Armored Warfare – The T-80 Standard Tank

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Right, that’s enough of that Western rubbish, here’s a proper Soviet tank for a change.

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System Specs: i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. first like!

  2. Hi jingles

  3. Get to Uni to start 3D modeling and this gets uploaded….damn you Jingles!
    Now I have to use a 3rd screen to watch this.

  4. RollOut Maximilian Dragos

    *Jingles what do you think about the type 59 beeing in sale for console
    players ?* *I am going to get one for myself tomorrow. I am really excited

  5. The models are good

  6. Supper and Jingles, what a perfect combo it always is.

  7. Is armored warfare fun for someone without buddies and just an hour a day
    in pve?


  9. is there a M1 Abrams tank in thia game?

  10. T-80 Stronk! Very Stronk. Made of Stalinwood and fueled by vodka!

  11. The T-80 will receive a new model (the current one is a prototype version)
    and gain ERA in an upcoming patch.

  12. I wonder how much money Jingles got from KGB to advertise this stronk tank.

  13. Do you get the challenger 2 in this?

  14. Hey Jingles, just want to thank you for keeping us all entertained for yet
    another year. Keep up the good work and I hope your channel has another
    great year and grows even larger.
    -Sent from “The salt mines”

  15. Awesome vid!

  16. Hey Jingles, could you do a video on the Abrams series or the Leopards?

  17. Could it be possible for you to go over the Leopard 2 next?

  18. That’s all well and good Jingles mate, but does it have a log?

  19. the gun guy that is epic jedidiah greene

    can someone just tell me the part where jingles gets to the history lesson.

  20. will you do a video on the starship
    i just got it and i want know how you use it properly

  21. from minute 20 to 25 he just stay and shot..always penetrate..never take
    damage.. wow so many skills, this is AW?

  22. I’d suggest the Chrome Lined Barrel instead of the Experimental Propellant
    – it’s a smaller damage increase but it reduces the MAX size of the aiming

  23. “Missions” he said, proceeded to fire up PvE content he did,… …. ….
    aaaaand Im out. Scratching my brain with a rusty fork jamming it thru’ my
    eye socket is more enticing to me than to ever finish watching PvE content
    from AW.

  24. Installed this game a few days ago. I am pleasantly surprised. It’s like
    WoT except no bullshit aim time and “accuracy”, you start at Tier 8 and
    above and tanks are not slow so you don’t need 10 minutes to cross the map.

  25. More pve boring shite

  26. It’s that bloody other tank game again.

  27. End remember kids in russian made games they make there own tanks troops
    guns more slightly powerful then other cos fuck you thats why

  28. T-80 for PvP
    Challenger for PvE

  29. *In bad Russian accent*

    Ah yis, many T-80’s in army of our glorious leader….who is glorious
    leader this week?

  30. Its peculiar they didnt include any ERA upgrade kits for the T-80, seeing
    as there are versions that have been equipped with it like the T-80BV and
    T-80UM variants. I guess it might be due to balancing of some sort but it
    does diminish a bit of the aesthetic charm that comes with Kontak-5
    Clamshell armor and the Shape-Charge resistence bonuses.

  31. Watching Jingles’s videos is like being in a history class ! You just learn
    so much stuff !

  32. OMG!!! on Xbox world of tanks, there selling the type 59!!

  33. Yup, it’s Russian. You can tell from the logs.

  34. I love your voice jingles your the British Morgan freeman

  35. I finally got to play armored warfare after watching all jingles videos!
    And its disappointing 🙁 dunno why, but it feels just as boring as world of
    tanks, and thats an incredible achievement

  36. so the t 80 is more advanced then the t 90??? or just. Has a different
    engine pack?

  37. Are you going to do an M1 Abrams review?

  38. +The Mighty Jingles You should put the Chrome Barrel Lining (firepower
    retrofit) on all your vehicles, as it does not also increase damage but
    improves OVERALL ACCURACY BY 15% (if mark 3) wich as a consequence also
    improves aiming. It’s a saving grace for anything with a not-so-great
    accuracy like russian tanks and on a broader degree on anything you want to
    be more accurate, wich is essential in higher tiers when weakspots get
    smaller and smaller!

