Armored Warfare || Update 0.24 Preview!

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Links: https://./us/news/general/-024-caribbean-crisis-part-ii-

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    • Oioi Matsimus come play AW with us 🙂

      P.S: Love your videos by the way!

    • why did u remove the “gaming” tag? also i like ur vids. very informative and unbiased imho. u playing AW? it’s really having a hard time and dev’s don’t seem to know which direction they wanna take the game…. lesser and lesser ppl playing and due to that PVP came to a halt mostly, except there is a PVP themed event going.

  1. no info on the VT-4 coming?

  2. hey, about the challenge progression system, that has been in the game since launch, for example, before to unlock the chieftain mk5, tier 6, you had to gain 30,000 potential damage on any tank with that dealer. They do it whenever they don’t have a tank for every tier. In the challenger line case, there was no tier 5, it jumped from tier 4 to tier 6 if I can remember right.

    Thanks for the update video tho, keep up the good work.

  3. wait hold on
    the Glops mentioned heli wildcard
    please tell it’s an Attack heli

  4. I’m looking forward to the patch, especially because I love my Light Tanks and getting them via challenges sounds pretty dope.

  5. The new progression system just feels odd. It feels like either they don’t have the other tanks in the line ready yet and just want to push these out, or they don’t plan on releasing full lines now and in the future. Neither one is explicitly bad, but as per usual nothing about long term plans is communicated.

    Also no word on the armor viewer, which is disappointing as always.

  6. Well, this new progression system reminds me of unlocks in, For example, Battlefield 3. So, it can appeal to FPS players.

  7. New TD commander? Horray o/ but wish there would be more PvE missions where you can use them effective and not have to fight on short to mid range.

  8. God that Obj. 187 reskin looks absolutely horrid xD

  9. Sounds good to me!!!

  10. After years of playing im now one of the guys who deinstalled. This game is just not fun anymore.. 🙁

  11. the way you unlock the new dealer reminds me of when the chinese dealer was first introduced, similar system.

  12. Adding a new thing will cause new bugs/problems. Would rather see things fixed that they promised (atgm accuracy nerf) and those other problems that have been around a long time.

  13. sever merge when? 🙁

  14. K21-XC8! Finaly korean tanks!

  15. Then now i saw the Zubr destroyed was done by claburn. And They are trying to get rid of black company AND magnus army?

  16. btw devient that new map is for GLOPS, so NA might not see it all too often.

  17. Armored Warfare RePlays

    Thanx for the video mate 🙂 Live long and prosper 😉

  18. i miss this game, too bad i have a potato for a PC

  19. Christopher Colucci

    if they put the k21 maybe from the next patch will insert other Korean tanks

  20. the unlocking of the new line sounds dumb i think most will just ignore it

  21. must say…its a bit durping way to unlock the tanks on that new dealer….but ass long I get the NM142 and play 15vs15 pvp I will be happy 🙂

  22. You thing very poorly about average player. You know, they are humans too, and can figure things out.

  23. When are they ever going to release the French and Israeli MBTs? Something that I know quite a few players have been asking for since the game went into open BETA years ago.

  24. I hate how you can not get all of the commanders no matter how much time and or money you put into this game. Game either needs more commanders or let everyone get all commanders it is to hard to level up good commanders becasue you eventually need to level up crap commanders .

  25. Abysmally dead game

  26. Are there players again… ?

  27. Never thought I would see a South African TD in a game

  28. Sounds like its straight out of the War Thunder playbook. If you’re a good / top player you will have no need for spend money. But for most of you scrubs in the lower 90%, better open up that wallet or have plenty of time to invest.

  29. Please livestream

  30. Rooikat like in direct translation redcat an South African build vehicle while the country was still in good hands

  31. G’day from a Fellow Aussie. In game call sign is Captain_Phatt

    I was wondering why I didn’t recognize your game name right up until the point when you mentioned that you play on the EU Server.

    I play Hard mode PvE or Story Line only on the NA server with RAPID Battalion, purely because I can’t stand playing in PvP pub matches or GlOPS as most of the people who play those game modes are just too selfish and chaotic, and lack the self discipline required to pay in a team.

    I have been playing AW since the Closed Beta was launched, and I am interested in participating in Battalion Wars, but I don’t want to have to grind all of my tanks again on the EU server, plus I don’t get a very good ping to the EU server. which is why I am curious as to why you chose to play on the EU server? Do you live in WA?

    If the Cosmic you are referring in your stream is the Cosmic from NZ then I know of him and he is listed on the RAPID Battalion Discord page.

    Cheers and good luck with your plan to make BIKE the largest battalion in the world.

    • Hey, The reason I play on EU was down the PvP population, When I moved the population was in the hundreds on EU and was quickly declining on NA. I am from Brisbane so the Ping is not great but some lag isn’t to bad when you get used to it. Also the Kosmic I am refering to in the video is another youtuber that I sometimes play with, Kosmic_K he is from the US.

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