Armored Warfare – We Need Tanks. Lots of Tanks.

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

If only there was tank game that featured modern tanks like the Challenger, Abrams, T-90 Leopard II. Oh, what’s this?

Armored Warfare

Remember, sign up for Beta by January 18th you’ll get an exclusive Tank Commander!


  1. Modern tanks, but Cold War tactics? No modern army today would send MBT’s
    against positions that still have significant anti armour capabilities
    still available – they would be taken out first with attack helicopters,
    drones, etc. Tactics have changed a lot since I served in Chieftains in
    W.Germany in the 70’s. Game or not, the tactics in this game are

    What we need is War Thunder sim mode with modern aircraft and vehicles.

    • is still just a game….

    • I think just saying “its just a game” brakes your argument, weres the fun
      in “hyper realistic games?” If arma or battlefield were to realistic, it
      woulnt be fun, what you want that everytime somebody shoot your torret gun,
      its dissable forever? You want to have boring slow pase gameplays? That you
      may stay in a coner doing nothing exept scouting and taging enemies so an
      airstrike can take him/her down? I dont know about you all but thats
      boring. I dont care if thats how real life is, we are talking about a game
      here, its suppost to be tactical and fun. Not some boring (tag this,
      airstrike that) type of game.

  2. It will be great to see the L7 getting thrown onto all of the MBT’s. Proud
    that I’m British lol.

    I can’t wait to see how the tech and research work in this game. Should be

  3. you can preorder the game on the russian site. bought myself a gold pack

  4. Fire* urban* well, you know already

  5. Grrrr website is down… right now…. JINGLES!

  6. The link in the description isn’t working for me

  7. Will the SPGs have Tank Destroyer mode? Atleast those who could?

  8. …..this sounds freaking amazing!!!
    MBT ok…Light tanks(smoke! epic!) recon tanks(bonus dmg!!!!!!) and arty
    that doesnt 1 shot you xD

    and PVE!!! sorry wargaming, but your dried up.

  9. I’m assuming that the leopard2a5 will be a teir ten.

  10. Will it come for the ps4
    Just like warthunder

  11. If it is as good as it looks and sounds… WoT and War Thunder are going to
    fall… Very fast.

  12. Maik Gehteuchnichtsan

    Website is offline
    No cached version of this page is available. :(

  13. I rather die they play an americansky game with tanks


  15. i cant wait to try a quick little tank or the actual scout tank class with
    a smoke screen :)

  16. **checks jingles’ channel**
    **no upload**
    **comes back 30 mins later**
    **new vid, uploaded 4 hours ago**
    wtf youtube :/

  17. Jingles because of you Armored Warfare page in down ! :D

  18. im pretty sure that the arty in armoured warfare are going to have an area
    of effect and low alpha damage machines with a rate of fire. its an
    interesting approach im hoping it works.

  19. I’m not going to be able to run this game :(

  20. So arty in this game has no alpha damage. Then how do they defend
    themselves they can’t Load a AP round and shoot a tank and point blank.?

  21. Whats wrong with your graphics jingles? I think you did not run and record
    this footage on your rig. If you would, it wouldn look like a PS3 game….
    Why in the hell did they use low detail settings to show of the game? Or is
    this all there is? If so i am very dissapointed. look at crysis 3, i
    expected it to look at least as good as this. They had years to work with
    the cryengine and optimize it. But it looks like they didnt….. 

  22. Is this going to be an arcade game or a realistic game?

  23. Lukas Menke (FreshDumbledore)

    whats the health system gonna be like?? WoT-Style with a health pool or
    realistic warthunder style?

  24. wil it be available to mac?

  25. What was that, Putin?
    What a great regime you twats have.

  26. Lol twats will be twats 😀

  27. So you like neither? I’m not American you tool XD

  28. “Sweden does not have enough vehicles for its own tech tree”
    oh really now take a look at this
    and say that again. sweden has more vehicles and designs than either china
    or japan and could build its own tech tree if it was not for WG being
    greedy and scrapping it because the swedish heavy tanks are needed for the
    EU tree.
    WG does not want to take the risk with sweden because they dont think there
    is enough money to be made even though sweden could build its own tech tree
    separate from the EU tree.

    And this is not just random ranting i know this because im the one behind
    that and several other FTR articles on swedish tanks.

  29. U wot m9 u wnt 2 git rekt??? i swer on me mum il shank ya ootsid tesco

    This free to play?

  30. Now, this does look like a great game, but let’s hope that Obsidian doesn’t
    botch this like they did with KOTOR II and Fallout: New Vegas…

    • +Jakeasaur As in it was horrifically buggy for a number of people and it
      suffered from severe lag. >.> Then, there’s KOTOR II, which, although it
      was good, it wasn’t completed and large chunks of the content was left

  31. Paid Promotion ? Just asking, because that stuff should be disclaimed. And
    I think it’s really strange Obsidian is making this, they’ve got like no
    experience with this type of game. But I love their RPGs.

  32. I’ve been waiting for soooo long for this!!

  33. i am looking forward to non russian biased gameplay. Yeah.

  34. Scopetactics The Welsh

    I completely forgot I even signed up for the beta, game is looking pretty
    awesome as it is!

  35. Is there gonna be a first come first serve basis for picking beta players?
    😀 Just I signed up months ago, and I want to be able to play it asap,
    especially since I havent been accepted in some betas lately 🙁 [Last was

  36. How does the vision system in the game work? Is it “true” vision, or some
    stupid numbers based system like in WoT? No question that the vision system
    of WoT is one of my biggest gripes with that game and if this is just a
    repeat then I’m already out.

  37. Looks very good cant wait sick of world of tanks

  38. +Red0100 During the invasion of Scandinavia, Sweden kept neutral, but
    because much of their income was generated by exporting iron, they
    continued to sell it to Nazi Germany. Sweden would not help Finland fight
    off the Soviet attack.

  39. +Red0100 Why should sweden get a tech tree when they had no impact on ww2,
    other nations deserve it like italy.

  40. Yes modern tanks!!
    This game looks amazing!!

  41. Cool looking, but ultimately it’s pretty boring. Another ultra-unrealistic
    arcade tank game that probably has an insane grind and a painful
    micro-transaction system? If that’s the case, then no thank you good sir.

    • +Rod 1984
      Yeah sadly its definitely a game you need to be in a clan with in order to
      get the most out of it and finding the right group of guys you mesh with is
      going to be pretty hard.

      Dsylecxi’s videos prove that just because it’s a military sim doesn’t mean
      its going to be dull and boring, probably his favorite video for me is his
      ‘Die Hardest’ one just for that amazing action movie style ending.

    • +luketfer
      I’m not really looking for an ultra-realistic game. I’m saying that this
      game and WoT are fantasy unicorn type of fiction. Besides, the models and
      textures in this game look like cartoons. Either that or it’s just really
      low quality. But hey, I own all of the ArmA games. I’ve been playing them
      for over a decade. 🙂 I think I’ll stick to War Thunder for my dose of
      notreallyrealistic tank gameplay.

  42. Christopher Benfield

    Thanks of the link Jingles, I will rename my tank commander in honor of you
    if possible!!!

