Armored Warfare || Update 0.20 First Impressions!

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  1. it suck’s. the new garage is a total deal breaker for me the retro menu is garbage the old one was simple to use and see. and now the new joker skin ..honestly we went from semi serious modern tank game to kids cod with tanks… ruined.

  2. Not a deal breaker for me yet but the garage UI change was totally unnecessary.  Their time and energy should have been directed elsewhere at real problems.

  3. The Hydrating Nuke

    Both 0.19 and 0.20 just seem to leave an overall sour taste in the mouth.
    With the rebalance of vehicles in 0.19 making MBTs really slow and much easier to kill along with PVE being turned into a shitfest with introduction of TRSMs (Turret Ring Seeking Missles), overall game play feels much less fun… While I haven’t had any chance to try out PVP, due to me being American, I imagine that it’s not much better :/
    In 0.20 the garage was changed to this ugly and far less easy to use mess when compared to lovely modern garage we had before. The other garage had everything you needed in plain view, right in front of you, and if you didn’t want a particular form of information to clutter up your screen then you could just minimize it and have a nice view of your entire garage. It also had a wonderful and easy to use drag and drop system (God only knows why they got rid of that) which made equipping/unequipping everything so much smoother. The last garage also looked much nicer with its big, clean, and non claustrophobic look, far better than the damp, dirty, and tiny driveway that we have now…
    The overall feel of the game just feels worse IMHO and I can only hope that they pull their shit together and actually start making changes for the better, rather than consistently making things a little bit worse.

  4. It would be nice if they went back to the older versions of the game when obsidean entertainment was in charge, personally I preferred the old game but what I would like to see is do something unique with the game instead of coping world of tanks.

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    This new ui is a fucking disgrace, why waste time & money on something that was just fine in the 1st place.
    Its all micromanagement i fucking hate it.
    Speaking of downgrades the graphics are fucking piss poor even on ultra settings the surfaces on the Tanks in the garage are so rough they look like they have sand blasted.
    Im getting really pissed off with these bunch of cunts & i cant see this Game lasting for much longer.
    In PVE they are Spamming the missiles on purpose so that you have to buy premium time in order to pay for repairs otherwise you be running a credit loss.


  6. Do people still play that game?

  7. It is absolutely awful. MBT combat feels excruciatingly slow with 10 sec stock reloads. The time it takes a stock MBT to kill itself is ~60 sec, in wot its ~20 sec for a Heavy to kill a heavy at mid tier if every shot pens. Some how managed to make a game where modern tanks feel less capable than M4 Shermans and KV-1 Heavies.

    2.0 feels like it came out way to soon to respond to any of the criticisms of 1.9. ATGMs in general seems like a mistake. They are far more skill based than kinetic rounds , the nerf to auto cannons has really dropped the numbers playing AFVs. AFVs who used to rely on burst damage now have a new issue… their damage done is highly unreliable and health pools over all have exploded.

    The economy is an absolute mess. On NA where you can see a 3-4 tier spread even in PvE rewards are capped at only one tier above you. That means even if you carry your tier 10 team to victory in a tier 7 you will not earn as much as the tier 10 or even 9 MBT sniping at the back of the map. On the English forums the mods have admitted the logistics costs are broken and have advised players to chase credits in PvE medium especially at high tiers… worsening the prior issue, tier 4 regularly see tier 7s.

    PvP is completely empty unless there is an event on going, and there hasn’t been one so no comment.

    It feels like everyone has given up on the game both the player base and the developer.

  8. I wish they would just go back to 0.18. Both patches 0.19 and 0.20 are trash… like 9.19 for WoT

    And the old garage was fine too.

  9. Hard for me to judge it when I am constantly freezing (don’t EVER tab out while in a loading screen) or my system is crashing while playing it, apparently there is also a red screen of death thanks AW for letting me know.

  10. My game has crashed 4 times in 5 hours .
    My chally MK 2 ‘s engine keep’s getting set on fire & my modules get detroyed so the MK2 spall liner ain’t worth jack shit
    My T90ms hull is now made of fucking glass.
    I have thrown every kind of boost’s at this fucking game with premium & it’s hardly making a fucking scratch on ANY progression.
    This reminds me of another Tank Game but for the fucking life of me i just seem to put me finger on it ? mmmmm



  12. I wonder if any of the devs have played their own game. Then they could become aware of some of the issues long before they ignore the posts on the forum about those issues. In addition to longer loading times which makes killing the AI take longer, some of the maps have shorter mission completion times, making it impossible to finish the mission on time, so you lose.

  13. Well first of all Thank You for finding that -replays- thing! PVE is a little bit better than patch before but hey, PVP and Global Operations are (or have to be) our primary -want to play- things. I have always counted PVE as training ground, nothing else. About garage, well however it look it is only a garage and it look better after all (except this replay thing 😛 ). But how game-play looks! Oh, i think its great, Cryengine 😉 must be! About balance, well im not really sure about spoting-camo system, but they said that this is just beginning and they still work on that. After all I`m satisfied and waiting for next updates. It is just 2.0 and im sure we will see a lot more like in every other game and I must say that updates in AW are no way near that painful like in some other game of same genre, dont you think? After all, I think that update is mostly about GlobalOps. Somehow looks to me that Armored Warfare turning more towards Global Operations game mode which is good and I recommend it for sure!