    P.S #1 Considering the T-80 when faced with other tier 7 MBTs focuses on
    dealing more Alpha to do as much damage as possible before backing up, you
    should also consider swapping that gyroscopic stabilizer for a magnetic
    actuator, as it has the same benefit for aiming time but if combined with
    the Eperimental Propellant or the Chrome Barrel Lining (firepower
    retrofits) it can increase the Alpha by over 10%!

    P.S #2: The T-80 as it is in AW now will not be for long, as it is very
    underperforming due to the turret ring weakspot. It will get replaced by
    another more modern version of it (with ERA and that weakspot gone,
    hopefully) in the future patches!

  39. 59 likes? Type 59 for sale on console? What the wargaming?

  40. If WoT ever wanted a boss fight in their game, they should just put one of
    these tanks into their game

  41. Jingles, did you just read ‘T80 STANDARD TANK’ by Steven J Zaloga? What you
    said i nthe video and the text in the book are almost exactly the same.

  42. jingles, if u want to, i could let u use my acct on wot blitz for a
    tankenstien review

  43. Great way to start the morning! Why, because the T-80 is a great tank? Hell
    no, Jingles gunner has the same first name as me, it’s kind of rare to see
    my name in a game.

  44. Love the tank history lessons, but only by The Mighty Jingles. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  45. yes,yes let the communism flow through you!

  46. I feel like freja is a good alternative if you don’t have jaun

  47. someone says hi at 1:55 …?

  48. This commander is best suited for artillery, there are better choices for
    MBT, imho.
    You could take something else than “do the twist” and take turret traverse
    retrofit instead of monopropelant, but thats everyone choice.

  49. When do you finally do the Leopard 2(A5) review!?

  50. my father was a t80U commander in algerian army , when i go to the army i
    will be a T80 SM commander ^_^

  51. All I can say is proper gander. The Challenger 2 would have no problem.

  52. PL-01 is what i cant wait for.

  53. the mobility of the the t80 looks very sweet, spoken by someone grinding a
    challenger 1 atm. about the fire power i do have a question the m1 abrams
    in the 91 gulf war fired depleted uranium apfsds and i’m sure our allies in
    the challenger 1 did also, yet you don’t see this ultra devastating round
    in the game even at tier 9 do we? it should be in the game at tier 7 or
    else it’s just looking like some more soviet bias

  54. disgusting shitty russian tank

  55. Since some time almost any review of a new tank in AW by Jingles basically
    says “…it´s amazing!”.
    Basically almost like any review of a new tank in WOT by QB says “…it´s
    This may be only a gut feeling by me, but I like Jingles tank reviews from
    2 or more years ago quite a lot better.
    Things like the “Turd on tracks” M3 Lee come to my mind…

  56. What’s the function of that log at the back of the tank?

  57. MOAR

  58. Rias “President” Gremory

    Skipp the kripp ~ 10:45

  59. God, your taste in camouflage is dreadful.

  60. >T-80

    haha. Thing is made out of paper.

  61. themightyjingles can you do a review on the LEOPARD 2 A6

  62. I am so looking forward to the T-14 review – unmanned turret, active
    protection systems, new ERA…

    PS. Keep up the good work, Jingles!

  63. nice to see that he says juan Carlos is the tank commander to use, but in
    his replays he is using a female commander. well done ladies

  64. ive noticed that AI tanks turn their sides to the enemy. i have seen this
    in several of your videos

  65. so many numbers, i lost track of what he was saying

  66. im a solid player in wot 54prc win ratio 7k battles but in aw after around
    50 games im at 45prc i just suck at armored warfare

  67. Why dose he have 65k gold??

  68. So T-80 has higher dpm, alpha and mobility, but in a straight fight won’t
    pen a Challenger from the front, but chally can pen the T-80 from the
    front. Nicely balanced, but, I think I’ll go for the Challenger 1 first
    though then the T-80. I think the Challenger is going to be more noob

  69. It is speculated that Russia will get rid off T-80U in 2016 and also should
    modernise around 1000 T-90A into T-90MS while the production of Armata

  70. Still waiting for the Merkava

  71. HESH isn’t bad at all, you can one shot quite a few tanks with it. Warriors
    through the front of the turret explode, EXP tanks from behind or the
    turret ring explode, and you can knock out the crew of wiesels and the BMD
    series fairly regularly with it (if, you skill your crew for extra module
    damage, and use Juan). You do however, have to find the spots where your
    shell actually can pen (green reticle).

