Armored Warfare || This Tank is Just Overpowered!!

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Source: Kage

My god they just need to nerf it…


  1. Low res video? Sigh.

  2. even if you manage to pen the turret, you do less damage because its unmanned. what a fucking bullshit of a tank. i let you immagine in combination with the new commander in glops. you can do a lot of mistakes without being punished

  3. Thankfully there is a counter, 900 pen of the 2AX and 800 7.2sec completely butters it and any 490 driver should be afraid.

    Armours too good vs tier9s and 8s are helpless
    Dont agree about thr HP, 3.2k is super low for tier10

    • So the counter to this OP bullshit is playing just one tank in the game, just in case this thing rolls up.

    • @laalki80 Strong frontally, not so good on the side, very slow turning. Only seen one in game and they did kak in it

  4. Turret is not fabulous, due to slanted hull top.

  5. Love ur vids bro but I got to say this thing in my opinion is not really that op…it got boring gun handling and reload time…bad for open area even in pve cuz the side armor is a joke u gonna get nuked with HEAT, HESH or ATGM really fast from everywhere (except from the front ofc) when u got spotted….to me this thing is just a one trick pony u just gonna go up hill or down hill point ur gun forward and camping that’s all …I can’t even significantly help pushing for the team cuz on flat land that lower plate is nothing and u can’t angle cuz the side armor but a bit wiggle can help for sometime though…not a flexible tank to play at all. Ofc lower tier tank gonna struggle against this but I would take Chally 2 armor or 152 T-14 and 140 type99II over Object 490 any day. U got to try it man this tank is just plain boring. Anyway please keep up the good work my bro.

  6. 5:14 940 lol

  7. DrRocketman 779

    Well, I may come back to AW but I’m not paying my way for a tank that I have no chance to get.

  8. 2:28 410 mm? If I’m not mistaken that says 1140 mm.

  9. Let’s build the most overpowered tank we can do

    WoT devs: Come up with Object 268 Version 4
    AW devs: Hold my beer!

    Ok jokes aside… it’s not like this thing is godlike… the gun is appart from pen and alpha terrible and the tank is blind as a bat. They really seem to want the players use this thing at close range. That said if you get the side of it you can keep it tracked while farming the not so many HP without having to worry anything… just like the Bobject in WoT.
    BUT: No matter how bad the gun handling is it doesn’t really matter since you need one of the best guns in the game to pen the front and with that reverse speed and the maps we have in the game the front is all you will see (if the player is somewhat capable and his team doesn’t straight up suck). I can see this thing even beeing good enough to snipe (we’re not at WoT with it’s absolute joke they call accuracy).
    But i could see this thing with reduced side and lower plate armor in addition to lower speed still perform well and beeing ok for the game… but as long as you have to get a 45° angle on the side armor to even get the chance to pen it… good luck.

    I had guys in my team just yoloing and using the multiple-revive-jesus-kit to keep fighting and dying… a clear case of bigger pocket than brain, but if that’s how you want to play the game you can do it… or just use the T-15 which is way better for that playstyle.

  10. The hell? The menu name for this tank is Object 940, but once you loaded the proving grounds it turned into the Object 490. Damn this game had so much more potential.

  11. szechuan .sheridan

    I seriously swear that Armoured Warfare Assault (mobile version) is Fortnite to WoTB’s PuBG. Change my mind

  12. awf is kid game, full with brainless russian idiots

  13. To bad the game looks and performance like shit after 4 years of development time.

  14. Hmm…. TBH quite surprised to hear this game still exists given the seemingly aimless development and miniscule playerbase.

  15. this is just reinforcing my view that i was right to delete this game.

  16. Yep, the gun is over powered, but that is counted with the reload time and overall speed of Object 490. Also consider that you cant track targets by rotating the turret only. This vehicle has to be played partly as a TD. The damage done by the 152mm gun is on par with Leopard 2AX and XM1A3. The hit points is low compared to other T 10 MBTs, i.e. Chally 2 ATDU, XM1A3 and Leopard 2AX. Not easy to use this vehicle, but I’ve played many games in this vehicle and yet to be destroyed.

  17. Shoot the track, bam problem solved

  18. Give them time and they’ll nerf it. I’ll never own it because I don’t like spending real cash but it’s a weird looking tank that’s for sure.

  19. Gaustadt Panzer

    Wow! You can actually get the game to run? My ping is over 200 and all shots miss because the game is showing me the last locations of said target about 5 to 7 seconds ago! That’s what I get for trying to play a game that has no servers in the US. Oh well, and Mail.RU won’t be getting ANY more money from me.

  20. Russian and op as holy fuck? Whats new? T90ms is pretty crazy good to lol.

  21. Strengths? All the things
    Weaknesses? Has gone link dead.

    13s reload? Means fuck all when you literally cant die….

  22. Thanks for another great video Do you actually Have that tank that tank is crazy I’m only seen one on the battlefield it really reminds me of the mortar tank talk about devastating have you ever played that tank for A tear 8 tank it tears up the battlefield

  23. YES the hydro suspension is useful! You can lock it in place. that’s why. Need that extra bit of armor on that lower plate? No problem. Rock it forward, lock it in place, and now you’re nearly invulnerable from the front to everything in the game. It’s ridiculous. The only way to take this damned cancer machine out is to track it, hope he doesn’t have any friends or a repair kit, get behind it, and somehow stay there.

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