Armored Warfare || Tier 10 Premiums AND Lootboxes? OH BOY…

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This is just sad…


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  1. Always bring something great to play my good friend.

  2. 10 years of premium time? Haha! this game isn’t even gonna last long for 2-4 years because few players in EU/NA servers and the huge update of WoT. New upcoming modern tank games that’s gonna replace this ‘undead’ game.

  3. I miss obsidian

  4. the devs listen but it’s like half the time dumb unnecessary things are being added or removed. Player base, xray, arty, agtm aps balance should be on the main list to fix first.

  5. Dev I think the PvE game is very good now I’m back playing don’t care about loot boxes just want some more people tier ten premiums such a bad idea you wind up with idots in high tier game play its not pay to win it pay to be dumb

  6. Hmm, personally I could care less if noobs are at tier X if they want to be.

  7. Liutauras Grybauskas

    Oh my God… Last month WoTB release a tier X premium through loot boxes and now this?!

  8. The youtube ad that played before this was advertising Warthunder 🙂

  9. bad bad bad…. I almost decide to quit the damn game.

    • BlackPaw . Please dont man… we have already lack of people 🙁

    • Is it a good time to join as a new player ?
      Every place ive read says AW is a ghost town
      Edit : Relatively new, friend who has played for like 6-7 months gave me his acc, preffered to let me play and develop it, rather than let it just sit there

  10. WoT does have premium tier 10 tanks but you can only them via special tournaments or this campaign thing where you have to complete different missions for each class. Of course this will require a lot of grinding but this is for a tier 10 vehicle so of course you’ll have to work really hard for it.

  11. When is 152mm coming for T-14? Anyone?

  12. No players on servers? No matter! Pay, you fools, pay! xD


  14. No more fucking pay 2 win 🙁

  15. Up to this point I was defending the game and the developers but now I’m fucking pissed. What the fuck are they doing? This is literally the dumbest move ever. Fucking lootboxes and tier10 premium. Now I’m seriously considering leaving this shit.

  16. In motha rusha we like pay2win

  17. everything revolves around money .

  18. Yesterday i saw the Type99A2-140,and the Obj640 in platoon in a GLOPS match,they seemed the typical moneybag players,cause they sucked at it,my Leo2 AX did not had any problems dealing with them.2 Type99,and 1 Obj640 platoon was it.

    • Guy uploaded a vid about it, theres no difference between the Type99 prem and normal, its just a reskin.
      Normal Type 99 had less reload time
      Armatas 152 worries me in GloPs tho

  19. devyanshu shekhar

    I get it, tier 10s will be bad for the game ecosystem, but imma just ignore them. It’s not like they’ll be crazy game-breaking good tanks. And there will be far too few of them as you said. The number of people who’d fork out money for tier 10 prems is not going to be so large that it’s cancerous, and even then, again, as you said the drop rates to get them would be way too low. So yeah, even if I do not like the concept of payable loot boxes and such stuff, I’ll just let this pass under my salt radar.

    How bad can they mess up? Like balance 2.0 has already happened right?

    • personally for me even more than Tier 10’s is the fact that it feels like I can’t trust them anymore. We were told no tier 10 prems and now they are here so why should I trust what they say. and it is quite sad to say.

    • devyanshu shekhar

      I’ll just roll with it. If the devs say they won’t do it and yet they do, there has to be a legitimate reason.
      Yet, if they have made public statements saying no tier 10s,and yet have done so, it has put them in a disadvantaged situation.
      We can only wonder what their redeeming actions will be.

  20. Ultramarine For the Emperor

    Just let this game die, devs are trying to get every ounce of money you have and then say fuck you we are closing the servers, so many reskins and now this shit, IT’S TIME TO STOP !

  21. What a fucking bandwagon whiner, no wonder this game is dying. When the youtubers just bitch and moan like this.You are more than entitled to an opinion, but don’t come back crying in your high pitched grating voice when the games goes under..

  22. thanks for the video, but its a company and they want money…and as long players support this style..nothing will be change..