  72. Jingles, when are we seeing a review of the cute Wiesel 1 from you? It’s my
    favourite light tank (and not just because it’s German. Ok, it might be,
    don’t judge me!).

    *EDIT* what about the Leo 2s as well?

  73. A supercharger on a gas turbine engine?? Ok…

  74. Calls it an advance supercharger has a picture of a turbocharger WTH AW.

  75. you do great stuff Jingles, keep up that good work

  76. Great vid as always Jingles! Salut from Norway. I can confirm the saltmines
    are going splended over here.

  77. Liam the dark angel.

    obviously Russian because of the log XD

  78. applique has an accent on the e, i believe

  79. I’m 79% done with the T-80 and I absolutely adore it. I can do damage rolls
    as high as 1028 using HEAT on a critical hit. I can’t wait until the T-90!

  80. Actually, the reason why russian army decided to produce t72bu (known as
    t90) rather than t80, is that t80 was build in Ukrane, and as we all know
    Soviet Union collapsed by then.

  81. anyone know how to get the pop up damage indicators that jingles has in the
    top corners of his screen? I’d really appreciate it, I always want to know
    how much damage I’m doing…

  82. Kommentatus Cosades

    Why dont you play PvP in AW?

  83. Is there a choice of the log on the back? I prefer oak or walnut…

  84. 0:30 Log spotted, Soviet tank confirmed!

  85. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  86. You read Steven Zaloga’s “T-80 Standard Tank” book didn’t you Jingles? :)

  87. whats thet giant tube on the back of the turrent?

  88. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    32:33 You know that the Soviet Union no longer exists right?

  89. The T-80U had that iconic skirt on the frontal armor.

    I can’t wait to see it on AW.

  90. A supercharger on a gas turbine? Sure….

  91. On the subject of engines, another problem with gas turbines is that they
    produce up to 800 degrees F. This is why the Abrams has two engines, the
    gas turbine, and a small electric engine to turn the turret and move the
    gun when stationary. This way, the huge heat signature could be eliminated
    when dug into a defend-able position. With modern tanks having thermal
    sights, they stand out like a beacon. Not only that, but when my father was
    a M1A1 Abrams tanker in Germany, he would have civilians in cars get right
    up behind his tank and honk at him, because they wanted to pass, get too
    close, and watch the paint on the front of their car start boiling. They
    backed off rather quickly. Although he used to have someone riding around
    with him with a checkbook compensating all the people who unintentionally
    lost something or other to the tanks. (a fence, light post, someones car,

  92. emyl ro (emylro99)

    T-80 is good on the PVE (bots will show you a lot of side armor), but in
    PVP sucks (all what challanger must do to kill him need to keep frontal
    armor, what’s not hard). If he could pen him frontally would be balanced,
    but nope so it sucks.
    I would compare it for a light tank, wait he got shit view range, f**k,
    every light and AFV can shot it and you will NOT see it.
    Buff them his view range, and i will like it, i would play it like a light

  93. The T-80’s battle log will guarantee victory.

  94. Problem is that the turret it bugged as fuck. Turret ring is weak. Aim at
    the lower end on the infrared light and u can pen it.

  95. was it just me or did jingles say t-18 at 01:16

  96. Too much history talking and too little review!

  97. i loved this video. keep up the awesome work

  98. Jingles u do realize that u have like twice as many people who subed for
    wot that wows and aw combined

  99. I love listening to the history behind the subjects of your videos! Keep it
    up Jingles!! :)

  100. Chechnyarr? Excuse me? The accent on the я doesn’t sound anything like

  101. Leo 2 review maybe? I saw it in your garage so don’t try to hide it!

  102. I like your tank history/review vids but they often sound like you’re just
    reading off of a wikipedia page which isn’t all that entertaining. Try to
    give it some more life when telling us the story of this stronk tank for
    example :P

  103. This was less of a tank review and more of a tank history lesson.

    Not that I’m complaining mind you. It was a very entertaining and
    interesting listen. You should do more videos like this Jingles!

  104. The tank can also take multiple fuels, Diesel, aviation fuel, standard,
    kerosine, anything basically

  105. YAY MORE ARMORED WARFARE! Don’t forget to do funny moments on AW and of
    course do a review of the PL-01, Jingles!

