Armored Warfare: VFM PVP Gameplay, How to Average 3k+ Damage

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Source: Taugrim

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We review the VFM Mk. 5, a very popular tier 6 premium LT in Armored Warfare (AW), with gameplay of a tier 7 Pipelines battle.

Taugrim’s PVP stats (@106 battles): 64% win rate, 3.1k damage and 2.11 kills per

The VFM combines solid frontal hull armor with a turret that provides good protection from autocannons. While the VFM is excellent at flexing, players often incorrectly flank with the tank in such a way that they lose the benefit of the frontal hull armor and are impacted by the tank’s poor gun handling.

For up-to-date recommendations on commander, crew, and retrofits, see the guide on my blog:

Similar to my “Road to Unicum” video for World of Tanks (WoT), the objective of these AW videos is to meaningfully help players their PVP gameplay.

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  1. MY GOD those VFM!!!!!!!
    Immune to autocannon frontally, immune to autocannon point blank flat side
    80%, reliable HEAT protection, occasional AP frontal bounce.

    And its getting buffed to pen? Thats all I needed to feel completely
    comfortable :D

  2. There’s a bug with the turret actually, there’s no armor at the bottom of
    the turret behind the gun mantlet. Anything pens it right now, and HE
    especially ruins you.

  3. Given that I actually uh, quite like the stingray, I think I need to get
    this tank. I hadn’t realised its gun handling was so bad actually, so
    that’s given me some ideas on how to actually handle it beyond just knowing
    that its turret is quite weak.

  4. Will you ever cover tier 9 MBTs? I feel like more and more people are
    getting them or close to them and given that you’ll be top tier on your
    team it’s important that you play well and know what to do.

  5. Again AW, im out.

  6. Henrique Lopez Hernandez

    Why not Juan Carlos Miramon as commander instead of Viktor?

  7. Why u dont play World of tanks anymore? ? i really loved your videos. keep
    the good work up :-)

  8. Really informative and good videos, do you plan on playing with subs
    sometimes? Cheers

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