Armored Warfare – Update 0.33 Trailer

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We are excited to introduce Update 0.33 of the Spirithaven season.

This update bringing the Tier 7-10 rebalance, optimizations, new Contract Missions and many other improvements.

What is Armored Warfare?

We are proud to present Armored Warfare. Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game that puts you in control of modern tanks, armored vehicles and more! Armored Warfare features stunning visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience!


  1. better than war thunder

    • lemme guess, u paid too much money on war thunder

    • M1a1 Abrams nah i grinded my way to tier 6 without wasting my wallet and all i can say is that at least there are still players still playing the game since 2013.

    • Vladimir Il'ič Ul'janov Lenin

      war thunder wins already with its damage models

    • Panzer Edelweiss - TheSteven798v2

      @M1a1 Abrams Because In War Thunder The Leopard 2 is better, just like in real life, A Abrams hasnt survive a Kornet a Leopard has! That is why you prefer Armored warfare than War thunder

    • Well actually I play both game and armoured warfare is kinda soothing and very relaxing to play in pve after suffering a shitload of bullshit it war thunder

  2. how is the game still not out? are you ont he Starcitzen time line?

  3. this update sound like you noob the game out?

  4. I’ve taken a long break but maybe its time to come back and take a look.

  5. Nice update

  6. looking good wish pve was less repetitive though.

  7. Hm……Maybe I should give it a try one more time.

    Still better than WoT, tho.

  8. Looking forward to testing this out! Keep up the great work!

  9. A good reason to make a comeback and see these changes in person. Nice job,

  10. Everything is nice but now after new update i have problem with sound and my game is crush. :/

  11. I miss the old narrator talking about the updates and changes. It actually sounded like a person that was interested in the game and not a paycheck.

  12. I wouldn’t mind playing this game again, but the last two times I tried to get into a match on console, I waited for over an hour before I finally gave up. I don’t know about PC, but I think it’s safe to say that Armored Warfare is dead on console.

  13. How doing something that will bring in players and keep them so the wait isn’t 20 minutes for a 5 minute watch

  14. I can wait to miss out on the skins as “personally” I hate them & never use any that I have.

  15. Looks nice, but quite recently it doesn’t seem to run on Proton anymore. Until someone figures out a workaround I’m stuck watching and wishing I could play.

  16. Old ugly graphics 😂

  17. This was not a buff to mbt armour, it’s a nerf, the sides of mbt’s are much weaker now and they have much larger lower plates.

  18. Add more brazilian vehicles please

  19. Will be coming back to try this, best of luck AW i wanna see you back in action!

  20. Now I cannot pierce ennemy armor in PvP battles. But ennemies always crush my tank easily. When I play Armored Warfare I don’t want to find another unfair World of Tanks and it’s silly RNG! PvP is not fun anymore.
    from now on when the game does not allow me to do damage I leave the battle. it’s less painful.

  21. The text is long AW, so write down the suggestions…

    But before it I would like to say that I really like the update. There are many good improvements, the ones I like and remember are that:

    – The way mbts (t7+) have more realistic armor resistance against atgm’s, heat and even some sabot on frontal and in side armor resist pierce against autocannons;
    – the lesser reload time on some mbts, the same for smoke
    – the higher heat damage than before
    – the realistic lesser damage and penetration with longer distances for all vehicles by sabot
    – the 3D protection coloured map option where you can see below the vehicle armor and related
    – the nerf of t-15 was very suitable
    – the lesser spotting distance for mbts force them to push as the armor are improved
    – friend list is more visible with count;
    – the size of overall letters in game pre battle as well as the tanks and players is better.

    Most of the updates are really ok, keep them, don’t turn them back because of the cry babies, MOST of them want the game their way not the way everybody needs, most are pure egoistic positioning

    The ones I would like to see that seems reasonable in and out game are:

    – That some vehicles with very high concealment (40%+) continues to work and be spotted as the ones with ~20%, even in some situations behind trees, bush and foliages (sometimes I’m spotted with 400m away from target with 1 shot)
    – Shots and damage appear not counted when the enemy is not spotted when they are stopped as if they simply disappeared and you know they are there
    – Top down atgms take too long on pve to lock on target (half time would be ok like in test area), the damage should be 20% more to compare as straight atgms and damage on unmanned vehicles should be 20% more too as top turret armors are thinner.
    – Cage armor most times doesn’t work as it should be on vehicles that have them half of all around (put 50% block odds would be ok)
    – The nerf of xm247 would be welcome as on 20% less damage per round and 10mm pen as you can’t beat them when on the same team
    – The option to migrate/transfer credits, gold and inventory etc to another account- AI should become worse when crew are severely injuried (in red) like slower speed, worse acuracy.
    – Repair 3x should be free and with half time cooldown;
    – On dossier ‘statistics’ make a division/split/section of shots efficiency (and the dmg Avg per shot pen (buy mbt, autocannon and atgm)) and ‘kills over 300m’
    – Don’t put PVE environment shot hit count on dossier (as it doesn’t; eg: shoot ship towers on ch4 spirit haven and see your efficiency hits % later, it will go far down)
    – On dossier ‘Avg per match’, put ‘kills assisted’ to know how many we Avg assist per match;
    – Put medal for kills over 300m (minimum 7 kills) with some ‘sniper’ name or related, medal for destroyed MBT’s or other classes multiple times in one battle (like minimum 5 or 7);
    – 2x XP every 6 hours;
    – Boosts of 3 hours;
    – Daily log in bonuses too little (could be 100k, 2 gold, 7500 free xp, 3 day premium, 500k credits, 2 platinum, 125 gold) as we all know crates have 1% less to really give something valuable, the rewards are what ppl like.
    – Rewards by indication/invitation of new players like 7 day premium, 2 million credits, 1x t4 premium vehicles for 1 month or else
    – Investment in propaganda by advertising the game with videos, GIFs, prints on platforms such as YouTube, twitch, Facebook, AW player channels on YouTube and related to get out of the shadow of games like WOWS, WoT, WarThunder or others and become more visible
    – Make crates on the market and in the game more possible to win something valuable as there are many complaints that they are almost impossible to win something worth or half worth, it
    – cooldowns of some vehicles special abilities take too long (half time would be great)
    – Battalion ranking auto updates and bonuses (boosts or else) for those with more than 10 active different players per week and minimum 35 members per battalion as there are many of them with almost nobody or inactive battalions making weight on now ranking
    – Erasing inactive battalion over 6 months of no activity;
    – Temporarily block for multiple clan propagandas in global chat in less than 30 minutes (3 or more);
    – Map rotations time, sometimes bug when you change to another vehicle making it start again the 3 min count when it is less than 2, 1 or else;
    – Convert free xp from gold should give 50% more;

    * You guys don’t have to think in earning all the time, the secret to keep people in the game is positive reinforcement, you should know that.

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