  106. I have to ask, what did you make of other, lighter vehicles like the
    Scorpion or the Sheridan?

  107. The tier 4 artillery? It’s easy to pronounce! Godzilla.

  108. There are only so many tanks you can have in game, do they have a limit?
    Now if they did not have health points I’d respect AW more then I do. Now
    if they can take the tanks from AW, put them in Realistic battles with the
    damage models of War Thunder, and some features of World of Tanks you’d get
    an unbeatable game. It seems AW took a lot from both games and only added
    the character idea into it.

  109. With how in depth you go into the history behind each vehicle I would love
    to see you do these on the Leopard variant of tanks which are my personal
    favorites for style of gameplay and looks. Ah yes the leopards are a sexy

  110. Saving throws?! Wtf is this?? D&D???

  111. The T-80 model 1976 in-game we have in game can be hardly called “standard”
    only 200 of the damn things were even built before production switched to
    the more worthwhile T-80B…

  112. Let’s all go back in time to our schoolyears and have Jingles as a history
    teacher. :D

  113. “…Still likely to be the backbone for Soviet ground forces for many, many
    years to come.”


  114. Really don’t like the Digi camo’s…..make all the tanks he puts it on look
    like toys…. :)

  115. My friends just said they put the type 59 on sale for world of tanks on the
    Xbox one. NOT FAIR

  116. Where is the superior Abrams?

  117. +The Mighty Jingles Sorry to be downer but this review is not very relevant
    for AW has modeled T-80 prototype and it will soon be replaced with the
    T-80 production model including ERA and more fun stuff.

  118. It’s funny, when you think Russia, You don’t think past the millennium.

  119. Goes to show that it doesn’t matter how good the tank is, it matters how
    well you can support them in the field. If you build the best tank in the
    world but spend all your time and money on development you end up with a
    beautiful and deadly hanger queen. The Soviets cut out all the middlemen,
    because that is what communism does, and suffered for it. These WERE
    brought to the U.S. In joint Intel missions with the UK and Germany.
    Empirical proof is the evolution of NATO ammunition evolution.

    Too bad you didn’t mention the developments of the middle eastern export
    models. They were widely considered equal to the Soviet maintained units
    and superior in their environment (deserts). Proximity to war zones and
    lessons learned from active fighting and all that jazz.

  120. Jingles the type 59 just went on sale on wot for console

  121. Actually, Jingles, according to AW, we have the T-80 prototype. They’ve
    announced plans to replace this T-80 with a different T-80.

  122. Well, this thing may have no armour, but it’s all good, because it is being
    replaced… by what? no idea, but nothing can have armour as bad as this,

  123. There is no “The” in Ukraine.

  124. goed bit of history tanks

  125. T-80 is a murderball in PVE. 50/50 AP/HEAT mix plus missiles, prioritise
    nuking light tanks (even the notoriously HEAT-resistant VFM Mk5 can’t
    really resist the top HEAT shell of the T-80) and AFVs (and Leo 2AVs) with
    HEAT, learn to hit weakspots and holy crap do you rack up those damage

  126. Loved the ‘this is not rocket science’ joke about the experimental
    propellant upgrade, very dryly delivered too.

  127. You haven’t really touched on the Leopard line. What about those tanks?

  128. jingles, review the leopard 2 and m1 abram

  129. It should be noted that Obsidian has stated the T-80 is not technically
    correct and will be replaced / altered to reflect the proper standard T-80,
    with armor upgrade kit =O

  130. Did anyone else turn the sound down?

  131. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    swedish s tank any one?

  132. The T-80 is not the backbone of the Russian (not Soviet :P) tank force,
    that would be the T-72B3 and the T-90 (MS I think). Only around 500 T-80s
    are in service currently.

  133. Best review ever! A combination of history lesson, review of a great tank
    and good gameplay, please make more :)

  134. 11:56 Jingles… The T-90 didn’t exist back then…

    However in the early 80’s the SU was producing the following types of tanks:

    – T-55AM’s (yes they were still in production).
    – T-64A
    – T-64B
    – T-72A/M1
    – T-72B
    – T-80B.

    So there really was quite a lot of competition when it came about
    production, but not so much development of MBT’s.

  135. I don’t know if you gonna read this but Get the leady Commander Freja from
    M109 Shishkin line she’s the equal to Carlos and I personally think Freja
    works good with Shishkin MBT’s and carlos with Wolflie (Spelling off). Hope
    this helps.

