Armored Warfare – Third Time’s The Charm

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Obsidian Entertainment, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to introduce artillery into Armored Warfare, make it fun and at the same time challenging to play, while avoiding all the stigma associated with artillery due to the World of Tanks artillery experience. Challenge accepted?

Armored Warfare

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Jingles, I really, really like what you said about artillery having a
    variety of shells that have an effect on tactics. Smoke screen? Flare?
    Illumination rounds? Do you know when Obsidian Entertainment is going to
    implement this?

  2. Can you plagiarize a video game?? :)

  3. and lucky theres no sky cancer

  4. Wow…i’m actually surprised how shitty the rounds look while going down

  5. This game really looks amazing. I’m not sure if I have time for it what
    with TOR, WoT, WoWS, Fractured Space, and whatever else I decide I have to
    play as well. But thanks much for the look in Jingles. Enjoy your trip to
    Poland, Sunny Jim.

  6. I will throw all my money at this game.

    WoT been out for years, still cannot balance arty.
    Non-Slav developer steps in, arty immediately fixed.

    This is why Slavs can’t have nice things.

  7. I would very much like to play in the MSTA. Did they annouce when the co-op
    missions would be previewed? Or any idea if Rocket systems like the BM-21
    or BM-30 would show up in the artillery role?

  8. I hope they can improve the skins of the units in the game. They seem
    pretty low-res and not very realistic.

  9. +Brad Rolim my tactic is: LIGHTS

  10. Damn, Nice intro.

  11. I see T-62 can pen by autogun :-o

  12. Looks like a great game.
    Too bad you had to stop your live streaming but I completely understand
    your reasons.
    Cheers Jingles!

  13. arty looks op, nerf pls.

  14. Arty needs bit more nerf to accuracy and its perfect.

    But I still dont like playing it or being shot at from it. Tho, it doesnt
    hurt as much.

  15. Hate playing artillery in WoT, and I always try to do counter-battery in
    wot whenever I am playing in the AMX 13 105 (Yeah, I know it sucks) but you
    can’t in wot. AW Artillery all the way.
    -What about AW arty in WoT? that would be ok :D

  16. Its incredible how far can go with their list: “Things we need to
    implement that group of WoT players cry over”

    Lowered rng, less loss penalty, less dmg from cupolas, no stats directly
    ingame, aim assistant view …

  17. Imagine if arty had a shotgun mode which was like the world of tanks
    artillery aim circle when not aimed in arty mode. Think if it like this, if
    you aint in arty mode, it is like arty in world of tanks trying to shotgun
    someone, it does alot of damage, but has long aim and is very in accurate.
    But as soon as you go into arty mode. You get the normal artillery thing
    that obsidian entertainment provided. This might either be cool, stupid, or

  18. I have to say that mind game, with arty, seems to be… quite fun. :O

  19. ok, i really like the arty idea in this game

  20. I Can’t wait for this game… :P

  21. From what i see, i actually like the way those arty mechanics look. After
    introduction of individual missions in WoT i started to play WoT arty again
    and with battle assistant mod(a.k.a. “this f-king arty mod”) i had quite a
    lot of fun drivning arties, derping people from afar.
    I’m looking forward to the AW when it gets open to the masses.

  22. I like how artillery is more like a sniper duel and a mini battle.

    If you can successfully knock out all enemy arty with counter battery or
    other means, you can stay in one place and have the advantage from then on.

  23. See now THIS artillery I like!

    In WoT it does break games. Here you get to be an important part of the
    game, but you arent one shotting heavies if you land, and you can take a
    few hits too.

    And max 2 a game?!! WoT take note 😛

    The game looks great so far. 

  24. what’s the name of the music that starts playing at around the 4 minute

  25. The aiming reticle likes like the jimbo mod in wot

  26. Is this WoT with a UI mod? Hmm. it looks quite disappointing somehow.
    Previous games looked way better.

  27. Jingles, you say that people don’t hate arty in AW – but they do. There’s
    been a poll on the forums, only about 40% of players are actually OK with
    artillery in its current iteration. The rest want it changed again or
    removed altogether. Artillery-hate threads were the most populated ones
    during the test with pages and pages of people arguing over it. I’ve seen a
    lot of people raging in chat about artillery and even witnessed a flurry of
    bans on people who ended up cussing and screaming at each other in-game
    because of arty. The devs have put up another Artillery survey and “I want
    arty removed from the game” is one of the answer variants in that survey.

  28. EmperorNefarious1

    with tanks as mobile as they are in AW arty isn’t as powerful anyway, its,
    not like your driving around in a T28 prot, with about as much a chance of
    dodging arty as you have winning a race with an elc.

  29. I wonder how the 2S7 pion will be 

  30. Only problem I’ve had adjusting to the game is the shell velocity. The
    sabot rounds seem like they travel speeds of HEAT in WoT.

  31. I was privileged enough to be in the Alpha and I can completely agree with
    Jingles here in regards to Artillery. I won’t say a lot because I don’t
    want to break any kind of NDA and lose access BUT I will say that the dev
    team at Obsidian are doing a wonderful job with this game so far. It’s
    been nothing but a pleasure playing this game. It’s like night and day vs.
    World Of Tanks. For the first time in a while even in a bad game I still
    enjoy myself, I don’t find myself getting frustrated or annoyed at the game
    mechanics like I often have in WOT.

  32. Guess what his account name is.

  33. +Chris Robato they have been for like more than 6 months i think.

  34. +Chris Robato They have been for months, but it is random.

  35. +Armored Warfare Well done. I can’t wait until your game is open to
    everyone. Keep up the great work 🙂

  36. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Gotta give you credit jingles, my highest kills in one match was 6 in the
    leopard 1. Though I did have a similar situation in which we were
    constantly losing until towards the end when myself and a pair of pattons
    were just absolutely working our tails off to kill a combine 10 tanks more
    between us.
    Also I want to thank you again for sharing my video and I still owe you a
    drink for that one.
    Anyway, props to you jingles and good video :)

  37. You should rename to the galactic monster jingles! 🙂 Great first match!

  38. I hope this is better optimized for multi core CPUs, not like the Big Shit
    Engine. It’s 2015 ffs!

    • +KingdomOfDimensions At the moment Armored Warfare is still un-optimized
      for low end computers, I could still manage 20-33fps with a staples bought
      laptop ;). They will probably do that soon though which will be nice

    • +IVIetaI Yay. Now my laptop can use it’s processing power!

  39. its not what i would have done but i really like this version of arty! the
    main problem with WOT arty is that it has become less fun to play than
    playing against it

  40. Jingles! Can you make another AW video about all the tanks now in the game
    ? I want to see them all

  41. looks absolutely awesome, can’t wait to play

  42. So in WoT to feel a glimpse of this if you didn’t make into CTB of AW is to
    download that SPG assistance mod and pray to RNGesus while driving FV304…
    seems legit XD

  43. Wargaming, get out your notepads and start studying. If I had a Windows
    computer I would’ve already switched to AW. 

  44. I think that the arty in Wot deals lets say the most ”realistic” arty
    dmg…i mean even if you are in an Abramas tank or Leo 2 when an 155mm
    shells hits you on the top of the turret where the armor is 3 lets say 4 cm
    at the most….it will blow it open like a tin can…and if not just
    imagine the sockwave inside the tank

  45. Well, looking at the UI, it’s still quite a copy of WoT…

  46. Im sorry that im doing this and please dont hate but i just started my new
    channel and i want to get noticed. I would really appreciate it if you
    check out my video’s and give me some feedback and maybe even subcribe.
    Thank you

  47. You… don’t get penalized for your team playing poorly? Ok I’m sold, take
    my money!

  48. the blast artillery shells make is so satisfying

  49. Very well done by Obisian to take a game class which in games like WoT is
    completely broken and imbalanced and actually making it into something fun
    to play as but more importantly fun to play against.

    This is certainly a good sign for things to come, they actually listen to
    their audience and not just their wallets 🙂

    Also very nice weather effects, that adds so much more to the atmosphere,
    was it dynamic in the test or not?

    Thanks for the very nice video Jingles, looking forward to getting beta
    access myself because I don’t think alpha access will happen anymore.

  50. Freelance Trade Craft

    World of Tanks is dead when this game comes out.

  51. Matthew DeathHammer

    jingles playing arty? you dirty dirty man

  52. When to come out? and that was an excellent video!

  53. what a terribly optimized game. terrible graphics and that kind of fps…

  54. Graeme Philips (CdnRazer)

    I gotta say, when the man who’s voice mirrors my own feelings for the
    artillery in WoT says that Armoured Warfare has made arty “fun” and
    “balanced” I ran to my email and began to check for an alpha invite. No
    such luck.

