Armored Warfare – What’s the problem here?

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Source: Fizzymilk7

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  1. Wow I’m the first lloll this is a tuff td for me. thanks much!!

  2. Fiz Fiz your a legend to me

  3. that position you use is a position most people just blind fire at this
    point in the game

  4. cool – yeah I have similar package layout and work fairly well – m8 not
    sure u bounced those HEAT perhaps the ERA set most of em off before pen ??

  5. Wait for the 120 version. Same again but moreso…except without the bonus
    armour which is odd…

  6. Fizzy, would you suggest equipment that buffs alpha or equipment that
    increases reload for tank destroyers?

  7. Good gameplay! It appears you did carry your team again. I love the videos,
    keep up the engagement with us and you will be a millionaire ;)

  8. sixstringsamurai007

    So, a camo rating where you fire once and send the indicator to red is

  9. Bloody good game, pity about the end though haha

  10. I will try your changes to barrel and crew marksmanship.

  11. It’s pronounced ‘Chentauro’.

  12. I completed the Centaur 100% with some more and less succesfull matches.
    About 60% this tank was just a pain in the a** for me. I am either an
    aggressive player (aggressive spotting or attacking) or pure sniping (i
    know kinda the opposite). But with the Centauro I wasnt able to do anything
    of these. Neither Sniping nor aggressive gameplay and I didnt expect to
    play it aggressive but even in the end game you can loose your tank by one
    So why cant I snipe really good in it?
    It has below avg pen, terrible accuracy and gun handling and no camo so you
    will get spotted with the first shot and because you are a lightly armored
    tank, everyone will focvus you down first. The gun just inst good enough to
    compensate for the lack of armor AND camo. The only outstanding aspect of
    the vehicle is its mobility but you cant simply use it for aggressive
    gameplay because AC tanks will wreck you andthe LT willl just circle you
    since you cant turn that easily because of your wheels and you cant hit
    them back on the move while trying to escape becasue your ganhandling is
    utter sh*t.
    So what you can do with the vehicle is just camp for 6 dark ages and wait
    for a lightly armored vehicle to show up and ruin his day (if RNG likes you
    and let your shots hit or you will get spotted with your first shot which
    missed and your day will be ruined) or you can try to get in agressive
    positions get 1-3 shots of lose 1/2-3/4 of your health escape
    succesfull/get rescued by your teammates or just die and be redeemed.
    I also had some succesfull matches ofc but they came down to RNG. (like xm1
    bouncing onmy side 4 times, was able to pull 5,8k dmg off) or vbls not
    hitting the giant lower plare instead the upper.
    I like your videos andI can understand that you like the Centauro or at
    least not hating it like me(I wont forgive the centauro until it gets a
    huge buff) but it isnt a particular good tank and we got the phrase in
    germany: even a blind chicken finds a corn sometimes. Same goes for the

  13. I think part of the problem is that it’s a bad PVE vehicle. PVE is by and
    large a close range brawl and TD’s don’t tend to fair well unless they have
    a ridiculous reload like the PAC90 or the ERC. It’s a bit clumsy and the
    armor is garbage as it should be.

  14. While you did have a monster of a game, you were top tier and the map is
    relatively TD friendly. In my experience TDs after T5 are underpowered and
    I don’t like the change in their special skill as higher-tiered TDs reload
    time is not that great. Still, this argument could be incorporated into the
    whole class non-balanced high tier play problem we’re at at the moment.

  15. I like the cent 120 but I have 46 win rate in it while in other tanks 60
    win rate.. td in this game need more love and rebalancing

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