  136. The feeling you get when watching a review of a Russian tank while wearing
    a sleeveless Telnyashka… :)

  137. kekekekekekekekekekekekekekek xaxaxaxaxaxaxxaxaxaxaxaxaxa
    :)))))))))))))))))))) sekrit dokuments?

  138. Keep in mind, that the MBT commanders will be moved from the Arties in the
    next patch.

  139. Jingles, if you ever do a video on the M2 Bradley please check out the book
    or film, The Pentagon Wars, as it gives a great insight into the
    development process and how the US military falsified test results. The
    results are highly humorous until you consider they intended to send men
    into battle in the things.

  140. LAN Master (sirswears)

    Today on jingles reads Wikipedia many Russians are secretly assassinated
    for wild and unpopular tank ideas

  141. So, I find it amusing that russkies found the turbo program expensive, BUT
    running 4 tank programs, of essentially the same tank, perfectly fine)))

  142. 28:42 Not really. The T-72 horizontal autoloader while slower than the
    T-64/80 vertical autoloader, does cover the ammo on the autoloader a whole
    deal better than the on in the T-80, the rest of the ammo for both tanks
    however is equally exposed, though to be fair most modern MBT’s still keep
    ammo on their hull with the exception of the M1 Abrams and the K1.

  143. What’s the barrel on the back of the turret used for?

  144. This was the most transparent video about russian tanks that I’ve ever
    seen. Clear and unbiased historical commentary on recent warfare technology
    is still very rare. Thank you Jingles, it was a pleasure to listen to you!
    Keep up the good work!

  145. *Jingles uploads world of tanks* – YYAAAAAYYYY GET IN!!!
    *Jingles uploads World of Warships* – AMAZING! Can’t wait to watch this!
    *JIngles uploads War Thunder* – Nice this is gonna be awesome!
    *Jingles uploads Fractured space, elite dangerous, StarCitizen* – Ah a
    jingles vid, good.
    *Jingles uploads Armored Warfare* – Erm……. I’ll listen to it while i
    play football manager.

  146. jingles prefers the russian tech!? jingles you filthy filthy traitor!!!

  147. I wonder when jingles is going to do a review on the “m1 abrams”

  148. Jingles, u forgot to mention that ATGM is a Tandem HEAT- which means that
    first warhead destroys ERA or first layer of armor and second warhead
    penetrates and deals damage!

    And one more thing, at first South Koreans thought that T-80U was just a
    piece of shait due to what happened to export T-72Ms. But when they went
    through the tank, it was a real shock. The tanks were completely at Russian
    Army specifications(No downgrades whatsoever!!). And the Army decided to
    use them as one of it’s MBTs. When you google the ROK Army’s T-80U, they
    are now with Korean tank camouflage scheme.

    Anyways, keep up the good vids Mr Jingles! Salute from South Korea.

  149. There’s really no point in drawing a distinction between the Soviet Union
    and Russia, Comrade Putin is pushing hard to bring back the old regime and
    rekindling the Cold War

  150. i love the history that jingles does in his reviews best part of them. even
    on a subject i already know something about the way that he present the
    info is just great

  151. jingles I noticed you failed to mention that even the challenges 1 woeful
    sabot will blow strait through the turret front of the t-80

  152. when in combat the t80 or t90ms ALWAYSE retreat when they come nose to nose
    with the challenger 1 and 2 i have seen it happen soo manytimes.

  153. Why they do not implement the T-80UK as an armor upgrade for the T-80 ? it
    could be very nice for PvP

  154. Play PVP not PVE !!!!

  155. so how exactly does an advanced super charger work on a gas turbine engine

  156. So the T-80 too! Why do soviet tanks mostly carry logs with them? Jingles?
    Anyone? I’m really curious about that!

  157. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    Everything is better than the challenger’s gun. the challengers gun is a
    bonus to go with the armor. If they gave you a guy with a pistol the
    challenger would still be ok!

  158. in the modern worldd russian tanks cant compete with the western tanks.just
    they still belive in quantity over qquality….well that is not the case
    anymore. quality has fased out quantity entirely

  159. Did the Russian Generals who want unpopular items die of lead penetration?

  160. This Game IS Practically DEAD ON the NA Server! Q Times upto over 8 minutes
    Long! Not Funny Ha HA.
    Shame since it isn’t a Bad Game…
    They need to Do More Promos for this game to Attract NA Player’s.