  55. Arty should able to fire smoke shells

  56. The Abbot looks like a FV304 with a turret, it plays like a FV304 with a
    turret, and it’s as much fun as an FV304 with or without a turret :D

  57. can’t wait to try out the russian MSTA-S and the Pion, assuming they are in
    the game though.

  58. wow… i m really not the guy talking stuff like uhhh wot so shitty i m
    going to aw. i like wot the way it is, but this preview of aw looks so much
    more fun and makes so much more sense mechanicswise… hard to resist. and
    i just bought one year of wot premium…

  59. The tank models in this game look like crap compared to the HD models in
    WoT ;)

  60. i thing arty is shit in AW

  61. Jingles!!! Do we call u scumbag now?

  62. Yep – great RT implimentation!!! Keep it please!!

  63. Finally, war thunder graphics with world of tanks basics and modern tanks!
    A game made to be loved!

    Yes I know modern tanks are coming to WoT…

  64. Jingles, Not to poo poo your comments, I agree arty is better than it is
    currently in WOT. However, since we’re using modern vehicles, and modern
    arty has loads that can more than one shot kill a tank. Are they looking
    at being able to grind up to something like that? Just curious, not
    advocating it, balancing could prove to be “interesting” considering the
    small size of the maps.

  65. that arty mechanic is so much nicer than whats in wot and its intuitive it
    looks genuinely fun and fast paced and SKILL BASED

  66. Is this even legal? Its like an exact clone of WoT? The UI is exactly the

    • +XephSpacer I guess the UI is the same because most people who are going to
      play this game have played World of Tanks and thus its familiar for them.
      Many MMO games have copied World of Warcrafts UI for the same reason. It
      just works.

      And yeah the gameplay is very similar but it uses tanks from a different
      era so it kinda gets away with it. Plus, there will be singleplayer and
      co-op things in the final version too and most likely other game modes as
      well. And the things you do between matches also work differently than the
      garage in World of Tanks.

    • +XephSpacer The current World of Tanks UI is largely based off of several
      mods people started using (most notable Jimbo’s crosshair mod) as it is the
      best format for an arcade tank game.

      Just look at the health bar in every 2 dimensional fighting game. Street
      fighter 2 introduced the two health bars at the top of the screen that lead
      to a timer that counts down in the middle, with wins of each character are
      recorded under the health bars of the respective character. While this was
      first used in Street Fighter 2 it has been used in every fighting game
      since, and not just Street Fighter games. Injustice, Mortal Kombat series,
      Skull Girls, ect. If the UI is just the best possible thing to use in that
      kind of game, why not use it?

  67. 12:56 WORAS! (Not a lot know him though)

  68. I wonder how higher tiers will work? The two top tanks of the late 80s;
    T-80U and the M1A1HA, had no way of penetrating each others armor from the

  69. This is a world of tanks killer. And i dont care! The amount of rng, game
    mechanics etc… In WoT really pisses me off, this is a very well developed
    game and i think i might switch to this and stop playing WoT, please reply
    to this and give me your opinions

  70. After nearly two years of hearing you talk about “Scumbag” Arty it’s odd to
    hear you say nice things. :)

  71. +Rodrigo Campos Which means that those without brains will still whine…so
    about 15% of the arty whiners from WoT. Still big improvement.

  72. Heinrich Himmler is not dead

    So, what’s the money grabbing in this game?
    In WoT it has been prem ammo, account, tanks, etc. and here is?

  73. The artillery you are using do not have autoloaders.

    The idea is that it’s a 3 round fire mission. Then a pause to communicate,
    get new shells ready, then resume firing etc etc. It’s more like how
    artillery works in modern combat.

  74. This game looks great, looking forward to it coming out properly 🙂 Btw
    LOVE that arty strike effect/animation!

  75. Wow a developer that actually listen to the community.

  76. Inb4 the scorpion doesnt get changed and becomes the t18 of AW

  77. from the armored warfare website news…
    We are pleased to once again have The Mighty Jingles playing the Armored
    Warfare alpha! This time, he focused on the changes made to the client. How
    did he like them? Time to find out!

  78. OMG!!!!!! The mighty Jingles playing …Playing…….I just can’t say

    The shock and horror of this discovery has inflicted a serious case of ‘I
    need to lie down and recover’.

  79. Great show, wish I could join…

  80. Hopefully this 70’s porn groove music isn’t in the actual game….

  81. Kron Mapping (Luke)

    Jingles, do you think i should join the beta players and play the game?

  82. Armored Swagfare. Very nicely played.

  83. Well well how I can actually start playing AW? I’ve got a few hundred saved
    up and a summer paid internship… I can see myself spending some dough…

  84. Is this tank like the AMX 12 t?

  85. Przemysław Pysiewicz

    HEY Jingles i have a film from War Thunder where a one guy kills 18 !
    players tanks and he didnt lost a single tank … i never saw sht like that
    hehe problem is, it is arcade game – say do you want to sent it to you ?

  86. i think smoke screens would be quite good

  87. +Mo gaiwell Oh look at this folks, we have Mr. Badass here being a “AW is a
    WoT clone, hur hur hur.”

    You know how many games are out there that copy one formula from another?
    This ain’t the first time its happen and, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix

    I’m gonna assume out of your ignorance that your basing the game on the ui
    and not on the mechanics of the game.

  88. I had hoped that they would implement arty just like this, fantastic to
    see. Now we get to see ready racks, different SP artillery vehicles etc,
    lots of interesting stuff to come hopefully. Iam really starting to like
    the look of this game, its including so many of the vehicles that you think
    ‘mmm wouldnt work in a ‘tank’ game’ but are still effective.

  89. +Gamerman 6298
    u wot m80?

  90. +Gamerman 6298

  91. +paul nathan Oh good so it wasn’t a complete failure.

  92. Oh jingles you silly man. 16:14 says no arty in the match. Arty ping on the
    map and M109 in the enemy team list.

  93. Just wait Jingles. Once the World of Tanks players come over to Armored
    Warfare. They will start ruining the game, just like they are doing to
    World of Warships, making the game very unfriendly and hostile. In this
    case I hope the Obsidian guys don’t listen to anyone but the Alpha testers
    once the game goes into beta and eventual launch.

  94. Ahhhh.. individual performance has more to do with rewards than team
    performance? Ideal! Maybe we won’t see so much botting.

  95. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    A game where artillery is not grossly overpowered and with 3 limit per
    team? Sign me in!

  96. Well…looks like my days of popping out for ten seconds to spot a heavy
    and getting one shot by G.W panther who wasn’t even aiming at me are
    over…I’m sure their will still be whiners though. Also…I loved
    Fallout:New Vegas…that’s the game I play the most other then WoT…so
    when I heard about this I was like….”Did they hold a conference on how to
    make my life fantastic?”…speaking of fantastic…I gotta go do the Helios
    one mission again…+1 if you get that reference.

  97. is this the same engine as WoT? it look like a sequel to the damn thing

  98. Instro is so very 1980s style. So so much.

  99. This looks so familiar to WOT… is it made by Wargaming or something or
    has any tie with the company?

  100. Know what, WG? Considering just how much a fucking leper your SPGs are in
    the game, IT’S PERFECTLY OK TO SHAMELESSLY COPY Armored Warfare’s clickers.
    And I mean, right now – make it happen in 9.8!

  101. Very nice, artillery actually looks fun and balanced and is not an
    impediment to battlefield movement.

  102. Yep the arty play looks good. I didn’t notice but are the buildings,
    shipping containers, etc. destructible?

  103. It’s interesting, the crosshairs used in this game remind me of Jimbo’s gun
    sights, a mod for World of Tanks. It seems Armoured Warfare is looking at
    all of the shortcomings of WoT, and trying their damned hardest to rectify
    those issues. You can call this game a copy cat as much as you want, but
    there’s no doubt that it will be a great game. And actually getting our
    hands on modern combat vehicles and tanks, is something very special and
    allows for extremely fast paced gameplay, as Jingles said. I also enjoy how
    quickly the guns appear to aim, it actually gives me more of a satisfied
    feeling, in that I’m actually wielding a cannon, that doesn’t have the
    potential to fire a shot off at 45 degrees after 3 seconds of aiming. I
    love WoT for what it is, but the developers will be responsible for ruining
    their own game eventually. The sounds, graphics and physics currently
    outclass WoT. More importantly, they’re doing an excellent job with
    gameplay mechanics, artillery especially. The lack of that damned 25% RNG
    also makes this game much more skill based. Well done Obsidian, keep this
    up, and you’ll have made an excellent game that will no doubt, go as far,
    if not further than WoT.

  104. Love how Jingles avoids mentioning issues with WoT by referring to “armored
    fighting vehicle games” with issues AW addresses.

