Armored Warfare: Tier X Premiums

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Source: Capt Canada

Talking about Loot Crates, Tier X Premiums and my feels on it all.

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  1. I won’t buy any crates but don’t care what other people do with their money.

  2. Nikola Milutinovic

    No point in buying crates, imo total waste of money there sice My.Com always screws up any event. Sure that T-14-152 looks amazing but no money of mine goes there

  3. H-h-how dare you insult my precious VT-5? Here, have some replay files showcasing its memetastic potential (in PvP)!!3pACCCZS!L0tBku31bmqm2tcVRuV4yQ No screenshots on this one bu it’s around 7-8k damage!q0QGTKCJ!yU25DAcvefuTawkKLJ4JFw This one is about 6,5k, same map

    I was lucky enough to get myself a Beagle permanently and it is my favourite tier 10 MBT It’s strange how you didn’t talk about how exeptional the gun depression (8 degrees!) combined with the super-low profile are making it very proficient at getting hulldown and turning it into a god when facehugging.

    I’m also really surprised how you don’t have much to say about the Type 99A2140. It’s the most overpowered tier 10 MBT that gets a better 140 than the XM1A3, no clear frontal weakspots and broken mobility/agility. Don’t believe me?!S0wDGQoa!h_PgRI2ww10oGxkb_41T5w This is 11k damage on PvP with 6 kills (out of 9!) and it did not even feel like much of an effort 😛

  4. my problem is the commanders with the change to commanders now its unfair for new players who have 7-8 commanders and maybe only 3 are good so your forced to level up crap commanders where as some people have 15 commanders and so they have more options now they can level up 6 good commanders. People are not going to play pvp until its a fair playing field.

  5. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah no. just no.

  6. Yeah the Abrams version of the Terminator

  7. Gambling at its it finest

  8. Cash grab. You can buy 50 crates and still not get the tank. Plus t14 was a tech tree tank with that gun before and it was removed. Now they reintroduce it for money.

  9. I think the main grievences i have seen people have with the lootboxes are the fact that they can reward thats are that unique, and some of that incredibly powerful aswell. Making them only able to drop in lootcrates and then making them have insanely low drop chances untop, feels exploitative. Not to mention how much of a screwup the event itself has been. people receiving rewards that shouldnt be possible. Getting the wrong lootboxes. Missing lootboxes. And getting commanders that have reset the commanders people already had completely destroying the hard work of the users.

    • Exactly.. and the biggest Problem is the awful reaction of ma com and the People of the customer Support… to break the shitstorm was easy : give all of the Players who bought crates a sabre.. then tell : sorry, we are working on it… showing respect..but nooooooooooooo… now we even have tubers who have to coplain that People complain.. shit happens yes, and not everything works, but be honest : ist the attitude of mycom ref. to the playerbase, i guess they think : why do we Need all those EU and NA noobs, we have paying People in China and russia..

  10. love this game…but jesus christ i only get to play like one map lol

  11. Sorry guy, obviously you have all the stuff in ur Garage by free. so u can t even decide how People feel after this most awful so called Event.. boxes in boxes out, wrong tanks in boxes, compensation promised, notzhing in aso aso.. be objective and fair : iot smells like awful cheatin those who spended Money.. and no, i have seen the discussion on discord, it was no WHING like u want to describe, it was obvious an upset playerbase. this shitstorm was produced by MYCOM with this awful Event.. there had been People buying tons of such crates and did not get anything but bs Boosters… next time you, getting for Promotion all free, be a Little bit more honest in this cas. i like sometimes your vids .. but in this case : don t sing always the song for those who pay for it. mycom did a horrible Job, and their awful handling of an Problem is making it even worse. i guess with another Name u do warthunder and wot promo too ? have a nice day

    • Robert Meier Sorry guy, they are rentals, not mine, i have them for 7 days and they go poof.

    • As for how they cocked it all up with mis matched boxes, yeah, they seem to have rushed it out without checking their work. I’ll say this clearly though, I am a player, like everybody else. I didn’t get any of these tanks for free and I don’t plan on rolling, or wasting my time grinding for boxes. I can do much better things with my time. Like make real money. What I do think is there is a bunch of squeaky wheels like, CrisUrace in the discord who are there simply to virtue signal in front of an audience and rile up the player base cause they like to parrot crap they see on YouTube. Anybody who has gambled before can tell this stuff is all pretty mild and you get guaranteed stuff. Walk into a casino with $150 dollars and odds are your walking out with absolutely nothing. But IF you like that thrill it’s an adult’s choice to do so. Don’t tell people how to live, what they can spend their earned money on. You don’t have the right to do that. That is how I see it.

