Armored Warfare || Update 0.23 Preview: Night Battles, AI ATGM Changes & End game Content

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  1. Frist!

  2. I just want to play Global Ops to be honest…

  3. Still just need more players. There were only 40 people across the 2queues for GLOPS and PVP on the EU server at 10pm last night (17/12/17). Not much chance of getting a match at any tier with a population like that. 🙁

  4. I hope they fix the missile spam in PVE. I liked the game but after many changes it was not enjoyable anymore. Me and friends used to play only for fun some PVE mission just to relax after work, but after changes it was no longer fun to play and the rewards were getting worse and worse…. still hope in future they will fix things so we can play again….

    • The problem is the vehicle pool that is picked, for some reason the termi’s/T15s/swingfire’s/BMPs/BMDs are a pretty big part of the enemy spawns, combine that with their laser accuracy made it unplayable to me. (I only got mad because of it, cause you couldnt do anything about it, even at 400meters range full speed ducking and weaving they would hit your turret ring…)
      The reduction in accuracy hopefully helps, but they could also increase the spawns of MBTs, cause there are actually quite little of those in my experience, and when they are there, they are lieutenants which are a fucking pain to deal with as well and in some missions just mean you lose the game, cause you cant fight them properly. (They get unfair advantages and are usually higher tier MBTs)

  5. Armored Warfare RePlays

    Thank you for the video! Great one, as always. Added, shared of course, ppl has to see it 😉

  6. I have already completed the SpecOps campaign both on standard and hardcore. They are are much better than normal pve. But it will be boring after u completed them 2x or 3x. And for those achievments you have to complete the campaign 10, 25 times in a particular vehicle to get certain rewards.

  7. Omg AI missile changes! This is verrry GOOOD

    • Yes, about time. Been on the forum about the accuracy several times. Last night in hard matches I averaged 2 turret ring and 5 gun knocked per match.

    • WarNock07 I usually get double that. At least. The amount of ATGMS in PVE are ridiculous and NEEDED changes. They’re pretty much all the AI fires. So this has the probability of being a good patch this time

  8. i don’t get why story matters whne the missions you play are alyways the same. this is just a slap on mode on what we already have. even more it seems that it’s an implementation of the currently ongoing Campaign. then to have those “cool” rewards you have to replay it over and over and as someone has said it gets boring quick. let’s face it it’S nothing new it the same old shit given a new name. i don’t get it why you got so hyped about it given your criticising past . would like to hear from you why you think that this is a game changer for pve. regards

    • I feel that is is a game changer in the sense that for quite a few people in the past (myself included) saw that the idea of a multiplayer game with a rich and interesting story built in could be quite interesting and seeing that they are finally going to be implementing that is quite nice. While I understand that many don’t really care I personally do. When it comes to boredom that is a personal issue while I can agree doing it over and over and over again is quite boring that is really a decision for an individual to make. What I am really hyped about is the rewards, I personally would not mind if they implemented special tanks that could be won while playing. That would add a incentive to play (which is always nice) and would mean that people would more likely stay especially the people who are bored with the game. While this idea isn’t currently picked up by the game I would not mind seeing it get added.

    • guess we’ll have to see what the update brings to the table. personally i started AW because of the PVE aspect but now 2 years into the game i doubt they will be able to pull off a mode where it doesn’t feel like shooting mindnumbing bots story or not. i’ll sit tight and see what time brings to the table but certainly won’t hold my breath about it.

  9. Christos Karsanidis

    I was playing PvE but it eventually got boring and the rewards, which not many mention, were quite bad. They made them bad intentionally imo. just to push/force you to have Premium on all the time. Which makes the game subscription based rather than F2P and these two things (because at the time PvE wasn’t evolving AT ALL) made me quit. I hope they pay more attention to PvE, make it more engaging, make the rewards worth the time and effort one puts in, that’s all.

  10. Meh could care less about the “Lore / Storyline” I mean it’s a game I love playing it but all that other stuff is just superfluous Rubbish IMHO!
    The real issue for me in the SOps line is the “Mandatory” requirement to Play SPG IOT to get the Quote “The mode will feature the following achievements with special rewards”

  11. Praise the lord. PvE will be fun again… at least i hope so ^^

  12. Damn time they nerfed those rocket boats.

  13. just loaded the game and my tank is solid white. even the enemy tanks. any ideas to why this is taking place.. All the other graphics in the game are fine.

  14. wait, so about 6 months ago, armored warfare was dead, with like 15 people total in US playing. IS IT BACK? IS IT RECOVERING? WHAT IS HAPPENING? people just started making vids again about a month ago like its back, please explain

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