  105. looks like they made the arty play like bert the avenger,

  106. and while this happen WG makes the carriers better than arties in every way
    possible, lolz. Really looking forward to AW, may finally bid farewell to
    WG once and for all.

  107. Kibbled Bro (KibbledEggs)

    REALLY THOUGH, can someone answer how they are going to model armor of
    tanks that have classified armor?!?!?

  108. To similar to WoT for me.

  109. No!

    You know, for as much as people talk (in these comment sections and in
    stream chats and other places) about hating artillery, and how OP it is
    (since people generalize all artillery based on a few pieces that may
    actually have some OP feature to them), I really don’t get that much flak
    in game about it. I see one or two lines of text every 10-15 games or so.

    The bitching I tend to see the most is usually very high XVM rated players,
    who do stupid shit and expect to not get shot and then turn around to chat
    and say stupid shit like “Why would you shoot at me instead of those 4
    heavy tanks” when the answer couldn’t be any clearer: ‘They were playing
    smart and holding behind cover, you stuck your face out and just sat there
    way too long as if *demanding* to be shot by artillery’. Or the other
    typical response, accusing an arty of shooting them just because they have
    good stats while ignoring the fact they may be in one of the most dangerous
    tanks on the enemy team (especially in the hands of a good player) “But
    it’s just a medium” (I’m looking at you Mr. Unicum STB-1 Driver). Similar
    to an AMX 50 120 driver (unicum) who I shot 1 shell at, and hit him for
    something like 1100 damage (lucky me), he says “focus me more”, I’m like “I
    shot one shell at you the entire game, Herpiddy, such focus”. There’s also
    the very rare occurrence of catching flak for no reason. Like this T-62A
    driver in a battle I was in the other day, I never even fired a shot at him
    the whole game, but at the end of the match he says in chat “Fuck you M53”,
    entirely out of the blue. 😛

    People really just do not realize/acknowledge how actually frustrating it
    can be, and generally is, to play an arty piece in WoT, instead they just
    revolve around a few OP ones. If you pull up stats on wotlabs (for example)
    and look at tank statistics and average damage, even the most “OP” of arty
    (the CGC) isn’t even in the top 20 tanks for average damage (it’s actually
    almost 30, at 29 (with the highest avg game damage of all artillery)). In
    these high tier arty we are talking guns which have an *average shell
    damage* of 2k or higher, doing an average of less than 2k total damage per
    game with multiple shots, having average accuracy [considerably] below 20%.

    There’s also never any mention of how little exp/credits artillery tend to
    earn. Nor any mention of how demanding teammates are, especially those who
    have no understanding of how arty works and demand you do what they want,
    then get all pissy when you can’t fire a shot every 5 seconds at their
    target. I’ve found that these types of people actually tend to be more
    frequent than anti-arty people.

    I’ve actually been rather surprised here lately, too, more frequently
    seeing other players defending arty against the anti-arty whiners in battle

    But enough about all of that, the way AW is heading is interesting, and
    different. Though not having seen but so much AW footage up to this point,
    I question whether arty in AW even needs to perform the way arty in WoT
    needs to perform (it doesn’t seem like it is necessary). Are players
    actually using heavy hull-down tactics in AW, or is it mostly just a

  110. holy crap the Abbot looks like the Paladin.

  111. I love the new arty mechanics. That looks like so much more fun than being
    stuck as little more than a stationary mortar position in WoT. It does feel
    more focused towards keeping the game moving along.
    Very few of those games did I see people camping like their lives depended
    on it..its brilliantly refreshing.

  112. The artillery system in this game looks really good.

    It is sort of like the carriers in World of Warships. They’re going to
    potentially spend half the game fighting each other and not bothering the
    rest of the normal team.

  113. wow impresive Obsidian

  114. It looks pretty good to me. Well done Obsidian for doing what you’d said
    you would do.!

  115. War Thunder didn’t do an awful job of implementing artillery as well. It
    does give a warning if there’s arty incoming to your sector, and you have
    about 10 seconds at least for the ranging salvo to finish, and for you to
    escape the immediate area, or else you risk POSSIBLY being destroyed by it.

  116. Speaking of overpowered artillery and sportsmanship, I’m reminded of a game
    long ago on El Halluf back when that northwestern corner was where tanks
    went to die by arty.

    I was in my Tortoise and made mention in chat that I had yet to ever be
    1-shotted in it. Can you guess what happened that game? Challenge accepted;
    enemy T92 with an AP shell just ripped my ass a new one, -2000 hp. I had a
    good laugh with the guy about how he was looking for that opportunity once
    I opened my big mouth. If only I had the replay…

  117. excellent,game looks fantastic and seems to flow very well.
    looking forward to giving this a go.

  118. I can’t wait for armored warfare to come out

  119. This looks absolute balls. HP bars, what is this 2003?

  120. greetings from germany to the Mighty Jingles nice work! thank you for
    making this vid

  121. Love how the comments degenerate into wot rage against arty. But aw version
    does look promising, I like it better and may even play some arty when it
    goes online. I am getting sick and tired of the wot community (certain ones
    in it ) that constantly rage about how great their stats are and how
    everyone is a noob( except them of course) And blah blah,so a change of
    pace would be welcomed I do like me some tank game though, I was a grunt in
    the army, but I picked armor when I joined,so much for riding lol. Carry on
    Jingles Good Job as always.

  122. You might have opponents now that are civil like that guy you killed, you
    had those in the closed beta of WoWs but what is going to happen when the
    drooling masses that cannot play a game without smack-talk appear like they
    have started to do now in WoWs?

  123. “Take care, and ill catch you next time”

    Guys, we are pokemons in the eyes of jingles. I’M CHARMENDER!

  124. can i dmg a tree with HE??

  125. JINGLES, how do we submit questions for you to answer on mingles with

  126. They’re taking the game foward. Looking awesome. and i’ve always said that
    arty needs to take more part in game, first by having smoke shells. YES!

  127. +Dylan Sanner hand

  128. Really, REALLY loving the rain effects on the tank. It is like you are
    actually looking through the visors and periscopes of the vehicle instead
    of just slapping a crosshair on your hud. I’m a sucker for just random
    cosmetic effects in games and that rain effect on your tank is amazing.

    Good to hear that the winning team doesn’t get gold awards for just being
    on the winning team as well; hope this stays into closed beta, open beta
    and into open release. More games need to stop kicking the losing team in
    the teeth so hard. Don’t get me wrong; if you win the game you should be
    rewarded, but 50% bonus is a little much..

    “Artillery… I like it” Uh oh! I think we lost him bo- Oh…
    oh…interesting. I hate to say it; but from the footage and damage
    numbers; Artillery looks like it might be in a GOOD spot. For the first
    time ever… I think I can say that Artillery might be… FUN to play.
    Counter-Battery being completely free so long as you are willing to wait
    and hunt. It is almost like Cat&Mouse; those kind of mind games are really
    cool actually.

    There are so many mechanics in this game that make it different; I love it.
    I know things will change as the direction goes on but from the footage
    provided; it looks good. Which is more than I can say for another game..
    and no it isn’t WoT.

    Looking forward to this game when it comes into CBT and OBT this year.

  129. I want to play this game so damn bad!!!, wish open beta/early access would
    kick off!

  130. This game seems to have the modern battle style locked and loaded. It is
    data rich, networked, and very mobile. It is less Cold War massive, more
    Gulf War, and post Gulf, light and fast. It is very much the opposite of
    the more brute force armored games coming from the World War 1 and 2 era
    battle styles. There, lots of heavy tanks and super heavies, land
    battleships, are included to survive the ham handed gun and artillery
    mechanics of the game.

  131. now this is something worth trying to play when it comes out :D

  132. kinda nice that you have a chance to carry if your team craps the bed, and
    love the fact that the winning team only gets a 25% bonus when they win.
    rewards skilled play so like he said you can still be rewarded for being
    skilled when your team is all window licker

  133. Jingles do you think that the way obsidian has handled artillery for
    Armored Warfare might persuade Wargamming to do likewise with artillery in
    World of Tanks? I mean i believe artillery is necessary and how it is
    necessary in World of Tanks, but i do agree with the way Obsidian handled
    arty in Armored Warfare is the best possible way to do it. WWII artillery
    was deffinatley not as accurate today, but back then they did have the
    technology to be able to get shots in within feet of the target and
    subsequent shots would probably be directly on target. So i think accurate
    artillery in WOT is a good idea. And having it so the RNG isnt kicking Arty
    players in the teeth everytime they pull the trigger. What do you think?

