Armored Warfare | Wins, Fails and Lols with Fun Cast Montage

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  1. This was great!

  2. Great video with some of the only honest statements that anyone does in
    these videos.
    We all run into inanimate objects however you don’t try to blame it on
    something else you just continue kicking butt and who cares if you ran into
    a wall or a dead tank when the results make all the difference in the world.
    Keep up the good work.
    (rocket, NA1)

  3. Great vid, great presentation, v. funny. Yes, more of your arse. Err… no,
    more of …. whatever you’re offering.

  4. my most favorite vehicle in the whole game is the BMP-2 is it boss AFV.

  5. Well, it’s ok

  6. Sir Havoc, can you share your opinion about MBT’s in Armoured Warfare?

  7. Kicks in the nutts and flying head butts? Priceless

  8. Great vid

    About time you came to a real tank warfare game.

    Have you tried PVE yet? Keep up the good work looking forwards to more
    vids and maybe a AW university

  9. Strange, whenever I’m being a Weasel the women seem to run the other

  10. “Weasels will get you loads of women.” lol

  11. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Oy mate, I have some tips for you! If you play the Bagel, you have 3 Smoke
    Grenades. If you are spotted and want to shoot someone with your missile,
    while he is aiming for you, you can launch smoke and become invisible. Just
    make sure that there is no eye symbol over him, so he doesn’t go invisible
    as well.

    Also, I’m really hoping that the replay system comes out soon, because I
    have monster rounds every now and then, and I’d really love to share them

  12. I would like to see more of this word “arse” please.

  13. You need one of them stickers “How am I driving?!” I’ll gladly give you one
    since I already pimped my tank 😀 Thank you for uploading the vid :)

  14. I thought my driving was bad!

  15. Just waiting for UNI to be developped on AW ;)

  16. Man, i always crash with wheeled vehicles. It’s hard to maneuver with them.
    The controls and response time are kinda awkward. Nothing quite like a good
    pair of tracks. Tracks4life!

  17. Can’t wait for new Chinese line and tier 10s.

  18. ”Second”… for real. I would love to see more AW!

  19. yes. he is starting to play more AW. keep it going and let the community
    grow! :)

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