Armored Warfare – TIN FOIL TANKS

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Source: YOGSCAST Duncan

Warfare a free to multiplayer online tank ! Today I’m joined by the fabulous !

Play it for free here :

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  1. furst :)

  2. im 2

  3. CakeGaming Shortbread

    How much do you think the yogs get paid for doing all these sponsored vids

  4. Ron “Swish Heist” Johnson

    Wooden tanks are good

  5. Not many people are watching since there probably watching the live streams


  7. uploaded 7 minutes ago! I’m so early!

  8. wish duncan would play world of tanks or war thunder now

  9. Captain Jones, the High Admiralty demands you play World Of Warships.

  10. Was anyone watching the Christmas live stream before this?

  11. you really need to load more heat

  12. you need to make this into a series and duncan you should know about the
    AMX because its in world of tanks which you played actually what happened
    to your World of tanks videos please make more

  13. Wow this is so much like world of tanks…

  14. Thybell Mothbreeder

    Do they actually play any games outside of Minecraft without being
    sponsored these days?

  15. Yes!!! I play this game, so much fun, Duncan should do some Word of tanks
    videos as well!!

  16. That intro sounded legit swedish. “Hallåååå!” xD

  17. Does anyone know how the T-62 in the Yogscast Humble Bundle is diffrent to
    the normal? or what variant it is? Veteran or something else?

  18. It would be so epic if I could join these guys in a game!!!

  19. Yes, play a new game. It’s not like there’s a fricking season finale to be
    getting on with!!

  20. The mad hatters and Duncan, an unlikely but good combination. Kind of like
    fries (chips if you’re British) dipped in a milkshake.

  21. P.Abbegail Bagsac (Princess)

    I’ve played this and I didn’t know it was in beta…

  22. “General, we’ve lost the area.”

    “What? But we sent squad Lalnhat in there! What happened?”

    “They got lost, Sir.”

    Yeah, I can see that happening.

  23. duncan should be shooting heat at this tier, it does way more dmg

  24. The AMX – 10 is a French offering – and as such, exhibits the extent of
    French military thought of the period. ;)

  25. Not as good as War Thunder.

  26. nb4 they pvp rage.

  27. I need check that.. WoT is too casual and WarThunder have gigantic
    difficulty spike. I don’t expect much but why not?

    PS: From Wargaming only World of Navy is interesting, but I respect them as

  28. HP based combat, no thanks. War thunder tan battles are much better.

  29. This is painful but funny to watch from a world of tanks perspective.
    Duncan’s leopard is a dead leopard if he goes anywhere near wargaming at
    ramming speed XD

  30. Duncan im a Rly big fan :)

  31. APCR = MBT’s HEAT= Everything else HE= When you run out of shells to fire
    OR spotting an BMP series Russian AFV

    Beware though that some AFV’s, TD’s and MBT’s have counter-measures for
    HEAT rounds so APCR would be needed to kill them. But beware of
    over-penetrations on thin armour as they do less damage than normal. Though
    HEAT should be your shell of choice. Also ATGM or TOW missiles will
    penetrate and do medium to high damage, as well as the vehicle having a
    high camouflage rating, so it is best to have an AFV with you at all times
    to spot them. MBT’s are there prey of choice! I am a Swingfire driver
    myself and theirs nothing more fun than sharpshooting an MBT (Leopard 1’s
    are my favourite meal, sorry Duncan, as they have very little armour for an
    MBT)over a ridge behind cover and him having no idea im sitting on a hill
    in a fallen tree over 5 KM away directing plunging fire on his position.

    Hope this helps you guys master shell types as shell switching is key to

    Good luck!

  32. If you angle the armor you aren’t going to take as much damage….

  33. Looks like a pretty decent game. Like World of Warships, but tanks. Might
    actually check it out.

  34. Wait.. where are the dislikes on this video? D:

  35. Tanks usually have the thickest armor on the front of the hull and turret.
    Try to keep that toward the enemy.

  36. I thought Smiffy of all people would know better when it comes to the kind
    ammunition types armoured fighting vehicles can use.

    “Sabot” is actually the primary armour piercing round used by MBT’s these
    days; it’s consists of a solid, sub-caliber kinetic energy penetrator
    fitted with a sleeve, or sabot (pronounced with a silent t), that detaches
    from the penetrator shortly after exiting the barrel. As the name suggests
    it relies purely on the kinetic energy and small cross-section of the
    penetrator to pierce armour. In Armoured Warfare this round is coloured
    blue and should be used exclusively against MBT’s that you cannot penetrate
    with HEAT ammo, as it has the most penetration. However, these AP rounds
    can “overmatch” enemy armour, resulting in less damage than you would
    normally get. Overmatching happens when your armour penetration value is so
    much higher than the thickness of the enemies armour that your round
    basically goes in one end and out the other, inflicting little damage to
    the interior.