  43. Love it, can’t wait for the vids.

  44. i wish war thunder would include ww1 planes, tanks and ships. that way we
    have the whole spectrum covered. WW1+2 =war thunder, WW2 WOT and Armored
    for modern. Also arty just gets a bad name in WOT, its not op and its very
    difficult. your normally miss 1/3 of the shots you do take and only direct
    hit 20 % of those that do hit. 

  45. Modern German Tanks.
    That’s all I want.
    Leopard 2, Marder, Puma, PzH 2000 and the cute little Wiesel :3

  46. Is this game free to play???? 

  47. Also I gotta question how Arty works without high alpha damage.

  48. this sounds like somthing for both you Jingles, and me!

  49. This game died as soon as they announced arty, they can see what arty does
    to WoT, and how much the community hate it. RIP AW 2015-2014.

    You say that there will be a warning, but if this game is anything like WoT
    then arty will affect HTs(or MBTs) the most as they can’t really move very
    far in a space that is 20 metres wide while they try and brawl.

  50. Really looking forward to this one. WT and their incompetence can kiss my
    ass once this comes out! 

  51. Waiting for Armored Warfare intensifies…

  52. Too bad. It’s starting to look more and more like a casual arcade kid game.
    Damage buff when lit up? Dafuq? Warning on incoming arty? Dafuq?
    They probably follow the “easy to play, hard to master” mantra, but theyre
    going to end up at “easy to play” just to bring in big dollars :/

  53. This better be for ps4 also

  54. if it’s fast , it sucks 

  55. Are there yugoslavian tanks ?

  56. When I press login on the AW website nothing happens… Any ideas?

  57. though i’m not interested in modern tanks, i’m glad it will give gaijin
    something to pucker over.

  58. rip wot

  59. Jingles, back before a certain episode of Mingles With Jingles where you
    first mentioned AW (minimum of 4 months ago) I created an account, but
    forgot to reply to the email about activating my account and only recently
    realised it. Do you think, from your personal experience, that activating
    my account 4 months late will hurt my change of being in the beta? As in
    will it believe me to have not entered for the beta until now?

  60. Modern tanks? Explosions? PUDDING?!!? I WANT IT NOW GIMME!!!!

  61. Russians get Logs? GG Russians OP.

  62. I wonder if there will be a Jimbo’s mod and XVM in this game 😛 

  63. there better be korean tanks

  64. Wow this looks like shit…CoD Modern Warfare with tanks.
    You know why WoT and WT use vehicles from the WW2 period? Because there is
    no way to make a game about modern tanks fun if you want to keep it
    somewhat realistic.
    Modern tanks have effective ranges of several kilometers and are automated
    to a large extent.
    This is gonna be more aracdy than WoT, at least its gonna have nice

    Any semi serious tank/aircraft player has only one game to play ATM, if he
    is looking for a multiplayer experience.
    With all its drawbacks, when it comes to tank warfare WT is already the
    best. Anyone with half a brain, who is not making money from streaming,
    will prefer WT over WoT.
    In many ways WT has already achieved many of the goals of WoT when it comes
    to features and its obviously better than this Aracdy garbage.

  65. Any news from mighty jingles about elite dangerous? 

  66. Thx 4 the info Jingles .

  67. Guys, Guys. Remember that we’re gonna get the M551 Sheridan (T49 in WoT)

  68. +Sam Packinpah was a classical composer Think of world of tanks as a
    made-up game with made-up vehicles and made-up capabilities for those
    vehicles. just numbers and hitboxes.

  69. Sam Packinpah was a classical composer

    +taiiat0 Read the rest of message and you will understand.

    Only 5-7% of tanks were destroyed by indirect fire.

  70. It’s the hand of Stalin.

  71. Walking with Dinos4Life

    Although i still prefer WW2 sims and games this looks very interesting.

  72. Is it just me or does something not look quite right about the Challenger

  73. f yes a t90 😀 cant wait to try it out

  74. I’ve been waiting for this game since a year or so, you’re so lucky to have
    access to the closed pre beta!
    I hope to see more on your channel!

  75. I hope they’ll put in some more filter options for the graphics. The
    “modern day ‘realistic’ (no it’s not) grimy brown” that’s even on the
    bright summer maps makes me sick.

  76. “What’s not to like” ok where to begin… MMO Character development, PvE
    Co-Op… the fact that it’s multiplayer… I like tank games, but I want to
    play modern spins on games like Microprose M1 Tank Plantoon’s and Team
    Yankee’s of yester-year… so pissed off with multiplayer online garbage…
    I’ll pass on this one…

  77. i will give it a try but i have already seen that it has a health system.
    In my opinion the war thunder damage engine works better for tanks. 

  78. 5:21 is that a T49?

  79. Hannes Nord Nilsson

    I love how those of us that signed up about a year and a half ago have a
    100% chance to get into to the beta :)

  80. Hopefully the PVE won’t have a severe XP and credit limiter placed on it
    like it does with PVE in War Thunder. I’m not a huge fan of fighting real
    people, but in WT it’s the only way to progress down a line. Maybe Armored
    Warfare will be different…

  81. Do you use the Elgato game capture HD60

  82. Will there be clanwars in this game comparable to that of WoT? World of
    Tanks clanwars is one of the best i’ve ever seen and i would love to see CW
    of the same caliber in AW.

  83. Soviet T-90.


  84. That’s M1128 MGS not 1182 :D

  85. Just let Armored Warfare pan out on its own. Dont try to compare it to WT
    or WoT. So many comments and worries over the HP bar vs WT style game play.
    Where I agree that HP are better (like WoT), Ive held off +6 tanks alone in
    my KV-1, including two other KV-1s at point blank range for over 5mins
    taking hits constantly and never died. Both styles have their usefulness.

  86. I can’t wait to get my hands on the M60 Starship

  87. YEI another tank game grinding here i come…
    TO bad no ship games are coming aut

  88. Gameplay looks even worse than WoT

  89. If I remember well Swedes have enough tanks to easily create a heavy line,
    medium line, arty line and two tank destroyer lines…

  90. 13:25 looks like your tank command isn’t suited for this game. He dislikes
    video games.