  134. The devs of armored warfare really did a great job with artillery. I wish
    wg would get their heads off their arses and started doing shit about the
    abomination in Wot. Hats off to you armored warfare! Now if you just could
    just let me in the alfa test :D

  135. Frankly, this game feels even more arcady, than WoT does :(. This firing
    effects… both audio and video. They are just bad, not satisfying at all,
    sorry. And I don’t see any armor mechanics. Just fire at a silhouette and
    pen everything everytime. No weak spots, no track shots, etc. It takes away
    from the gameplay. I don’t know… I wanted this game to replace WoT for
    me, but it doesn’t seem like it. Too simplistic and basic for my taste.

  136. Jingles, you should become a political commissar for a new games. Always
    same story, this is the best game, the previous was crap and so on. We
    heard all that before. Just remember your critics about WoT when you
    discovered WT and then critics when WoWS comes about. Jingles you are “old”
    but you behave as unreasonable kiddo. You need to be more consistent not to
    change mood every 5 minutes. After playing 30k+ games I become bored,
    annoyed and pissed off and I deleted my WoT account and do not brag about
    it any more. However, I still enjoy watching all WoT and especially WoWS
    videos on YouTube but that is all.

    This game is just another game similar to WoT and WT-GF and as soon as
    become available for free download it will be full of idiots and shit as
    every other. As long as the game is closed Alpha or Beta than all is OK but
    as soon as it is available to all than everyone will come in. Only the game
    which will have very detailed system of selecting players for the battle
    according to their play and their behave in previous games and keep them
    out from positive players, will be good game. Now Jingless a one million
    pounds question: Will there ever be such game? I guess not as gaming
    industry is for a profit and not for a morality, and idiots pay the game as
    well as any other player. These “Free games” are amazing. In three years of
    me playing WoT I spent about 1000 EUR per year, so now think how happy
    would be WoT to keep 1000 idiots who spend such money. Absolutely same goes
    for everyone. Therefore Jingles, do not get excited for something that you
    are going to curse in a less than one year.

    About artillery, I honestly do not understand what are you talking about.
    During my military career as CO and involvement in very real war I can tell
    you that this artillery is bizarre and unrealistic. I never had any warning
    about incoming artillery attack, neither they ever knew, let alone see
    where we were at that time. Artillery gets GPS coordinates and hope that
    given charge will propel shell as close to the target as possible. In that
    kind of artillery there is no visual, all is based on calculations and

    This is just game and nothing else, and you do not expect any similarity
    with real thing. Artillery in games will be hated and destructive as
    always. Jingles get real, you were in military and I understand you were in
    Navy but still as NCO or CO you should learn about this things in military
    academy as well as I did.

  137. wait… an abbot has an autoloader?
    and doesn’t is fire he AND hesh?

  138. Challenge Accepted, it was a lot of fun and the graphics were great. It was
    fun, in the morning I would play on the EU server then later in the day I
    would play on the NA server. Can’t wait for the next test period…

  139. This and Pillars of Eternity, Obsidian is moving to the big league this
    year, I’m happy for them.

  140. Jingles liking artillery ? Get out of this body you impostor !!! 😀
    More seriously, arty in this game seems very fun to play, unlike in WoT.
    Can’t wait to try this game when it comes out. As always, great video
    Jingles, take care !

  141. Krzysiek Dobranowski

    Hey, Jingles. I have a question. Will you find some time while beeing in
    Warsaw to meet up with your fans?

  142. james fairley (Jamesalot)

    oh jingles name is aabot now lol

  143. LordDerpington OfPotatoSalad

    Waiting for Circon to fund a knockoff of Armored Warfare and name it,
    “Armored Wellfare.”

  144. james fairley (Jamesalot)

    jingles i got an idea just blur out ur name on vidss

  145. Very excited to actually have an artillery class that might be fun. Looks
    good so far!

  146. That’s it!!! The world is coming to and end!!! Jingles played ARTY!!!!

  147. Shocking what happens when a company actually listens to its player base.
    Obsidian is actually making arty appear fun to play and neither OP nor UP.
    It has a definite role that does not run counter to what the game wants to
    do. I wish Wargaming would listen, but with their attitude that just does
    not happen. Until someone starts siphoning money away from them, anyway.

  148. It’s quite interesting:
    Gajin looked at WoT, and said “We can do something different”. They took
    the general “MMO about tanks” idea, and made a simulator game, which has
    way more realism and is beautiful, but loses somewhat in the terms of
    actual playability.
    Obsidian looked at WoT, and said “We can improve that”. They took the
    general idea and the actual gameplay mechanic, and then went on fixing
    WoT’s shortcomings, so they end up with a game that is even more playable
    than both WoT, and is easy to get into for a WoT player.
    I’m kinda looking forward to AW, even though I’m not really into modern
    warfare theme…

  149. Oh no, Jingles has stopped livestreaming World of Tanks and is now playing
    and enjoying artillery? WHERE DID WE GO WRONG

  150. My problem with the arty is that being able to actually see them makes them
    not want to fire or risk dying instantly to the 3 arty that will be on the
    other team. The ping is more than enough as it is. On top of that, almost
    none of the arty were that fast to begin with, so even while moving, the
    enemy arty will kill you in two shots even if you try to move. They need to
    put the arty in that they showed in their video: Napalm strikes, EMP
    shells, big splash damage to multiple tanks, and smoke grenade shots. Right
    now it’s still the same as WoT only with the pings.

  151. Christopher Harper

    What you have is a very filtered through alpha test group of people that
    have some brains and some ethics about what they do.
    Of course they are going to be good sportsmen.
    Even in the current state I am sure every potato will be pushed to raging
    by being shot by an enemy they can’t see.
    Just like Micheal Moore called snipers cowards.
    It looks good though, Jingles.
    Good review.

  152. A-ZProductions102

    Armored warfare should add machine guns such as coaxial guns in the game
    like in war thunder. They should be used to distract enemies and pen
    lightly armored targets. I’ve always wondered what it would look like with
    machine guns in a game that is more arcade.

  153. Lol, last game with Abbot, there you are! +dier2tte :D

  154. nice… now all I need to worry about are those missiles. arty does seem to
    be more fun with counter play.

  155. Arty is under powered 

  156. my question, why isn’t this Scorpion in WOT?! it’s not a smoothbore gun so
    they could easily put it in the game. they even have a 90mm variant.

  157. This game is really looking great so far.

  158. I love how awesome the impacts are when the artillery hits something. It
    really adds to it in my opinion.

  159. I’m liking what I see. Lately world of tanks has felt more and more like
    it’s all RNG no skill. It feels as though wargaming has been
    actively trying to remove skill as a factor from their game with every
    patch so that bad players will win and spend more money, and even though I
    am enjoying the Beta of world of Warships (it really is a good game)
    Obsidian might just steal my business from wargaming when armored warfare
    comes out. Seriously I haven’t even played my T92 in wot this year! I
    might as well just sell it at this point…which sucks because it took so
    much work to earn.

  160. Wow arty looks genuinely fun to play now. No more clicking away at the top
    down view and scrolling through twitter in the other hand.

  161. TheAllMightyLight

    if i had any space on this comp i would get this… looks great!

  162. Great vid Jingles.

  163. In world of tanks for accuracy is higher or lower the number better?

  164. I can’t wait to watch tank reviews for Armored Warfare, especially Main
    battle tanks like the Abrams and Leopard 2 or the sexy T90

  165. To me, the biggest frustration of arty in WoT was they greatly effected the
    outcome of the match without actually being in combat. They just watched a
    map, and clicked on targets. Sure you can go more in depth with arty, but
    boil it down, its a point, click, kill player that can ruin your day with 1
    hit. Its why people hate on snipers in FPS games.

  166. At least the interface looks less like a WoT copy/paste than it did last

    That really rustled my feathers. 

  167. I was on both servers a bit during this test.
    My name on the U.S. server was Jangles. lel.

  168. Jingles 1 question i have when is the oficial game lanch? Anyone knows 🙂

  169. I appreciate this review and look forward to playing AW. So many games…
    so little time. Please keep up the great work.

  170. Is it just me or do you guys have a feeling that wargaming is going to do
    the exact same thing or going to come bear arms and rage at armored warfare
    and the Company

  171. WillroyTheNoScoper

    why not make certain areas in the map *danger zones* or something like
    that? *drop areas* using red marking.

    in these areas you have to be very cautious (fast) to avoid getting
    destroyed by overhead artillery, yet in other parts of the map, its all
    green, all about that close range fighting and sniping.

  172. Jingles, will you be pre-uploading videos the same way you did when you
    went to the USA?

  173. the artillery in AW requires SKILL?


  174. Ryan “Avro Vulcan” Chen

    hmmmm sounds like its better than WoT!!!

  175. Fatih “Turksta1986” mehmet

    As always your a great informer jingles… thank you for sharing.