    HEAT is an acronym that stands for “High Explosive Anti-Tank”, and utilizes
    over-pressure to defeat armour. The shell consists of a hollow, inverted
    copper cone surrounded by high explosives. When it strikes armour the high
    explosives detonate and convert the copper cone into a jet of molten
    copper, which is pushed through armour from the pressure. Contrary to
    popular thought it does not burn or melt through armour. In Armoured
    Warfare it is coloured red and should be your primary round. It has less
    penetration than AP, but it does more damage and has no risk of
    overmatching the targets armour. If you can penetrate with HEAT, you should
    be firing it.

    HE is straight high explosives and is intended for extremely soft-skinned
    vehicles or vehicles that you cannot penetrate with HEAT or AP.

  37. This was great! Loved Hat Films being here!

  38. nice vid dunc

  39. play war thunder!

  40. Justsomebiggerman2

    duncan and hat films, just 2 good a combo. throw in some kim for good
    measure and i would never be able to stop touching myself.

  41. BlueWaterGaming Gaming like a Boss

    urgh this is world of tanks vs AI. wot is for le skilled players this game
    is for scrubs.

  42. Duncan should start a series switching between armored warfare and world of

  43. this is almost like WoT!

  44. Oppinion? You guyz are scrubs! BUT SHOULD PLAY A TON MORE :3

  45. Yes, of course tin foil will stop an armor peircing round. Won’t it???

  46. TOPZ

  47. So WOT then…

  48. everyone of them is crap at the game….

  49. I see Trott has a distinctive lack of situational awareness -_-

  50. cj “CrusherJ 64” meurer

    i advise you guys don’t play pvp since you continue to play like your
    playing a cod campaign mission on the lower difficulties

  51. “that guy is just afk in the base isn’t he?”

    poor arty. always the same

  52. That guy was an SPG (artillery). He wasn’t AFK, he was doing his job. =p

  53. love seeing these guys playing world of t…I mean armored warfare

  54. War thunder is better…..

  55. ironically they are actually now that bad :P

  56. Its just a shame that they dont know that that T4 in the last game was an
    artillery piece….

  57. as a AW player there are some cringe worthy moments but its super
    entertaining nontheless

  58. Oh no… Not Armored Warfare…

  59. I can’t Bear it when comedy YouTubers play my Favorite games ;_;

  60. fucking noobs

  61. I shall remain royal to Jingles :p
    but still gonna watch Duncan play…

  62. so basically… this is a “modern era” World of Tanks?

  63. Sponsored or not, this game looks really fun.

  64. play more dunc

  65. We need more of this!

  66. This is pretty much WoT so far, with the retextured UI, and gameplay…

  67. Scrub Nubs

  68. This is literally World of Tanks. Is this like Wot 2 or something?

  69. Dimitri “TheJollyBrit” Mason

    i request more of this :D

  70. should have put feat Hatfilms in title

  71. Is this PVP or PVE? 0.o

  72. A bad war thunder copy, lovely

  73. 8:30 Just so people know, yes amphibious tanks are actually a thing.

  74. where’s PULSAR dunc we need captain duncan

  75. Thought about getting this game, but never bothered getting it, kinda like
    a modern World of Blueprints.

  76. I cant help but notice that this game looks exactly like World Of
    Tanks….. even the mini map is nearly identical.

  77. World of tanks rip off

  78. “You guys take the lead, ’cause I’m going to get blown up.” He says, taking
    the lead himself.

  79. you should play robocraft, there were a shit ton of updates

  80. Yay Dunc plays armored warfare

  81. Oh sweet Im literally downloading this game overnight.

  82. Oh sweet Im literally downloading this game overnight.

  83. the moment when they think the leo has more armor than the T-62

  84. Do more pls

  85. u should stream this

  86. Duncan & Hat Films good combo

  87. literally just world of tanks

  88. Barnabas porkinson

    This game looks so much like World of Tanks, with the exact same game
    mechanics, only difference is the modern tanks and the fact there is a PvE
    aspect to the game…

  89. Ze Great Pumpkinani

    Everyone has their own fremium game, this is duncan’s, mine is robocraft…

  90. I don’t mind sponsored videos, what I do object to is having an account
    fully upgraded for the purposes of a video. Duncan’s tank seemed way OP by
    comparison to anything else there. One shot one kill is not fun. :/

  91. For a sponsored video, this doesn’t have all that many dislikes! Maybe the
    outrage brigade were having a day off.