  14. Kenneth Sillers

    I cant say that .20 was an improvement. The garage is plane jane…and it has become more difficult to navigate as you said yourself. I find that MBT’s are needing a bit of a mobility buff, they are terribly slow in the game. I do enjoy the game still in spite of its nuances. It might have something to do with the fact I work on tanks. Thanks for your videos Devient Kage. they’re always a pleasure to watch.

  15. Rajko Bezarevic

    U are nowhere near objective regarding AW big no no from me

  16. Balance 2.0? Honestly is a mixed bag in my opinion hindered by it’s greatest issue which is ineffective quality control exercised by the developer. Bugs that I’ve run into on PvE game aren’t crashing it but they might as well be. I’ve gotten into situations where my gun is 100% destroyed and goes non functional, not inaccurate, completely 100% “I push the fire button, change ammo, try again, etc.” and the GUN DOESN”T WORK. Now I’ve seen this happen on War Thunder. You get a lucky shot down the breech or at the gun and it blows the gun off….. BUT YOU CAN REPAIR IT! Yeah you might die before that happens but that’s war thunder for you, it’s very unforgiving in combat.

    In the games that work I actually REALLY enjoy the different ammo types and loading for the situation / target, quite a lot of fun especially in the .19 abrams, challenger, and tiers 3-7. What I don’t like is the number of bloody autoloader / vehicles with diverse loadouts that have clips. The quick draw Abrams also has this and it’s maddening. The whole point of having different ammo types with different attributes is for you to be able to change dynamically and adapt to a changing combat situation. If I’m in an autoloader and I’ve got AP loaded, and all of a sudden I’m set upon by AFVs or TDs I’m more than likely going to empty my clip and fall back, I’m not going to swap ammo, and I’m definitely not going to run around with full clips of HEAT or ATGMs like they seem to want me to do in the Merkava.

    See that’s the thing about AW, they’ve got great ideas but are absolutely SHIT at execution. I’m not a games developer at ALL but I can think of a few different ways to take the existing AW and make it entertaining as hell. Hell one could even be modern miltiary vehicles vs battle mechs / throwing in a scifi element to it. Remember that world of tanks but with helicopter game? Take insipration of that and have the AFVs actually deploy TROOPS. Oh really? you’ve only got AP? Not gonna do much against a couple squads armed with javalins. Yes that COULD raise the ESRB rating unless you made them like robots (which considering it’s supposed to be the future, could work).

    This game is painful not because I spent money on it. I got my money’s worth of entertainment… it’s that it is so full of potential and it’s just getting worse.

  17. Extravagant title, one word summary in the description. K, sounds good to me. I’m done with AW. I went into a few matches recently on the EU server, and I just couldn’t get into a PVE match at the tiers i wanted to play without having to wait 5 mins. Well, i’m done with the game until OE takes back over

  18. what i hate about 0.19 + is that u no longer can see tank armor viewer

  19. Depending on where you live, your complaining will NOT be considered. I live in one of those places.

  20. Stopped playing last year (fall time) since NA server is still so dead I asked support if they can swap my tierX tanks to Eu( switch my tanks on both servers.) .They responded that they do not provide that kind of service. So I do no need any kind of service form them either.

  21. Overall AW has become a game that will die by a thousand cuts. Patch by patch, change by change, “balance” by “balance”.
    The population just keeps bleeding away, from all servers, even the russians are extremely angry at for screwing things up this badly.
    For me, AW will always remain that game that had huge potential, but that is about it. It had potential, now it’s just a dying game that instead of getting a bullet to the head, it just keeps on crawling and drowning in it’s own blood, while the teams from and keep torturing it and laughing at it.

  22. The not so Mighty FL_3

    Considering how much fun to play the game was a year ago it’s sad to see Armored Warfare in this state.

  23. Mama always said updates was like a box of chocolates you never know what yer gonna get XD .

  24. I personally gave up on the game after the “authentication” mess back in February when I was afflicted with malware that was a big pain to get rid of and it was apparently because of their security issues!

  25. they ruined it 🙁

  26. it crashes more often from my experience. Especially on more recently released maps but I’m not certain yet that could just be me

  27. 0.20 patch was the final nail. Balance 2.0 was a lie. Game is a complete joke. Ramming in real life will break the tracks, kill the crew, and leave the tank an easily-repairable hulk to be recovered after the battle. Anyone who attempted such a maneuver and survived would be shot by their own side. In game, this mechanic causes fratricide and autobans, yet has stated it’s here to stay.

  28. The condition of the game is very bad. I wish they scraped all those changes and go back to 018. Then reconsider a new way to progress. They are not going to add new vehicles before autumn… They are copying everything from WoT and even this process is problematic. They give as a very bad copy of WoT and this is a shame.

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