  161. needs less Wikipedia, and more you please :)

  162. this game have a bit too big fov

  163. Dammit Jingles.
    Give me the Leopard 2!

  164. Hey jingles i have a question. Since you are a naval man i have been trying
    to think of what i want to do in my future. I live in the U.S. and i love
    the idea of being in the navy but i just wanted to get your opinion to see
    if that is what i want to do.

  165. AW, I like it.

    Sure its a lot like WoT in many ways, but in enough critical ways it isnt.
    The tanks have a lot more nuanced qualities to them to take into
    consideration, and they are just newer and cooler looking tanks 😀

    Sure the PVP still can get loaded with scrubs. Used to that, its ok. I have
    my shitty games too, and enough times, the reds just outplay us despite our
    best efforts. All good.

    Where I REALLY like AW is it seems the RNG is a lot less prominent. I find
    generally if you aim at something, you will hit it. If you can pen you will
    pen. If you cant, you wont. RNG is the thing that drives me so crazy in WoT
    because even with multiple skill crews and all the buffs you can get, so
    often does RNG just merely decides enough of the time “Nope, that dmg isnt
    just allowed despite you shooting them in a weak spot and flat armor” or
    “”Perfectly aimed? We’ll make the next 3 shots go very wide just because
    :D” or even with dmg received “You angled properly and got cover? We are
    still going to give that enemy shooting you a +25% chance to pen anyway”.
    My E75 took several penning hits in the lower glacis from a Comet the other
    day frontally on even ground from its APCR. That just isnt supposed to
    happen. And yet it does.

    Its a great game and it requires skill and ability to read a map. But I
    like AWs version of RNG so much more. If I get hit and dmged, its cause I
    messed up, and if I fail to land a shot, its because I didnt aim, or shot
    against a tank with better properties than the gun or round I was using.

    Win or lose, I can live with this. Seems a lot more fair to me.

    Anyway, rant over.

  166. this may dound silly but I’d compare the Challenger in AW to the comet in
    WoT, other than armour of course. d’you see what I mean?

  167. Jingles do you still play fractured space? Fed up of being killed by peeps
    who have you as a captain and keep telling me that im about as much use as
    an ashtray on a motorbike

  168. Um, has anyone told Jingles that in the real world, South Africans kill
    T-80s with Centurions?

  169. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    Those missiles are tandem so they they can pen reactive armor with better
    reliability than standard shaped charges

  170. Spin 2 Win. the only other place I hear that is in Dark Souls.

  171. do you get as much XP playing coop as PVP in this game

  172. Jingles I think you should of waited to do a review on the T-80. Since it
    pretty much getting an overhaul eventually with ERA armor and some other

  173. What an awesome episode Mr. Jingles, now this audio with an slideshow of
    the corresponding images of engines, ERA and tanks versions would be epic
    😉 Nice work indeed! :D

  174. what about the commander you unlock from the m109??? she is very good

  175. Dear Mr Jingles, though I do enjoy the history on these videos could you
    consider doing more of a how to? As a fellow non twitch reflex gamer (ie
    old) it’d be helpful finding another perspective on how best to play the

  176. Janmarc Briancourt

    Says the guy who said earlier that he likes to grind through the
    lists,check his money and gold 65million and 68 thousand gold,because he
    pleed to Obsidian that he had too little money,but earlier he said that he
    likes to grind through the games or it begun getting booring,yeah Jingles
    you lost all respect from me fucking cheater…

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  180. T-80 actually has a very strong history its just not well known in
    Eurocentric western history books too busy still running the Nazi
    propaganda that Stalin starved all of Ukraine and replaced them with

    T-80 was the advanced tank of USSR, the Soviets had two type of MBT’s the
    economy one and the advanced one.
    The advanced ones were reserved for elite forces, T-64 was the first
    generation advanced MBT with the T-80 being the successor and the T-90
    being replacement for the T-72
    The T-80 was being mass produced first in 1976 however the Soviets wanted
    to up-gun the T-80 so they made several prototypes with 152mm and 155mm
    guns fitted to the T-80 these prototype tanks were eventually scrapped or
    put to rest after the collapse of USSR because shitty ass Capitalist
    shithole Russia could not afford it.

