ARMORED WARFARE | Type 10 Hitomaru

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Source: WillfulTangent

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Armored Warfare [HD Client – High]: WillfulTangent
of Tanks [NA/EU HD Client – Ultra]: WillfulTangent
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  1. That pedestrian has fast reflex.

  2. It’s a Primo MBT for a maneuver fight. Move, MOVE, MOVE SOME MORE & THEN fight. Very much not a brawler.

  3. yes, another episode with willful

  4. Link Linqian Chen

    #reversespeed Nice video!!! so glad i requested it lol

  5. I died long ago


  6. That pedestrian was like I’m going to commit suicide, but no

  7. Type 10 is on my get list after t14 152

  8. I miss this tank cause im having personal problem while grind the Battlepath so i just waste money for nothing

    I wish i could just bought this tank out right 🙁

  9. 6:13 That moment he knew, he f😂cked up

  10. Type 10! I remember my friends telling me how fun and strong the type 10 was, and the a week later it was avaliable.

    Spent over 175 USD on loot crates due to my crap RNG, but oh my how fun she is.

    If you ever do a tank review for her I’ll be super hyped.

    • He did one of his 10 minute tank review videos on the type 10. Should be in the playlists on his channel.

    • @Jonathan Dee Thanks for letting me know! Gonna have to check that out!

    • I do have a review on it, though it is dated and was prior to a rebalance so it’s not 100% spot on anymore. It is fairly close though still.

    • @Aaron Ho You’re welcome, friend. I love the type 10 and was stoked to get it during the Spirithaven battle path. Was my first tier 10 vehicle but after WillfulTangents showing off the K2 I’m looking forward to picking it up now.

    • @WillfulTangent Yeah it was a tad strong when it first came out and has been the subject of rebalancing efforts. Now it feels like what I would call a “heavy light tank.”

  11. Last_Dutch_Hero

    Classic AI infantery. They always seem to run TO danger… Anyways, can you do a review for me? on the Type 99A2 140. I think it is a amazing machine, with crazy mobility and firepower and some decent armour, with the exception of the massive lower plate…

    Edit : The progression Type 99A2 was my first T10, and i loved how that thing played out. With top speed you basically are the fastest MBT around, not even Leo speeds can really tip it. Also, the fire chance on the AP shells makes it perfect for a firestarter build 🙂

  12. Rajorsi Roy Chowdhury

    Can someone tell me what is the universal retrofit slot all about ?

    • Back in the day you used to have specific types of slots (technology, firepower, protection, mobility) that could only accept retrofits of that type. The universal was interchangeable with anything. Now they are all universal.

    • Rajorsi Roy Chowdhury

      @WillfulTangent Thanks for replying and explaining it.

  13. The fun fact once I had been hit on the pedestrian by a car that drove in the one-way street from the wrong end of it and in the first place why I noticed it too late as I checked the opposite direction. LOL

  14. LOL you could hear your thoughts when that 195 was rushing you, “can’t pen, can’t pen, can’t pen – he’s airborne shoot the bottom – gone”

  15. Retrograde But YouTube

    Love your content, you should make a Discord server!

  16. sKy Family Multigaming

    I have the same feelings with the Leopard 2AX. 😃😀

  17. AusTankie Gaming

    LOOL love that OBJ 195 player. 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

  18. The reason for the Type 10 doing 70 km/h in reverse lies in the transmission it has, which allows it to do this in real life, too. One of the few instances where a bit of reality crept into AW.

  19. Realistic battles are back from 26th May for one week with some improvements and no platoons with banned tanks !

  20. Nice video…bet u surprised the crap outta that flying tank with your reverse speed

  21. Hey Tangent,
    I’ll be getting myself a gaming laptop for work I’m about to do overseas. That will be my first true experience with pc gaming. I did play armored warfare quite a lot on console before it died, any advice for getting started in AW now? Thanks for your time, and I’m a huge fan of the channel.

    • I’d recommend starting with a Steam account. You get loads of free stuff to get started with to include premium time and a premium tank (Type 59-IIA). I’ve done a review on that tank recently so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

      Understand that the majority of the player base are Europeans and Russians therefore plan your PVP play sessions around when you would think they would be getting off work based on your time zone. For me it’s 0900-1500 US Central Time because in the EU and RU regions that’s about when people are getting off work/out of school and logging on.

      Always get the x2 in all game modes so you can maximize the grind.

      Never sell a tank for a quick buck to buy the next one. You get a garage bonus for each vehicle you store in the garage and over time that adds up substantially.

      Don’t get frustrated. The grind slows down drastically around tier 7.

      Get plugged into a Battalion and have fun with your mates. That makes it a lot more enjoyable.

      Any other viewers reading this. Help him out with other suggestions! We’re in this to help each other and have fun. Here’s your chance.

    • Thanks man, appreciate the reply. You’ve got an awesome channel, thanks for the content.

  22. willfultangent will u do a video of the t72b3 if I or I’ll buy u one???

  23. How is the server population for PVP on the NA server nowadays? I left AW not long after beta cuz wait times got ridiculous.

    • Weekdays between 9am-3pm US Central Time is when I’m able to get consistent 15v15 or 10v10 games in both Random and Global Ops.

  24. В слил бой в столкновения… Ты должен брать точки.

  25. Hope this game has asian server. Last time I played I got 200+ ping

  26. is it necessary to get 100% on a tank

  27. Can u still get in games easy?

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