Armored Warfare || Update 0.22 and Steam Release My Opinions

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Happy but it does need some fixing…

– https://./en/forum/showthread.php?141395-Armored-Warfare-will-be-released-on--on-Nov-10/page10&p=1613953#post1613953

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  1. yeha that’s ture in 6:00 but oppisite for ARTY in arty you can barle do any moudle damage unlike before and if you do its only the tracks and that’s once in a while, im talking about ALL arty INCLOUDING the stupid palmaria…

  2. The patch would be fine if it had less bugs and other issues, the steam release should have happened a long time ago i think.

  3. So you say, when the Scorpio hits you with HESH you, in XM800T, a tinfoil tank, so you expect him not to wreck you to smithereens? Google how effective the HESH ammo is, and that PELE ammo on Wilk also. It is working as it should, and I don’t see a problem with instant ammo racks, on lower tiers yeah
    Higher, just stick to fires

    • I understand that but I will say before it wasn’t as bad so they did defiantly increase it.

    • Devient Kage
      I understand also. Do you remember what HEAT did back in 0.18?
      I ate you whole. Now? Not as much. The only thing they have to do is to either reduce the penetration on HE, HEP, HESH, PISH but the dmg output is the same. Those rounds are really devastating irl

  4. I personally only once had a disconnect and it was after I did the 30 pvp matches. I gave someone a ammoracked a Sheridan with a he shell to the front. the thing I don’t like the most about the new patch is that the new pve mission is basically a pre fix ghost hunter.(mostly at tier 8 9 and 10)

  5. PVE hard match failed is game killer for me as i play PVE mainly so yeah…

  6. Cris Racing and Gaming

    They promised marketing in the start of this summer 2017 …and i said…in Russia summer never comes , and it never came..’cuz no marketing LUL

  7. manage to make Things that could be easy to use very hard to use. Like the UI, commander System, assigning commanders to tanks,…

    • Well, now they’re at least making it less WoT-like. But my point was that the new *commander* interface isn’t hard to use.

    • Krzeszny well they certainly made it so you can’t get a reload buff thru the commander and still need to spend millions on upgrades for a pittance in time reduction ..and no its not as clear as the original skill tree . In fact it looks like a bloody board game now and my commanders were all maxed out but now they aren’t. And i lost all the chamo I had on most of my tanks

    • the commander Change button is there – it wasn’t there in the PTS Version. And thx for pointing out my poor eyesight – After all the Skin on my eyes are from a dead Person. It’s OK when I concentrate (ie in game), but the UI should be intuitive and not hurt my eyes.

    • Hugin Starkstrom I don’t have a problem with in game. It runs good looks and sounds great. It’s just the garage changes that for me make it unplayable I just can’t get round how much they messed it up.

    • ah sorry- that was meant for krzeszny – who asked if I was blind – and I wanted to let him know that I sort of am.

  8. I’ve had a few disconnects and even a couple of times where my tank is stuck in a game and I can’t get back into that game. Had a few times where Tiger Claw in Hard mode would freeze and I’d have to restart the AW. Other than that I haven’t had much issues with Patch 0.22. As for Steam, I hate that I have to start from scratch but then I guess it’s a good thing since everyone has to start from scratch.

  9. Soo… they increased the module damage. Not the time to come back i guess… it was too high before (my opinion) and now it’s even higher? Really? How are you supposed to destroy tanks if your modules are broken all the time?

  10. The Steam relese was ok didn’t really affect anything really what effected a lot was the bad release of the update. Releasing the update with bugs and problems that was reported in the PTS section of the bug report not reading it and fixing and releasing anyway will do more harm to the game that they realize. Also too much negative response from the Steam launcher on the game is also bad as that can do more damage too the game then they realize also over time look what happened many games in the past too much negative on steam.

  11. I haven’t played the game since the release of balance 2.0. What changed since then?

  12. From last patch all my tanks looks like christhmas lights .

  13. Armored Warfare RePlays

    TY for the video 🙂

  14. PVE is a spam storm of ATGMs right now that will destroy about a quarter of you’re hp and take out at least 2 modules, as for PVP i have seen zero on the NA so far, however when i got back on i was tossed to the EU server and the only reason why i knew was that my progress was wiped, so i have a small feeling that NA might be dead because people are getting tossed into the EU for some odd reason

    • Sir MECKANIST yeah thats what I found too. Im playing my m1a2 abrams and i bounce a good number of shots, regardless of that about 1/3rd of the atgms go straight through my front, even those of lower tier ai’s. I get i shouldn’t be impenetrable, but maybe program them to get around your side so the tusk kit actually has use and so does my armour, while still giving them a chance to pen me. And if there is like three tanks with atgms my gun gets knocked out every time. So frustrating

    • Get a tank with ERA bro

    • Tadej Gačnik my m1a2 has the tusk kit, but they go through the turret where the is no era, and where its not possible to get era either. Its also got an softkill aps system but the amount of atgms makes it nearly useless. Next to that i have some random bounces off my rear with atgms when they hit like 50 mm of armour, meanwhile they do pen 830 mm of armour. It really seems broken to me

    • Yeah that’s true you are right I never played any other tank I play
      soviet ones only , and i must say sometimes era is usless and sometimes it also works out it’s beter than nothing happy tanking 😉

  15. Couldn’t get a single pvp match…tried to guve this game a chance but i don’t want to play pve all day long guess its back to warthunder.

