Armored Warfare: Type 98 PVP Guide, 6.2k Damage Gameplay

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Source: Taugrim

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We review the Type 98, a 8 Chinese MBT in Armored Warfare (AW), with gameplay of a tier 9 River Point battle.

Stat line: 6.2k damage, 4k spotted, 8.8k mitigated

The Type 98 requires careful driving due to the soft lower front plate, which is the largest weak spot of any 8 MBT. The key to sucess in the Type 98 is avoiding lanes where the lower front plate is exposed for prolonged periods of time. While players often complain about the Type 98, performs well due to the strong turret and excellent -8 max cannon depression.

From a gameplay perspective, the Type 98 is similar to the 6 T-72A MBT.

For up-to-date recommendations on commander, crew, and retrofits, see the guide on my blog:

Similar to my “Road to Unicum” video for World of Tanks (WoT), the objective of these videos is to meaningfully help players improve their PVP gameplay.

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  1. Really enjoy your vids- great gameplay. Have you tried the replay feature
    yet? I think it would improve the overall understanding for newbs if you
    could show more of the world view.

  2. jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson

    Taugrim what has your experience been of the Chinese MBTs overall. The Type
    80-II seems really weak right now. Also, please do an MGS guide!

  3. wow you did well, gj mate!! I saw on some videos that the armour around the
    gun mantlet was very weak and you can it with the vbl, or did they fix it

  4. Very nice as always!

  5. Alexander “Charcharo” Yordanov

    Many people consider this tank bad. It seems like you like it?

  6. Andreas Hajialexandrou

    Hi Taugrim, the taifun would be a really valuable guide for those of us
    still trying to master it! Thanks for the videos they are always good

  7. Henrique Lopez Hernandez

    I think Taifin II is worst tier 6 premium. It will be interesting knowing
    opinion and review :-)

  8. Perhaps the tier 8 Leopard 2A5? It’s a great tank that, when utilised
    properly, is an absolute powerhouse on the battlefield.

  9. When will be wot i am bored of aw

  10. Sir! please keep uploading wot videos as well as aw videos 🙂 I really miss

  11. You should check out some of the higher tier light tanks, like the xm8 or
    m8. Would love to see some content on them.

  12. Do the event tank next, Leo 2AV.

  13. when I play the game, there is almost no people playing it, and it’s always

  14. Taifun II would be great! Wouldn’t mind seeing the new M1134 premium in
    action either, seems like it would be a tricky vehicle to play, perfect for
    a video explanation.

  15. Have you stopped playing wot?

  16. Your stalker is here Taugrim! BAM! Pffft at the 3:48 mark that loud sigh
    was great, someone was really annoyed with some shit.

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