  91. can’t wait to see it. Thanks

  92. Guys rather start playing warthunder than this,trust me……..

  93. WANT!!

  94. Hey Jingles, is there any chance this game will be ported over to PS4 like
    they did with War Thunder?

  95. I hope it’s not as grindy as WoT. I’d play it more if it was less grindy
    than if it was more.

  96. So, is it free? THAT WOULD BE COOL!

  97. omg i was literally jizzing myself during this vid :DDDDDDDD

  98. I’d play Armored Warfare in a heart beat…..Once it is finalized. I like
    this video a lot. However, and as usual there is one, I did spot one little
    problem with one the AFVs early on. It never made it through the early
    field (U.S.) test phase (in real life) due to a few “minor” problems such
    as the “gun system” being too heavy for the vehicles suspension system and
    the “auto turret/gun system” it’s self. Seems to reload the gun (it’s an
    auto loader) some lucky soul had to exit the vehicle and load individual
    rounds into the magazine (spare main gun ammo, anti-tank missiles and
    machine gun ammo as well) are carried in external “boxes”)….On the hull
    (genius! pure genius!)…..As well as the anti-tank missile launchers and
    the “coax MG” which is NOT slaved to the main gun and whose sights got
    knocked completely out of alignment every time the main gun or missiles
    were fired. The three man crew was not in eye contact with each other, the
    “fighting compartment” is/was separate from the gun system (each
    crewmember is isolated from the others within the hull of the vehicle
    largely due to the main gun system). And the gun ( the original design
    called for a 76mm which was, thanks to the brass benny guys, “upgraded”
    first to a 90mm then to a 105mm and lastly a real bastard of a low
    pressure 120mm) all of which had the nasty habit of jamming after one or
    two rounds. On top of that the main gun could not be cleared of a jam in
    the field by the crew and required the vehicle to be returned to rear area
    maintenance or in worst cases….To a fully equipped and staffed depot out
    of theater. The American version, at least, was “temporarily” cancelled
    “pending resolution of troubling, recurring, design and functionality
    issues in the weapons systems, load carrying capacity, engine and drive
    train performance and armor of the AFV”. But then, AW is a game, and guns
    don’t tend to jam and “crewmembers” don’t have to exit their vehicles under
    fire to reload it’s weapons systems in a game. After all that, I’m still
    looking forward to Armored Warfare once it is ready. Keep up the great
    work. P.S.: I’ve actually seen the vehicle in question, as it is currently
    being “re-evaluated and re-tested” in both turreted and non-turreted
    configurations (the non-turreted configuration is common in AFV testing no
    matter what type of “turret” may be intended for final production models)
    not far from where I live. 

  99. I gave this vid a dislike because it was on this game.

  100. world of tanks for ever

  101. Capt “War Beaver” Canada

    Jingles! can’t wait for the videos, hopefully will see you in the BETA.

  102. YES

  103. Yes, there is in fact a Starship there. And in AW, you’ll even get to fire
    Shillelagh missiles from it.

  104. Do you or any one think that this game or warthunder will ever come to
    consoles like xbox or playstation?

  105. So unrealistic crap game, where the m1a1 will be god, yes a game to look
    forward to

  106. +Will Matychuk well his name isn’t troll so i guess yeah

  107. Bier “Bierbart12” Bart

    +Andreas Stüber I like how this grammar is horribad in both languages…
    They both even CONTRADICT themselves…

    I also lost it at “The dose of pandora”.[The can of pandora](It’s not
    called that in either language)

  108. well no offense but that what sniper rifles do, they don’t warn their

  109. Night fire gaming channel

    Did i see the t49’s gun? i swear i saw the grenade launcher.

  110. Amazing Intro :D

  111. it looks like its basically going to play like WoT with a slightly
    different spin…same MM bullshit, same shitty players…..just ugh. 

  112. Thanks for the heads up Jingles! Looks like an interesting game, and the
    coop PVE is really interesting me! But its going to be hard to blame a
    team full of tomato noobs in PVE coop….

  113. Right? Really peaked my interest when Jingles said it’ll have PvE.

  114. They better put that Maneuver Combat Vehicle from Japan . . . It’s a
    wheeled Tank Destroyer and it looks cool . . .


  116. i wounder if they inplement amx 13 90 … it fought in 6 days war ,.,

  117. what? WHY 24 dislikes.. wow.. Must be the opposing game developers! 

  118. If there isn’t a challenger 2 then I don’t want to play

  119. 11:15 Sooo… we’ll have Merkava tanks?

  120. +brandon dickerson Oh wow. You are the dumbest person I have ever seen on
    YouTube. Please don’t have children.

    Anyway how can you say challenger 2 is budget tank, when it cost the same ,
    if not more to make?

    The challenger that was damaged by the RPG was fine , no major damage at
    all, the driver was injured but managed to reverse the tank out of danger.
    you seem to think the tank was destroyed.

    And Abrams has been severely damaged by RPG shots , and destroyed by IED’s
    on a few occasions.

    And I’m sure challenger 2 would be fine being hit by a t72.

    Please stop making yourself look like a retard.

  121. +brandon dickerson Only one Challenger II has been destroyed in combat and
    it was destroyed by friendly fire from another Challenger II…
    Face it, its probably the best armored tank in the world. It would laugh at
    It has armor twice as strong as Steel and its thick and well sloped too.
    The T72 could stand for days shooting non stop at it and the Challenger
    would just jawn. Every Post-WW2 british tank have had a tea brewing set, im
    sure the crew will be just fine

  122. I’ve been looking forward to this video! Can’t wait till AW beta :)

  123. thanks jingles,i just found out for this game last moment,signed up.

  124. I have around 25/35 fps with wot.. How much do you think i will get with
    this game ?

  125. Dominik “Equ” Banikᴴᴰ

    will be Polish version of the game ?

  126. I cant wait to see the fight Abrams VS T-90 :)

  127. beta… free to play… no thanks, next! ^^

  128. 6:51
    “You’re sitting in your big heavy tank, in the open, not moving or
    utilizing cover thats around you, and expecting nothing bad to happen

    Fixed that for ya. ;)

  129. “Wen you sign up before the 18th of januari you get a free commander” why
    on my birthday!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  130. Cheers for the heaqds up Jingles

  131. Krzysiek “KM” M

    M551 Sheridan 4:56 :)

  132. 10:58
    is that
    pls help.

    Looks like someone put a turret from the PL-1 stealth tank onto a Stryker.

  133. do they have experimental tanks like the t-80u?

  134. T-90A is Russian,not Soviet(cuz first version was introduced in 1993.)

  135. Probably a dumb question, but are the Weapons dealers depicted as in-game
    characters, or just storefronts? 

  136. Am I the only one who played WoT who did not play arty and did not mind
    other to play them at all? Arty never bugged me at all. anyway this AW
    looks good have to try and get in on the beta. 

  137. thanks for posting the website jingles i’ve been getting very excited about
    this game and am looking forward to it :)

  138. Great vid Jingles thanks for posting! Looks like it’s gonna be mad fun to
    play cannot wait : D And oohh boy peeps are complaining about it already
    lol. Some game company should just make a complaint simulator that people
    can just pick apart what ever subject they want (you know, stuff that
    doesn’t exist yet, things that aren’t finished n such) and spend the day
    spell checking the nooblets in a mmo that’s just a live screen of text.

  139. When Armored Warfare comes out will you be expanding the channel to cover
    it Jingles?

  140. What is the age rating. Like how old do you have to be to play this game. 

  141. If people think arty is bad in WoT im not sure how they can handle war
    thunder… I don’t hate arty like everyone else and even drive a Su-14-2 on
    sundays….. but… in war thunder i’ve never seen so much arty spam…
    least in wot theres 30/secs or so between shells.

  142. The stupidest are always the loudest, that’s why you see almost nothing but
    complaints for WoT artillery.

  143. +Grammar Nazi do you know who else are the loudest? the masses, they cannot
    be ignored

  144. Sadly, that isn’t how it works. Stop deluding yourself. Arty is a bullshit
    mechanic that has the effect of randomizing the game, taking away some of
    the skill in winning, while simultaneously encouraging camping (yes,
    encouraging, not reducing). There are (a few) methods you can use to
    decrease the chance of getting hit by arty without hurting your chance of
    winning, but if you focus too much on protecting yourself from arty, then
    you will start losing more. That’s a fact. Personally, I like winning, and
    arty is the strongest force pushing me back to 50%.