    • well this week its all about Global Ops, everyone is doing the Global Ops event
      but you’ll need a Tier 9-10 sadly as thats what everyone is playing

    • xboxgamer969 yeah, I got a tier 8 but its just not standing a chance against the TD meta. Everyone pens you and they spot you way before you spot them(im playing the m1a2) so i can not be bothered to play it, meaning I can’t get the sabre because i only got 11 pvp wins because of the servers, ping, meh-ish teams, etc

    • yea the Wilk’s PELE ammo pens anywhere lol, its completely broken, its HE with AP pen so its like a really accurate artillery with a reload time of 4 seconds lol
      its getting nerfed in the next hotfix from what I hear
      also you could have gotten the PvP wins if you started on the day it started November 13th

  16. The reason for your high ping on EU servers is somehow in NA, the steam ver of the game defaults to EU servers. Meaning the whole purpose of the steam release to bolster NA server pop is now null and void, since most people downloading the game on steam do not notice the option to switch to NA server.

  17. The not so Mighty FL_3

    Oddly enough, the reason this patch hasn’t gone live on the Russian sever is that it’s still on the PTS. Why have MyCom rushed the release of something that even the guys at MailRu think isn’t ready?

  18. I remember getting around 90-110 ping back in 0.13/0.14 days and every patch after that constantly raised my ping for whatever reason

  19. Steam release did not go well. Seems they didn’t think things through, providing an easy way for people with current accounts to log in through Steam. I even received an email stating all the “goodies” I would receive if I did log in through Steam, but I would not have received any of the promised items on my original account. Just no forethought and only rush, rush, rush. Edit: Sure like to watch your AW videos, though.

  20. now the number is 380. So the peak number is getting better each day. and its not even weekend! This is really not bad.

  21. I got one shotted by an AI BMD-2 with an ATGM at the beginning of a match somehow.. lol

  22. I wish that new players would have access to all of the commanders right now a new player has access to maybe half of all of the commanders.

  23. Pve 99.9% of the time. First day after servers came back up after hours of waiting, there were lots of problems. 2nd day, most of them fixed. Haven’t had ping problems (played thru MyCom). Play on both EU and NA (EU around 8 am my time in USA, and NA in the evening). EU ping is always higher by 15 to 20, but both are low enough I see no problems. I do see that matchmaker struggles to get you in a match as the number of players goes up. With 20 in easy queue it was taking 2-4 min. Overall queue was around 80. Also, still getting the +/- 3 MM, even with 9 vehicles in queue being at your tier. I have noticed the same problem you had with atgm where it takes so long to come back down. They change direction fairly fast in the horizontal but not in the vertical.

  24. The Commander system sucks SH-T

    DAY: 22/11

  26. So long keep wanting to fuck this game over and over, I refues to touch AW again. Wanting a WoT Clone and shoving us NA and EU players away to cater to the RU playerbase was the worst decision for any game company to do.

  27. I love the new graphics. I play in minimum so I didn’t ever have nice high quality models, but now I can play in 60fps on minimum with some pretty darn beautiful looking vehicles. One day I’ll get shadows 😛

  28. that graphic, wot in future

  29. While in theory releasing AW for steam had to happen, DAMN do they have an AWFUL choice of timing releasing it right after one of the worst patches in terms of bugs that they’ve ever had.

  30. 200 to 300 ping and random disconnects, pffff
    *laughs in brazillian
    have you ever played with 3400 ping

  31. 1. Ping, It depends on your location, closer to russia is better I think they have servers there 🙂
    2. Ammo rack it is good since otherwise Autocannos would be obsolete.

    Most annoying thing is that you cannot compare tanks on one screen, there is no auto fire extinguisher, spotting still sucks.

  32. Commander system sucks a lot, check my post on the forum and support if you would like my example of it 🙂

  33. Agree on the Commander the other Fault in the system skills that are limited due to some form of Restriction & they are useless

  34. just fight on skirmish mode and u do everything

  35. nexr boot play PVE

  36. Muhd Nasruddin Bin Muhd Zahidi

    Is the NA server still alive? Or is it dead?

  37. I quit awhile back for 1 main reason…AI ENEMY POPUPS, being like 100 foot from you..Watch them SPAWN into service and kill you.. Would be NICE in reality, but BAD in a game..

  38. Devient, you should make a video on how to maximize the specializations each commander has. I went looking for that, and no one has made one yet. I’ve been looking at which commanders for each branch, but also, some special commanders for specific tanks (i.e. those with very slow turret traverse). I know it’s all subjective, but I think it could be helpful.

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