    • Man, we are not talking bout Las Vegas, we are talking about a simple online game für adults and many Kids. and they know that there are Kids, and they NEVER EVER made an age check 🙂 Why do you think the playerbase in EU and NA is shrinking to nowhere ???? Cause People are mostly fed up with the BEHAVIOUR. Things can go wrong, but please, ist not the fault of the playerbase. Most of us like to Play this game, want it to grow. But only thinking about the russian playerbase and looking at EU and NA Players as stupid milking cash cows ???? Not a good Marketing idea… WoT already has huge probs, and many People stay there only because they invested toooooons of bucks… my Impression : take People serious, treat them with respect and they will forgive much if not everything, that is going wrong… maybe this Knowledge will ever reach russian Marketing Departments 🙂

    • This is tiny low level gambling where your guaranteed not even a single prize, but multiple ones. Your not forced to participate and you can get crates for free. People are just looking for things to complain about. If people are this fragile in life then good luck to them when they have real problems. Wish you the best of luck whether you continue playing or not. I don’t mean you any ill will. Good games to you Robert!

  12. by the way : instead to make this bs gambling Event.. place them in store for let me say 1 day.. limited time avaibility always provoces immediat wallet reaktion… and the free crates Players are working for are the CHANCE to get the tanks for free… you defend a shit System by telling, People are wrong who complain that everything of this Event was broken.. bad attitude

  13. Note: European servers are dying. So it isnt worth it

  14. Hahahahah spot on, go listen diviant kage, sry for getting his name wrong, the “see you all, neeeext time” guy. He needs something for the tears, he is crying like littel gril? but why? If you dont like the game, then leave, its that simpel

  15. This didn’t bother me, but the low population on the EU servers is the main issue for me.

  16. Are you playing Global Operations? I’ve been looking for weeks at GO and every time I look I’m the only one there. So I’m wondering if you are playing on the NA server. If you are there must be more than one NA server.

  17. The Loot Crate you purchase to try to gain a vehicle is kinda wrong. But if you don’t like it don’t do it. I purchased two crates for the couple of dollars and struck out. No way in this world am I spending high dollars in the hope of winning one. Seriously, AW. I’d do it if I’m basically guaranteed a vehicle. Spending money to maybe win a vehicle, are you kidding me! You do know you get nothing for your money, nothing physical, nothing real, right, people? If this game was switched off tomorrow you’d have nothing to show for it. They should be sending us a model of the vehicle we purchased or won as a prize too.

  18. And yeah, what the hell is up with the camo paint schemes on these vehicles? Some real paint schemes please AW.

  19. I actually liked the crates. They had some really nice boosts and insignia, some premium time and maybe a nice vehicle. I bought 5 and got 1 for free. Wish I had bought more but I didn’t know ow short the sale was. Wouldn’t mind seeing them again.

  20. I also think that just doesn’t get any money from me at the moment, as long as the technical errors prevail. Server lags, with each update there are massive problems, the number of players is too small.
    In the future might get it better – and I’m still really excited about the game, it’s fun and has super potential, but right now the game is just an imposition.

  21. OO7999999999999999

    “Adult system for adult people” I never heard something so stupid about loot crates, loot crates are bad no matter the circumstances. All they provide is a predatory marketing system to the publisher/developer, you have no clue how many kids buy into that shit. What does “freedom” have to do with this?

    • OO7999999999999999 Mycom would be stupid if their marketing strategy was to children. Children don’t have 40 euro to drop on anything. Let alone loot crates. It’s a bad business proposition. Stop parroting left wing media/YouTube chatter box media and think for yourself you robot.

    • OO7999999999999999

      Yeah sure, none of these kids have parents with money either I am certain.
      What on earth does my comment have anything to do with left wing media?
      I have to think for myself? Meanwhile you rip off all the textbook cliches out there from some political debate you saw on TV, like “freedom” and “left wing media”. You use these terms because you saw trump mentioning them often on TV or what? How do you come up with that stupid shit?

  22. awf it is the best modern tank battle online game ,fu** antic wot and wt,, just nerved

  23. Hey capt hope your well.

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