game modes etc interesting but I only have one question- Is it worth trying again? I haven’t played AW for well over a year and I was only at tier 4 before I discovered WOT and been playing that since. I tried to go back into AW a couple of months ago but needed a calendar to measure the game queue. All the game modes in the World won’t work unless a healthy population. I’m happy to keep trying but is it worth my time?

    • JL999k it is dead for the most part in the NA server. Redownloaded it once during thanksgiving and me and my freinds played it once, havent played it since. We only did PvE, as a heads up.

  38. If wargaming got their hands on this game…

    • Gabriel Gonzalez would become pay to win,full of people that don’t know basic English,but there would be a explosion of new players,I’m hoping WG buys it before it completely dies

  39. I didn’t stop playing. I was made to stop! After a patch, it wouldn’t start anymore. Waited THREE patches and still wouldn’t run. Then it wouldn’t even uninstall. Told me it successfully uninstalled, but it was still there. So I won’t install this bug again, that just fills up space on my SSD, which I need for other stuff.

  40. Skirmish is the best part! It’s test of pure player skill.

  41. dragongrandmaster

    i have played this and its very slow progression

  42. They released it on steam so we will see if it goes up

  43. thought this was wot, bye

  44. From the bottom of my heart merry christmas, happy new year and Fuck swingfire’s.

  45. Loquacious Lobster Lapidary

    To all those people complaying about PVE being “boring” and “lacking skill” – have you, fuckers, even played past easy-mode? Because on hard and sometimes even on medium the bots roflstomp any team that does not know how to work together properly.

  46. patches fixed faster than OE, ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID?
    when a glitch/bug happened after an update OE had it fixed in 2 days or less, failru and mycant are making us wait WEEKS!!1

  47. there are alot MORE bugs with each mycant “update” and then make us wait weeks to fix it, while at the same time wanting us to spend money on reskinium tanks!!

  48. No one is playing it

  49. I was given a beta key for this game from a WoT clan mate of mine not too long after it went into beta. Loved the game, economy at that time was a bit fucked but I loved that this game seemed to have so much thought put into how it worked. I also loved the base, made me miss Command & Conquer: Generals (DIAF EA Games).

    I had to take an extended leave from it though since my laptop could no longer handle it but jumped back on when I had a replacement. By that time the game was a few weeks from being taken away from Obsidian and so much had changed for the worse. The base was just removed rather than becoming a little more relevant as more than upgrade for some perks. The upgrades like hull upgrade was gone and I really needed that for tanks like the M48 and Leo 1. Finally the PvE would do nothing but spam little TDs that would tear any tank I had to bits because even if the guns are the same between a TD and an MBT, the TD has to hurt more because TD. I just got tired of the endless TD spam that would leave me SOL when an MBT showed up.

    This and reading how OE was forced off of this game really just killed it for me. Have not been on since.

  50. i had played the game long enough to say its a total crap game and that its not even worth having anymore, yes its good cause its a different tank game..but its world of tanks but with modern tanks pasted over and that it was different before obsidian got the boot aka the fucking long shit stick that forced the game to where it is now, a failure that cant return back to normal, they drove off the people who had been here the longest and hoped for a new tank game, NO…it didnt happen at all cause of the fact that they wanted a world of tank 2.0 and not a whole different tank game in general with obsidian. i had played the game for at least a year or two and long enough to say NO to it, i faced the changes from when obsidian got kicked and had to deal with the whole new UI and system changes and modifications you have, game balance is shit as they get the armor wrong on very much each tank in the game, they are tossing in nonreal tanks at all, may be an event but they broke there fucking word that they wouldnt add them in, but they did. there is many to be said from me but i dont give a shit anymore and i dont even care at all about it, ever since i left, its been on my list of fuck off and dont talk about it, still now i have to say its staying on that list for about fucking ever.

    or you want the short story, its a basic wot 2.0 that made with obsidian but obsidian got kicked cause wanted wot 2.0 and obsidian wanted different game. didnt throw money at that idea, they didnt advertise as they said that they will, they also used shit ton of reskined tanks to make money, they only made this game and only making more tank skins so THEY CAN MAKE FUCKING MONEY.

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