  176. Well judging by the footage,I would say the new aiming sight of the
    artillery sucks big time,as it makes it hard for player to predict enemy
    movement when they are hiding behind cover and the fact that the angle does
    not seem to be capable of rotating to a different

  177. Diamondhero253_ (world of tanks, war thunder, minecraft, etc.)

    Oh please dear god, tell me they have a sheridan!!! Also I think they
    should have the m113 as a low-tier scout. 

  178. Artillery looks good, too bad about the designers about WoT not being able
    to do the same thing.

  179. I was congratulated on an arty shot in WoT, it was on Widepark and I got a
    shot right through one of the windows of a destroyed building.

  180. I’ve given up all hope on WoT. The Devs lately having just been making so
    many bad desicions and the infamous Serb has become so incredibly hostile
    and is now just a massive asshole. I like AW but I certainly do hope that
    fixes to optimization of the game will come next focus test (or if the next
    will be closed beta) AW will hopefully smother WoT and take the place on
    the top of the Genre that WoT has monopolized.

  181. MagicalFlyingYoshi !

    Oh my god this game looks amazing! Shut up and take my money!!

  182. Hats off to them for LISTENING!!! Love it so far. NOW, if only the
    graphics can be a little more less cartoony. Say what you will about that
    other game…the one by *G. It DOES look gorgeous with max settings and
    that’s one thing a game needs to do for me…IMMERSE ME!! Otherwise 100%
    on track, hope they continue.

  183. Wow wot better step up their game or their gonna lose a lot of people to
    this GJ obsidian now I can play more of your games other then NV

  184. You’d think with how easy it was the make arty fun, WG would have done
    something similar by now. Must be too easy

  185. This game looks just like wot

  186. Loving that arty. That’s an excellent system.

  187. That is a brilliant way to implement arty, that actually looked like a lot
    of fun. Wow, I actually won’t hate it.

    Finally, arty gets a basically separate game that doesn’t detract from the
    game played by the other classes.

    WOT is almost certainly going to copy at least a few elements of it.

  188. Bravo!!! Brilliant even! It would seem that Obsidian did, in a few weeks,
    what WG failed to do in 4 years-balance the awful class known as artillery.
    Sooo simple in concept. I hope it remains as depicted, for the most part,
    in your video.

  189. Will armored warfare be for Mac?

  190. The problem Armored Warfare has with it’s artillery is exactly the same one
    WG has with it’s artillery: Artillery VS Tank is one-way combat. There
    simply is no way whatsoever for tanks to fight back against artillery. AW
    may have taken steps to make arty better, but at the end of the day it’s
    still going to promote camping and punish aggressive play by the simple
    fact that you can’t shoot at what you can’t see and nobody can see campers.

  191. $1.99 Happy Meal With Fries

    This is starting to look really good, even artillery.

    I’m getting happy in my pantaloons.

  192. I wonder what’s stopping Obsidian from introducing WW2 tanks as well in
    some kind of special ‘minus’ tiers at some point in the future or game
    mode, making the other tank game redundant.

  193. hey WG have a look how arty should be! enough of the one shot chit!

  194. I see there are plenty of people who are struggling to grasp the concept
    that this isn’t a carbon copy of WoT, it’s just the same genre. If this is
    a copy of WoT, then CoD is a copy of BF and LoL is a copy of DotA. If you
    don’t like AW, fair enough, say why without spewing bullshit.

    There are going to be things that are the same (like the arty like jingles
    said) but it’s in alpha and still being made. If you strip down most games
    to a basic level, a lot of them will be the same.

  195. I love world of tanks but i hate arty in world of tanks more. And the
    arrogance of wargaming regarding arty and gold ammo are just geting
    intolerable, so AW is the way to go. Such a shame.

  196. The explosion effect when shell hit the ground from the arty point of view
    looks really cool

  197. +The Mighty Jingles I don’t believe he gets any of my e-mails with my

    I’m one of the ignored…… I play some good games too. So yeah, pretty
    biased commentary.

  198. It’s great that AW is making their game good and fun, listening to the
    community and all, but it’s also great because then Wargaming are gonna
    have to get their shit together if they wanna keep their customers. I know
    once I can play AW, I’ll probably be doing most of my artillery playing in
    that game instead. I love the idea of artillery, and I do play arty in WoT,
    but it’s just so poorly implemented in it. AW arty got all the basics down
    with their arty perfectly it seems. I don’t mind the slow-paced nature of
    World of Tanks with the arty, but they can definitely take some notes from
    AW I think.

  199. Fascinating stuff, Jingles…

    Tell me, though: how is the Arty in AW, in terms of ammo/operating costs
    versus rewards earned?

    One of my biggest issues playing Arty in WoT is the frustration of paying
    several thousand credits for ONE shell, firing it, having it land a quarter
    mile off target, and knowing that I’ll get NONE of that back. Knowing that
    even if you do plant a big hit into someone, you’ll be needing all that
    monstrous damage just to break even after the cost of not only the shell
    that hit, but all the other shells that either missed, or did puny little
    bits of splash damage that couldn’t hope to recoup their own cost. Not to
    mention the psychotically high cost of repairs if you get killed…

    So the sight of pumping out all those shells for relatively little
    result… Makes me feel a bit queasy, with my WoT viewpoint.

    I assume that you’re paying costs more or less in line with comparable tank
    ammo, then? That playing a game like the ones you showed is NOT an express
    ticket to a six-figure resupply bill??

  200. +The Mighty Jingles which why jingles i believe armored warfare will ruin
    world of tanks if these stupid russians dont fucking do anything about
    their game

  201. Can’t wait to play this and ditch WG and WoT.

  202. Didn’t obsidian pretty much make fnv?

  203. finally somebody smart enough to implement artillery that isn’t ratardedly
    over powered

  204. I do like the changes to artillery makes it more of a strategic game you
    have to play if your using them

  205. Still, I wish they had left arty out of the game entirely. Though it’s
    damage seems to be no more severe than other tanks’ it’s still magical
    damage from the other side of the map from a vehicle you can’t see nor
    shoot back at. The arty ping is a nice idea, but that is simply an arty
    killing mechanic to keep artillery in line. So, it’s a mechanic put in
    place to alleviate arty. It would have been simpler, and better in my
    opinion, to simply dump arty instead of trying to find remedies for them.

  206. I wonder what would happen if one were to have a game like this (anyone
    ever noticed the term moba, while technically fitting almost any mp game in
    existence – fits wot, wows, war thunder etc better than dota styl games?)
    where only the winning team would get stuff? would that acutally force
    people to play the objective and learn match strategy?

  207. I hope they change the shell animation to something that doesn’t look like
    a flare, and put more detail into suspension driving over uneven terrain
    (looks very stiff) but otherwise I am hyped for this, WoT2.

  208. jared hk (Digingholes)

    +Philos Reaksa Himm 1. I think the difference is every thing is faster
    paced do to vehicles moving faster like a M1 Abrams in real life can do 45
    miles per hour on flat ground (Omg god I just thought something imagen that
    68 ton monster powering a full throttle toward you O_O) 2. All about
    preference man I think right now I’d choose WOT because AW isn’t out of
    beta and I really don’t like War Thunder (Yes I said I don’t likeWar
    Thunder lol).

  209. jared hk (Digingholes)

    +MerryJerry I was referring to ground forces I cant stand the slip and
    slide mechanics in place.

  210. bye bye world of gold

  211. little less aim time and more bullet travel then balanced

  212. Goodbye World Of Arty, hello Armored Warfare… :)

  213. Is it just me, or do the HE shell mechanics appear to be damned near
    IDENTICAL to WOT’s old-school pre-nerf HE…. I don’t see that as a
    particularly good thing….

  214. WOT needs to take notes.

  215. This just shows the difference between a Western Developer and an Eastern
    one (WG). Western devs actually listen to the community, who better to
    advise on how the game plays after all, and change features accordingly to
    try and improve things. Meanwhile in Soviet Russia, sorry Belarus, the
    community suggest improvements and changes for 5 years and all we get is
    “How Terrible…”.

    The game looks great, cannot wait to play it.

  216. Wow as far as i can tell now, this seems to be a great game. No one handed
    CGC drivers either nuking you or shooting once a minute and miss.

  217. Juan Diego Valencia Arango

    All the brains at WG couldn’t form half a brain just to solve the Arty
    problem. Then it comes AW and with a simple and elegant solution shows that
    listening to players is the way to go. Shame on WG, congrats to AW.

  218. I feel like this was the artillery step Wargaming should’ve taken but no
    they bring artillery that might as well blow mountains away

  219. From ritatritastatusreport blog:

    – Artillery will be rebalanced this year apparently – and by rebalance
    Storm mentions real rebalance, not nerf, with possible changes to the
    artillery mechanism. The insider adds that the new mechanism is apparently
    inspired by the Armored Warfare artillery;


  220. Samuel Giovannucci

    That is awesome! I really like how that arty works.