    That’s why I quit WoT two months ago. I’m looking forward to Armored
    Warfare, partly so I don’t have to deal with the cancer that is arty in
    World of Tanks.

  145. Sounds excellent – impatiently waiting to drop WoT

  146. clerkmaxwell does warthunder

    Not to mention that it will take over 900 years to get to top tier

  147. when can we play this game 

  148. Wooo another tank game!
    Come join the table armoured warfare, come sit next to world of tanks, im
    sure you’ll be good friends :P

  149. this sounds so cool…

  150. All I wanna do… Is drive an Abrams 

  151. How do you get a pop up warning that you are being targeted by a wire
    guided SACLOS ATGM?

  152. XxJackofGamesxX Gaming

    Yeah I was under a rock for 6 months, or aka antisocial
    Aint I so cool :)

  153. Looking forward to seeing some actual footage.

  154. Lol lol lol they have this video on their website world conquer for jingles
    got a step closer :)

  155. Wow and here I thought you fell off the face of the Earth Jingles :P

  156. The same thing’s happening like when WT GF came out. Everyone thought that
    WoT’s over but look where we are. 500 000 people is nowhere near close to
    how many people play WoT and I tell you don’t get your hopes up! It might
    turn into a pay 2 win game after a few months.

  157. “listen to what players want”? Since when is that a good way of deleoping
    games? Who the fuck asked for guided shells? Fucking retarded mechanic.

  158. i remember in wot just exploding due to arty many times no warning just

  159. Everyone seems to be complaining about how in modern day combat, MBT’s very
    rarely if not ever go up against one another, which is true but no one
    seems to realize that this is an Arcade Game. I doubt F2A Buffaloes ever
    went up against He 112’s but no one seems to complain about that when they
    play war thunder.

  160. Depleted_Uranium235

    Whats not to like, Jingles? Well, for one thing, they havent even released
    the game yet, but they already ruined it… Artillery,no matter how much
    damage it does, is BS, as long as they cant take return fire, its still
    gonna be like in WOT… Good thing is, as far as I know, most MBTs were
    pretty mobile, thus increasing the chance to avoid artille-…. Aaah Ill
    shut up already, game isnt even out yet and Im already complainig…. Its
    worth giving a shot… I can imagine how non experienced tankers (like from
    WT or WOT) are gonna be raging lol…

  161. Gus Davis (Major G)

    At 5:51, isn’t that a M551 Sheridan?

  162. Im hyped

  163. Capt “War Beaver” Canada

    Did they say anything about invisible tanks Jingles?

  164. i see huge problems with a game that covers the cold war/mordern era (its
    allready pretty shitty in warthunder)… because half of the machines have
    wrong or no public information about specific parts because ofc you dont
    want to give said information to a potential enemy (especially things like
    the composition of the armor)…
    so i can only expect a world of tanks system (fantasy tanks with names from
    real machines)

    (i can allready imagine the “bullshit propaganda” crys from all sides and
    not exacly out of thin air with games like battlefield around that
    completly ignores reality while still calling itself realistic)

    second thing that really bothers me is when jingles talked about the
    designating of enemys so they magicly take more damage… besides my
    distaste for nonsense like that.. so we can expect fucking HP bars?

    to cut my whining short it sounds like an arcady timewaster only good for
    “being able to drive a model of a tank no other game uses” to me

    i mean hell if i want an unrealistic arcady shooter for the looks? then i
    can play bloody battlefield 4… i want a tank sim…

    • +LongingSubset9 But in arma tou need several real life players to operate a
      tenk, which is too realistic for these caual njoobs. WOT is a good game, it
      has its flaws but it is epic and most sucessfull.

  165. Looks interesting Jingles, but with the tanks and their guns surely you are
    dead with one shot ?? Hitting a tank with the gun of the Challenger or
    Abrams with a DU round means the target tank is toast… so what happens in
    the game…?


  167. For some strange reason it will not let me sign up………..dagnam it!

  168. I have high hopes for this game. I’m tired of WOT outdated graphics and the
    shit stain player base for the most part.

  169. Do the tanks have health bars or do they have realistic damage models?

  170. Yay for actual AW gameplay.

  171. SilverFlow (HighCaliberTree)

    Modern tanks? Im going to stick with my Bt-7 ramming squad, please.

  172. “War Thunder: Modern Tank Expansion.” That is what we need.

  173. nam nguyen 愛 アニメ


  174. I signed up for the beta in October and i might be picked ^-^

  175. Jeff Trowel (Pnakotus)

    Please tell me the AMX13 is in this game!

  176. General Kwai: TANKS!!!! BUILD MORE TANKS!!!!

  177. I signed up day 2 after a tip from a buddy of mine who did some concept art
    for them on locations i was so excited world of tanks but modern and now
    hoping for a beta thanks for the concise explanation of the game mechanics
    also thanks for the red latter media tip in mingles hilarious and totally
    explains how I feel about star war prequels. Thank jingles see you on the

  178. That’s weird, I somewhat remember Jingles denouncing modern tank/aircraft
    MMO’s, but perhaps that was just in Warthunder or WoT?

  179. the thing that speaks to me the most in this game is probably going to be
    PvE as i dont really think that it will work as a pvp game, imo.

  180. Cannot wait for this game!

  181. LightningSkittles101

    Hehe. Sign up before my birthday. Cheeky.

  182. I hope engagement distances are bigger than wot but I am no expecting it. I
    hope I can at least hit an enemy at 1000m.

  183. Kibbled Bro (KibbledEggs)

    how are they going to model the abrams if its armor is classified?

  184. I hope this isnt biased *cough* World of tanks *cough*

  185. So BASICALLY WoT’s sequel :P

  186. Finally I’ve always wanted to play the Abrahams was hoping it would
    sometime appear in world of tanks in 50 years or so.

  187. One problem people have is that they compare World of Tanks to games like
    War Thunder or Armored Warfare,

    World of tanks is a simulator, it is not meant to be super realistic like
    armored warfare is or WT is. Yes they are all realistic and they target the
    same audience, but the game play is going to be different from each
    game…….Just thought i’d say that. 

  188. Looks great! Can’t Wait! Don’t fuck up! :)

  189. I sent in the closed beta application a long time ago and got accepted lol

  190. This was a remarkably nice and comprehensive advertisement! I’m really glad
    I didn’t hit the skip button to get to the actual content. 

  191. Just hope it’s more interesting and easier to get tanks then in WoT. I lost
    interest after 2,000 battles.

  192. Has there been any talk about in game economics? Will it be like Wot, War
    Thunder? Just curious if you know or heard anything Jingles. Also, grats
    on you being int he beta(love the way you say that haha) and cant wait to
    see the vids!!

  193. luca Mattioli (Videogameboss99)

    Just signed up right now and got a free commander

  194. Czech could have a full tech tree. SS is talking about a Czech tree by it
    self like it will happen, WG had him doing something.

  195. Looks like an interesting game, can’t wait! :)

  196. I think Jingles is yanking our chain about not playing the game, i bet he
    has alpha access and is not able to admit it.


  198. Prepare for a long wait. WT GF are still being in a early development
    stage. I doubt we will see ships before mid 2016.

  199. Looking forward to driving a Leopard II, maybe they will let me slap a
    canadian flag on it :D

  200. This game looks phenomenal. Sadly it will attract the flood of usual
    horribads that plague WT and WoT.

    Enjoy it while you can!

