Armored Warfare – Top 10 Worst Vehicles!

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Source: Primer7G

Have you been wondering what vehicles you should avoid for PvP?

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  1. well first of all kindly have yourself shot for sporting that skin

  2. Now top 10 the best tanks in AW

  3. Does the game still exist?

  4. Basically half of the list are premium MBTs lol.
    Now to the top 10 most misunderstood tanks :v

  5. The OT-64 is indeed awful!
    Kinda surprised about the M60-2000…I liked that tank.
    Please do a review on PvE vehicles…

  6. Good video. Do a PVE one next. Curious to see that one.

  7. Agree with the list, although Starshit says hi 😛

  8. Top 10 worst PVE vehicles in no particular order:
    10.) Rooikat, pretty decent actually but just managed to sneak up into this list due to it’s pathetic alpha damage, time to kill and ammo capacity. Best to have Alisa to make up for that ammo capacity shortfall.
    9.) T-72, no ERA to block ATGMs, sluggish mobility, gun aims slow with a terrible gun bloom when turning the turret, not really suited to be a frontline MBT at it’s tier. It’s one of those vehicles that has armor but the armor is inadequate at the same time.
    8.) Swingfire, the ATGMs are indeed devastating but chances of you landing on targets are pretty slim considering by the time your ATGMs are homing in on target, it’s either been killed by friendlies or gotten to cover. Also, good luck on city maps with that.
    7.) IS-7, exactly the same reasons as what Primer stated in his video. 100% agreed
    6.) Type 90-II, horrendous armor profile with that massive lower plate weakspot that is difficult to hide, the ERA only partially covers it and is easily disabled by AI ac fire, rendered obsolete by the introduction of Type 96.
    5.) Starship, the big boomstick is indeed satisfying to use, but the platform on which it sits sucks. Slow as hell, blind as a bat and the armor is crap to the point that you’re able to be penetrated by Warrior/Sabre and Bagel 57 autocannons from the front. Zero resistance to ATGMs. Might as well use the Sheridan if you just want to play with that big boomstick.
    4.) Rosomak, the amount of ammo is crap, the nerfs to it’s PELE ammo is overdone and you’re going to be easily spotted if you go full auto on this thing. The rate of fire is also abysmal so time to kill is crap.
    3.) PTZ-89, i’ve only played this thing once from a rental and that’s enough for me not to touch it anymore. Sluggish, big target profile, non existent armor and worst of all poor camo rating whenever you fire a shot off.
    2.) XM-1, same reasons as Primer again.
    1.) OT-64 Cobra, what more can i say about the big school bus. It’s better suited as a school bus.

  9. Do one about PvE

  10. Thanks Primer, enjoyed vid. Perhaps one on PVE based vehicles?

    • Yep, a lot of people are interested in a PvE edition. I will start working on one after I’m done with my upcoming video about the new battle path!

  11. agree with your assessment

  12. “Very effective thermobaric atgms” you mean the ones with 5mm of pen that function like trash HE? Thermobaric ATGMS are garbage since they nerfed the pen from 600mm to 5mm.

    • They still work though. You just can’t lulpen you targets with them. They still do loads of damage to internal modules and can even blow up ammo racks. Have you tried shooting one at the turret base of a Terminator? Ugly things happen!

  13. I’m surprised that the tier 3 AMX 50 didn’t make it. Not to mention Type 59II-A Legend. Shouldn’t the Fox be on there?

    • Yeah you are right… There are a lot of terrible low tier vehicles. I tried to pick worst of the worst and not add too many low tiers to keep the video interesting.

    • @Primer7G in that case, the horrible tier 6 Sucuri, the reload is slower than the Stingray and fires way slower than the Stingray even with its ability

  14. AusTankie Gaming

    OMG yes the Cobra slithers along with no fangs at all & it only spits in the general direction of the enemy. ✅

  15. “Balance”

  16. Also “mbt-70 falls behind kpz 70 hecause it lacks HE” it has heat and atgms. What do you need HE for? HE never penetrates and heat often does the same damage and is easier to pen. Heat also detonates and does some splash so its enough to reset a cap. No reason to use HE right now.

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