  23. there will be no tier 10 prem tank my arse…

  24. how AW died…. people who want top tanks are going to throw a stupid amount of money at this game to get the T14-152 and 99a2-140 just to they have the big boy guns in glops… T_T

  25. What do you expect from a known sleazy company:
    All they are interested in, is getting the cash ? ? ? !
    Look at the recent changes and pricing
    And that loot boxes and micro transactions are universally hated across the gaming world
    All the recent bad press with EU, Activision, Ubisoft, Perfect World etc… and still with all of that, they still pushing this forward.
    Best thing is boycott this event and forget about it
    It’s just a game after all

  26. I check the websites of Armored Warfare, War Thunder and the 3 Wargaming games for news every day and Armored Warfare is constantly putting out news about premium tanks.

  27. You will be even more pissed off when you see what we will receive on ~Wednesday. :/

  28. Deutschland First

    Try out the 65° angle it loos sooooooo much better!

  29. please above tier 8 or more to get loot’s the same as opening boxes at high tier compared to lesser rewards at tier 4 to 6

  30. thinkl they coped onto cash newbies . but it is pay to win, they want people to pay because its the same old apology pay to win. but they pay for developers its a tread off. world of tankjs has creepd back with pay to win, as long as you pick russian.this game is very similar. I only drive british tanks. check out the russian t 72 comparec with centurion of same level.

  31. WTF…they need to fix their problems and not create a new one.

    They invest their time in develpoing new premiums or camoflage for premium tanks instead of fixing the game and advertising it so more ppl play the game and eventually support it. Dead server can’t pay for development of all this premium shit.

  32. Noobs already get into tier 10 missions with tier 8 premiums

  33. I love tanks and armor. This is the best tank game for me so far. I liked this game and I still play it, even after the infamous update 0.19. This game is barely breathing due to the lack of players. The day I see tier 10 premiums I will uninstall it. And I don’t think I will be the only one.

  34. I have been away for 3 days, 3 DAYS, and I come back to this crazy ass stuff going on! I am totally confused on what this loot box, premium tanks and this tier X tank is all about. I am lost! HELP!

  35. Yeah, this is worse than even selling the bloody things for cash only.

    Sigh… I’m not even mad… I’m so jaded I can’t bring myself to be angry… I’m just tired of this shit…

  36. lol, that’s why most of us left when Obsidian did.. has a long history of money grabbing, milking games for money, running them into the ground, then ditching them for a new gimmick.. the cycle continues and all the players left are crying over something most of us saw long ago. Why do you think the servers have been dead for so long? Why do you think the initial crowd left. at the beginning there was huge excitement for a WoT competitor.. was already starting to show their true colors in the months leading to Obsidian’s leaving.. only now the diehards that are left are just realizing what is going on.

  37. Balázs Viserálek

    Its a bad way where the game is going. I like it, but its going to be worse and worse with every decision like this.

  38. AW is getting desperate

  39. I am from the future…… they screwed up big time the crates they where giving out AGDS and M60 2000 and another one I can’t remember the name of when the crates where not suppose to be giving out those tanks in the first crate and it didn’t give people the Chinese tank with the 140mm gun like it was suppose to so people that played 3 spec ops glops for two free crates or PVP got the wrong crates or people who paid for the crates where not getting the right premium vehicles so they let them keep the tanks they did get plus some of the ones they where suppose to have a chance of getting out of the crates and have not stated a date to try the event again. I played 3 spec ops missions on both servers to find out that I wasn’t going to get the two free crates. If I got a premium vehicle I would be ecstatic if I got gold I would be fine with that all of my premiums I bought with free gold over event rewards or saving up weekly logins or where a gift I haven’t spent any money on the game just played ALOT! Premium time I could care less because I have several months of free premiums just from platinum loot crates and logins all my stuff is on the NA server sadly I don’t get all my toys on the Europe server.

  40. Muhd Nasruddin Bin Muhd Zahidi

    more noobs to bully at tier 10s and novelty tanks for your collection?

  41. Oh look those new premiums that I could never get…. *Well at least my Challenger 2 ATDU would never leave me*

  42. im with you Capt Canada it makes no difference to me or the game

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