  221. Wow a T18 just with a another Skin -.-

  222. I heard storm say wargaming is considering doing what armored warfare has
    done with their arty. It’d be a blatant copy. But it does seem like the
    right way to go. Let’s hope.

  223. So if WG were to implement this, how would they do it to tanks like the

  224. I loath to say it, the game play of this game looks so good, armored
    warfare will bury the competition exclusively because its dynamic.

  225. Look at this WG, just look at this.
    That is the way to implement SPGs into a game, not your stupid
    RNG-influenced lottery.

  226. Jingles please make more World of tanks rewew videos ;)

  227. I have to say the absolute best difference I’ve seen so far between AW and
    WOT is being rewarded for doing well when your team sucked. The arty
    mechanics are nice also but I’ll take the reward system over that any day.

  228. Lol, game is in alpha test still, wait until the game goes live THEN you
    will get the ” fucking arty faggot go kill yourself “. You know damn well
    the same people that play WoT will play AW so its going to happen.

  229. 20:30 — “It isn’t all down to a roll of the dice…”; is there anything
    cuter than naive realism? If it’s a game (computer and otherwise) there’s
    a fairly high chance it does all hinge on a roll of the dice, even if you
    have choices to make. It makes me wonder how long before “Armored Warfare”
    loses the “new tank game” smell and the grinding begins, because where
    there is grinding, there is much rolling of dice.

  230. Looks an excellent game even in its unfinished state, wonder if certain
    other games will look at AW arty and emulate it in their game. It would
    be good to have a choice of modern and WW2 games to play.

  231. I really like the game play on this for the arties….my only question is
    will there be lakes for scumbag arties to dive into at the end of the game
    or will they have to face the music like the rest of us?

  232. This game looks amazing i wish this would come out on the PS4 or Xbox One
    that would be awesome

  233. So unlike real life the Scorpion’s 76mm. doesn’t fire HESH….. The PT-76
    has only 30mm. of armour where as the Scorpion has 63mm. frontal armour in
    real life. (I used to crew a Scimitar in the late 70’s). 

  234. Did anyone else notice that the first kill of the video was by

  235. The game looks absolutley awsome just hope that they dont lean twords the
    plus 2 tier match making

  236. Michael Giliberto

    It looks like World of Tanks on Steroids

  237. Nice, like what they did with the Arty, Is there a release date yet for
    those of us not lucky enough to get in on the focus test?

  238. To be quite frank, I wonder if the game developers would ever include one
    of the stallwarths of modern warfare: multiple rocket launchers like the
    Grad, MLRS or such. In higher tiers this would mean a lot more trouble,

  239. Storm: “SerB! SerB! The artillery in AW is soooo better than our!”

    SerB: “………..How terrible.”

  240. The Crazy Pineapple

    The artillery… It seems that this game tries to be the Dota 2 of
    wargames. And it seems it’s achieving it.

  241. Arty players are still scumbags though…

  242. This artys are even worse than in WoT… It’s like having an annoying FV
    304 with better accuracy constantly shooting at you… Where’s the
    improvement on this? A chance of being 1-shot once in a will vs a shot
    every 5 sec that certainly will take out at least a low dmg… This will
    ruin the game even more than in WoT, that harrasment will be highly
    detrimental for the gameplay. Why do they have to even exist in the first
    place? They clearly have no place on this games, since everybody is
    struggling to find a balance that apparently doesn’t exist, except for War
    Thunder’s support arty, in the other hand I like the counter-battery

  243. For a while, probably because I’m still a mediocre WoT player, I haven’t
    quite understood the reasons that artillery gets so much vitriol in that
    game. Your explanation helped me understand that and so I thank you for it
    (and I would definitely be happy for Wargaming to take steps in this
    direction like they said they might do).

  244. Are they adding subs to world of warships

  245. Despite the fact they’re adding artillery I have to say its really well
    thought out and so far looks to be balanced. Wouldn’t surprise me in the
    least if Wargaming copies them to prevent the arty haters from leaving
    their game.

  246. Is there going to be auto aim?

  247. Cpt_Oblivious_36 -ANVlL-

    yep, between Fractured space (Free Weekend Warrior here) WoWS that I can
    Not wait for, and now Armored Warfare… ya I got my gaming lined up for me
    for the near future.. now if only TES online would go F2P =0)

  248. I hope this game won’t have the same grind as WoT

  249. That was an amazing gameplay mate. Do you know roughly when this game will
    be released or how can I get to try it? I’ve signed up for beta but didn’t
    get it.

  250. So basically, Obsidian took all the artillery suggestions that the various
    WoT server communities have been giving Wargaming for the last several
    years, and rather than being all “LOL NO NIGH-UNCOUNTERABLE MASSIVE DAMAGE
    FROM ACROSS THE MAP = BALANCED”, they instead actually implemented said

    …and it turned out to be really, really good.

    Huh. Turns out that every now and then, the general consensus of several
    hundreds of thousands of players *is* right. Who’d have thought.

    That aside, AW seems very…fair, as far as ingame feedback goes. Every
    time you’re lit up, you’re warned. Whenever you’re being actively targeted,
    you’re warned harder. Every time artillery looks in your general direction,
    you’re told to gtfo or be HE’d to death.
    Quite different from WoT’s utter lack of feedback unless you A: take damage
    or B: have grinded your crew to the point that they can tell you you’re lit
    up…three seconds later, after you’ve already begun taking damage.

    I look forward to giving the game a try.

  251. iacob5543534563465f malenchii

    jingles haw old are you ????

  252. I want to try this game because i think it is very interesting. I made an
    account for the game and submitted an application for the alpha test. How
    many people will get invited for the next test?

  253. 9:00 this is nothing special because in World of Tanks you get courageous
    resistance. If your team in AW is shit you will die quickly just the same
    as in WoT so how will you get good results with that? And to conclude that
    people love artillery while they’re still in the process of testing and
    development is a bit too early if you ask me. But yeah, the game looks very

  254. I should start making Jingles is missing plakets.

  255. It would be cool to have an optional tank cam window for the arty so a
    player can see his/her tank fire as well as see what’s going on around it 

  256. +Escylon I agree, also that the modern tanks can’t shoot on the move, just
    makes it feel like not a modern tank game.

  257. Jongles for the 100th ep of mingles with jongles why dont you do “draw my
    life” :)?? Where you draw pictures about your life and commentating on it 

  258. Jingles, being more a watcher as a player of the the Tank or warship games,
    till now. And being an ex gunner, I long could not understand some of the
    negative things I have heard many of you pro gamers, but must admit that on
    watching a lot of game play I have come to see things much the same. Now
    seeing this AW game play I can say they really have made a great effort to
    fit Arty better into the game play. In the real world Arty can be a
    determining “game changer” in battle and it works very differently than the
    games I’ved watch use it. The way it has been implemented definitely fits
    to the Arty principle of “Shoot and Scoot” as once a gun fires it becomes
    really easy to pick it out hiding in some corner behind cover. Also Gunner
    do or did a lot of it’s spotting of targets via observers on the ground
    including dedicated OP’s who call down the fire. So their new system of not
    having a top down view fits much better in my opinion. And adding the
    dynamic of the need to move much like the tanks they support make for
    excellent game play and closer to the real battlefield. As I said I have
    been more of a watcher but seeing this makes me want to get online and dump
    some wup-ass on someone. Do you know if they will introduce things like
    MLRS? Or as we used to call it “the grid square removal service!”

  259. i m not sure about this game..
    reminds to much on wot..
    americans only knows how to copy..

  260. Kattle Prod.uctions

    I think getting a warning you are being targeted by artillery is a little
    unfair. It is just a game, but realistically you would have no idea
    artillery is trying to kill you until the first round lands.

  261. Hey Jingles check out my TOG replay. I thought I did well despite being a
    TOG not in a platoon.

  262. +LostGifter4 I know man, so terrible. I can’t belive it.

  263. Up until this point I was concerned that there weren’t enough new ideas in
    this game. This artillery mechanic has shown me that Obsidian are still
    good developers, and can add fresh ideas to the arcade tank genre.

  264. Just for that first kill all i could picture was dolan duck

    ‘Acualy is jangles’

  265. Do you know if the T-14 Armata will be in the game? That would be quite
    overpowered, but amazing…

  266. +Imperial Scout Also Jingles, what do you think of this?

  267. Hey, Jingles, what would you do if I managed to record a WoT Xbox match and
    send it to ya? I could even do it in a tank PC doesn’t have yet. [T34-88 –
    Think a T34-85 with the tigers 8,8 cm Kw.K. 36 L/56.]

  268. cant wait for this game to go live!!


  270. low level arty on WoT i got a congrats on shotgunning someone when they
    least expected arty to show up around the corner.