  201. Looks cool I want to drive m1abrams

  202. I signed up In March last year, I hope I get In the closed Beta test.

  203. I’ll have to see the range of tanks they have. It’ll be nice to see all the
    different variants of the Leopard 2 that each country has.

  204. So if this is going to be the modern version of WoT, am I to assume we will
    see hover tanks, lazer beam firing artillery, and a whole host of fantasy

  205. Armored Warfare: The Fappening

  206. I once played a world of tanks game on mines with my friend and the first
    shot out was an accidental shot by a German artillery that completely
    annihilated my friend’s tank. And the artillery who shot him actually
    apologized, he said he sneezed and the mouse somehow clicked!

  207. Oh sweetness, looking forward to the upcoming vids on the game!

  208. Im hoping that the swedish S tank will be in it. Its my favorite tank

  209. Oh wow! A shifty copy of world of tanks, but with modern tanks!

    Seems like shit 

  210. screamingdizbusters

    Do the tanks have health bars?

  211. Скорее бы уже тест!
    Надеюсь не будет придуманных танков как в WoT

  212. what kinda pay model ?

  213. hey jingles, the lads from the salt mines want to know- how is the WOWS
    beta going? are you unable to answer that? or can we expect footage anytime
    thanks for the AW footage to.

  214. What I didn’t get (some that bothers me in WoT for instance):
    1. Will there be any form of tiers? Because of you put this in WoT
    perspective, you’d get tier 11, 12 etc. And the worst tanks seem to be tier
    9/10 in WoT.
    2. Applying to question 1: will you have to grind things out or is there a
    leveling system or you need to save up “credits” for bigger tanks?
    3. Will there be statistics/a statistic tracer? I’: tired of selfish
    unicorns calling you noob because your WN8 is lower than theirs.
    4. Will there be something similar as gold ammo?

    • I hope there won’t be any “pro” players that are descendants or Rommel and
      know everything and I hope no gold ammo cuz it’s just annoying when someone
      who has 10m+ credits buys only gold ammo and is the top tier heavy or

    • 1.) They said there’s no tiers but the pictures I saw shows the highest
      Tier is T8.
      2.) To get new tanks etc I’m pretty sure you need to do missions from your
      dealers to get higher tier tanks, with some xp grinding for new tracks or
      so( but the guns etc you can’t upgrade)
      3.) I don’t think so, only if OB puts it in since they are not doing mod
      support for now
      4.) They said there’s no gold ammo

  215. I wonder how they will stop people from misusing smokescreens, i.e. trolls
    blocking players on the own team of seeing anything.

  216. TheIncompetentGamer

    God i can’t wait for this game to get into open beta (or if they accept my
    app closed) >_< Also glad to hear it will have PvE, I like the idea of fighting (hopefully) relatively competent bots rather than a assortment of godly and noob-ish players.

  217. Yes it is, he mentioned that in the video.

  218. noooooooooo….. skycancer-arty! glad there its avoidable!

    There is left to hope, that we are safe from any WN8 Dick-Comparison for
    the Silly – RL Replacement Statistics Circus ^^

  219. I need code for Armored Warfare…help me pls

  220. there is Merkava?!?!

  221. Obsidian is based in the US, but the publisher, is subsidiary of the
    Russian group So…yeah!

  222. 7:25 tire 7 match Im the only tire 9(14 tire 7’s and one 9) i drive going
    YEAAAAAA boom 3/4 hp gone only driver and radio guy are not fucked up ammo
    rack whent to hell and turret ring good as dead.

  223. The Mighty Jingles

    Yup. Jingles Derp Moment™

  224. Do the tanks in this game revolve around a hitpoint health system like in
    World of Tanks, or is it a full realism thing like war thunder ground

  225. Achievement: Commander Get. ^_^

    ThankxYa Uncle Jingles! >_<)'7

  226. I have been chosen too :)

  227. That whole commander/crew system seems shady to me. I recon it will
    seriously hamper and restrict your gameplay and amount of tanks you can
    use, drive and have.
    Whole system is probably designed for ppl to fork out money at the game.
    Those who dont want to pay will be left with a serious handicap.
    But let’s see what will become of it when game goes live.

  228. Will Armored Warfare be free to play?

  229. I love being a Scumbag….. Sending a lumb of metal in a big arch and se a
    tank ekplode

  230. Stanisław Szczypuła

    PvE YES YES pliss more, if only WOT have it

  231. Also funny all the nooblets bitching about “Modern Tank Combat/Warfare”…

    Its a Modernized TANKS game, not one meant to simulate ‘Modern Combat’,
    Think the kids will ever learn, being the same ones as to why MWOnline

  232. +The Mighty Jingles you’ll need another one of thoughs amazing openers now
    and cant wait 

  233. What the fuck, this game is sooo unrealistic. Realism>>>>>>>playability and
    fun. I’m not going to play this game. None of these tanks have ever fought
    each other in real life and they don’t use the tactics I read from some
    book. Now time to go take my ritalin and get diagnosed with autism.

  234. That T90-A has eyes I swear….it’s watching me….

  235. 13:55 modern jageru, is that you?

  236. +Todd Vanscoter ummm..

  237. looks fun to me

  238. Muszę się zgodzić

  239. im still wondering if you can actually bounce shells and if putting your
    tank on an angle will still have effect because of the shells these modern
    tanks fire, especially tanks like the abrams, t90’s and that sort of stuff
    because of the shells those tanks fire

  240. I saw a M551.. Im in love

  241. Will this game be free?

  242. Hello Jingles. How can i send you a video of my t62a on us server if you
    interesting got top gun high caliber and 5k damage 

  243. what platforms is this out on ?

  244. jingles youre on armored warfare page! THE MIGHTY JINGLES PREVIEWS ARMORED

  245. Ey i got a problem, i can’t find a way to contact the support on beacuse i
    somehow created 2 accounts

  246. Sign up for Beta by January 18th and you’ll get an exclusive Tank
    Commander! #armoredwarfare 

  247. im hooked. you lost me at stingray

  248. As soon as I signed up, I instantly got accepted! Neat.

  249. modern tanks..mmmm NICE

  250. This seems good, but how will they go about armour and damage? Bearing in
    mind that a lot of armour values on modern MBTs today, and even some of
    those developed early on in the cold war, are still classified. Will it
    just be made on assumptions? 

  251. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Fuck artilery

  252. they are modern tanks so of course they look different than the older tanks
    that are in WoT.

  253. I like the idea of the modern tanks, but outside of that this game looks
    largely disappointing. 

  254. Was an alright video until the 10 minute mark and big talk about WoT tech
    trees, I’m waiting for this game to get away from World of Tanks so keep
    WoT out of it.

  255. The game looks awesome and very innovative, plus it will be a nice change
    of setting from ww2 vehicles. I can see some moba aspects in here like
    killing some npcs around the map for a bonus such as a extra smoke
    cannister or tow missile if that’s where they go with the game 

  256. It is confirmed that the experiment tank you described is in the game, it
    was seen on some of the trailers that was released.