  92. This looks like world of tanks

  93. This looks like world of tanks

  94. Just a shit world of tanks or war thunder


    and also World of Warships

  96. Literally WoT

  97. Is this for the Xbox one

  98. you need to play pulsar with those guys, they might take it alittle more
    seriously, and still have a good time joking around

  99. hmm it looks inherent of world of tanks. i guess it is just with tank games
    to have similar controls and interface

  100. I know it’s painful to watch when you actually know how to play the game,
    but you have to admit it’s fun to watch. Although, they did say the
    artillery driver was afk when he’s probably covering their asses. lol


  102. Chips Entertainment

    That copy of WoT though lel rekt

  103. Anyone plays World of Tanks is cringing right now

  104. Someone tell me how this is a better alternative than world of tanks?

  105. This is literally World of Tanks with a different name.

  106. 13:18 that thing is called a pedotube..

  107. Jonas Van den Broeck

    i work in a tank museum in belgium, we have leopards, a qonqeurer,
    centurion, chieftain, we open the 8th of may

  108. leopard strong XD, it’s has the worst armor from all of them. but best gun!

  109. World of Tanks much?

  110. This stupid ad always comes up and its about this stupid christmas horror
    movie like wtf. Go back to halloween

  111. play world of tanks better

  112. I hate hatfilms. though I think I am changing my opinion

  113. dragon spirit(aka shadow999999)

    Looks like a potentially good dame ravaged by the disease know as ‘P2W’.
    Nice looking graphics i guess, build times are never a good thing.
    Tell me if it’s something like the pvz fps game, where the currency you can
    buy for like $20+ but you can just get that in like 10 minutes from a
    single match. Or if it is another disease ridden game.

  114. Doesnt look too bad but I think I prefer Warthunder. Havent found anything
    that beats driving a Panzer yet.

  115. Why is Duncan’s in-game name ‘Lalna’?

  116. i would love to try this, but my gpu is to crap to get even 10fps

  117. Got early access to AW earlier this year, it lagged to hell and crashed
    every time I launched the tutorial.

  118. play war thunder ye fucks

  119. i dont like this game anymore there is a feature that prevents ANY tank
    from instakilling another one even in pve its impossible.

    if you do 800 damage max you do like 200 on a tank with 250 health and 800
    on a tank with for example 1200 health

  120. Named him after a man of cloth, called him Amos Moses.

  121. just play war thunder!

  122. Richard “Firebug” Merrick

    You should play War Thunder for some pretty sweet WW2 tank combat.

  123. Duncan play war thunder!

  124. soo… it looks like world of tanks with modern tanks?

  125. Have none of you ever heard of “Divide and conquer”?
    “Let’s split up into two groups” seriously? That effectively halves your

  126. The commentary was funny, I guess I take for granted the “training” from
    WOT. For guys that don’t know much about this game (probably not very
    familiar with WOT either) you did decently. You’d probably whoop me if you
    played for a month. Who cares about that though, the entertainment value
    was there.

  127. don’t shoot on an unmaned turret it does minimal damadgw

  128. Josh Clogston (Escapist83)

    Holy shit, Drunkan has part of the A team on his channel for once.

  129. Heads up for anyone wanting to download and play. There is an option in the
    installer called active seeding, make sure its not ticked unless you want
    slower upload speeds.

  130. this is a great game but i have a shiti computer so….

  131. I’m curious on what there paycheck is, with all these sponsors

  132. gduauvdhasds sfasfasffas

    Its so painful to watch

  133. wow its basically world of tanks 2…

  134. I’d say Duncan should play world of tanks, but let’s be homest, it requires
    way too much skill, and war thunder is even worse than WoT when it comes to
    broken tanks and such.

  135. You don’t need to target the tracks, in fact it adds armor. What you should
    do is aim for flat surfaces so don’t shoot at angled armor. Don’t shoot
    upper plates, those are generally armored better. Try hitting lower plates
    and perhaps the cupola but i think this is only in other games like war
    thunder an WoT.

  136. ~18 “How hard could it be?” Immediately 3 Stooges trying to all fit through
    the choke point. Classic Hat.

  137. At 13:10 , “That thing at the front” is used to refuel the aircraft, just

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