    Its thought that almost 90% of Soviet projects were thrown away after its
    collapse because of the astronomical costs in resources and manpower that
    even China would have had a hard time get done.
    Not to mention the 7 more Burans planned for construction which would cost
    more than what NASA gets for funding a year.

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    of steel” Because lets face it that doesn’t mean anything. 500 mm of Y200
    steel and 500mm D2 steel are not the same. Also is the steel tempered,
    hardened, or did they say fuck it and leave it annealed. I wish we could
    here the standard of what that even means, not all steel is similar the
    differences in strength can vary a lot between similar mixtures and how it
    is made.

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    ukrainian and russian tank development split from eachother

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  195. They will replace the current model of T80 with the T80U model because the
    current one is a prototype and can’t fit many upgrades.The introduction of
    the T80U model will let OE include the ERA packages.

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    leaving me as the only frontliner to tank T90 MSs and leo 2 A6s and
    ultumately i got overwhelmed from 7 tanks at he same time from every side
    at point blank range. i talked to him about his lack of skill but since he
    dealt so much dmg he was so full of himself he did completely refuse to see
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  212. It seems that the T-80 is kinda like the T-10M in wot. Good gun, good
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  213. when i played my T80 and i got to the 2A46-2 canon, 1 out of 6 shots would
    pen the side of the Chalanger but a chalanger without ERA plates that is
    .-. and i wasnt several hundret meters away i was dircetly on his side and
    there was as good as no angle to his armor when that hapened
    but then again that was a few months ago

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    military technology. It’s like watching an old History Channel documentary
    that carries relevant information that I can apply to Armored Warfare
    today. Needless to say you have completely satisfied my niche, I am
    incredibly grateful for the high quality content you provide us, and hope
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  217. when the T80 entered service it was meant to be an upgrade and enhancement
    to the T64, the T64 by itself was a failure in that its autoloader wasnt
    reliable, the fume extractor (either 115mm or 125mm) that it used wasnt
    reliable enought and left a lot of the gas in the crew compartment, the
    runing gear and engine where only used on this tank since it was so shit,
    for the T72 which is nothing but amajor upgrade to the T64 they swaped the
    engine for a proven more reliable Diesel from the T-34 but fitted it with a
    turbo charger to get the power needed, the runing gear got fully reworked
    aswell and the T72 only got built with the 125mm which was a lot more
    efective then the 115mm. after those upgrades the T64 and T72 where driving
    as 2 difrent tanks on a battlefield the T72s(easier to produce and more
    reliable) where seen as 1st line tanks where as the T64 was seen as a long
    range 2nd line option,this continued till the T80 came about, the T80 took
    the role of the T64 in a 2nd line and the T64 got knocked down into service
    with the reserves.
    the T80 was revolutionary in that it was the first production tank fitted
    with a gas turbine and it was the most advanced MBT of he soviet union, the
    electronics that it used where exceding those used in the T72 yet the T72
    got upgrades to it and in the end became the same battleworthynes as the
    T80 by electronics and armor upgrades, the most advanced version of the T72
    the T72BM is still in use by the russian military and older variants got
    upgraded to that format.
    the T80 and T72 stayed in service after the cold war and an aditional tank
    joinced the service of the russian militarys, the first known T72BU (later
    redesignated to the T90) the T90 is based of the T72 yet upgraded near
    everything, te Firecontrols from the T80 (known as the best from the soviet
    union) got implemented into it, the APS “Shtora” got implemented into it
    after it first saw service in later T80 models and after big advances in
    Diesel engine technology the T90 got a Diesel later as strong as 1000HP.
    the soviet military usualy only had 2 MBTs in their service that changed
    with the introduction of the T90, the T80 and T72 had their old spots as
    2nd and 1st line of fighting but what about the T90? well that didnt got
    answered till not long ago whent he russian military droped all in service
    T80 MBTs and took all Reserve T64s out of service as well
    today the only tanks operating in the russian military are the T72 and the
    T90, the T14 while it is sad to be in service is still in a early
    development cycle and there are even less of it built then of the T90, i
    expect the russian military to upgrade their T72 fleet even more or
    completly droping it when the T14 is in full service leaving it and T90 or
    T90 equivilant vehicles in active service

  218. Против Глобал

    “Turbine engines use the same amount of fuel in idle as they do at full

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! False, and in no connection with elementary logic.