  257. Are their no micro transactions? I mean its FREE FFS

  258. Great Video Jingles, There is one thing you forgot about Artillery and that
    is the fact that whenever an Artillery fires a shot, it’s position is
    revealed on the enemy Artillery. Which means that if you need to shoot and
    then scoot otherwise the enemy artillery will simply aim at the position
    you were at and kill you or inform their team where you are and they will
    come and kill you. 

  259. Can someone explain me how this beta testig will work? I signed up and
    confirmed my e-mail adress and also got my tank commander. But what will
    happen next? Will I get an e-mail with a download to the beta test or did I
    miss it somehow. Some information will be very helpful and is very welcome.
    (This is my first time I signed up on a beta test of a game)

  260. Dan Dan (DanDanRigMan)

    Be careful what you wish for, there are a number of modern SP Guns I
    absolutely DO NOT want going all TD on me! Please, please,please sit at the
    back of the map & stare at the overhead!

  261. how does i sent jangles a replay

  262. Nice I cant wait for it to go live.

  263. i cant wait till it comes out


  265. All I see in the comments is people bitching… Jingles mentioned arty! Not
    a simulator! The game isn’t even out yet, sign up for the beta, try it and
    if it suck then go ahead and bitch about it, but seriously at least give
    something a shot before bashing it because you saw basically a trailer to a

  266. Better. Good music, somegood video. Just stick some more explosions and
    it’s fine.

  267. +christiån Kirkness
    Check which servers you are on….

  268. +christiån Kirkness
    Then you can’t really say its a bad game. Not gaijins fault.

  269. WTF is going on here. Why is my main picture a woman and I cant change it!?
    WTF obsidian!?

  270. Finally a game that will (eventually) feature 2 of my favourite tanks of
    all time,the merkava and the ariete

  271. Guided shells will be the equivalent thing to gold ammo in WOT. Mechanics
    that totally neglects good positioning. Just like in BF4 tank gameplay is
    great if i werent for those fucking guided shells than can go around
    corners and hit yu, even if you have a better position. Armored warfare
    will be just as noob friendly as WOT because the game if for the masses.

    I wont have my hopes up for this one, remove the fucking guided pussy
    shells. I think reactive armor and ghided shells will be credits drain.

  272. Nvm, working now :)

  273. War Thunder has multiplayer PvE too, that’s nothing new.

  274. WT is doing it right AW is doing it wrong, light tanks get artillery
    strikes and an extra life but in AW they get a smoke screen? hmmm lets
    think about this. . . how many post WW2 tanks no no no. . . how many post
    WW2 armoured vehicles can you name that dont have an infrared gunsight? and
    really? artillery?!?!?!!!! and a spotting mechanic?!?!?!?! the last thing i
    we need is another WoT with just a modern twist.

  275. Thomas Gervasio (Spaceman67)

    Is there some french VBL in armoured reconnaissance vehicules ?

  276. PvE? thank you for that I’m sold. lol

  277. I have a question, how much money they gave you Jingles to tell all this
    shit? or is it just a patriotic thing, because this is first western game
    about tanks?

  278. HOLY SHIT the Stingray!

  279. Hopefully, its NOT a Pay2Win or Buggy as SHIT like BF 4 and maybe! some
    Decent Gun/Engine Sounds with a 1st person view (inside driving ?) 

  280. Philipp Holzklau is a quite funny name.

  281. W.o.T is more better than this crap

    • +deividas sokolovas Well the game is on alpha so basically everything can
      and will be changed. But CryEngine is great and no doubt the game will look
      great as well!

    • +deividas sokolovas The game will be free to play and is not available for
      download right now.

  282. The hours i have spent on the AW forums…

  283. I predict a map called “73 Easting” or “Battle of 73 Easting”.

  284. Well, too bad because is publishing this game. is just a
    subsidiary of in the US.

  285. +Elric Colvill Yap! Shit indeed!

  286. if you do get accepted for the beta how long will it take to get the gmail?

  287. Challenger 2 CLIP… Im in love… 

  288. my biggest fear:
    do the tanks have health points like in WoT
    if so then fuck this game

    • +AceCustomz “you have a chance of surviving those huge caliber shots,
      unlike in WoT”

      > Takes a 122mm shell in WT – Tank lights on fire, Crew dies, Ammo rack
      detonates, Does not survive the huge caliber shot

      >Takes a 122mm shell in WoT – Tank loses 300 health, Still has plenty of
      health and has survived the huge caliber shot

      Seriously, It sounds like you’ve never played either game, Either that or
      you are hopelessly confused

    • It just a junk cheap US copycat from WoT.
      See other vid, the interface is exactly WoT.
      This is not a new game at all, just a reskin of WoT, or worst, a cyber

  289. so wait.. I just realised, if tanks know that they’re being targeted by
    artillery then what’s the point in them existing? since anyone with half a
    brain should know to move and correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that
    also opens it up to massive abuse as well? because that means I could just
    aim at everyone and make them to panic and do stupid shit to get out of the
    way, right? so you wouldn’t have to fire a single shot to be useful to a
    team, but that again leaves the question of what’s the point? if I’m not
    actually shooting anything then I’m not doing all that much now am I?
    Look guys, either make arty useful in some way or please don’t bother with
    it at all.

    • +222rdh well we don’t know much about it yet, but.. if it works anything
      similar to WoT then we can assume that you’ll miss even when its fully
      aimed, so hitting a moving target? unlikely in that case.

  290. it’s only available on windows ;( can play it on my mac

  291. thanks for the update

  292. I’m a student and only have a Mac computer for school, does anyone know if
    there will be a Mac client like WoT and WT have?

  293. ralroost einsnulldrei

    +CanIHasThisName Not everyone is a suiscout- you can still have good games
    in scouts so long as you a) dont get an urban map and b) dont have some
    braindead heavy who uses you as a meatshield.
    Though it’s much more difficult to play it well, especially after wargaming
    decided their maps looked better without foliage. What do you mean about
    the map design?
    I agree with the other points though.

  294. ralroost einsnulldrei

    +CanIHasThisName I find scouts can make the biggest difference at the
    start- if it can get forward undetected it can spot the entire team.

    But yeah the map changes seem a bit to me like a roundabout buff for
    russian tanks. Poor accuracy, heavy armour, best at close range- there is
    almost always a depression on one side of the map or other where heavies
    can move without direct line of sight. Maps like stalingrad are similar.
    Even more useless than scouts now are forward firing TDs… it’s never been
    this bad for them before. Kind of feel like soon it will just be heavy
    tanks and artillery shitting on them.

  295. ralroost einsnulldrei

    +taiiat0 I really don’t understand what light tanks are doing in the game,
    for the most part. At tier 9 and 10 they are effectively super-nerfed
    mediums. except for the camo ‘bonus’.
    Bias is nothing new to wargaming, they’re just doing it in a slightly less
    obvious way now.