  271. I have a battle replay from WT in which i scored 16 kills in about 3

  272. Man oh man i hate arty and playing arty in WoT but this looks like what i
    would think was fun … I just dont really like modern tanks :P

  273. why is it very similar to world of tanks?

  274. it is wery unrealistic, hovewer. i mean…. yea it is playable, looks good
    etc. but… when you look at it, you have to consult manual, all the time.
    things that are happening in here are pulled out of hat.


  276. You have a GTX 780TI and only 46 FPS on average……..there is some
    serious optimization needed, but hey, its alpha lets hope for the best.
    Obsidian gives enough reasons to be optimistic, unlike other devs in the
    room…yeah you two know who I am looking at, don´t you?

  277. My gosh! I want this game so bad.

  278. Damnit man! cool video.. 🙂
    Possible annoying spam below, consider yourself warned.

    Please Jingles do a video or videos of MWLL!! :/ Its really a great game.
    There are some players but we could really use some more… Its really
    great fun and very challenging, I hope you consider it… I’ll buy you a
    beer if you’re ever near Bristol way :P

  279. Jingles, Are you from the netherlands?

  280. Definitely agree the artillery was a blast to play this last time around.
    The only problem I had was using sniper view. Every time I entered the
    view, the turret started wildly gyrating in a 180 degree arc. If I took my
    hand off the mouse, it settled down to @ a 20% arc. Needless to say,
    Couldn’t use it. Other than that, this game is a welcome refresher from
    WOT…Good job Master Jingles…

  281. Take notes wargaming, us scumbags would welcome some of these changes in

  282. Trampek TheShoe (TrampekTheShoe)

    Because I’m an inconsiderate cockhead and I don’t care for people’s
    feelings, needs or interests, I’m going to spit out letters covered in
    venom that conveniently form the phrase ”Umg jingles no made video for 3
    days now he mustve abanoned yt qq jangles no love us unsub” and sit back
    while enjoying this *massive* insult to your person that you can’t possibly
    This is surely *foolproof!*

  283. how can I get it

  284. i ussualy never comment on any video on yt but i am simply amazed how
    obsidian managed to rebalance arty in such quick time and it is taking wg
    forever if they even are planning too.. i dont know if WG developers
    acctually do mean that arty is there to discourage camping when its fuckin*
    obvious it does completely the opossite.. and now they are nerfing every
    single high pen gun to make role of armor better and they are not touching
    the only thing in the game which totally negates armor and guess what it
    is.. but every story has its end and wg’s story will end cuz of arty.. i
    sure as hell will be playing AW when it comes out instead of this awesome
    game called World of tanks but with artilery that makes it so shit and
    frustrating that its unplayable,i will even pay to upgrade my pc if needed
    and i bet you i wont be the only one if wg does not do something about

  285. Niiice scorpion game, Jingles. I know what that music starts playing it’s
    gonna get interesting

  286. james fairley (Jamesalot)

    Hi (sorry for my bad english)

  287. I am actually going to play Arty in this game.

  288. man we can learn from this awesome arty stuff

  289. Now they will have to introduce the T-14…

  290. Abbot = British, Name: FV433 Abbot
    Do you think what i think cuz´ of that rapide fire ? 😀
    Abbot = FV304 xD

  291. jingles ru sick?

  292. ziggybass ziggybass

    When is this game going to run public MJ?

  293. Love the videos Jingles. I discovered you about a year ago…or more. and
    loved every single one of them. I havent read the rest of the comments so
    please take this with a grain of salt: use over the top names like Killer
    of GODs, Anihilator, Bringer of Doom, PANZERcock, THE JINGLENATOR. You get
    the point. My goal is to have a team of Panzercocks fight a team of
    KittyLickers. I’ll start on the second one

  294. Mighty jinglesbon worldnof tanks i sent a friend request so can you pls
    accept it btw my name on world of tanks is tankdeatroyer_gunner_1

  295. Wizl The Blonde Alien

    again – if it’s a hit point game i won’t play it. ever.

  296. the arty play looks nice thou, but wot arty do much damage you say?? naah
    it used to,but that was years ago.especially at the hightiers, how often do
    you see arty come out on top in a game?? hardly ever

  297. MonarchTherapsids Inostran

    +MonarchTherapsids Inostran i stand corrected xD

  298. Jingles any tips to completely Light mission 15 ??
    tryin to get the stug 4 and a female crew for my Jap tank any advice would
    be great! :)

  299. why have there been no videos lately?last one was 5 days ago

  300. You should watch apc227

  301. +Alex W He is in Warsaw, Poland.

  302. Veselin Karaivanov

    can you respawn?

  303. Veselin Karaivanov

    and what are the requirements?

  304. More content, please :)

  305. i just wonder how did you get the success for the closed Alpha testing.
    Which persons did you contact or did they even contact you?

  306. Can I play War Thunder with you? I have tier one planes and tier two tanks

  307. Where are u jingles its been 5 days

  308. Arty should kill tanks. Flank or top shots even near misses from 155mm guns
    should kill tanks. There was an article about it some time ago about the
    effect of artillery in armoured warfare.

  309. one question. How do you manage to get always these Accounts? do they
    contact you or what in heck do you do to get always the newest alpha or
    beta game accounts?

  310. +derpymuffin dude -_-

  311. Jingles, thanks for the thorough review.

  312. james fairley (Jamesalot)

    +Sean Lewis yesss

  313. what the… artillery that is FUN and FAIR? What kind of pact with Satan
    did OE make to accomplish THAT?!

  314. Jingles you bastard where’s a new video at

  315. Did i hear jingles say he likes arty?! What?!

  316. Where did jingles go? No videos for 5 days now. Did I miss a vacation
    announcement or somthing? Someone please explain.

  317. Jingles come back, we miss you

  318. For those who worry about Jingles not having uploaded anything for the past
    few days. He did mention in his last mingles with jingles video that he was
    going to visit wargaming league grand finals in Warsaw/Poland up until
    yesterday (monday).

  319. this game is amazing

  320. They made counter battery too easy

  321. I am having Jingles withdrawal!

  322. OH HELL YES, arty which doesn’t brake the game/cause camping/punish
    aggressive play/takes no skill, like in wot

    GJ Obsidian

  323. Omg jingles are you dead ? You haven’t uploaded in a week il be dead soon
    without your vids :(

  324. Aaaaand we have tuesday already, tuesday evening, I miss my daily dose of
    jingles content^^

  325. What happened with posting everyday except sunday?

  326. Totally agree with your views on arty can’t wait to try this game. Arty in
    wot is so broken it should at least go back to pre buff so only tier 8 arty
    and when you did hit a shot it works

  327. I know this is just a test but, does this game need a higher graphics card
    then WoT’s?

  328. +The Mighty Jingles It seems that Obsidian didn’t just accept your
    challenge, they obliterated it. This looks fun. I’ve only played one game
    where artillery was actually both fun AND challenging, Mobile Suit Online.
    The difference there is that Artillery suits need to get pretty close to
    the action and they don’t really have much to defend them selves with.

  329. Roy-Normann Johansen

    Sorry about the noob word, I hate ut, usually never use it. I was one
    myself back in the day!

  330. Don’t like this game.

  331. From the looks of it, I’d rather play this than WoT..

  332. Arty loots like Battle assistant mod in WOT

  333. +Spydigger59 4gb ram would most likely be more than enough, more important
    would be what graphics card you have (if its not a gaming laptop it will
    probably use integrated graphics, which may not be enough)
    I have no idea what the requirements are though, the game looks a lot
    better than wot (especially with the weather effects, very nice), however
    jingles was most likely playing on ultra graphics settings

  334. Armoured Warfare just released there founders packs. I think it would be
    great to see a video from you talking about if they are worth it or not.

  335. Dear almighty jingles I have question I hope you will answer in 2 weeks :
    as a part of your (quite small) Belgian audience I would like to hear more
    from you about your experience in Belgium / with Belgian people, and did
    you ever went on board of a Belgian warship
    Or received a Belgian military on board of one of your ship, I think I
    heard some time ago that you worked in Brussels for a certain could you
    tell us more about that period, what about the food 🙂 ? and the beer 😀 ?
    (And soccer if you have any interest in it) and if you can’t give proper
    answers to the previous question can you tell us war stories about Belgians
    during WW2 like you did with the Canadians and the Australians I believe ?

    P.S. my name is Louis if you can’t pronounce Patou, or at least call me
    Fred but not Dave plz !!! ;)

  336. Is that game free to play? If it is when we will be enabled to install full

  337. waddlesmcsqueezy

    anyone notice that silentstalker was playing in that first match?

  338. Great job with the arty. I thing wargaming is more and more in trouble. And
    I’m playing wot for a long time now.