    Classic westerner. Reads some bollocks, and without using his head,
    immediately accepts it as a fact…

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    The Iraqi regular forces and republican guard frontline armor units had no
    chance against Coalition forces. There were some good Iraqi tank and
    battalion commanders but the poor training of their crews, terrible
    maintenance of their equipment, out dated tactics (designed to fight their
    last war and not focused on potential future threats), and equipment were
    no match for the superior training, equipment, and tactics of modern NATO
    It does make one wonder how the battles would have gone had they been
    against former Warsaw Pact equipped and trained forces.

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    though. But then again, we could probably argue that since we are PMCs the
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    BUT, I am not interested in playing a game with historically accurate
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    purpose. I am getting VERY tired having to play terrible vehicles at
    curtain tiers in order to get the next better vehicle somewhere up the tier
    ladder. Every vehicle should hit what it is aiming at and have sufficient
    armor to sustain several hits without knocking out major components ALL the
    time. Also should move at good rate of speed and maneuverability. Every
    battle should go according to how it develops and NOT end on some time
    limit prematurely, of course this must be within sensible progress of the
    players in the battle. The Devs would be well advised to listen up to this
    advise unless they want to find their game only being played by historical
    purists. After all it a Game NOT a simulation enactment and it should be
    rewarding and fun not frustrating having to work through agonizingly bad
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    Looking forward to the next one!

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  250. Obsidian has actually answered the question of which T-80 varient is
    available in Armred Warfare: “current T-80 is actually a T-80 prototype,
    that’s why it doesn’t have ERA as well as other features” See last bullet
    point on the AW community spotlight part 9.

    My initial conclusion about the T-80 was that it was of the first batch of
    vehicles, i.e. the initial 2 years of production. I came to this conclusion
    because if one looks at information about the T-80 it is said that all
    existing T-80B’s got upgraded to the T-80BV standard, which adds ERA.
    Secondly, looking at the shape of the turret it looks a lot like a T-64
    turret, which does match some stories about the earlier production

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  260. Just a heads up on a change to what TheMightyJingles said about unlocking
    Juan. According to Silentstalker, a/the NA forums content manager, once
    patch 0.13 rolls out “commander Freya Højbjerg can now also be unlocked on
    the BMD-1 and the commander Juan Carlos Miramon can now also be unlocked on
    the Swingfire.”

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    difference in it’s armours effectiveness against atgm’s, t-72a’s can easily
    pen the front of the 2av’s turret with their atgm’s. While this may be
    accurate to real life, it adversely affects gameplay because this negates
    the 2av’s strongest armour

  279. The “I Win Button”. Patent pending by Charlie Sheen.

  280. I’d like to put a turboshaft engine like that in a super car, see if I can
    break the world speed record for fastest wheel driven vehicle with it.

  281. Is AW really THIS boring game? Holy shit.. 99% of time this tank just sits
    somewhere and snipes braindead enemys, 98% of them never shoot back, 99% of
    them give their sides and rear all the time etc. really like shooting fish
    in the barrel.. SOOO BORING… More than WoS almost, and that is the most
    boring what i have played..

    Other thing, Jingles don’t play anymore WoT at all ?

  282. I love the challenger. play it like youre in a blood rage and it throws
    people on their heels before they have a chance to respond. This backfires
    when your team doesnt support you but otherwise its a monster.

  283. wow 64 Mill in credits ? from pve ??

  284. more of a history lesson than tank review

    but nice history lesson jingles :)

  285. Fun fact Jingles: When the Soviet Union Collapsed in 1991 they had some
    rather large outstanding loans they owed to South Korea, to pay them back
    they offered the Koreans some of their best and latest hardware to cover
    the debt, including the latest T-80 MBT and other assorted equipment like
    missiles, helicopters etc.

    Of course, being eager to study Soviet tech they studied* and compared the
    tank with their own indigenous K1 tanks, based off the US M1 Abrams. When
    compared to their Western derived tech they liked the firepower and
    mobility, but the downsides were the lack of night vision equipment, the
    accuracy was lacking (compared to their 105mm Royal Ordinance and 120mm
    Rheinmetall guns on the K1 series) and spare parts were hard to obtain.
    Tech from the T-80 also contributed to the develop the K2 black Panther

    *Being a staunch pro USA country, you can bet the US sent inspectors as
    well to check these tanks out.

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  287. Please start saying sabot with an English accent please from and ex CR1 and
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