  296. 3:27 That thing is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

  297. Nice grafx Jungles, but its a russian game so all the eruo players will be
    fucked over like WOT and we will we lumbered withe the country s that
    Armored Warfare ( the russians) dont want, that is IP addressed that is
    the game on WOT atm
    So there is gona be big changes in this game, no bloody way mate, we get
    fucked by the russians and get the dross like the polish, ect (kurva)
    Save your wank fest guys for a game called Elite Dangerous, played this for
    last 3 months and bloody love it, even Jungles liked it,more balanced and
    no bloody Russians ^^
    BTW send my love to Spunkybaby or what ever his name is

  298. so you have played this game Jungles?by your comments it seems you have
    played this, I signed up for this game 4-5 weeks ago, you must be anointed

  299. Oh I forgot cant play War thunder ground Forces, “cant play this on this IP
    ” Sweet give me your IP Jungles please ^^

  300. Thanx for the info Jingles

  301. It is modernt tanks warfare.
    Arty warning is crap and anti tank missiles will ruin the game

  302. Not allowed to pick a name i want, thanks Google

    The thing with tankdealers made me laugh, i can imagine a shady guy in a
    backstreet showing off his stuff, when suddenly a partol comes over and
    they throw a blanket over the Leclerc they were about to sell and get away
    with it lol

    • Not allowed to pick a name i want, thanks Google

      +Aemon21 Thanks but i knew this already, its just that it sounds very
      amusing to me. I like the system and i love Obsidians games so i think this
      might be very good

  303. YAY ARTY!!!

  304. hopefully the economy in this game won’t be bad as world of tanks did,
    because in wot once get to 6 or 7 and above, you need premium to make good
    money, i think just waste, war thunder economy is better than wot because
    give 15-25% more bonus money than wot does, so yeah hope tanks aren’t going
    be insanely expensive 

  305. Vixez R. (VixezProductions)

    Jingles: I’m one of them.
    Jingles: *evil laugh*

  306. this is great but its a WOT CLONE i was hoping somebody would make rpg
    type game with tanks

  307. First AW video worth watching. Keep em coming sir.

  308. and just like WOT the teams will be full of retards..

  309. Niko L. (deathcorelover)

    fantastic! :)

  310. If they have the LAV III in Armored warfare I’m getting it!

  311. yep, artillery is the one thing I absolutely hate about WOT…for me is
    nothing but the creme de la creme of camper players on any game that I ever
    saw…talk about camping this guys take the whole cake. Hope Armour Warfare
    won’t get ruined by SPGs

  312. Am I the only one thinking the maps look ALOT like battlefield 3 maps…

  313. I am interested in the game but i have mixed feelings about them. Is it now
    an arcade game or a “more realistic” game?? Because if its a realistic game
    i can already see arty problems ahead. Most modern arties can shoot as fast
    as an MBT and do massive aoe damage. A T92 would be a joke compared to
    that. Not that it just has splash but most artis can shoot very very
    Then there are problems with the tanks themselves. Wiesels for example are
    ISVs and are used in terrains where you could not use larger and heavier
    vehicles. In other words. What stops this little thing to hide in bushes or
    on top of mountains and hills and laugh at all the enemy tanks that have no
    options whatsoever to get to them?
    What about the amunition and the penetration calculation. It is almost
    impossible to accuratly calculate penetrations regarding modern amunition
    and modern armor. Just look at the british CH2. One got caught in a
    crossfire and survived dozens of hits while another was defeated by a
    random Anti-Tank Missile that fell short and exploded in front of the

  314. Interactive levels are great…

  315. TheGrammargestapo1

    Wow, I thought it would just be some stupid thing. I guess I’ll sign up.

  316. Hi Jingles enjoy all of your videos but wish there was more replays of you
    playing world of tanks

  317. Guys don’t worry if you didn’t sign up before the 18th. You still can get
    your commander as they just expanded the commander giveaway by two weeks.

  318. I guess arty wont be as horrifying because MBTs are all fast, compare to
    Maus or T95, so much easier to avoid arty fire

  319. I hate the fucking cry engine. This piece of sloppy work to make some
    graphics addicted noobs happy is functionally restrictive and can’t do
    anything the Frostbites or UE can’t do better at less hardware

  320. Look forward to your reviews Jingles. I’m very curious to see what the map
    size will be like. One of my biggest complaints about WoT is the maps are
    too small. 

  321. Very. Yes and yes.

  322. i swear to god… not a single armored tank can stop an ap sabot… like
    the smooth bore 120mm one on the m1a2.. gg?? 

  323. Bahadır Şarlıgil

    so i was living under a rock. what’s up?

  324. Sounds a lot better than WoT and war thunder, hopefully gameplay will be
    based around skill and tactics and not rng. Oh and how the arty will be

  325. I’m excited for ya Jingles!! Can’t wait for the first real gameplay 🙂
    Can’t wait to try this game 

  326. Done, an thanks for the Info. The tank commander give away is till the end
    of january. so theres still time guys.

  327. Leopard 2 A7 KWS 2 Best tank evaaaa

  328. Meanwhile the WG faggots think that the best way to go against competition
    instead of improving their 1991 shit game is to release MOAR PREMIUM shit
    tanks ! Fuck WOT. I tried doing the personal missions … after just ONE
    day i found 3 bugged missions. Fucking wg fagots.

  329. WOT better pay attention to this game, since WOT is so afraid of smooth
    bore guns and modern tanks.

  330. 11:20 big boom stick Big BIGGGG boom stick .___.

  331. Best part is that there will be no kamikaze bombers ruining your entire

  332. Would love to see the Israeli Sho’t tanks added to this game , love those
    things :)

  333. Good by WoT good by WT.

    DO IT. NOW.

  335. Lmao, so the beta will probably be not earlier than several weeks after
    that technical beta bullshit.
    So it will be march, probably end of march.
    Well fuck this. 

  336. Freaking Jingles and he’s commentary xD
    You’re always funny and right(I am a WoT player)

  337. Really like how T-90 have “eyes”.

  338. everyone in the comments is bringing out their inner
    Think-they-know-something-about-tanks-side and im just like… Yay we
    finally have a modern day tank game.

    Now we wait for me to get shit on because i dont agree with all the other
    people that are judging this game by a few gameplay clippings.

  339. Do you think the swedish cv90 will be in the game? and will it be a light
    tank or a recon vehicle.

  340. +The Mighty Jingles My name on A W is Challenger 2 🙂 

  341. So when tis game is coming out and is there any clan to join plz replay

  342. Are people playing this game or is it still coming out?

  343. is the beta closed now?

  344. Also, can I kill someone by knocking a tower/building down on top of them,
    or do destructed destructible scenery bits disappear and do now damage?

  345. do you know if this uses the same hit system as war thunder with different
    armors and crew position or is it like WoT with HP… and does it have the
    crappy spotting system like WoT

  346. The games industry does not really work like that. They will coexist just
    like the 10,000 MMOs out there.

  347. +NouseEmpire Ahhh in this case…the answer is still a big NO!

  348. Will you stop playin wot ?

  349. ……………………..I hope Armored Warfare will be better than boring
    worldoftanks…i’m hate wargaming…they are fucking liars, they are only
    interested in your money

  350. water seems weird…kinda…too sensitive…

  351. SpiritOfDeath Games

    no the things i hate about arty isnt that it is that the unreal unfair
    overhead view 

  352. The thing I hate about arty is the over the top view they have on all
    spotted tanks. They should only get cords on the map and be shotting those
    spots with no op view on spotted tanks

  353. One more pro against WoT is CRY FUCKIN’ ENGINE 3.

  354. My question is, how are they getting the baseline stats on the armor and
    capabilities of a tank like the M1A2 Abrams, whose armor statistics are
    currently classified to the public? I would hate to even think that they
    would use false stats, but how are they establishing their baseline?