  339. This looks like so much fun.

  340. This game starts to look rather good, can’t wait to join in myself!

  341. fantastic game. i really want to get it!

  342. CarelessFacepalm

    So what? You prefer WoT? But the artillery is *much* better in AW!

  343. so a game full of Bert Avengers? as far as damage goes at least

  344. How many tiers are in this game? I know there were only 5 in the 2nd focus
    test, IDK how many there were in the 1st, but the third has 6, and I was
    wondering because I bought the thirty dollar bundle that gets me two tier 6
    prem tanks.

  345. +Ferocitan I used paypal and it worked the first time.

  346. Is this game free

  347. Looks great! Your generous praise has really changed my mind about studying
    hard and now I am going back to see if my application was accepted XD But
    anyway, when are you going to make a short series on nationalities? Can’t
    wait to see how the Russian line of tanks is represented here.

  348. MaszynyPancerne

    How many fps and what computer?

  349. CarelessFacepalm

    +MrMeoow91 failgaming will never learn

  350. Andreas Klausen

    I kinda feel like the “auto-loader” is just the crew firing a quick barrage
    on the position. Like in real life, where forward units request a number of
    shell on their target.

  351. Thank you Jingles and Armored Warfare! Wargaming almost had me convinced
    that I just had to suck it and be thankful, Soviet style.

  352. i’m really impressed with this game, can’t wait to play it.

  353. Dillion Finkral (fastdillion)

    funny how good games come from listening to their community. world of tanks
    could care less about the people constantly telling them to fix their game.

  354. artillery should get ap they do in real life to target buildings and
    stationary tanks but it should have almost no splash sound fair? it does do
    more dmg but not insanely so


    looks awesome

  356. +Dave A Closed Beta begins on may the 27th so you wont get a message with a
    download-link untill then.

  357. Jade dela Fuente

    Do you still like world of tanks 

  358. This seems like an interesting and fun game, but for the artillery. It was
    always highly dubious that a high-explosive shell could destroy a
    thickly-armored tank so there was always an element of unrealism to the
    artillery game in World of Tanks, but it seems like Obsidian Entertainment
    cranked things in the opposite direction and made artillery a
    non-contributor. That it does piddling damage versus MBTs isn’t an issue
    (it really should do none), but if you strike a very lightly-armored
    vehicle with an artillery shell 9 inches in diameter (the size of modern
    artillery like the American M109 Paladin), you should be blasting it off
    the map and into the horizon. Same thing with other artillery: a direct hit
    ought to do very severe damage instead of taking numerous shots to kill.

    I sometimes think that the competition to World of Tanks (Warthunder,
    Armored Warfare) focuses too hard on trying to do well what WoT does
    less-than-well and in the process forget that there is a very good reason
    that World of Tanks is so popular with such a giant player base. It’s well
    and good to avoid making artillery a game-breaker but reducing it to
    something that you can disregard even if you’re protected by paper and
    wishes opens the question of why include artillery at all. I hope this
    issue gets addressed in the next iteration.

    • +ultraboy222 As both were assault guns and neither was designed to lob a
      shell on a high arc to strike the top armor, the flub about how the top
      armor of a tank was poor isn’t relevant to those particular vehicles. As to
      very large-bore artillery, it’s probably true that a very large
      high-explosive shell could damage them but the issue is a theoretical one
      because of the nature of artillery. Because it was not designed to be a
      weapon with much in the way of precision, it had very limited precision.
      It’s roughly like a machinegun in that regard, a weapon purpose-built to
      blanket an area rather than precisely strike a target and to this day, it’s
      still used the way it was used in the second world war: an area weapon to
      obliterate soft targets, sow disorder, counterbattery opposing artillery
      into the ground, and fix an enemy in place. All that said, my original
      point stands: artillery is perhaps a poor choice for inclusion in World of
      Tanks and turned into a non-contributor in Armored Warfare because it’s
      scaled down too much to obliterate a soft target like an IFV, when it
      really ought to be powerful enough to do so in a single hit or even a


  360. I commented on another Jingles site about my dislike for WOT and its MM. I
    am happy to see that there is an alternative. Just the fact that if you are
    on a losing team and you have done well regardless, you are still rewarded
    properly, will make me sign up for this game. Good Job Might One!

  361. I know WOT die hards hate this game that have not played it
    This is not War Thunder tanks!

  362. I congrats a lot in WoT. I also have NEVER hated arty. I used to love arty.
    I played arty. I understood it. Then WG nerfed it to uselessness. By the
    time I spot some, get aim on them, and hope to even com,e close they have
    moved or I hit the guy 2 maps over. Its stupid. I want to play this SO

  363. Buying the founders pack which is £10, I cant wait it looks promising xD I
    absolutely hated World Of Tanks, mostly because of the way that if you are
    not an expert and have gold ammo up to your shoulders then you wont win, I
    mean I have the KV13 and no money and I get put into tier 8 matches and I
    don’t have the right cannon to do any damage what so ever. Also I had the
    KV-85 and done some serious testing with the game and noticed that if I
    don’t have gold ammo I wont be able to penetrate even my own tank and
    slightly below. The game in my opinion is just horrible and it makes me
    mad. War Thunder set me free and well its just 10x better than WoT in
    planes and in tanks :3

    • +Manwich Killer The KV-85 has penetration that can easily compete at tier 7
      and is adequate at tier 8. The 100mm gun is the best choice. It’s not
      really accurate, but it’s not very inaccurate either. It sits in the middle
      at 0.38 accuracy. Of course, it’s only logical to play a supportive role
      when you’re in higher tier games. You can’t simply expect to penetrate a
      higher tier heavy tank frontally with ease. That’s why they’re called
      “heavy” tanks. You either need to hit the weakspots, wait for a mistake or
      use the surroundings to your advantage (i.e. shooting downwards at sloped
      armor, taking shots at the lower glacis when they’re cresting hills,
      destroying tracks when they’re turning around houses…).

    • +Manwich Killer Well, the KV-13 is a bit peculiar. It’s a medium that tries
      to be a heavy with an adequate to bad gun. In Tier 7 games, it’s rather
      fine. More mobile than heavies but with enough armor to bounce some tier 6
      guns and even some t7 guns from time to time. The gun is adequate. The
      problem is that its armor means nothing in Tier 8 and Tier 9 and the gun is
      horrible as well. You essentially have a slow, “unarmored” tank with a bad
      gun in higher tiers. It works very nice in Tier 7 games, but in higher
      tiers it sucks more than usual. That’s why i dislike it and that’s why most
      people dislike it (and they don’t play it). You just picked a wrong tank to
      play lol. We can end this, i’m just saying that the KV-85 is a good tank
      and that gold ammo is absolutely not required. I always buy 5 to 15 gold
      rounds depending on the tank and the gun, but i rarely need to use it.
      Mostly at the end of the game in a 1v1 or similar live or die/win or lose
      situations. I don’t think i ever fired gold while playing with the KV-85 in
      the couple hundred games i had in it.

  364. the tanks just better fucking not be slippery slidey like in wt or stiff as
    shit like in wot when this comes out of alpha 

  365. Just bought the big pack because of this vid. Nice Gameplay!!

  366. KillerHUN_Hacker. ExE WARgaviktor

    what time open beta?

  367. Well bye Wot… Now Wot gets to pay the piper for not listening to their
    customers. I can’t count how many times the first hit I took i got ammo
    racked, fix it and the very next shot I took ammo racked me again making
    the rest of match absolutely no fun to play. Wot has no excuses, they have
    been bombarded with these types of complaints and did nothing. Glad to see
    American ingenuity working here. AW Looks like a good game to me and will
    only get better over time I’m sure.

  368. what server is this? i havent here

  369. “avoiding all the stigma associated with artillery due to the World of
    Tanks artillery experience”

    I never had a problem playing as artillery or in a tank vs. artillery. The
    only people that ever complained about it were really, really bad players
    that have no concept of cover, and seemed to immediately forget which way
    the enemy artillery would be firing from.


  370. Is this game a good alternative to Warthunder Ground Forces? I’m so tired
    of Gaijin.

    • +Daniel Rocha
      I’ve never played WoT, it looks too arcadey. This looks better than WoT to
      me. I need a WT alternative! Certain things like planes in ground force
      matches and low graphics cheating are annoying me, not to mention the
      complete Russian bias and broken matchmaking system.

    • +Daniel Rocha
      Man that really sucks and I did notice how fast the vehicles appear to move
      in AW. It’s weird how the Russians have seemed to monopolize online war
      games. I blame this mainly on stupid consoles draining the money out of the
      American market. I’m keeping my eyes out for a WT alternative, I know one
      will come soon it’s only a matter of time.

  371. cant wait to get in my arty in AW and screw WOT

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