  355. To all of you so called “tankers”, If ya don’t like artillery….. then
    stop camping!! This is a tank game…. learn how to play!!

  356. When does the actual game go live?

  357. Dear, Jingles do you really have any idea of when the game will be coming
    out? I cannot wait to see if The Panzerjager K is in the game as it is my
    favoured modern tank destroyer. Also I have already signed up for the game,
    about two weeks ago actually.If I don’t get the beta test I will always
    have your videos to look forward to though!(:

  358. Patiently awaiting my code so if (NDAs approving) get some videos of this
    up on my channel. Signed up over a year ago heh.

  359. hope they add merkava 4 😮 with trophy would be nice against AT rockets

  360. “I’m going to Azerbaijan!”

    I caught that.

    I caught that Eddie Izzard reference, Jingles…

  361. Stridsvagn 122!

  362. Why still so asshurt about artillery in WoT if it really isn’t that deadly?

    Also, stop saying “There’s no counter to artillery and they will always
    damage you unfairly” when light tanks and TDs can easily destroy them.

    Artillery has already been nerfed to be completely unfun in WoT and yet you
    still demand that this game have arty that’s less effective than those in

  363. Jingles, since ur a known YT’er you might get exclusive beta-access, tell
    em to give me one too :D

  364. i dont think there are any light/medium/heavy tanks, now a days they are
    all MBTs

  365. Looks pretty cool, shame no xbox release (maybe in the far future lol)

  366. Without playing yet, where did you get all this info ? Or is this a big
    guess ? I see the info page but you are going into way more detail then
    they did ?

  367. HP bars? re=skin of WoT? er, no thanks, stick to WT, far better designed
    and implemented.. health bars? luls.

  368. We all know which tank Jingles will be aiming for when the game releases :)

  369. I can’t unsee the “eyes” on the T-90 thanks to that FEED ME CHECHENS meme

  370. I laugh at the people just hating on the idea of Armored Warefare and how
    its either outdated tactics or unrealistic… its a fucking game. Play it,
    dont play it, dont care. Maybe go talk to blizzard about how unrealistic
    their game is in how hell and diablo would not try and take over heaven
    that way, i bet you could make a pretty good argument. 

  371. Did I just see a sheridan???? Ok Im signing up!

  372. Can’t wait to use Merkava.

  373. nice game! looks better than wot and warthunder. and i hope manipulated
    matchmaking wont be in this game… give people better ammo, food for
    soldiers… what you can buy 4money not these ugly cheats when you feel
    like a joke yourself, 

  374. I’ve just realised wouldn’t it be a good idea to create a modern tank game
    that does not feature the tier system like the HAWKEN way perhaps…

  375. Can someone tell me what the tank at the end of the line at 4:10 is?

  376. the Merkava is def. the best looking tank ever.

  377. Nice work as always Jingles! Can’t wait to see more footage.

  378. lol, i came just in time to get commander…

  379. you need to do something with the noise from your computer Jingles….

  380. artillery ftw QQ regulars 

  381. Nathaniel Harrison Tebb

    You want a mini-boss ai tank to fight? Bolo Mark 3, 155mm main gun, 4 155mm
    howitzers, and armor that is literally sci-fi

  382. Renārs Kalējs (EdgeCounter)

    you stupit jew gay! when war starts the main tanks not even drive there is
    only spg who blow buildings and sweep other hinding things like a tanks
    bases or intelligence objects.. Tanks are made for one purpose to cover
    mans on field. You all WoT video makers are totally retard cuz of spg. but
    think how it are when real war starts there is no tanks cuz they are only
    for 5 mins in field or they win or lose! there is no more or less.

  383. Simple concept if the game is not what you like then don’t play it. if it
    fails the developer will lose tons of money. if however it if is a success
    then you are not out of anything seeing you did not participate. the
    developer has done market research and are gambling that it is right to
    proceed. the wants of a segment of the populous is not considered. the only
    other option is for a group to use their power of persuasion to convince a
    significant portion of the buying public to not participate. theb the
    developer can modify the game to please that population. I like Chevrolet
    I like fords less i don’t rage on Ford’s because what ever argument i can
    use will be useless because there are a number of people that feel about
    Fords as i do about Chevrolet Good luck with that… 

  384. heck shut up im playing artilery in WoT its a great game people having fun
    dueling when they think they are about destroy the other tank and an
    explosive artilery round from the american M53/M56 and i got a kill which
    happend 8 times a match great game hun

  385. I hope they go for quality instead of quantity (and straight out copying
    WoT & WT).

  386. Hey I don’t mind arty giving a little warning before the shot as long as it
    is reasonable to both arty and the tank. I’m an arty and we do get a birds
    eye view of the battlefield. In real life artillery doesn’t see the target.
    He goes by what coordinates the spotter gives over the radio. Between the
    time the message is relayed and when the shot is fired, the target could
    have moved or changed direction. Since in the game we can see the target
    from overhead, I don’t see a problem giving a small warning that a shot
    from arty is on its way as long as it is reasonable. After all, no warning
    is given when a tank destroyer has you in his sights behind cover. You
    should keep this in mind with arty too. As for damage, the guns are larger
    and the trajectory is from above downward. Since all tank armor is thinner
    and less protected on top, it makes since that a tank should take more
    damage. Within reason off course. Damage taken should be reflected apon
    where and how hard it lands.

  387. Got the CBT acces last week ^__^

  388. Beta doesn’t have a long E, it has a short e.


    God damn, why do the British have such a fucking problem speaking their own
    goddamned language…

  389. Guided missiles?
    Ok, bb AW.

  390. It seems fun, but I really hope they have a Damage Models like War thunder
    does, its so much fun actually knowing what kind of ammo to use, knowing
    the weak points on the enemy armor and taking out them by kocking out
    modules instead of just pointing and clicking at the enemy. If they
    implement something like this, I’ll surely play this game.

  391. Jingles, do you think you would enjoy the Abrams?

  392. Thorsten Stahl Stahl stahl

    They have to Aff the german
    Leopard Rheinmetall Revolution
    Mars rocket arty ^^

  393. ” I am going tot Azerbeidjan” ? nice Eddie Izzard quote there!

  394. i likely prefer, IF the developer and the publisher could put in all the
    ASIA product, such as the China PLAF tanks, JSDAF, South Korea product,
    etc!. maybe it could give some fun!. also include too, all the IFVs, AFVs
    too, and other product!.

  395. How can I download it?!

  396. Will it be free to play?

  397. had a mighty chuckly when u got to the arty

  398. perriwinklegaming

    “the beeta” im sorry, i had to XD

  399. Does this… idk… remind you… off another tank game… in WW2… with
    the same HP bars and reticules? no? oh… ok

  400. I always watch battles to finish. I have destroyed experimental with the
    firefly and Pershing but only in firefights still loaded with players. I
    have watched several in 1 on 1 fights try to take out a maus…. never seen
    it happen. I do not believe bids made by armored aces it’s certainly just
    set up with robot tanks or someone who logged out on accident and doesn’t
    know how to get back in.

  401. El Cardoso (HoneyBear)

    As long as this game doesn’t become a P2W like W.O.T then I think we are


  403. Simon Lindedeborg

    I was so filed with joy when he mentioned Sweden :D

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